GameShark Tricks


R/B Tricks

From Kyle440:

  • "Well when i had pkmn red was stoaked when i found out that my game boy game genie could help me get mew. so i [put] in the mew code and i didnt have any masterball at the time. well after i attacked mew it attacked back and did dittos transformation move and it turned into a ditto.....i caught it and when i looked at it, it was still a ditto...well many many tries later a pokéball finnaly caught it on its first try and i had a mew. later on i used the masterball code and didnt have any problems after that."

From Mew13:

  • "Well, if you use a cheat cartridge to get Mew, it will appear as a sort of square thingy filled with squiggles. Trust me, when I used my (now broken) Xploderlite to get Mew, I was freaked out but my friend warned me because she tried it before me. When I caught Mew, his picture and everything was fine. I have no idea why this happens, it's weird.

From HiyaChako:

  • This is a picture of Mew (or any other pokemon you enter a code for) when you use a gameshark to find it in the wild. This is what it loos like when you fight it, when you catch it, the picture is fine. I sent this because people reading in the Gameshark section are probobly wondering what exactly it looks like:

From Dinosaurman:

  • In red, blue, yellow, Whenever you use a cheating device to get mew, articuno, or even a pidgey, it will ALWAYS look like a pixel square. that is COMPLETY normal! What the gameboy does is.. Okay, ill explain it in story.

    I went to Seafoam to get Articuno, but i couldnt solve that puzzle. So I used GameShark to bring a wild articuno up, but when it came up, it said, Wild Articuno appeared! the health bar and name was normal, but the picture was weird! i freaked out! then my brother came and said it was normal. the picture was blue (normal) was a square (abnormal) and had the the WHOLE picture of growlith scattered around the square!! if you capture it, it will be normal.

    I then found out that i was in the patch of grass where growlithes usually appear. So, the gameboy decided the next wild pokemon i was to encounter was a growlith, but i entered the code for articuno. so when the battle started, it was searching through the entire pokedex for articuno, but wasnt fast enough so it was pixely with growliths around it.

    next time you use a device for a random pokemon of your chose, DON'T freak out when you see a square (it will ALWAYS BE A SQUARE!). examine it to see if it looks familier!

From Mewninetytwopointfive:

  • "I decided to use my gameshark on my red and fiddle with the digits that don't make real pokemon. I got pokes with no. over 150. i heard if a pokemons number is over 150 in red/blue'yellow, it's a pokegod, making mew a pokegod. I got a pokegod named beepin. It knew this freaky move that has a freaky type. The unknown move's name was just a bunch of pixels. I attacked this weak pokemon with the weird move, and it's name got changed. It said (I don't remember the strange name, but it was BIZZARE; i'll call it blah-blah-blah) is frozen solid blah-blah-blah is hurt by it's burn. IT WASN'T EVEN FROZEN OR BURNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pant, pant, pant, gaaaaaaaaaasspp!) Anyways, it got lots of HP and then it decreased slowly. It kept restoring a little HP. It finnally fainted, and it said blah-blah-blah fainted, and Beepin gained exp points, and then it says somethings evolving. It tried to evolve a hundred times, and then the game crashed. BEEPIN HATES ME! (i start crying, just kidding.)

    Here is how to get Beepin:

    1. Type in the gameshark code 01F4D8CF
    2. Walk around in the grass with the switch OFF.
    3. When a poke appears, turn the switch on.
    4. Catch the poke.
    5. If the thing says if you want to give a nickname to a Rhydon, say no.
    6. Save and turn off.
    7. Catch another pokemon.
    8. It's name won't be Beepin, so nickname it Beepin.
    9. Beepin is yours."

  • "I decided to use another GameShark code to get a pokegod "Charcolt". After walking around, I encountered one. The game crashed, and so I
    turned it off, then back on. The Shark was still plugged in, so I checked the Shark stuff. The games were erased and replaced with unknown games with a bunch of check-marks for names. They now serve as my pokemon red/blue games."

  • "I was at my friends house oneday, and he was interested in all of the"pokegod" codes in my gameshark. He asked me to plug in the Shark into
    his Red version turn on the code that lets you fight a pokegod named 'Spooky' that was an evolved Gengar and the walk-through-walls code. Well, the pokegod sites madeup all these bull-s*** names and I used them. Okay, back to my friend's Red version. I type the codes in, then my friend is aimlessly walking around, 'cause for some reason, he wouldn't encounter a Spooky. After walking around, the Safari Zone Pager noise came on. The text block said 'PA: Ding-Dong, your Safari Game is over.' My friend entered the Safari Zone building as if you were exiting Safari Zone, then he exited the building.

    Then, he found himself in a glitched-up Pallet Town. I asked for the Game Boy so I could check this weird peice of junk that someone could call a 'city'. Well, I couldn't enter any buildings, and I could walk in the infamous Pallet Patch. I walked into the left Patch, then I found myself on the other side of this unknown city that calls itself Pallet Town. I walked back, and found my self back on the left side. I decided to experiment even more, so I saved in the Patch, shut off the game, removed the Shark, and found myself where I saved. It was still a wrap-around effect, and i was back in Pallet Town (I don't think that wierd place was Pallet Town). I encountered dinky pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey. My friend didn't know Fly, so I couldn't exit, so I shut off the game without saving, put in the Shark, and since this incident took place after the Charcolt incident, just pressed A. I got FREAKED out at what I saw. A buinch of codes, named by a bunch of check-marks. I got rid of that by turning off all the codes, as there were too many to just delete. Then I got my friend out of the awful patch. This is very, very strange."

From poke' pac:

  • "I was playing on my pokemon red with an Xploderlite on for the fight mewtwo in every battle effect,but once i caught one and leveled it up it learned an attack called TM05 (im no lier!) and when i used it it said "mewtwo's EVADE went up" and it looked like it was using pound. Plus whenever i sent it into battle it would make the same sound of when you find a hidden item but it sounded like it was being played through a poke' flute.The TM05 attack was also a type " ' . ] [ ... '' '' ' '' " so it almost covered my pokemons battle stat's.The over weird thing is that although my mew that i caught with the Xploder was fine the mewtwo was just the same as missingno. but all it was was one big block."

From Chris K.:

  • "In the days of Missingno.'s discovery, I invented an alternate 'M through gameshark, I wasn't thinking right and I entered 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 in my gameshark. I went in tall grass and it said: Wild Cheese appeared! I soon told my friend about "Cheese" and soon the whole school knew. Someone asked if I knew about "Cheese". When I said that I made it, he said his evolved his with a leaf stone into mew! It is 100% fake. Wouldn't I know if "Cheese" could evolved?"

From Draiizeo:

  • I used this code that allows you to capture people's pokemon. It said to only turn it on when you're in battle and see the pokemon you want,
    so I did. But when I forgot to turn off the code, I battled a boy and it said "EKANS appeared!" (ekans was the last pokemon I had stolen).
    Strangely enough, it still had the boy's picture. Well, I decided to capture it by using one of my many masterballs (another code I used), and I
    caught it. Then it asked if I wanted to give a name to my RHYDON. Then, after that was finished, the name of the pokemon turned to a bunch of
    graphics and an 'M in the middle of it all, like you would find on the coast of cinnibar island... It also had the attack water gun and sky
    attack! I killed it afterwards, VERY surprised.. When I checked out the pokemon I had caught, it indeed was a Rhydon, with the normal attacks...

