Hi everyone, I'm Tracey Sketchit, a Pokemon Watcher from the Orange Islands! But I'm sure you already knew that, or you wouldn't be here at my wonderful site!!! This is my tribute to my hero, Professor Oak (the greatest Pokemon researcher EVER!) and a full collection of my sketches!

If you have any Pokemon you'd like me to sketch for you in my trademark style, just email a picture of them to me and I'll show my masterpiece here! I'm always looking for new things to sketch!

Let me show you some of my most recent sketches!

Aren't they lovely?

But I'm sure you're here for the Professor Oak shrine. You'll want to read my article, Why Oak Totally Rules. Or maybe An Ode to Oak, my first poetry about Professor Oak. And be sure to check out Living with Oak: My Daily Journal. More to come soon!

I've heard a lot of people asking where I learned to select my perfect wardrobe, so I've written an article to answer all these questions for you, my fans: "Can Red Headbands Work For Me?". Stay tuned for "Aqua and Orange and You: Dazzling Color Combos!" coming soon!

Oh, look at the time! It's time for my Pencil-Sharpening rituals before my afternoon Sketch-fest. Gotta run!

Sketchily yours,