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2. What the trick, quirk, or glitch is (describe in detail)
3. Describe exactly what you were doing when the oddity occured. Were you using any Game Genie/Game Shark codes? How can you replicate the trick?
4. Any pictures, videos, or sound files of the event

Note that I am only looking for real glitches and tricks here - do not submit fake stories.
If you have personally tested one of the tricks mentioned here and it doesn't work, notify me.

I am only looking for things that you've found yourself. Please don't copy things from another website to send me.
If you see your work posted here without your permission, please provide the URL to your article (or your forum post) and I will give you proper credit.

Far Cry Instincts

Game Freeze

dark_magic_weaver writes: "This was weird. During Far Cry instincts, in the level after you encounter the huge armed monster, You can get stuck in some field with val, crowe, doyle, the brown p-90 wielding monsters, and a scientist doing something on a computer. You cant move shoot or look. It stays like that forever.

What I did was have a rocket launcher, a carbine, and 2 desert eagles. I went into predator mode when you see scientists behind a window talking about said monster. I get the I.D. thing, get a runnning adrenaline boost, and when crowe comes in to talk to the scientist, I shoot rapid fire with the carbine. instead of not noticing, they run away after crowe leaves. He usually threatens the two. Then I go to Doyle and after the cutscene, it shows said scene."

Goldeneye Rogue Agent (GC)

Super High Jump

denisedavis writes: "My brother and I were playing this game on multiplayer on the map "Funhouse" when in the cowboy western room on the wooden stairs somthing really weird happened! I was standing in the corner on the platform between the two sets of stairs when my brother's character ran into me at full speed (into the corner). I LAUNCHED INTO THE AIR!! Now, since you can't normally jump this high (or even jump, for that matter), this is interesting. I even tried it again to make sure it would work twice. It worked again. I tried it on my brother's character. It worked on him. However, there is one thing you need to be aware of when doing this trick. You need to position yourself so that you don't fall off the map into "Blue Hell" (a generic term for somewhere you're not supposed to go in a video game, an example is Glitch City from the Pokemon games). If you do, the game won't freeze, but you will fall forever and ever without respawning. Note: the person running into the other person to make them jump has to run into the wall or else the person will just do a short hop. Also, the person doing the jump must be directly in the corner, or else the trick won't work. The people must be facing each other when they collide. If you use this trick correctly, you can use it to go to places you can't norrmaly go in the level. So go ahead, check it out! One last thing: as far as I know, we are the first to discover this trick.

P.S. This trick may work elsewhere. It works at the "Golden Gate Bridge" level, but it is much harder to pull off. It involves falling into the top grating at the right time."

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (GC)

Stuck in a Wall

TR Rose writes: "I was playing Forsaken Fortress the second time through (where you're rescuing Aryll). I tried to make the jump across one of the final ledges using the Deku Leaf, but the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. The wind blew me backwards and I got stuck inside the rock I had jumped from. As you can see, Link is holding onto the side, but he is misaligned with the actual rock. I could freely move the camera around, and you can see the Leaf is blowing around in his hand. When I scrolled the camera angle to the other side to take another photo, one of those annoying little monsters attacked and Link was dislodged from the rock.

Since this seems to be a graphical glitch, I don't know how you would replicate it. Pretty freaky though!"

Lego Racers 2 (PC)

Ride Underwater

red river writes: "There is a glitch city in lego racers 2! i dicovered it when i was playinbg it I know this glitch for lego racers 2 (pc) were you can ride underwater!! this is what you do.

1.when in sandy bay have one of those rockets that go perfectly straight and kinda slow with a little finish line symbol on it
2. go to either of the beaches and stand in front of it
3. use the thingy but HOLD the button u threw it with, you should be riding with it
4. a little after you see you went under the water LET GO

this is an underwater version. the floor is sand and if you look up some of the things floating in the water will be visible! and also if you go to far there is like, an ending, if you go off it you will return up on land, but if you go off reeeaaalllyyy slllloooooowwww youll keep falling till you reach max speeds of about 765 mph!!! and if you follow the side trails you can go all the way to the other side of the world!!!!

NOTE: if u do this in battle mode you will be able to get in and you wont be able to get out YAY!! and if you do this in any other mode you will go back to the non-glitchy beach
OTHER NOTE: since this place is so spacy, its a fun place to ram your friends!!

