bb10 packages



Packages are compiled statically when possible, targeting BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.x.


Setting up clitools

  1. Get a terminal emulator Term48 is preferred.
  2. Compile the playbook-dev-tools yourself, or host somewhere (can be done locally with Python SimpleHTTPServer)
  3. Edit to point to the proper URL and run sh on your phone to download and set up various CLI tools (gcc, curl, etc.).

Setting up packaging scripts

Download and unzip Expecting your clitools installation to be in the default documents/clitools directory, run to create directories and copy scripts.


To install a package, run ~/cmds/ [path to zipfile]. To uninstall a package, run ~/cmds/ [package name].

Creating Packages

Packages should be named [package name].zip. The install directories (bin, lib, etc.) should be in the root of the zipfile. Zip up the install directories with zip [package name].zip bin ....

During installation, the zipfile will be extracted directly to the link created earlier to clitools directory at ~/ct/. The automatically-generated package manifest (list of files) will be written to ~/ct/manifests/[package name].txt.


Please report any bugs to walrein [at] outlook [dot] com