Curse of the Yellow MissingNo!

By using the "Mew Trick" on Pokemon Yellow version, players can encounter a MissingNo slightly different from the well-known MissingNo and 'M from Red and Blue. This MissingNo seems more malicious (perhaps closer to 'M than R/B MissingNo), known to delete game files and freeze active games. Should you dare to pursue it, you run the risk of activating the Curse of Yellow MissingNo!

From Toad:

"I was Surfing and I found this way to get Missingno on Yellow: You can't fight the Gambler by the underground path between Lavender Town and Celedon City for this to work. (There are other trainers this will work with, but I don't know which ones.) Stand right in front of the underground path entrance and then walk down, and QUICKLY press start before the exclamation mark appears above his head. After this, fly to Lavender Town and go into the Pokemon Tower. While there, fight a Channeler (I think it works if you fight a wild Gastly too) and then leave. A tip: you must make sure the Channeler walks to get to you, or the game freezes. Head back to the route where the Gambler was, and the menu will pop up. When you press B to close it, a level 7 MissingNo will appear! This MissingNo may freeze your game when it appears, so save before you do the code. I have a theory that doing a cheat with a similar trainer on gold/silver may bring up a Missingno."

From AJ2VM2:

"I used a Gameshark to catch a Missingno on my Yellow (because I don't have a Red or Blue) and the picture of Missingno was screwed up! It was a block with chips of all the 151 Pokemon that there were back in the old days. And the cry of Missingno was the cry of every Pokemon on Yellow. Then I tried to battle with it and it turned into a Rhydon with all of the stats (Attack, Defense, Spec., Speed, and HP) were all at 99,999,999! Weird Huh?!"

From Soccerpixie790:

"I don't know if any of you know this but a new discovery was that MISSINGNO CAN BE FOUND IN YELLOW VERSION!!!!! If you don't believe me, do the following that's kind of similar to the real cheat to catch Mew. first, go to the underground path between celadon and saffron. go inside the trail and back out. go out of the building that is between saffron and lavender, and dont move anywhere. this is where you should save. now, take one step forward, and immedietly press start. if the gambler sees you, turn off the power and do it again. now go to a pokemon that knows fly and fly to lavender town. when you arrive, the start button won't work. now, go in the pokemon tower. go to the third floor and challenge the channeler in the middle of the room, surrounded in the tombstones, and make sure that she walks up to you. (I'm not sure if it helps or not, and it might work with other channelers as well) beat the channeler and get out. note: If you run into a ghost, the code has a little chance of you running into something else rather than missingno. if it messes it up, try again. now head toards west of lavender town, and right when you get on the route, the start screen will pop up. press b, and the screen will flash as if you were to run into a wild pokemon. If the screen stays black longer than usual, then missingno will appear. Its on level 7 and it knows water gun, bind, and payday. if you throw any pokeballs at it it always misses, and if you view your pokemons status while in the battle, getting out will freeze the game. this missingno can also freeze your game when you want to fight it. It would either freeze while you face it, the screen would go back to being black again, and it can even make your screen look beserk. one time, at my best friends house, I faced it, and it said over and over, "missingno learned!!". running or beating missingno will take you back to where you are, but people including yourself will be walking everywhere. go back into lavender town should make your game go back to normal, or if it still is not operating correctly, try pressing start while in lavender. if it still doesnt work, turn power off whithout saving, and it will be back to normal. Its pretty fun to see people walking everywhere, and if you walk around the route, people will still be walking everywhere. Its pretty fun and pikachu might decide to act weird. I dont know if it ruins your hall of fame or not. I also heard that it turns off the sound, except when your pokemons hp is down low at the red section. It also looks diffrent from red and blue. Its like another version of the pixel version."

"I sent an email before about missingno in yellow version. I forgot a while ago to email you again, because i tried to find a way to catch the MissingNo in yellow, and i actually found a way! Because for some wierd reason like i said before, it acts like a pokemon from the safari zone, and dodges all your pokeballs. And the only ball that you can use for this MissingNo (at least in my yellow game) is to use a master ball. When I caught the missingno, it wasnt as bad, and glitchy as I thought it would be, though it did mess up the battling screen, making the opposers face away from each other. The sad thing is that I deleted my game, and i dont remember exactally what this missingno's stats were, but i remember one of the types was normal but the other was 99? the second one was a glitch. Though the missingno in red, and blue almost act like regular pokemon, this 1 was diffrent. the experience points it had to learn was normal at lv. 7, but when it was about to evolve, it dropped to lv. 1! and then the experience points it had 2 learn i swore was about a million, and some other numbers. And the wierd thing was that a lot of times when you battle with the missingno, and you win, even if its a wild pokemon, you pick up some money, but only some. I dont remember too much more, but i think that was it. I will investigate again, and then i will tell you if i discover more bout this."