743MPH Trick / Stuck in a Crystal

Spig McBob writes: "I have a glitch to report for Lego Racers 2. When doing a battle in the Arctic, inside the cave you will have noticed the blue crystals on the walls. I did a battle once, and my friend's car fell into the crystal and was stuck! I was trying everything to get him ou, ramming the crystal, shooting it... Anyway, when he stopped, he was going at 743MPH! I think that maybe that is related to when you fall off the edge slowly doing the 'Go Underwater' glitch."

Otto matic (PC)

Glitch City

riley_1007 writes: "Remember glitch city in Pokemon RBY? Well I found one in otto matic! go to the lava level (level 8) by holding down F10 when you click play. go to the part where those mechanical gadges (eg. the drillers) and get the checkpoint. Now go left and and get a driller to chase you. go right up against the a wall (not a corner) and wait for it to drill you. walk forward and you'll be in glitch city ( the only way to escape is to die in a lava pit.)"

Walk on clouds!

riley_1007 writes: "Walk on clouds! Go to the clown level the same way you got to level 8. get up to the part where you go on that car thing. when you go down the hill, go up theside and you should get major air with glitch symbols at the bottom. next you should land on clouds if you did it right. if you walk around you should get electricuted or fall down below the clouds."

Pokemon Dash (DS)

Radar Doesn't Display Background

pkmi writes: "When sliding the stylus on RIDE hold X
Effect: the radar doesn`t display background."

Sonic Adventure DX (PC)

Teleport through space

Shadow_Storm writes: "Get in a go-cart-hovercraft-thingie at the start of Sonic's Twinkle park stage. DO NOT GET ANY RINGS AND MAKE SURE AT LEAST 1 Driver is alive. Anyway go near the left wall ride a long it. I suddenly went through and was in outer space, and suddenly ended up in the plaza with the hovercrafts again. I triesd it again but it didn't work :("

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Keep Chaos Emeralds after Restarting

Dalek-Man writes: "Hi. You mentioned on the updates that you're now looking at glitches in other games. I found one in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, involving a method by which one can restart the game and keep any Chaos Emeralds that they already had.

However I've only tested this with one version of Sonic 2- the version that comes on a 3-game cartridge that also contains Sonic 1 and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Also, I've only tested this on what I believe is the second version of the Genesis. Since the reset button is used in the trick, different models of Genesis may or may not work, depends on how they handle the reset button. Also, this trick most likely won't work with ports to other systems, like the PC version in Sega Smash Pack 2, and might not work on emulators either. (I don't use emulators so I haven't tested that possibility) So more than likely all non-Genesis versions of the game lack this glitch, whether it was removed deliberately or not.

First, start the game and get a few Chaos Emeralds in the bonus games. Then hit the reset button. Somehow, the reset button does not reset the
variables for how many emeralds you have, at least not on the Genesis I have (I'd been surprised that it returns you to Sonic 2 instead of the game select screen on the 3-pack cartridge). Now there are two ways to get the game started- the first is to just start the 1-player game from the title screen, and the other is to hit start at the options menu while highlighting the option for if you want Sonic, Tails, or both. The former method is the only one of these two that includes a command to restart the 'emeralds owned' variable, so if you start the game from the options menu, you get to keep the Emeralds you had when you hit Reset! This way it's actually possible to blaze through the first level as Super Sonic without the use of a Game Genie!

I've tested this repeatedly on this one copy of Sonic 2, but I have not tested it on any other copy, yet. There is one untested possibility that could, in theory, make it usable on other versions, assuming the glitch hasn't been deliberately removed- if either the game over screen or the ending sequence does not include a reset command for the Emeralds variable, then it might be possible to either beat the game or lose all your lives and then use the Options menu start to keep your emeralds..

alphabeam123 writes: "I have verified that this also works on Sonic 2 in Sonic Mega Collection for Gamecube, using the"Game Title" option in the Z-menu instead of the reset button. The games on Mega Collection are emulated, and "Game Title" emulates the Genesis reset button."

