Teru-Sama and Bizarre Items (Pokemon Strangeness)

From Blaze:

  • "I have a boat, literaly a boat, its looks like your surfing on a Pokemon but there is no Pokemon! (maybe its a surfboard but I don't know)."
  • "Something else weird, I stole some Safari balls or something because I have them in my Item list and can use them on wild Pokemon... I have two Bicycles! I am confused as you are. My Item list has Boulderbadge, Cascadebadge, Thunderbadge, Rainbowbadge, Soulbadge, Marshbadge, Volcanobadge, and Earthbadge. The item list!! in the pack! Thats all of the weird stuff I have in my items besides the boat. (Safari balls suck)

From Dave:

  • "On Tuesday 28th May 2002 I decided to use Pokémon power ups (Protein, Carbos, Iron etc) on my Pokémon from Pokémon Crystal. I had 1 of each of the power ups including Rare Candies so I needed as many as possible so I deposited my Iron, Carbos, Protein, Calcium, Rare Candy and HP up into the Metal case on my copy of Pokémon Stadium 2. I the turned off the Nintendo 64 after saving the changed data and inserted my copy of Pokémon Gold instead of Pokémon Crystal. I turned the N64 on again and deposited the Carbos, Calcium etc form the Metal case to the Pokémon Gold item's PC (or Dave's PC as it is called on my game), saved the data again and switched off the N64.

    I have an "Exploder Lite" cheat cartridge so I inserted Pokémon Gold into the cartridge and inserted that into the game boy. I chose "Infinite quantity in 1st position" to give me an infinite number of the item in first position in the items pocket in my pack. I switched the items around until I had 99 of each item (the only items in my pack were the Pokémon power ups) and then I saved the game. Then I went back to the metal case to deposit my items (99 of each).

    I exited the screen as I usually do by pressing the B button. Then, as usual, a box with 3 options; "save and quit", "quit without saving" and "cancel" appeared. I pressed the A button on save and quit, again as usual, and it said "saving..." at the top of the box. I waited a few minutes and nothing on the screen changed and no buttons would work. So I decided to do the only thing I could do...reset the N64. I went back to the PC in the lab and discovered that there were no items in the metal case but there were 6 lots of 99 Proteins and a rainbow wing. Not thinking to scroll down and check out the rest of the items in stadium mode I went straight to the game (which was still Pokémon Gold) and discovered the following items: (they are in the exactly order I found them)

    In the items pocket it said:
    Protein x0

    In the ball pocket it said:
    Protein x99
    Protein x99
    Protein x99
    Protein x99
    Protein x99
    Protein x99
    TM20 x0
    Ice Heal x99
    Rainbow Wing
    ? x0
    ? x7
    Teru-Sama x99

    In the key items and TM pockets it said:

    Notice that there is no "Cancel" in the ball pocket. However, what I'm really concerned about is the "Teru-Sama" whatever it is. I've never heard of it."

  • "Ok. I decided to take your advice and try to use these items. First I tried 1 of the Teru-Sama and discovered that it is only a hold item. Since I only use Pokemon Gold to get Pokemon and items that I need on Pokemon Crystal I have only gone up to Cherrygrove city after the first battle with my rival, known as Kevin so I only had Pidgey to give the item to after I transferred my Chikorita to Pokemon Crystal. So I made my Pidgey hold the Teru-Sama and what happened? Nothing! Before I gave it to Pidgey I thought that it might turn Pokemon shiny since Teru means "to shine". When I was dissapointed on that occasion I tried battling a wild Pokemon to see if it has any effect there. Again, nothing happened, or at least nothing that I noticed. However, what I did notice was that when I gave a Teru-Sama to Pidgey it obviously held 1 but in the pack it still said I had 99.

    Next I tried TM20 which contains the move False Swipe. I pressed "use" in the menu that appeared but it just removed the menu and Pidgey didn't learn it. This is possibly because I had 0 TM20s according to the game. BUT... If I didn't have any then why did it say "TM20" in the pack?

    Next I tried the Protein in the items pocket. It said "Pidgey's defence rose." and it still said I had 0 Protein. When I tried the other Protein in the ball pocket it stayed at 99. So obviously I have unlimited Protein... somehow.

    As for the "?" items I tried both. They were hold items so I tried the one that said "x0" next to it, made Pidgey hold it and like the Protein the quantity remained unchanged. I found this with the other "?" item. Ice Heal wouldn't work since Pidgey wasn't frozen and there were no Ice-types anywhere near me. The Rainbow Wing didn't work. A note saying it isn't the time to use it appeared. The bicycle worked like a charm!"

