Trainer House Glitches

From Golden Raichu:

  • "Ok, this is what happened in my pokemon silver once: I did mystery gift every single day for a month in my Pokemon Stadium 2. And you know how in the Trainer House (in viridian city) it lets you battle with the last person you did mystery gift with or the last person you link-battled? Well, I usually did MG with pokestadium 2 and then I battled the littlemystery gift girl in the trainer house everyday. (her name was Carrie but her image appeared like the male main character) But then one day I was busy and forgot to do mystery gift with her, and the next day I went to do mystery gift, then she told me that "You can only do Mystery Gift with one person per day."

    After she said this, my gameboy would say the exact same thing whenever I tried to do mystery gift with any of my friends! Everything was ok, except that my mystery gift wouldn't work. But then I decided to go to battle in the trainer house, and as usual, Carrie (the goldenrod mystery gift girl) was there to battle me. But when the battle started, my game just crashed!

    First, I sent out my first pokemon (Raichu I think) but it's cry was all messed up, and Carrie wouldn't send out any of her pokemon and instead of having the battle status in the description box, there were just rows of question marks and the game froze, the music first messed up, then it stopped and there was a weird continueous buzzing sound...

    So I turned off the game and tured it back on... then I was REALLY freaked as to what I saw... I was outside of the trainer house and all of the colors of everything were mixed up! And each time I moved a step, all the colors of everthing would change again! It was really weird! Some of the people walking around were polkadoted, some had zigzags on them etc.! So I went to check my PC and my Hall of Fame, and the hall of fame was messed up just like it would be when you capture MissingNo., the music randomly changed and was messed, and there were pokemon I've never used in the Elite Four!! (plus their colours and patterns were all mixed up)

    Other than this, everything else was normal, but the game would just randomly freeze sometimes. I also called the Nintendo Repair Service and told them what happened, and they said that they've NEVER had a case like that before, and said that I should try restarting the game to get rid of the glitch. But of course I'd NEVER do that!!! So I just stopped playing my silver for maybe a month, and after that when I turned it on again, it was perfectly back to normal and mystery gift worked again! I guess my silver just needed a break or something. Weird, huh?? Has anything like this ever happened to anyone??"

From Cold Mistress:

  • "In silver, Another time, I went to the battle place you can only use once a day in Giovanni's home town. My opponent sent out a level 0 mankey. He had other pokemon, but i never got to see them because the game froze when I tried to attack. I eventually just had to stop going to the battle tower thing. Because it was always the same glitched opponent." 

From terateller:

  • "In my pokemon gold I was doing some stupid things to my game here they are: I fiddled with my [game] until I distorted the colors, pulled out my game, duplicated my pokemon wrong, turned off when it was saving (not while I was duplicating). I don't know which one affected my game but when I went to the trainer house there was a different trainer that didn't have a name. When I battled him he sent out a lvl.0 Primeape and my game froze. I turned it off and back on and everything was normal except the trainer house so I battled a Bug Catcher and after that my mom called and said she bought a doll... I went back home and went to decorations and I nearly had a heartattack when I saw what was there. There were decorations I didn't even have before. I only had a Charmander doll, a Pikachu doll, and a Clefairy doll. Now I had a Surfing Pikachu doll, Unown doll, Shellder doll and a lot more and I had a big Snorlax doll, a SNES, a Magnaplant, a Pikachu bed, a Clefairy poster, and a Pikachu poster.

    "After that, I checked all of the other things in my PC. Well, the dolls were the least of my problems. I checked my mailbox and saw all kinds of mail: mail with weird signs, and mail with no name. I took out a green and checked my pack. It wasn't there. I gave it to a Pokemon and it was holding an Exp. Share. After that I took out one with no name and checked my pack and I had a ?. I decided to use it but it was a hold only or a select item. I put it on select and it said it wasn't the time to use it so I gave it to a Pokemon and it wasn't holding anything.

    "I left my house and went to the trainer house hoping it was normal. It wasn't, there was still a trainer with no name but he sent out a level 1 Machoke. It didn't freeze this time so I battled it. The weird part is it used Peck, can Machoke really use Peck???? Well I beat it and got 1 exp. Well, next he sent out a lvl 38 Noctowl with Swift and Hypnosis, it was just a normal Noctowl... Well, it got weirder... he sent out a lvl0 Bulbasaur, a lvl 5 Staryu, and last and strangest he sent out a Pokemon named ??????? It had two rows of health and it was a Staryu. When I tried to do something the game thought I was in a link battle. I had to restart. Eventually I learned it took form of the last pokemon or trainer (he now sends out ???? first) on his side. After I'd long forgotten about this I did a trade and saw a police near the pc I'd never noticed him before so I talked to him and he gave me a teru-sama. It was the same as a ? but it didnt disappear when I gave it to a pokemon well I saw him again but this time he gave me a Super Rod. YES A SUPER ROD. Now I was scared. How did I get it? I switched it with my other one and got teru-samas but they had weird signs next to them like there would be in r\b. It was a blue square in a black one I moved it and the number changed to 68. I moved it back and the number changed back to what it was. Well why it happened I don't know but it was weird alright.

