Legend of Zelda - Golden Books Sticker Fun

This sticker-and-coloring book from 1989 does a pretty decent job of retelling the original Zelda story. Sticker Fun books were pretty popular when I was a kid, but I don't know if they're still made. Basically you get a coloring book where certain details are added in the form of full-color stickers that you were supposed to punch out, lick, and stick on the pages. I personally thought that the stickers were usually of the parts you'd want to color most (like the main characters) and it was really difficult to make your crayon colors match the stickers. There was a whole series of Nintendo-themed coloring books in the late 1980s - I have several Mario books (although some have gotten lost over the years). This is the only Zelda book that I've ever seen.

Click on a thumbnail to open up a scan of the page with stickers digitally attached (I removed the white sticker edges for a better picture). There's some weird, old artwork here, and some of these characters have evolved a lot since 1989 (Princess Zelda in particular). There are also a few funny typos - check out the second row, fourth image from the left. Molblins indeed.

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