From Mewlove:

  • " This message is for Dave, who was curoius about the item "Teru-Sama"...

    I have the item "Teru-Sama" in my Pokemon Silver version. I got it by using a Gameshark code. The Teru-Sama is actually the Japanese version of the GS Ball, which lets you capture Celebi in Ilex Forest. Since I already had Celebi, I didn't try the code with the GS Ball. What I've heard is that you go to a Pokemon Center (I'm not sure which town it is in) and one of the Prof.'s assistants should be there. Talk to him and he will take the GS Ball from you. The next day he will give it back to you. Then, go to the Ilex Forest and walk up to the shrine and press "A". The normal Pokemon Battle music should playand you will encounter a level 5(?) Celebi. I haven't tried the code out, and I think its only supposed to work on the Japanese version but I'm not sure.

    Hope this helps!"

From Dinosaurman:
  • "The Teru-Sama really IS the GS ball. It is only obtainable in the Japenese version, with gameshark or with a Nintendo Promotion. It
    works with the Japanese version AND American AND European and all the other versions of Gold, Silver and Crystal.

    What you do is go to Azelia town and give the GS Ball/Teru-Sama to Kurt. (You know the one who needs Aprecoits (spelling?) to make
    special balls) He will say that he will examine the ball (or something like that). You will give it to him.

    To pass the time, defeat the Pokemon Leauge or something. When you get back to Kurt, he will say some other stuff and give you back the
    ball. Go to the Elix Forest, and to the shrine. Press A at the shrine and a box will come up saying something. Then the battle
    music will start and Celibi will appear, level 5.

    As for the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing, you get them from a man in Pewter City. You get a Rainbow Wing in Silver version, and Silver
    Wing in Gold version. Trust me, you do! Gold version, You get Ho-oh and Silverwing, Opposet in Gold version."

From Mew13:

  • "Also, my friend told me on the phone a while ago that a mysterious item suddenly appeared in her Yellow version Items list. It's name is random letters and symbols, and if you select "Use" the game froze either with a black or white screen. She tried to toss it but it said it was too important to toss. She tried to sell it, but that wouldn't work either. The only thing left to do was to deposit it in her PC, and none of her items or Pokemon have gone glitchy or anything. We weren't sure if we should have a battle against each other on our Yellow versions because something might happen to our games, (I was also worried something might happen to my LV 100 Surfing Pikachu) but we risked it and nothing happened. But what's with the glitchy item???

From Kim:

  • "I was looking in on the "Missingno Mysteries" "General Pokemon Strangeness" section and I found out someone else got a teru-sama! I got one in my gold game two summers ago when one of my friends offered to let me pick up the other starter pokemon with this cheat thing he has. What it did was let me 'restart' the game while kepping all the pokemon and stats and items, etc, I already have. I went back to Prof. Elm's and picked up the other pokeball (the one that neither my rival nor I chose) and got to keep it. The pokemon (a totdile) was holding an item and it was a teru-sama. I discovered this after I saved, turned off, and back on my game.

    "But there was a huge problem that I still have not fixed. Apparently you're suppposed to use this cheat BEFORE playing the game, as in, use it when you start your game for the first time so you have both starter pokemon from the beginning and can continue through the game from there. Prof. Oak in Pokemon Stadium 2 won't let me access my PC until I get the egg for Elm, but I've already done that, so there's no egg to get! (this is annoying because the PC on the stadium is so useful!). And I can't do link battles or trades with Gold, Silver, and Crystal from my gameboy. I can use the trading machine on Pokemon Stadium 2 and I can use the trading machine in my game for Blue, Red, and Yellow.

    "As for the teru-sama, I duplicated it using a relatively safe cheat (and the only cheat I ever use, I've never used another cheat after this incident). Then, I sold it to the Pokemart for A LOT of money (I don't remember the exact price, but it was good!). The teru-sama doesn't do anything else. I tried using it on land, in water, in battles in the Stadium (it won't let me bring it. It appears as a non-battle item, like a pokeball, coloured grey, and instead of being named teru-sama, it's named ???). Anyway, so that's what I know about the teru-sama. It's good for selling.