    I guess 'M isn't confined to Cinnibar Island, after all!

    I also have a few screenshots...

    I find an Ekans!
    I capture 'M.
    Still battling...
    'M uses water gun.
    My Rhydon's stats.
    The person I battled (not that it makes a difference).
  • By the way, the code is for Gameshark 010157D0. The code for the
    masterballs (buy them at the shops for $0) is 01017CCF.

    I tried the same thing again, but this time captured it instead of killing the 'M. Surprise Surprise, I got a Ditto! So now I turned off the
    code, checking out my Rhydon and Ditto, and everything was perfectly normal... I battled more people and continued my Pokemon quest, stealing trainer's pokemon on the way. And coincidentally, my masterballs were in my sixth slot so they got mutiplied by a billion also. Lucky me!

From Kitsune:

  • I was messing with my Gameshark, putting in weird codes. The images attached are some I found today.
    I forget the codes I used: But some of the results are just weird.



From Seto Kaiba Of Team Rocket

  • I used a gameshark to fight prof. oak. He has an arcanine, a blastoise, an exeggutor and two more but I forgot. He is definitely the strongest trainer in the entire game. My theory is that after you beat the Elite 4 you were supposed to fight prof. oak. Maybe he was the champion, but they changed it to Gary instead...?

  • Fight Prof. Oak in Pokemon Red/Blue

    Save your game in Viridian Forest, at this exact location.
    For this to work, you cannot have beaten that bug catcher yet.

    2. Put in this code : "01E22DCD".

    3. Walk up so that you supposedly battle the bug catcher.

    4. He will really be Prof. Oak!

    This isn't like the code that you find him in the wild and he crashes your game, he was programmed into the game as a real trainer! Try changing the E2 to other digits, and you will fight different trainers that can be found in the game eg. Giovanni with Dugtrio or Rocket with Golbat! Real trainers, not wacky flipped-out glitches!

    These are the Pokemon that Oak has:

    Lv.66 Tauros
    Lv.67 Exeggutor
    Lv.68 Arcanine
    Lv.69 Blastoise
    Lv.70 Gyarados.

    Interesting, eh? 

From Wa Llama:

  •  The most important code I have ever figured out is the no clippings code.
    There are apparently quite a few, such as one where after you go off a jump Ash gets stuck in the air. This one cause lots more fun things to
    happen, though, so I have approprietly dubbed it debug mode.

    The code itself is:

    I hate to dissappoint you but just typing that code isn't gonna do it for you (at least not the no clippings section of it). First walk directly behind a cliff, press start, goto Pokemon (the cursor doesn't look like it moves, but just hit down two or three times till you would normally be over it), then press A and then B on every Pokemon in the list in descending order. Then finally jump off a ledge, you'll notice you don't go in the air, that means you did it right. ^^

    Well that's all the Gamesharking you'll need for now, but still leave it on and in so the code is active!

    Now there are MANY things you can do with this. If you've ever used Rival's you'll know that there is a glitch barrier between Pallet Town and the
    infamous Pallet Town Patch, well... With this you can get in there, but not over the barrals, go up to the town above (Viridian, right?) and walk down through the trees. Go left from the Pallet Town patch an vouila! A second Pallet Town, continue left about four more towns and you reach another glitch barrier. And there's pleanty more towns like this too! Look around! (By the way, you can fish in the Pallet Town patch if you sit on the barrals and face the patch, you can also fight things in the patch like normal grass.)

    One minor detail about this code (if you haven't experienced it already), if you lose a battle you're teleported somewhere and no clippings mode is turned off if it was on. This can become very interesting. You can even fight trainers that are in glitch cities unaccessible any other way!
    Also, the place you are teleported to is not random, I dunno what it's based on though, I think it's based on the patch you fought in (or trainer you
    fought). If you lose to your battle against Gary in Oak's lab you are teleported just outside Victory Road (and can't get in.. ;_; Without Rival's
    >:) I'll have to try that).

    Also there are various other places you can access that are in the normal map, such as behind each of the buildings to that forest place
    (Viridian Forest, I assume..) are some grass patches and jumps.

  • How to get into the Pallet Town patch and parts beyond:

    Use the code 6AF924EC
    For good measure I always throw in DCD8DCDC and EFCFCFEE afterwards, I dunno if they really do anything, but that's what I got when I originally randomly entered the code (luck ftw).

    Now for the long series of events that's surprising to find by chance.

    Load up the game, and open the menu.
    Open either the Pokedex (not recommended), the Pokemon list, or the Item list, and press "A" then "B" on each item listed. Your cursor will not move, or may not even show, do not be alarmed, it is moving internally.
    And finally, jump off a ledge.
    You will not jump off a ledge, you'll instead walk right through it, after hearing the jump noise.
    Now you can walk through anything!

    Go to the the top of Route 1, bottom of Viridian. Make sure you can see past the fence, and make sure you are at least five spaces to the left of the barrels (you here,glitch barrier,space,space,space,barrels), As you walk down you'll walk over some trees, you should be on the second row or further to the left, the first on the right is the glitch barrier. Now here's the secret of exploring outside the main map, you do not see what is really there. To see what is really there, push start to open the menu, and it will show the correct sprites, which you can use to check solidity if the code turns off. I mention this because those trees are grass. Walk down far enough and you'll get to the official Pallet Town patch, go left, and you'll go to a second Pallet Town, you can go about five towns over before the game

    Every town has ghost versions, and here's how to enter the ones I remember:

    Go to the lower right of the town where there are barrels that make a corner, walk down until you see trees, then walk right, you'll end up at the exit from the forest. Walk up, you'll see part of the far left of the town on the right screen, walk towards it, this is the ghost town.

    Take the path to the right of the exit from Ghost Pewter's Viridian Forest. The main difference is that there is no path to the Elite Four, it is blocked by a bunch of trees. Route 1 from here looks weird, but you can still take it to another Ghost Pallet.

    There's one you can do with the biking path, I don't remember how exactly, but Celedon looks cool from there, so much more petite. :P I'm getting kinda sick of running through this at the moment though so with claim of not spoiling it for you, enjoy exploring the rest of the map.

    There are many Glitch City kinds of things, which are pretty cool, for example, if you take the path to Pewter, but instead of going down at first, you go right till the mountain tiles, then down, you'll get to one.

    Now here's the things about codes like this. On Yellow, Pikachu FREAKS, he will run away from you, and be lost until you turn it off, when you do you will usually have to find him or he'll be peeved. In the official Glitch City, he will actually hide somewhere in the town, and if you leave without finding him he'll be mad, but if you do he'll be fine and follow you again. But I digress.

    Second, don't switch any major flags, you'll get an error code, for example, if you have this code on and talk to Oak to get your Pokemon, you'll get "ERROR 4" printed on the screen, I believe, and you can't leave the room. Been awhile since I've done it though. There are more like this, so be careful.

    Thirdly, if you encounter a random Pokemon, once the battle is over you will be teleported somewhere on the map, this can be an unofficial area or a real one, it may or may not have glitch barriers surrounding you. But most dastardly is that when this happens, your ability to walk over things is turned OFF. You'll have to find an edge and redo it to look around. If you're not so lucky, fly out. The one of these I wrote down, is that if you encounter in the patch right outside of Pallet town on the left, you get teleported to a glitch area with a ledge, and can use that to walk up and left to get to Celedon. I don't know if that's reproducible as I don't know
    what determines where you land.

