Quest for the Nintendo Wii

November 19, 2006 - Link and Luigi's quest to obtain the legendary Nintendo Wii at the midnight launch.

It was a dark November night. The fabled Nintendo Wii was set to launch in just a few hours, and our heroes in green (Link and Luigi) were determined to get their hands on Nintendo's new console. Link had previously waited in line for a Preorder Receipt token, the last quest item needed to secure the Wii. Now all that remained was to make the journey to the Temple of Gaming and exchange the Receipt for the New Console.

Gearing up for the adventure

Fighting off a few Goombas and Moblins in the Parking Lot of Concrete, our heroes entered the mystical Blue Beetle Chariot and continued to the Temple of Gaming.

"Nothing's getting in my way of this new console!"

"Link, have you seen my plunger anywhere?"

Although already armed with his plunger and a few Fire Flowers, Luigi decided to bring along a more sophisticated item for defense. There were rumors of riots, muggings, and violence at the other New Console release several days before. He didn't want to take any chances of that happening here.

"Besides, if I see that turtle, I'm gonna go John Gotti on him."

Before long, our heroes arrived at the mecca of geek goodness between the sinister Mart of Wall and "Cash Store". A welcoming golden light emanated from inside the game-filled shop. This was the Temple of Gaming they had searched for.

We've arrived at the Temple of Gaming, er, EB Games

The Boys in Green weren't the only adventurers at the Temple this evening. An assortment of brave villagers had also gathered for the midnight release event.

Navi-cam view

It didn't take long to reach the Treasure Vault of the Temple of Gaming. A glossy stack of the New Console stood illuminated behind the shopkeep. The white boxes seemed to glow with untapped power.

We've already found the Temple of Gaming's treasure room...

Link pulled out the Preorder Receipt, the magical quest item required to obtain the Wii. Meanwhile, Luigi wandered over to the XBox 360 demo machine and began playing. "Traitor!" called out one of the villagers in the Temple.

The Preorder Receipt

The shopkeep exchanged the receipt, along with 249 Rupees and 99 Gold Coins, for one of the shiny white boxes. Surprisingly, the shopkeep also asked for photo identification before handing over the console. Link was confused. "You don't know who I am? There's a poster of me right over there!" The shopkeep explained that the Temple had to beware of impostors taking the Wiis reserved for true adventurers. Finally, the transaction was complete. Link triumphantly held the box aloft, as the villagers in the background hummed the "da-da-da-dahh!" sound effect.

I'm the one with the Wii and the Master Sword

The quest had been a complete success. The New Console, the Nintendo Wii, had been obtained. Let's take a closer look...

*cue open-treasure-chest sound*

Blue trays of Wii components

Unwrapping the console itself

"It's mine!"


The Wii sits in a small silver stand

Sensor bar

We've got game (and some of our consoles aren't even displayed right now)

This takes me back. It feels just like an old 8-bit controller

The Wii almost looks like a chibi 360, doesn't it?

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