    "Oh yah, that cheat is really easy and shouldn't ruin the game since it involves saving. What you do is save your game, then deposit a pokemon carrying an item you want to duplicate (or if you just want to duplicate the pokemon itself). Then you switch boxes (preferably to an empty one, according to my friend). It asks you if you want to save and you say yes. As it is saving and telling you not to turn off the power, turn off the power (I usually do this as the word 'power' is appearing). Turn it back on and you should have the pokemon you had put in the box (with item) still in your party and the box you had put the pokemon in is still the box you are on (as in, it never switched boxes) and the pokemon you put in it is there too! This also works for battling against the trainer house several times in a day (according to my friend) but I haven't actually tried to do that."

From Carla Heer:

  • "TR Rose, I have also experienced weird happenings in my gold version. After I beat the game, I used the gameshark to get all 3 starter pkmn, and I got my Chikorita with the item: Teru-Sama. I can also screw up the color in my game. Doing normal, everyday stuff, my color will screw up and my game will restart, but on the title screen, I see ho-oh in color! Coincidence or on purpose???"

From DoggieGirl30:

  • "In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you're suppost to get the item Soothe Bell from the Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport City. I've done what you're suppost to, but I never got it. But, I do have the Soothe Bell. I caught a wild Plusle on my Sapphire Version, and it was holding the Soothe Bell! You can't get Soothe Bells from wild pokemon. And, stranger yet, I never used my Plusle, yet it loves me a lot!"

From Lance:

  • The teru-Sama is defintely the GS ball. How do I know? A friend of mine had a GS Ball, [it was attached to his Celebi he got from a gamebrain] he couldn't figure out what to do with it and me being the local genius I took it from him. When I looked at it I was amazed to find I didn't have the orginal object of my research. It had changed into a Teru-Sama with .#9 if them, sold one and it went to x69 of them, I can now sell an unlimite number of them for 17,400 each. They seem to have no other purpose, I can't make anything hold them or anything else.

From Amha:

  • I ran into the item Teru-Sama a long time ago using a gameshark code that allows the cursor in shop menus to go below the 'cancel' option. As far as I can tell, both Teru-Sama and another item called ??????? do absolutely nothing.

    However, in Japanese, 'sama' a suffix for the name of a respected person, i.e. Mari-sama, so maybe someone included it as a tribute to Super Nerd Teru, who I think is in the underground path in Goldenrod City. After all, maybe some of the programmers can relate to a super nerd ^_^

From Assassin:

  •  Something weird happened to my Pokemon Gold a while back. I also have Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64 which I used a lot as well. This is what happened: my cousin got a mew and a celebi from a friend of his who also taught him how to duplicate pokemon by switching them from party to box and then turning of the GB while the game tells you not to. It worked great for a while, I got about 5 Mews and 5 Celebis. I wanted to have extras just to put in Pokemon Stadium 2 so when I would start over I would still have some.

    I can't really remember when it all went wrong but at some point when I turned off the power and turned it on again to duplicate one of those 2 pokemon I noticed something very weird. The Pokemon names were all scrambled or the pokemon had names of other pokemon or they had no names at all. But this did not only happen to my party, it also happened to some of my box pokemon (not all of them). I now have a chikorita (which I didn't have before) called cleffa, a clefairy called crobat, a cleffable called dodrita, and so on... The most amazing thing is I also got a mewtwo called flaaffy level 100 (and I couldn't have owned a Mewtwo before since I didn't own blue, red or yellow back then) which only has Petal Dance four times in it's attack list.

    This same pokemon was also holding an item. The famous Teru-sama. Now I have seen on your site someone saying it is a hold item, now it may just be me since I haven't played Gold anymore since this happened, but if what I think is correct a hold item is an item you can attach to a pokemon and is not an item you can put on select to use yourself. The description of the item is ? (just a questionmark) and I can only put the item on select . Then when I press Select in the game Proffesor Oak tells me this isn't the time to use that item. As you can see my game is really messed up. I had abour 238 pokemon when this happened and I still haven't taken the time to start over.

From Diego:

  • "My gold version is a bit whacked!!! I decided to use my old gold version, and on route 46 and I caught a Jigglypuff!!!!!!!!!!!! No tricks. Strange. Also Bellsprout wasn't found till I reached Azalea town!!! Then after I got a gold and sliver feather, I got my master ball out of my pc then i went to kurts togive a white aproicorn, but instead took my master ball, gold and sliver feather. I went back the next day and gave me a ??TERUSUMA?? I decided to go to catch a paras but automatically my charactor went bputa my weird item and A glitched Celebi comes out and my game froze!!1 I'm just glad my game is ok and I still had that jigglypuff" 

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