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For both legal and bandwidth reasons, I will not post the MP3 files of these songs. If you are interested in purchasing these CDs, check out Amazon.com and Ebay. Note that the Japanese import CDs are usually on the expensive side.

Team Rocket songs from the TV show:

2 B. A. Master Songs:

Pokemon Live! songs (Rocket songs marked with R):

Pokemon Christmas Bash (includes non-TR, but sung by actual VA's!):

Team Rocket Japanese Songs from the TV show:

Non-TR Japanese Songs:

Original Songs:

"Little Shop of Rockets" - this was an idea that I had a few years ago with Seleulc2. We never got a script written, but we did create a few songs. Basically it's the tale of Little Shop of Horrors starring James and his rabid Victreebel!

Unlucky loser James seems to fail at everything until he buys a Bellsprout from an old Chinese man for $1.95 ("He wanted to throw in a Magikarp too, but I said no"). Oddly enough, the Bellsprout won't even grow until James accidentally learns that it thrives on human blood. The plant, which he has named "Jessie 2" after his coworker he's secretly in love with (although she's dating a creepy dentist named Gary), gains the ability of speech, and begins demanding full human meals. In return, Jessie 2 (now evolved into a rabid Victreebel) promises riches, honor, and glory... not to mention the affections of a certain crimson-haired girl. What will James do? What's this plant's real motivation? And can it be stopped before it's too late?

These songs are Rocket-centered versions of the original LSH musical numbers.

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