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Mario & the Triforce World writes:

  • "Make sure that you have a pokemon that can fly
    Go to vermillion city.
    Walk up to the route north of vermillion city.
    From here, do the ditto trick (formally "mew trick") by flying away from the trainer in the upper left hand corner of the route.
    Choose to fly back to vermillion.
    Walk to the route that is east of vermillion.
    Fight any trainer here. it does not matter who you fight.
    After battle, walk back into vermillion. THe first stop you should make is the pk-mart.
    At the mart, buy some pokeballs (this part MUST BE DONE)
    After buying your pk-balls, stop by the pokemon center and heal all your pkmn (this too MUST BE DONE)
    Now walk up to the route north of vermillion and VWALLA!!!!!!! 0 error." 

Spongeb567 writes:

  • "i did the code on my yellow but with a abra that new telaport any ways i did it and when the colors changed a voice box poped up that said "im doing this out of love, leave me alone!" i was like Whoa! whats hapining? it was a male Jr. trainer and hes got a lvl 16 weepingbell. i fought him and won and whoa a nother voice box poped up saying 2 [] [] [] [] []
    []=rock looking things
    and it was the same male Jr.Trainer.another Weepingbell!!! grrrrrrrrrr! poisoned my pikachu! Afther i beat him it said: Jr. Trainer: pokemon cry sound, and battle bigining musici went forward a step and the lvl up misic and then the end of the evolution music started looping and the game froze. i fliped it off then back on good my files allright. maby it was because i used yellow or mabey its because i teleported ensted of flying?"

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