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sonic Mega Collection - GC version)

Swim Through A Wall

Phrawger writes: "In Stage Two (the underwater one), Act 2, there is a point in which a rock wall is pushing towards you, and you must swim up and down to avoid getting squashed. Well, if you get squashed in a certain part of a wall, you will go through the wall, and will not be visible. If you tilt the control stick one way, the screen will shift the opposite, and if you tilt it one way for long enough, you will come out one side or the other. If you go left, you will: A)Get squashed, or B) Drown. Wonderful options, ain't they? Well if you go right, then you can exit past the part where the wall is, and save loads of time on your journey.

I'll try to get pics as soon as I can, but my camera's on the fritz right now."

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC)

Bottomless Glitch Pit

ggctuk writes: "This occured in Polis Massa level in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I was a Jet Trooper and I flew to the top of the circular hall area (In Capture the Flag, it's where you get the Sep Flag if you play as the Republic) andI jumped down the hole and I fell through it and ended up falling forever."

Drunken Wookiee/Infinite Health, Ammo, and Rage

Tomzim123 writes: "while playing online (on mos eisly on assult) I was playing as chewbacca i was jumping around around the front part of the ship inside the big ring thing. (near the big crashed ship thing.) When i jumped at the ship and half of my body got stuck and i started losing health till i died. I then went back to where i died i saw me spinning round and round.I also noticed the items u drop when u die i ran over them to pick them up they where still there.(this is dead handy for people who keep getting u from afar because just running over them it instanly repelnish health,ammo,and rage.)"

Tomb Raider

Exploring the Obelisk of Khamoon

ggctuk writes: "In Tomb Raider, you can explore the full area of the level "Obelisk of Khamoon". When you start you can see into the room with the seated pharaohs. You will see a two-"Block" fence there. You can squeeze through the middle and by doing that, get to the Sphinx, by Backing up against the fence, then when you get to the bit with the fences with sphinx behind it (And the miniature Obelisk), back up against the inverse CORNER of the fence. You will go through. PC: SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS AND IF YOU HAVE SAPPHIRE KEY DO NOT USE IT TO OPEN THE DOOR UNDERNEATH THE SPHINX! THE KEY WILL BE LOST AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START FROM THE BEGINNING!"

Ultimate Spider-Man (Xbox)

Go Underground/Underwater

Xenomorph Dreams writes: "There's a way to go underground/underwater in Ultimate Spider-Man. The game is available on the Xbox, PC, PlayStation2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube. I discovered this on the Xbox version, so there's a chance it won't work for other platforms.

Under the water in the area around Liberty Island, there's a tunnel. If done properly, someone can stand on it, and if they jump at the right spot, they can fall through the water and underground/underwater.

This might be possible to do while playing as Spider-Man, but it's a lot easier to do playing as Venom (After beating the game, so storylines/events/ect. don't get in the way.) Go to the side of the city where you can see the Statue of Liberty, and look for a gray pier in an "L" shape. Run down the pier to get a bit of speed, and Super-Jump off the corner of the part that sticks out. (Not explained very well, but I have a simple illustration.) Press the Control Stick towards Liberty Island so Venom will sail that way. Most of the time, he'll land on a patch of water that can be walked on. Walk very, very slowly towards Liberty Island until Venom slips down a bit so the water is about waist-height if he's standing still. "Normal" Jump forward, but only a TINY bit! If he jumps foreword too much, he'll just fall in the water normally.

If done correctly, Venom will fall under the water and be surrounded by blank gray nothingness with the car-tunnel behind him. He'll also be standing on a small platform of air, and moving too much to the right, left or forewords will cause him to fall into oblivion, and the game will make him splash into the water normally. However, Venom can crawl on the wall of the tunnel, though the texture is weird and apparently full of ledges that he might get stuck on. Crawling to the right will eventually make him fall; crawling to the left can actually let him be under the street!

I discovered this glitch when just playing around and seeing if it’s possible to get to the Statue of Liberty. (As far as I know, it’s not, though I’ve come within a few feet!) I wasn’t using any cheat or glitch programs, and I can do this glitch whenever I feel like it. I haven’t tested it on other games, though mine in particular hasn’t given me any huge problems and the disc isn’t badly scratched or anything. My Xbox is also perfectly functional, and if it makes any difference, it doesn’t have Xbox Live."

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