    And lastly, the only teleports spaces that work are ones you can walk on top of, rather than into, while able to walk over things. Such as doors. When you enter, the ability will be disabled, for your own safety no less, because you wouldn't be able to exit the room with it on. :P

From bob awesome:

  • " I was playing red version with the levetate cheat and went 1 step above pewer city and went right for a few seconds, up and then left. I was in a glitch city and had no map but i saw a cave but couldn't go in."

From hyperpeppy880:

  • "When I first got a gameshark (for Gameboy Color), I went online to see what codes I could use. I found a code that would get me in a battle with Prof. Oak, and the instructions were to go to Cerulian (spelling?) City, then turn on the code. Then go to Misty's gym, and talk to one of her trainers. You were supposed to get in a normal battle with Prof. Oak, but when I did it, nothing happened. Convinced that I did the code wrong, I didn't bother to do the whole thing back over again, so I tried the "fish in a statue" thing. I got a bite, and thought I was going to catch a glitch since you can't catch pokemon in a statue. I was right. I ran into a "Wild Prof. Oak" or as my game says, and there was Prof. Oak! He had a TON of HP, but he sent out a pokemon! He sent out a thing named " i......2jks [glitch]...." and when it came out, the game froze with a blue stripe and a white stripe. I reset the game, I went to the gameshark page, and it went haywire! I checked my game, and the only options were NEW GAME and OPTION. I tried the code for getting your saved game back, but there were only 32 games! Each game was a glitch game with random symbols and no codes. Not very nice for my gameshark to do that to me..."
  • "Omigosh!!!
    I did a Gameshark code to fight a trainer- i think it was Lorelei and i turned it on when i was in mid-Pokemon find and i found a glitch Pokemon that was all red that looked like Rattata. I caught it, didn't nickname "RHYDON" and reset, i did it again but found a red Pidgey. I caught it and named it Omigosh!!!. When i used it in battle it froze the game, but on the second time:

    I don't know how i did this but i used one of Omigosh!!!'s attacks and the sound kept going down in volume, then Channel 3 went off, and Channel 2 went off, and it became silent. The screen said Enemy PIDGEY is frozen solid. Enemy PIDGEY is hurt by the burn! It got hurt by a burn, and then it said it was burned and it's HP bar took up two lines on the screen. Its HP kept going down 7 sections (yes, it was divided) then went up 4 sections, went down seven, ditto, ditto, and then it fainted. It said Omigosh!!! gained 978 exp. points (from a Lv.3 pidgey) and the game crashed."

From Simon:

  •  "For the GameShark glitches on your Pokemon site, I entered 01FF7CCF. I went to a shop and it just had nothing to buy!! It just said CANCEL. Hey, wait, I can go below cancel? After a few slots down, the list was normal!! Hmmm, I don't want that, I'll go up... suddenly, the shop list had just cancel!! I clicked on it. WHAT THE...?????? It said "do you want to buy CANCEL for 0$" Well I freaked out then, I calmed down and bought it. It said "do you want to buy TM55?" Well I was really freaked then, but I still bought it. Hmmm, no glitchy effects, just a normal TM55 that looks like CANCEL in the items list... WEIRD!!!"

From Jon:

  • "The GameShark code for changing your starter in Red/Blue is 01**1ED1 with ** being a hexadecimal number. You say you want cheats, and I
    haven't seen this on your site."

  • "My most recent glitch experience was that I was to the right of Pewter city (in Red version) when I saw a strange thing: There was a Trainer
    at the top of the screen! The trainer was walking to the left, through the wall, and so I sped the game up. Yes I was on an emulator. I couldn't
    move. Eventually the game said: "Hey! I met you in Viridian Forest!" I battled a Bug Catcher. He had 2 Caterpie and a Weedle. When I won, the
    game apparently thought I'd hit reset. My game file was fine. Oh yeah, my starter Pokémon was Mew. I'd also just tried a Jump code that wasn't
    as good as the No Walls code 010138CD. It was weird."

  • "THE TRAINER MUST HAVE A NO WALL CODE. This time it was a channeller, and she was in sabrina's gym. She was walking THROUGH the guy who gives you advice. Didn't reset this time, good. She said: "Sabrina is younger than I, but I respect her!" or something like that. Wonder if this has to do with me entering from above the door? The wild Pokémon code is:01**D8CF for R/B and 01**D7CF for Yellow. ** is a hexadecimal Pokémon number."

  • "SAME GLITCHES. This time, it was a Junior Trainer Boy. Then, I moved SLOWLY. I then tried to fix it by battling a JR. Trainer Girl, but I battled her THREE TIMES! I won all three. At the end of the third, she said nothing, but a Pokémon cry played. After I had battled her once, she said "(Bunch of glitches)". After the cry played, I was out of battle. Then she said it again, and the game froze..."

From ShadowAbsol:

  • R/B/Y GameShark codes, and their effects: I found these codes to be useful for glitch hunting:

  • 01**64D1 (changes first Pokémon in your party to any of the qualifying digits). 01**D8CF makes the Pokémon of your choice and it will appear in the wild (walk in the grass first), and C8-FF are glitch trainers. Turn the GS off first, walk around, then when the appearance theme plays, switch it back on.

  • My favorite R/B GS code is: 010157D0 and it can have you STEAL other trainer's Pokémon, but there's a catch. If you catch it, the battle ends.

  • As for items, you can either use "Purchase any item" code (01**7CCF) or "Modify any item" code (01??1ED3). I'll provide a list later.

  • This is for glitch hunters, and for R/B, here's an interesting code: 010138CD, walk through walls. It CAN cause the game to crash if you walk through past a certain barrier of the "map."

From Kajayacht:

  • yes I was messing around online and I heard of a glitch pokemart that can be accessed using gameshark.
    you put in the code 01807CCF and go to any normal pokemart.
    there go to the lady and select buy and you should see an item called 'glitch block' PC 'glitch block' (one time for me it was called 'glitch block' PC MISSINGNO. (hmmmm MissingNo), select it press A then press B there's a sound and the music stops

    then a bunch of strange items show up like well a lot of ones were called glitch block KEEGAN(my name) glitch block.
    other items there included:
    some weird glitch thing
    marsh badge
    volcano badge
    master ball (pretty expensive though :(
    ultra ball
    various tm's
    trade complete
    max repel
    more glitch stuff
    pokemaniac 12
    the glitchmart has a very wide variety. make sure you have loads of money when going though some of the prices are outrageous

  • well the other day i was wondering "hey people always say do NOT put in two different wild pokemon encounter codes" so i got to wondering well what would happen so i decided to break the number 1 rule ov pokemon and gameshark i decided i'd put in the codes for mein two favorite pokemon Eevee and Kadabra i thought ok 5 things can happen 1. i either will get an eevee or a kadabra random between those two 2 a normal wild pokemon shows up 3 a random pokemon shows up 4 a mix between eevee and kadabra shows up and 5 my game completly screws up beyond anything that missingno and 'M could dream ov doing so i went i found a pokemon and it was cool it said wild eevee appeared but it had kadabra's call and a mix between their moves the picture was a mix too

    i decided to capture it it was entered in my pokedex as eevee and i named it Kadavee (awsome) so now i have an eevee that knows confusion i don't know if this is all it can do or if i was just lucky if you wanna try it go for it

From the jigman:

  • I have just found out a new glitch in Pokemon red and blue. You must have gameshark, that's a must. I put in the codes:
    1) to buy any item at the Pokemart 01017CCF for masterballs
    2) to fight any pokemon 01XXD8CF
    i replaced XX with F0, which evidentally, isnt a code for any NORMAL Pokemon. so, the code was this 01F0D8CF

    i went and bought 99 masterballs then i went to fight some pokemon. i went into rock tunnel, and almost instantly fought a pokemon. it was a zubat, only its name was all glitchy. and had 3 rows of text as a name. everytime i used an attack or item, or chose anything by using the a or b button, i had to press that button a few times for it to work. i caught it with a masterball.

    i only had 1 pokemon with me, so it didnt go to the pc. i looked at it, it was wierd. it's icon thingy in the pokemon list was that of a clefairy, clefable, or pikachu. its name was just blank, except for a little glitch at the end. it was at level 17, its attack, defense, and everything else was just like that of a zubat at the same level. its type was flying, and it had a second type, but it just showed a blank spot.

    then it got freaky. i went to look at its attacks. its first attack was tm38. which was wierd. it had 25/25 pp for it. then the next one was tm07. it had 34/5 pp for that. thats wierd, more pp than it can take. then it had tackle, 15/15 pp.

    i went into a battle with it. the next pokemon i saw was not a pokemon at all, it was Sabrina!! she had these 3 wierd glitch pokemon, all in a row, the same level, everything. they were called (glitchy stuff), (piece of the end of Sabrina's whip she holds) , pokebucks sign, and ! followed with a few spaces. so it said, Sabrina sent out (glitchy stuff)(whip)(pokebucks sign)! ! i fought three of these, they fainted. they looked like streched out missingnos. then she sent out a flareon, which also looked like a missingno. its name was fine. i beat it too. then she sent out another glitch. its name was (glitchy stuff)!!n. i beat it, and it left a row of "n's" behind. then she sent out a pokemon with some glitchy stuff for a name, and it covered up all but one n in the row of ns. it was a glitchy box. so then i battle it, beat it, and Sabrina just gives me 3589 pokebucks, not saying anything. then i went off to fight someone else. hopefully a pokemon this time. nope, sabrina again. i assume after this, you keep fighting sabrinas. a problem though, you cant put in the code for catch other trianers pokemon. you wont run into anyone, no sabrinas or pokemon. darn it. oh well, im off to test more glitches.

  • well, i have just found out new things about this pokemon i recently caught that looks like a zubat with 2 attacks named after tms, tackle, and a glitch thingy that turns out to be bubblebeam. now, when i battle, the zubat turns into another glitch thingy, like missingno. when i was about to use tm29 or whatever it was, it said the type was (pokebucks symbol)nick(which by the way, is my name in the game)and some wierd glitch things. the other tm move was poison. tackle was normal, and bubblebeam was water. i used the first tm move and it looked like it was pay day without the coins falling down. it did damage to ME. very strange.

    well, i saved, and off to pokemon stadium! ...when i looked at the zubat glitch's name on pokemon stadium, it showed its name as (pokebucks symbol) and an o with ^ above it.

  • ok for this, you need to start your red/blue version over. and must have gameshark
    put in the code for walking through walls (010138cd) <--im pretty sure its that, if not look it up and start the game over. now when you finally name yourself and rival, go out of your house, MAKE SURE THE GAMESHARK IS ON THE OFF SETTING!! if not, when you go to walk out of your house, youll go onto the black part outside the room, freezing the game. get outside, and turn the code on.

    try walking over the houses and stuff to see if it works, just dont go outside the city. that will freeze your game. now, if you want to see professor oak do laps, go 3 tiles to the left of where the grassy area starts and walk up onto the pillar. he will come up and say, "wait! its dangerous in grassy areas, you need a pokemon for your own protection, follow me!" or whatever he says, and he will start moving to the left, while you watch him walk. after a few seconds he will walk onto the other side of the screen! he will keep going left, like those old mario games, until you turn the game off.

    another funny thing to do is do this again, only dont walk onto the pillar. walk south towards the water, and walk over it becuase of the walk through walls code. walk until you get to the grassy area, and walk around to find a pokemon. when you go into battle, it will say "Wild appeared!" and then youll send out a pokemon that looks like a missingno. both of your health bars will wrap around the screen, and the music will fade out. your pokemon will either be asleep or frozen, or something else. the first time i did this, i tried to attack, it said that i had no moves, but the cursor was over a dash and it said that the attack type was Cooltrainer(female)! it was wierd. i clicked on it, to use it. it just said " woke up!" even though i was frozen!! i tried to attack, i did, and it said " was burnt!", then said " is hurt by the burn!" and its health bar steadily goes down, around the screen. sometimes it will go back up, but most of the time itll go to faint. the first time i did this, the gameboy froze, but the second time, it said " gained 0 exp." and then it went white, as if to go back to the regular view. but it didnt. it froze. very strange.

    try these things, its fun!
    but why does missingno. come up?? can someone answer this??

From Smokeman101:

  • "instead of doing the glitch thing i used a gameshark code for mew every pokemon u fight will be a mew. it will have the picture of it if u find a bellsprout for example it will show it with the picture of mew but its name will be bellsprout after u catch it it will be mew and show up as mew even in the pokedex okay here it is 0115D8CF" 

From pokemon_jon:

  • "I tried the Gameshark code on the Visual Boy Advance Emulator for the Pokemon labeled ? on your hex list with no sprite, (the code is 01ACD8CF) and the results were strange. I got a Missingno, but this wasn't your average Missingno. It was the same backwards L but the pixel arrangement was different. I didn't care if the game got deleted, so I used a Master Ball on it. (I used the buy Masterballs for free code) Gotcha! Missingno was caught.

    Huh? The Pokedex comes up! Missingno, No. 000, ???, Height 10'0 Weight ? (I don't remember what the weight was, but I think it was something like 80 lbs.) No Pokedex descripton. It's cry was like this: Rhydon cry, weird mutilated Golduck-sounding cry, weird bongo-sounding cry, Charizard cry, Battling Gary in the Elite Four music, bongo again, Gary Music continues. It then says Would you like to give a
    nickname to Rhydon? I hit no, and the gary music stopped, and I was back in the grass. I saw the Pokemon again because the code was still on. And I caught it again. The Pokedex doesn't come up this time. Would you like to give a nickname to Missingno? I hit no, and the game locked up."

From Glitch Master:

  • "I found new glitchs. Use the game shark code 01??D8CF. Replace ?? FF for trainer 14S (Freeze Game). FD Nameless Glitch trainer (Freeze game). FC for trainer Trainer 4 (Freeze game). FB weird trade center. FA trainer 48.: (Freeze game). F6 trainer Agathe. F5 trainer Channeler. F4 trainer Lorelel. F3 trainer Rival. DF trainer Bird keeper. DD trainer Juggler. B6 MissingNo piece. I did this on route 1.

    DD - trainer Juggler

    DF - trainer Bird Keeper

    B6 - MissingNo, Lv. 3

    FD - Nameless Glitch trainer (Freeze game)

    FC - trainer Trainer 4 (Freeze game)

    FB - weird trade center

    FA - trainer 48.: (Freeze game)

    ?? - trainer Gentleman

    F6 - trainer Agatha

    F5 - trainer Channeler

    F4 - trainer Lorelei
  • I've found diffrent forms depending on my location. The gameshark code is 01B6D8CF.

