The Crystal Rose - Evolution of an Original Character Design

Concolor heard about auditions for season 2 of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" on Sci-Fi, and we had talked about looking into it if they ever held tryouts again. Without much prep time, we decided to make plans for the Feb. 3-4 auditions in Phoenix, AZ. We heard about this on Jan. 8. Yikes, that's less than a month to create characters, designs, and costumes! This page will show my original sketches and ideas, and how they evolved into a complete costume (done entirely on the cheap).

Original costume concepts (1/9 - 1/10) - base used was a "cartoon doll"

design 1 design 2 design 2-a

Prop and accessory sketches (1/10)



Emblem design concept (1/10)


Costume Concepts (1/12/07) - had to eliminate all gathers from skirt because it "puffed out" too much

Skirt Gauntlet costume idea

Final Artwork (2/1/07)

Crystal Rose

Final Costume (2/1/07)

The Crystal Rose The Crystal Rose

Coming soon: Fan Artwork Gallery!

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