Team Rocket, on Life

You might be a Rocket if...

  • Your ears perk up at the word "trouble".
  • You've ever quoted the motto...
  • ...On an essay test/term paper.
  • You own a shirt with a big red R on it..
  • ...And wear it in public or to school.
  • You've attempted a Team Rocket hairstyle...
  • ...And succeeded.
  • Girls: You've started wearing huge, tacky earrings all the time.
  • Guys: You've started carrying a rose with you everywhere.
  • You say the motto or sing along with Team Rocket.
  • You wouldn't really notice if the twerps left the show.
  • You quote Team Rocket's dialogue in everyday conversations with your friends.
  • You WANT Team Rocket to capture Pikachu.
  • Little kids have mistaken you for Jessie or James.
  • You call your cat Meowth.
  • In Pokemon Puzzle League, you play "Spa Service" more than any other mode.
  • You were quite upset that Team Rocket wasn't in Ruby/Sapphire, or Pokemon Colosseum (Aqua? Magma? SNAGEM?)
  • You get mad when Pikachu zaps Team Rocket.
  • You plan a holiday to Acapulco.
  • You find yourself thinking "Yana Kanji!" when things go wrong.
  • You want a donut.

Regarding the Lost Episodes:

  • Blank VCR tape..... $1.99
  • Getting a copy of Lost Episodes on blank tape.....$20.00
  • Seeing Pokemon characters swearing, James wearing a bikini, and a gun pointed at Ash's head.....Priceless.

All I Ever Needed To Know About Life, I Learned From Team Rocket!

Strange though it may seem, Team Rocket's antics can actually teach us some valuable information for our own lives!

  1. Don't kick little problems out of the way without solving them; they may evolve into something even nastier!

  2. Patience is a virtue. Just because you haven't accomplished your goals doesn't mean you should give up.

  3. Always take the time to stop and smell the roses.

  4. Social status and money are never as important as true love and friendship.

  5. People can change. Just because someone's your enemy today doesn't mean they can't be your ally tomorrow.

  6. "When you dream, you've got to dream big!"

Take the Pokemon Personality Poll created by "Mo"!
This is a hilarious little quiz to find out which Pokemon character you are most like! I took this, and my results pleasantly surprised me: I'm most like Jessie, then Meowth, then James... with Tracey and Brock in last place! Find out which Pokemon character YOU really are! (My sister found out she's most like MISTY!)

What Kind of Pokemon Are You? I'm a Pikachu... still not sure whether or not that's a good thing...

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