    I found this on route1. Broken Missingno. It has attacks of the last pokemon you battled.

    This one was on Route2. Block Missingno. It has attacks of last pokemon you battled. Viriadian forest is kabtops missingno. Route3 is a smaller block missingno. I don't have screenshots they appear as a blank screen. Attacks of last pokemon you battled. Mt. moon is kabtops missingno.

From Mr. Mime:

  • "Watch what happens if you use 010138CD (walk over anything) with a Gameshark and then walk past the kid who takes you to Pewter Gym if you haven't beaten Brock (be sure to not beat Brock)!"

  • "Enter 01E22DCD, 01005DD7 and then talk to a trainer in Misty's gym. It's Professor Oak with a complete roster and everything! (Tauros level 66, Exeggcutor level 67, Arcanine level 68, Blastoise level 69, and Gyarados level 70.) This must be an Easter Egg!"

From Nick McKenzie:

  • "Hey. I got my Visual Boy Advance fired up when I got a Red Version ROM and decided to jam the Walk Through Walls code on which I had found earlier. If you want a REALLY weird Glitch City, go onto the Pokemon League roof and keep on walking up it. Keep the code on at all times. You will be in a really glitched up city, but luckily you can move everywhere. If you go into a door, you wind up at the end of Victory Road! But then if you go out, the game freezes... It's quite frankly awesome and everyone with a Gameshark on their old Pokemon Game ROM should try it" 

  • "I thought you might find this interesting... If you have an emulator and a gameshark, start a new game (don't need to save over) and put the Walk through Walls code on, 010138CD, and walk into the grass south of Pallet Town without a Pokemon, you get this really weird glitch Pokemon. You can never beat the Pokemon you face because there's this huge health bar which keeps regenerating, and if you run, the game freezes... I've included a picture of it to show that I'm telling the truth."

From Connor:

  • "I have found a weird GameShark code that allows you to enter an endless grass and enter the Hall of Fame. This was on a Visual Boy Advance Emulator with a pokemon red ROM.

    1. Restart your game. (If you are far in the game, don't consider this trick. It will overwrite that data).
    2. Continue through the game until you give Professor Oak Oak's Parcel.
    3. Return to Viridian City and buy some pokeballs.
    4. Enter the code to encounter an Abra. The code is: 0194D8CF
    5. Go to Route 1 and look for an Abra. It will be a glitch square.
    6. Capture the Abra.
    7. Turn the Wild Abra code off. Enter these two codes: 01002FD4
    8. Now use teleport. You enter the Hall of Fame!
    9. You are in the Hall of fame now! Wait until the credits finish, then play that game file with that Abra.
    10. You hear Pallet Town music! But you are in endless grass. Is this beside Pallet Town? Maybe, but you can't escape.

    There you have it. You enter the Hall of Fame super early with 0 badges, but you are stuck in grass. You can move, but the game might freeze, I'm not sure. I've provided pictures to help you understand.

    This is the Emulator map of this "Endless Grass" area. The music is of Pallet Town. If you compare the Pallet Town Emulator map to this "Endless Grass" map, there is a difference. Sounds like Pallet Town, but it isn't! If it is Pallet Town for real, it must be the blocked grass beside Pallet Town. If you enter that grass, the game freezes. I went a bit far here, but no game freeze. Maybe if I went very far (like Glitch City sometimes), the game would freeze for being in a non-existing place.

    I play through the game and use the codes. After unofficially defeating the Pokemon League, I end up here. Sounds like Pallet Town, but doesn't look like Pallet Town!

    I started the game. This is a map of Pallet Town using the Emulator.

    Hope this was helpful!" 

From Ultimate Ditto:

  • "On day I was playing my Pokemon Blue ROM because the emulator that it has (VisualBoyAdvance) has a built-in GameShark. I started a new game, and when it came time to choose my starter, I typed in a GameShark code for getting Flareon as a starter. When Gary chose his, it said that he got a Flareon too!

    When we entered the battle between me and him, neither of us had Flareons, but instead glitched-up blocks given the name Flareon. My glitch Flareon had the attacks Barrage and Hypnosis. In other words, this "thing" was a glitched Exeggcute named Flareon.

    I tried Barrage, but instead the game froze and made some glitchy noises. I immediately recorded the sounds.

    I just turned it off from there. I turned it on and it hadn't even deleted my save. (As if I'd care if it did.)" 

From albobataku1:

  • I was experimenting with the walk thru walls ar code, and i went to the pokemon center and walked thru the counter and behind nurse joy, i decided to heal my pokes. After she said to wait a few seconds, the pokeballs were levitating behind the wall. I swear! i've decided to further investigate.

From pkmi:

  • I was trying out the walk through walls code and i found a cave that isnt supposed to exist. at first i thought it was mount moon since nount moon was around the area but i couldnt go in the cave and there wasnt an entrance.
    First, go to the right of perter city in the gap. Next, turn on walk through walls and go up through the rock right when you get on the route. Then you should see it. it has a sign but you cant read it. here is a picture. - opens in a new window

From Teresa:

  • I may have discovered a new missingno.
    While doing the free master ball code, Aerodactyl Fossil Code, and Pikabud stat code, I stumbled upon a regular Missingno., strange.
    But, it gets stranger from there, the missingno. was regular shaped.
    BUT, the pixel pattern inside the glitch was PITCH BLACK, DIFFERENT, AND STRANGELY PATTERNED.
    And for some strange reason, was upside down.
    I didn't catch it but I BELIEVE it may always be found at level 2 to 3.
    But I was on the Route above Pallet Town, ( yes, I was playing on a Pokemon Blue ROM).
    I have screenshots enclosed here.
    This concerns me, upside down, black, different pattern, it's strange.

    P.S Your site rocks! =^-^=

From The Fake Cal Ripken Jr.:

  • Hello, I found out by GameShark the dangerous effects of SuperGlitch. It's one of the most dangerous attacks in the game (known as CooltrainerF), and it causes the game to freeze. By using GameShark code 010138CD, I can easily exploit the encounter with Professor Oak, and go on my merry way, then I tested in the Cerulean Cave. Sure enough, I saved a state so I could experiment SuperGlitch. Here are three screenshots of the glitch itself in the Cerulean Cave, between SuperGlitch and Venomoth.

    The move title changes every time, with the screen shaking. One time it could be Gust, next could be Swords Dance, among other names. 

From liz:

  • After finding myself a good copy of Pokemon Red (emulator) I decided to toy with some glitches. The first one is quite interesting, although it makes you have to restart your game since the effect goes on FOREVER... But anyways, here's the code: 12EAB. So I go to our friend Mr. Coffee and get him to show me how to catch a Pokemon. As always, he finds a weedle. But- The weedle's name was EEDLE. Strange. He threw his pokeball, and it burst into a Water Gun attack! Moments later, the screen filled up with MissingNo. like glitches, with bits of Weedle and Old Man fluttering all over the screen. It's constantly changing. Eventually I have to restart.

  • The next one is really entertaining, even though it's remarkably similar to Glitch City. Code= 01EBFF. This results in whenever you go down, the graphics below you are randomized! Much, much like Glitch City. The 'walkables' and 'walls' are still there, so occasionally you'll be walking on water. Press Start, and everything goes back to normal. And the infamous /M square returns!