From Luigi after he ate a mushroom:

"Everyone says that you can not catch missingno. in pokemon yellow, but I know how to! If you heard of the glitch to get mew with the gambler and the youngster with the level 17 slowpoke, you should know how the game won't let you talk to people after flying or teleporting away from the gambler in front of the underground passage, from Lavender town to Cerulean city, before the exitement mark appears above his head, well instead of going to the Youngster with a level 17 slowpoke, go to the rocker on route 12. Now battle hin and win the battle. Now go back to route 8, and boom! The menu pops up, so just press the B button,and you'lle start a fight with missingno.! Note: the game might freeze if you do this, and if you beat missingno. the sprite of your character will be walking all over the screen, so just use fly to get everything back to normal."

From Neko:

"I have discovered in my yellow version this Missingno called MEW! It resembled of what I heard, when you use a gameshark to get a mew. This time I got proof I saw it, for my webcam was working! Heres the pic...

I encountered it above Pallet

My freind, has found a wild missingno, entitled '?' And its only attack was called ??? which was a 1-HIT K.O

From PikaGlitchie:


My Pokémon on Yellow were in serious need of Rare-Candying, so I decided to duplicate some, ignoring my sister’s warning about the “Curse of the Yellow Missingno.” as she calls it. I already knew perfectly too well of the risks of encountering Yellow Missingno. (high chance of your game crashing and so on) but my Pokémon really needed the boost so I could boot out the Elites.

So, after battling Sabrina and healing at the Saffron Pokémon Center, I switched my 6th item in my pack with my Rare Candy, headed to Route 8, saved my game at the top of the Underground Path and flew away from the Gambler. Then I went to the Pokémon Tower and battled Channeler, since I knew she would automatically give me Yellow Missingno. on the Route 8 battle.

Afterwards I got DukeDevlin, my Charizard, to Dig me out of there, but then I remembered that I’d end up back in Saffron. DukeDevlin flew me back to Lavender and I encountered Yellow Missingno. Luckily, my game didn’t crash and I defeated Yellow Missingno. without too much difficulty, gaining 11 EXP. Points for my efforts.

As usual, the little sprites of my character and other various people were walking everywhere. I was familiar with these side effects, but then something EXTREMELY weird happened. A box came up at the bottom of the screen, bearing the message “School is fun, but so is Pokémon!” Then the music you usually hear before a Trainer battle starts came on. Confused, I pressed B to make the box disappear. Then, without moving anywhere, I encountered a Lvl 64 FARFETCH’D!! Just like that, out of the blue!! I thought I was imagining it or the game must’ve screwed up!! I didn’t have Farfetch’d in my collection, so I took my chances and caught it. After the battle, the Missingno. effects were still there; I walked into Lavender and everything was normal again, but when I tried to re-create the whole thing, it didn't work! I thought maybe I'd get a different Lvl 64 Pokémon, but it was just plain old Yellow Missingno. So much for that...

This has never happened to me before. Although I HAVE gotten alternative triggers besides the Menu, I have NEVER experienced a SECOND battle right after the first one, let alone with a LEVEL 64 POKÉMON!! Can ANYONE out there solve this mystery? Or is this all part of the Curse of the Yellow Missingno?

From Glitch Girl:

"I had just started my yellow over because of a little MiNo *missingno* trouble. I wanted to try to catch him again. The closest I ever got to catching him was when I had run into him and I ran away the first time I met him when I was doing the Mew trick in lavender. From the on, the game started to glitch a little, and when I ran into MiNo, eiither the game went screwy, or a black screen appeared before the battle, and he never came up. Once it kept saying: "MISSINGNO is trying to learn" forever. Well, when I restarted my game, I went to where I got pikachu. When I went to take Eevee's pokeball, the game froze. I am betting that MissingNo. in yellow can have effects even after you start your game over. Well, my game is normal again. Back to my adventures of catching the Yellow version's MissingNo."

"I have finally caught the Yellow Version Missingno. It has what sounds like a Kangaskhan cry (not sure) when I look at it's stats, and Charmander (i believe) in battle.

Nickname: Seira
Level caught: 7
Level now: 1
HP: 14 hp, turned to E96 during a battle, with the status bar glitch. The overworld sprite changed from what looked like 2 halves of a tentacruel to a bug-like face with flashing antennae, and is now a dude that switches with what looks like a cloudish-thing.
No pic, Pokemon No. 000
Type 1: Normal
Type 2: (changes, started as glitchblock99, then glitchblock9, then glitchblockm9, currently glitchblock9glitchblock)
All stats: 5
Attacks: Pay Day, Water Gun (oddly enough, it kept using bind on me before i caught it with a master ball, since it dodged al of ym ultra balls)
The only other glitchy thing about it at the time is a glitchblock in front of the Exp Points amount. When in battle, almost every sprite becomes glitched, either being scrambled (not fully pixelated) or facing the wrong way. It's back sprite looks like a giant glitch block, except for 2 redish lines near the top and 1 a bit further can see me, it has eyes in the back of it's head.

When I caught it, random overworld trainers walked slowly over everything, Pikachu and I were gone. Then I moved, and eventually I heard trainer music when a girl bumped into me, a few moments of walking people, then she finally challenged me (although she had walked off the screen by now). The battle went on normal, except for the image glitching and Seira's hp for 1 attack. I will continue working with it, although my PC is fine, the only current glitch is graphics on some sprites and pikachu's face...and also Pikachu and I are not aligned correctly with everything else.

