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MissingNo (R/B) Quick Fact Sheet

Encountering MissingNo or 'M will cause your Hall of Fame data to become scrambled. This is not reversible.

Encountering MissingNo or 'M will duplicate the item held in your 6th item slot. This is an excellent way to obtain Rare Candy, Master Balls, or rare/expensive items.

If you catch a glitch Pokemon and send it to your PC, it has been known to lock up the system so that the player can no longer withdraw Pokemon. You can remove the glitches from your PC using Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Stadium 2.

MissingNo/'M appears in Stadium as a Substitute doll. In Stadium 2, it appears as a Ditto (and permanently becomes a Ditto in some cases).

The glitch Pokemon that will appear after battling the Old Man and Surfing along Cinnabar's coastline are determined by the letters in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th slots in your player name. The only glitches that are obtainable this way are MissingNo, 'M, and the special MissingNos (ghost and fossils). Other glitch Pokemon can be obtained using a device like a GameShark or Action Replay.

There is no evidence that glitch Pokemon can erase game saves.

It is not known who the original discoverer of MissingNo was. I first read about this glitch in an issue of Nintendo Power magazine under a section describing how to fight Safari Zone Pokemon.

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