  • And here is the last one: a glitch Trainer. This one is our purple Bird Keeper and his full roster of PKMN. Code= 01DF8CF. Being the random and crazy person that I am, I decided to try to capture one using the Capture All Pokemon code. (010157D0) After a few unsuccessful tries, I came across the infamous Wild Appeared! glitch!!! But this nonexistent Pokemon, this time, had a sprite.. and it was the purple Bird Keeper! And it was named RATTATA. RATTATA had 0 HP, and before I got to attack, s/he fainted, giving me a spectacular 0 EXP. And that was it. ;D

Yellow Tricks

From LavenderAlana:

  • "You'd be amazed by how many types of MissingNo. and glitch pokemon there are... So far, I've found 7 MissingNo. and 1 seperate glitch pokemon. The thing is, they only work for yellow(!!!), the fixed game. They can only be accessed by Sharking, but are truly worth it!

    1. 01C2D7CF
    2. 01C3D7CF

    The other glitch pokemon is what I call "Nidokans". Why? Because it causes an Ekans to evolve into a Nidorino! I have never been able to completely redo this cheat, so it may not work. Use a GameShark code(don't remember it, but it's 01**D7CF) to catch a wild Ekans on Yellow. Now, train it to level 14 with the attacks Dig, Wrap, Poison Sting and Leer. Before go to the route just before Vermillion and put in your GameShark. Enter the code "Infinite HP"(01FF15D0) and walk around in the grass with Ekans in the front. Battle until he grows a level(don't use rare candies), and he should evolve into a Nidorino, then tryto evolve into a growlithe. DON'T LET IT BECOME A GROWLITHE!!! It will end the glitch! Now, if it doesn't evolve, grow it more levels until it evolves. When it does evolve, it will learn an attack called TM50. Don't use this, it will freeze your game. It will also learn other TM attacks(TM29, TM13, ect.), but these usually freeze your game to.

    I have done these myself and they do work! ^_^ Enjoy your new glitched pokemon!"

From Amha:

  • On my Yellow version I was too lazy to look for that infuriatingly hidden Secret Key to get into Blaine's gym, so I used the Float gameshark code to float onto the door and into the gym. My pikachu instantly hated me. Maybe the game has some gameshark detection?

From Chris Eddie Wilson:

  •  Apparently, the surfing Pikachu code has a nasty side effect. Gary’s Eevee evolved into Kangaskhan! And again and again and again! Weird.. good thing it was on my emulator

From samuel88882001:

  •  "Freaky, freaky, freaky. Once, a long time ago, my friend did a gameshark code in his yellow version that makes the shopkeeper leave in indigo plateau and you buy the items for free. He got himself a ton of items, and then went to fight the elite four. The "officer" came in and fought him. She (yes, it was a she)had a Lv.99 Arcanine, a Lv.99 Blastiose, and a Lv.99 Vileplume, because his Pokemon were much stronger, he won. His Pikachu grew to Lv.100 in the process! Freaky, freaky, freaky."

From Jon:

  • "I found a glitch Pokémon that has dex data! On Pokémon Yellow!
    Its Dex Data is:

    4. .


    HT 13'01''

    WT 36.0lb

    According to a witness, its body was surrounded by a strange aura that gave it a mystical look. [Note from TR Rose: This is an actual Pokedex description for an existing Pokemon - I think it's one of the Dragon family - either Dratini or Dragonair]

    I used the GameShark code 01C5D7CF to get it. It was somewhat blue." 

From ShadowAbsol:

  • Yellow has some interesting GameShark codes too. 010156D0 is the Yellow version of catching trainer's Pokémon. 01**D7CF is the Pokémon appearance code in Yellow. 01**7BCF is the Buy any Item code for Yellow, and First item modifier is 01**1DD3. These are all the codes I found useful for glitch hunters. (The Yellow first Pokémon code is probably the same, I can't comment on it because Yellow's glitching up at the moment.) And for Buy any Item code, use 01 as the qualifying digit to be able to purchase Master Balls to catch glitches.

From Kura:

  • I was playing my yellow just today, and I found a glitch. It’s pretty much pointless, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but I’m so proud I found a
    glitch, I’m sending it in anyways. It makes your character walk across a small section of the screen, which scrolls, over and over (That's not all that happens, but I'll explain the rest later).

    I’m pretty sure no one has discovered this glitch before, so it doesn’t have a name, so I’ll just call it the scrolling glitch.

    To make the scrolling glitch occour , you need a gameshark. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough.

    1)You need to enable all of these codes (to my knowledge, it will not work if without ALL the codes on, and no extra codes)

    019946D3 (Code for infinite money)
    01C47DCF (Code to buy cut)
    0199A4D5 (Code for infinite casino coins)
    0101FFD6 (Code to walk at bike speed anywhere)
    0115D7CF (Code to catch Mew in the wild)
    010156D0 (code to steal other trainer's pokemon)

    2) Go to Fuchsia city, and walk into the house that leads to the bike path.

    3) Go upstairs and talk to the person with the weird hat (in other words, the only person up there). He will ask you, “I’m looking for TANGELA! Wanna trade one for PARASECT?” Answer no, then go back downstairs.

    4) Try to cross into the cycling road through one of the middle two spaces. The lady at the desk will say, “Excuse me! You need a BICYCLE for CYCLING ROAD!” and you will automatically walk to the side.

    5) Try to cross again through the same space you did in step 4. She will tell you the same thing, and then your character will start to scroll across the screen.

    6) If your character does not start to scroll, then try crossing through the middle square you did not pass through in steps 4 and 5.

    7) Once you have been scrolling for a while, a gameshark icon will pop up, and you will be taken to the main gameshark menu, but the colors will be different, almost inverted. (I find this funny, a game shark code that messes with a game shark ^-^) Don’t worry, all the colors will go back to normal the next time tyou turn the gameboy on.

    8) Do steps 1-7 again. This time, instead of going back to the gameshark menu after scrolling for a while, the screen will fill with little signs that
    I’ve never seen before on the game. Then all there is to do is turn the game off.

From Icy_Vaporeon:

  • I was using an instant walk through walls code for Pokemon Yellow (010138CD if you are interested) when I wandered into a house. Nothing special, right? Wrong. I went to leave, completely forgetting I had the code on. I went past the doormat and into the black space. I was greeted with a blue screen, as follows:

    This also occured when I wandered onto the rocks left/West of Pewter City. 

G/S/C Tricks

Huge list of G/S/C codes can be found here:

From Blaze:

  • How my friend got the flying Oddish:
    Ok this is what happened, I did a gameshark code to get Mew, it was one of the codes that say the first Pokemon on your list will become Mew, It worked, so I taught the Mew Fly and some other attacks, but it still had the Oddish stats so I just got me another Mew. So I traded it to a friend who put the Mew into his Pokemon Stadium game and the Pokemon Stadium game screwed up the Mew with Fly and turned it back into a Oddish, with Fly. Then he put it back into his game and he can use the Fly Technique and when it flys it looks like a Oddish and everything. But he can't trade it because it says its defective or whatever the games say about "different" Pokemon.

From Joe McKenzie:
  • [The flying Oddish] presumably happened in GSC, because those are the only versions where the old species can be kept. There are, in fact, two codes for species changing, and you have to use both to do it right. If you only set the first, it will look right out of battle, but still have the stats from its old species. It will also magically transform into whatever it was before when it enters battle.