Ok, back to work with Seira, more updates later on!"

From pikachuhunter:

"I have pokemon green, and i have tried the "haunted tower trick" to find missingno, but when i reach route 8, the screen pops up (expected), then the screen goes black and missingno is not seen. This happens in pokemon yellow.
Was missingno taken off pokemon green but put back on red and blue? That would be odd as green was out first."

From Melanie:

"After finding and doing the "Yellow Missingno. Glitch" I wondered if it could be tried on Blue, which was the only game i had on me. After trying it, and figuring out that it did, indeed, work on R/B games, I experimented with them a little bit. These are the notes I took while finding a "Gambler" glitch:

After escaping the Gambler on Route 8 I went into Pokemon Tower in Lavender town, as usual. But I decided to talk to the second Channeler on the third floor.(The one below the channeler in the middle.) You have to make her come to you, because if you stand on the left of her and press A, the game will freeze.

But after beating her Gastly, I also experimented and went into the Lavender town Poke' Mart. I talked to the guy waiting next to the rack on the inside, who tells you ablut X Special, X Attack, and so on. Then i left quickly after talking to him and started the glitch by going to Route 8 again.
The traditional music started, but a message popped up- "All right! Let's roll the dice!" it said. It turns out, this was the Gambler we were supposed to avoid, at the beginning of Route 8. (He still has 2 Poliwag and one Poliwhirl, not glitched) After beating the Gambler, a group of pixel symbols popped up in a box, much like a speech box, at the bottom of the screen. A noise of a Pokemon could be heard, probably an electric Pokemon; I judged it could be Electabuzz. Then the battle music started, even though no one was in front or behind me. You'll have to beat Mr. Gambler again, no glitches or anything in his Pokemon. But after you beat him, the steps you take are slow and jerky. If you continue to follow Route 8, you can see trainers flashing and then eventually dissapearing. When you come to the four trainers, the game will freeze. Also, the trainers will all be looking down, in a freakish way. The Start menu won't work.

After turning thegame off and back on, i checked my Hall of Fame, which got seriously whacked. A level 245 Bellsprout and a level 75 Omastar? I don't think so.

If anyone has an explanation for this, please tell me."

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

"Okay. Here's how the freaky, no. SUPER freaky glitchy thing in my yellow version. Well, I was doing the mew cheat ( with difrent trainers) you know, the gambler, and the flying away before he sees you, and the start button not working again, and when I was travling back to lavender town, my option screen popped up like it was suposed too, and, it happend. The whole screen blanked out. I was staring at nothing. A little bit freaked, I restarted my game. I did it again, curious to see if it would blank out again. Well, it did. But this time, I waited longer. And there it was!!! A level 7 missingno. appeared before my very eyes!!! I totally freaked out! I calmed myself, and got out the proper pokemon to weaken it. I threw a pokeball at it, doing the master ball cheat. I was a little suprised when the ball missed missingno., and the game saying " Gotcha! Missingno. was caught!
" Well, the game said OLD AMBER was transferd to BILL's pc, whitch I found very odd. Thinking evrything was all right, I let the game continue. Little did I know, everything was NOT all right. After the fight was over, I saw something EXTREMLY FREAKY. My character was walking everywhere in lavender town! On the roofs of houses, on pillars, one of me even fell down! I had taken over the game! I flew on my moltres to another city, but I saw the same thing! I was everywhere! Ohh! my pikachu was everywhere too...The place was crammed full. Freaked more than I had ever been in my life, I restarted my game. I thought everything was okay, but again, I was wrong. Wandering in some tall grass, I found a pokemon. Well, mabey my game is a bit nuts, scratch that. VERY nuts, but not me. The pokemon that I found in the grass, was a level 25 backwards L. Uhh... M! I didn't dare catch it, hearing about it's rummors...I ran away. Next, I found a level 456 Missingno.. Then, before my pokemon was even, out, it fled! And I
thought the abra where annoying! After that, all I found where M, and Missingno.( M always level 25, and Missingno always level 456, but I did find a level 500 one)! Until I restarted my game. After that, everything was back to normal. Can someone tell me, WHAT IN GODS NAME HAPPENED?!!?"

From matthewgallipoli:

this about the yellow missingno.The other day i was bored so i wanted to try catching missingno. in yellow version. so i booted up trusty vba and used encounter thing i knew i was face to face with something odd.But i knew something was very wrong.1,it didn't freez at all.2,it didnt glich at all,and it didnt even have its actual image.ok weird thing it had the attacks of pikachu and i caught it with a pokeball,but it turned into a rydon.then i went to try to catch another one but oddly enough our little friend ghost missingno. attacked me,thats odd i could SWEAR ghost missingno. wasnt in i fought it, but weird thing is it kept using fury attack and horn drill. i couldnt catch it cause all i had were pokeballs.i treid to encounter it again but i just found the first glichy missingno.

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