From silverstar1809:

  • "Once my friend traded MissingNo. to my gold, and when I tried fighting in the trainer house (after duplicating), I found a level 0 Primape too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is something with MissingNo. or the duplication trick. "

From Kevin McConnell:

  • "My Lugia-silver game had a glitch: I did that mystery gift thing with my cousin, and he is supposed to be in the town-after-pallet building where you fight him with his pokemon he had that very minute. Instead of fighting him, I fight some character named "9". How is this possible? You can't use numbers in your name! But the real fun begins here: His first pokemon is a 147LV Remoraid with (as far as I know) Shadow ball and Waterfall. It cant learn either move! Its pattern is as follows: It attacks only with Shadow ball until your special defence lowers. Then he uses Waterfall. After you beat it, he may send out either the second form of poliwag LV 0 with Beat Up move, or a ????? LV 0. This ????? has the form of the pokemon you've beaten last, which would be Remoraid or poliwhirl (except that this version is red and its health bar is 3 lines, you know, like this:====-) If you chose an attack, the text says Please wait, as if you're link battling! The music still plays, but the game got stuck. I said F this and shuted it off. The person who is in the secon floor of the pokecenter, which is supposed to give you the mystery gift, gave me a Teru-Sama or something. It sold for Big bucks like 45000 P. WOW! I'm a millionaire! I think it was useless, so I sold it. For some reason, I restarted the game from scratch. Actualy, the game behaved glitchy."

From Demon-Otoeshe:

  • "I've never experianced many glitches(two, the one I'm about to tell you, and 'M ), but the one I did have, nobody else seems to have had before.

    I'm not exactly sure which version it was in ( I believe Crystal ) but something weird happened. I had beaten the Elite Four and discovered a strange place in Viridian City, that was obviously programmed to be there, but something when wrong in my game. The place was Trainer House, I believe, where you fought one opponent a day. I decided to give it a go. When I walked into the arena, the fighter looked like my character, which I thought was a bit strange, but ignored it.

    The fight began. I sent out my pokemon, and the trainer sent out ... a level 0 Primape!? At first I thought " Wow.. this'll be a piece of cake!"
    But suddenly.. the game froze up. The same exact thing happened each time.

    I believe the trainers name was Green. And when I went to my PC and looked in my mail box, I found a lot of messages! All from the same guy; Green. And all the message said was; GREENGREENGREENGREEN, ect. Possibly a few other words and/or symbols I don't remember. Unfortunately I lost my Crystal version, so I can't look into it further ( no matter how much I really want to! )

    But, the reason I was so confused about it being on either my Gold or Crystal version is; this morning on my Gold version I went to the Trainer House. The trainer looked like me, but his name was Cal and he had normal pokemon. Nothing weird there. But, I went to my PC into the Mail Box part and found I had three messages, but there was no text. But you could click on the blank areas to read the mail; each said "GREEN"" 

From Virus CDG:

  • "I have a report of another weird glitch involving the Trainer House in Gold/ Silver/ Crystal's Viridian City. One time years ago, my cousin and I were at my grandmother's house and he was playing Pokemon Silver, and he was in the middle of a pokemon battle. I shut off his game in the middle of that battle. Weird effects started to occur. When my cousin visited the Trainer House in Viridian City, there was a trainer who he had never link - battled with, did mystery gift with, or somebody else. It wasn't even the normal trainer Cal. He had an odd name that I don't remember. The pokemon he contained were shocking. People send reports of level 0 Mankeys and Primeapes. But there was 6 level 128 Sudowoodos! Pokemon can't go over level 100! The PC in his home at New Bark Town had tons of junk mail. They were all from that odd trainer he battled at the Trainer House. Sometimes, my cousin got stuck in pokemon centers, like in Glitch City when you move too far in any direction. I wanted to study the Silver Version more, but when I called my cousin, he said that the game soon messed up completely and the "Continue" option was gone. The game corrupted completely. I didn't know shutting the game off would hurt it. I thought you shut the game off when you fail to catch a legendary pokemon all the time so it wouldn't disappear and nothing happens. It was odd and the over level 100 sudowoodos part seems the most weirdest thing ever to me. Nobody else seems to have seen Sudowoodos with 128 as their level according to the e-mails. This is an unique moment for me and a weird, unfortunate moment for the game and my cousin. I still am shocked of what I did. Oh well." 

From Wplslinda"

  • "I had been messing around with my Pokemon Yellow. Then I heard about some stuff about trading Missingno. to silver, to glich the trainer house (Fight one trainer a day). But when I did this it said that Missingo. can not be traded. I just thought, "well, I guess that's that, the guy was faking". So I went to battle in my yellow version and the gliches were all gone!! " 

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