    Some glitches related to this: (you need to use GameShark or CodeBreaker for these)

    Pikachu (out of battle)
    Tauros (in battle)
    Result: Pikachu that turns into Tauros in battle

    Egg (out of battle)
    Pikachu (in battle)
    Result: Egg that will hatch into Pikachu (can't battle)

    Pikachu (out of battle)
    Egg (in battle)
    Result: Pikachu that turns into Egg in battle, will probably crash GameBoy

    Egg (out of battle)
    Egg (in battle)
    Result: Egg that will hatch into Egg that will hatch into Egg and so on (can't battle)

From Zei Possible:

  • Once I was training my Nidorina on gold version and I entered the gameshark code for LV. 50 pokemon in the wild. So I was walking along..and all the sudden:

    Nidorina is hatching!
    Congratulations! Nidorina has hatched into KIkA3.

    My beloved Nidorina was gone and in it's place? A KIkA3. The sprite looked like a Rocket Executive but it's stats were:

    Type 1/Hsse!
    Type 2: 9(!
    Attacks were Thunderbolt and Pound.

    Hp: 211
    Attack: 29
    Defence: 3
    Special Attack: 3
    Special Defence: wwa
    LV. 50

    Since my game hadn't crashed yet I decided this glitch wasn't all that bad. So I fed it a rare candy, saved, turned it off and went to sleep. Next little Nidorina was back! But I had the egg again.

    Good thing it hatched out to be a Magby :-)

From BILL:

  • ...once my friend let me use his gameshark. we got cheats for it and tested on my gold. We did cheats like always on bike, infinity master balls\rare candies and we’re like “this is sweet!!” and then he found the code to walk on anything!! So we did it, went to lake of rage did other cheats so I caught a L:3 purple shining charazard!! Then I stand near were Lance was and went left into the bushes found a spot that was clear and a speech square in the middle of the screen, with pitchers of ladybugs, ghosts, bombs and a huge crobat!! IT FREAKED THE CRAP OUT OF US!!! I shut of my game and still had my charazard, I had a squertle and a normal charazard and a ton of items.

From Amha:

  • In Pokemon Gold I fooled around with Any Wild Pokemon code (specifically, the sixth digit of 01??EDDO), and it caused wild trainers to appear. On one occasion, I ran into a "LEADER GEORGE," which we all know doesn't exist in normal gameplay, though there probably is an actual JR. TRAINER GEORGE or something like that. If I remember correctly, the game would always freeze at the point when the trainer would say something after being defeated. So no victory cash. Bummer.

  • I was fooling around with a Pokemon Modifier code to glitch up the pokemon in the first slot. When it had screwed up attacks and everything, I traded it to Pokemon Gold, and the game interpreted the glitched up piece of crap as a male Wobbuffet with Attract. I traded it back. Evidently the game doesn't care if you trade new pokemon to an old version, only if you try to enter the link room with new pokemon.

From Robert Kavanagh:

  •  I’m not sure if you know but Xploder (a sort of gameshark) has stopped providing GB cheats. So I’m now stuck with a Pokemon Crystal Game with an unfinished cheat list, :-(. But, seeing as I knew the “Basic Code”, which is 0D**671B, I started to piece together my own cheat list (Seeing as there were 252 pokemon in total it isn’t going so quickly…).

    Here are the Crystal Codes so far:

    00 – Remoraid
    01 – Octillery
    02 – Delibird
    03 – Mantine
    04 – Skarmory
    05 – Houndour
    06 – Houndoom
    07 – Kingdra
    08 – Phanphy
    09 – Donphan
    0a – Porygon2
    0b – Stantler
    0c – Smeargle
    0d – Tyrogue
    0e – Hitmontop
    0f – Smoochum
    11– Magby
    12 – Miltank
    13 – Blissey
    14 – Raikou
    15 – Entei
    16 – Suicune
    17 – Larvitar
    18 – Pupitar
    19 – Tyranitar
    1a – Lugia
    1b – Ho Ho
    1c – Celebi
    2a – Blastoise
    2b – Caterpie
    2c – Metapod
    2d – Butterfree
    2e – Weedle
    2f – Kakuna
    3a – Pikachu
    3b – Raichu
    3c – Sandshrew
    3d – Sandslash
    3e – Nidoran ?
    3f – Nidorina
    4a – Zubat
    4b – Golbat
    4c – Oddish
    4d – Gloom
    4e – Vileplume
    4f – Rattata
    5a - Primeape
    5b – Growlithe
    5c – Arcanine
    5d – Poliwag
    5e – Poliwhirl
    5f – Poliwrath
    a0 – Pinsir
    a1 – Tauros
    aa – Porygon
    ab – Omanyte
    b0 – Snorlax
    b1 – Articuno
    ba – Bayleef
    bb – Meganium
    c0 -
    c1 – Feraligatr
    ca – Crobat
    cb -
    d1 – Togetic
    da – Sudowoodo
    e1 – Sunflora
    f1 – Steelix
    fa – Ursaring

    Anyway, I’m going at a snails pace through a certain order (1-5, a-f ect.) when I come across three very unique pokemon. As you say, our old friends…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!....... MISSINGNO AND M’, but these are no ordinary pokemon, as they are accompanied by a new sidekick: an EGG of all things! Here are the codes, when or if you get an Xploder, you have to replace those ** symbols with the two digits I have listed:

    1d – Missingno

    1e – Egg

    1f – ‘M

    I am trying to finish my cheat list as soon as possible so I gave the 3 above only a passing glance, despite being intrigued by another appearance from the glitchy companions.

    If you do decide to take a look I think you should know a little tip: The following code works for Gold and Silver only, so you will need to trade a captured egg over to one of those games. The cheat is “017FBDD9” and it allows eggs to hatch faster. You should give it a try.

From Tony Clemens:

  • I have a few gameshark codes. I only have them for g/s, though.

    01??EDD0 Fight any wild pokemon (fill in the ??s with one of these:)
    01: Bulbasaur
    02: Ivysaur
    03: Venusaur
    04: Charmander
    05: Charmeleon
    06: Charizard
    07: Squirtle
    08: Wartortle
    09: Blastoise
    0A: Caterpie
    0B: Metapod
    0C: Butterfree
    0D: Weedle
    0E: Kakuna
    0F: Beedrill
    10: Pidgey
    11: Pidgeotto
    12: Pidgeot
    13: Rattata
    14: Raticate
    15: Spearow
    16: Fearow
    17: Ekans
    18: Arbok
    19: Pikachu
    1A: Raichu
    1B: Sandshrew
    1C: Sandslash
    1D: Nidoran(F)
    1E: Nidorina
    1F: Nidoqueen
    20: Nidoran(M)
    21: Nidorino
    22: Nidoking
    23: Clefairy
    24: Clefable
    25: Vulpix
    26: Ninetails
    27: Jigglypuff
    28: Wigglytuff
    29: Zubat
    2A: Golbat
    2B: Oddish
    2C: Gloom
    2D: Vileplume
    2E: Paras
    2F: Parasect
    30: Venonat
    31: Venomoth
    32: Diglett
    33: Dugtrio
    34: Meowth
    35: Persian
    36: Psyduck
    37: Golduck
    38: Mankey
    39: Primeape
    3a: Growlithe
    3b: Arcanine
    3c: Poliwag
    3d: Poliwhirl
    3e: Poliwrath
    3f: Abra
    40: Kadabra
    41: Alakazam
    42: Machop
    43: Machoke
    44: Machamp
    45: Bellsprout
    46: Weepinbell
    47: Victreebell
    48: Tentacool
    49: Tentacruel
    4A: Geodude
    4B: Graveler
    4C: Golem
    4D: Ponyta
    4E: Rapidash
    4F: Slowpoke
    50: Slowbro
    51: Magnemite
    52: Magneton
    53: Farfetch'd
    54: Doduo
    55: Dodrio
    56: Seel
    57: Dewgong
    58: Grimer
    59: Muk
    5A: Shellder
    5B: Cloyster
    5C: Gastly
    5D: Haunter
    5E: Gengar
    5F: Onix
    60: Drowzee
    61: Hypno
    62: Krabby
    63: Kingler
    64: Voltorb
    65: Electrode
    66: Exeggcute
    67: Exeggcutor
    68: Cubone
    69: Marowak
    6A: Hitmonlee
    6B: Hitmonchan
    6C: Lickitung
    6D: Koffing
    6E: Weezing
    6F: Rhyhorn
    70: Rhydon
    71: Chansey
    72: Tangela
    73: Kangaskhan
    74: Horsea
    75: Seadra
    76: Goldeen
    77: Seaking
    78: Staryu
    79: Starmie
    7A: Mr. Mime
    7B: Scyther
    7C: Jynx
    7D: Electabuzz
    7E: Magmar
    7F: Pinsir
    80: Tauros
    81: Magikarp
    82: Gyarados
    83: Lapras
    84: Ditto
    85: Eevee
    86: Vaporeon
    87: Jolteon
    88: Flareon
    89: Porygon
    8A: Omanyte
    8B: Omastar
    8C: Kabuto
    8D: Kabutops
    8E: Aerodactyl
    8F: Snorlax
    90: Articunno
    91: Zapdos
    92: Moltres
    93: Dratini
    94: Dragonair
    95: Dragonite
    96: Mewtwo
    97: Mew
    98: Chikorita
    99: Bayleaf
    9A: Meganium
    9B: Cyndaquil
    9C: Quilava
    9D: Typhlosion
    9E: Totodile
    9F: Croconaw
    A0: Feraligatr
    A1: Sentret
    A2: Furret
    A3: Hoothoot
    A4: Noctowl
    A5: Ledyba
    A6: Ledian
    A7: Spinarak
    A8: Ariados
    A9: Crobat
    Aa: Chinchou
    Ab: Lanturn
    Ac: Pichu
    Ad: Pi
    Ae: Igglybuff
    Af: Togepi
    B0: Togetic
    B1: Natu
    B2: Xatu
    B3: Mereep
    B4: Flaaffy
    B5: Ampharos
    B6: Bellossom
    B7: Marill
    B8: Mariruri
    B9: Sudowoodo
    BA: Politoed
    BB: Hoppip
    BC: Skiploom
    BD: Jumpluff
    BE: Aipom
    BF: Sunkern
    C0: Sunflora
    C1: Yanma
    C2: Wooper
    C3: Quagsire
    C4: Espeon
    C5: Umbreon
    C6: Murkrow
    C7: Slowking
    C8: Misdreavus
    C9: Unown
    CA: Wobbuffet
    CB: Girafarig
    CC: Pineco
    CD: Forretress
    CE: Dunsparce
    CF: Gligar
    D0: Steelix
    D1: Snubble
    D2: Granbull
    D3: Qwillfish
    D4: Scizor
    D5: Shuckle
    D6: Heracross
    D7: Sneasel
    D8: Teddiursa
    D9: Ursaring
    DA: Slugma
    DB: Magcargo
    DC: Swinub
    DD: Piloswine
    DE: Corsola
    DF: Remoraid
    E0: Octillery
    E1: Delibird
    E2: Mantine
    E3: Eamudo
    E4: Houndour
    E5: Houndoom
    E6: Kingdra
    E7: Phanpy
    E8: Donphan
    E9: Porygon2
    EA: Stantler
    EB: Smeargle
    EC: Tyrogue
    ED: Hitmontop
    EE: Smoochum
    EF: Elekid
    F0: Magby
    F1: Miltank
    F2: Blissey
    F3: Raikou
    F4: Entei
    F5: Suicune
    F6: Larvitar
    F7: Pupitar
    F8: Tyranitar
    F9: Lugia
    FA: Ho-Oh
    FB: Celebi
    FD: Egg
    Find shiny pokemon (can't run away, though) 010719D1
    Have all room decorations
    Have all badges - 01FF7CD8
    Infinite money - 01XX75D5
    always on bike (and allowed in buildings) - 010182D6
    Lv. 100 (enter a battle and win) - 014432DA
    Walk through walls (and trees and gates and *bapped* DO NOT GO INTO A
    Give your pokemon PokeRU's - 019D46DA
    Masterballs (either in your key items or the mart for $0) - 0101FDD5
    Wild pokemon are level 255 - 01FFFCD0
    1kit KO - 010000D1
    Reset game memory (erases your game AND it's memory of you playing) -
    Wild pokemon are lv. 0 - 010000d1
    any pokemon can breed - 017FF5D9
    Unlimited HP - 01FF2EDD0
    *** MissingNo. - 01FFEDD0 ***
    *** MissingNo. - 0100EDD0 ***
    Red ***(may cause glitches)*** - 010101C2
    Infinite HP - 01FF1DCB
    Infinite PP (1st position) - 012814CB
    Infinite PP (2nd position) - 012815CB
    Infinite PP (3rd position) - 012816CB
    Infinite PP (4th position) - 012817CB
    Enemy always asleep and poisoned - 0100add7

From Brian:

  • I'm a big fan of your website and i've figured out how to convert a pokemon into MISSINGNO.! Ok that gameshark code that person was talking about how to see him right (0100ed00), well you couldnt catch him, BUT!, if you acticate that code onto the gameshark in OFF position and look for a wild pokemon it would be a regular pokemon, then what you do is go to items use masterball but before it goes back to the screen turn on the switch, and make sure you have an extra space in your party because if it goes to your pc it will erase all the pokemon there, ok and when you catch it will say you've caught ??????? then turn the switch off . The bad thing is it only converts it to the missing no. look, not its level or moves. 

  • sorry its me again i gave you the wrong code it was 01ffedd0 instead of 0100edd0 because the first one i gave you wont let you escape from the battle.

  • I put the code fe and that trainer modifier together and found it was a blue missing no. trainer/chris. The code is o1fe18d1. But when you beat him(he has a quilfish) it will say you have beaten slopoke chris, than quilfish will come up! and then it will freeze. Blue missing no.?? hm...

From Guy:

  • Here is the HTML code for a table i made that has (almost) the hex #s for almost all of the music in Crystal. Hope you find it useful.

    A (?) means i'm not sure about what it is. The GameShark code is 01??A9C2.

    Hex # Music
    00 Nothing
    01 Title Screen
    02 Route 1
    03 Cycling Road
    04 Sport Fishing Area
    05 Magnet Train
    06 Kanto Gym Battle
    07 Kanto Normal Battle
    08 Kanto Wild Pokemon Battle
    09 Pokemon Center
    0A Hiker's Theme
    0B Lass' Theme
    0C Policeman's Theme
    0D Healing Pokemon
    0E Lavender Town
    0F Viridian Forest and Route 2
    10 Underground Pass or any Kanto Cave
    11 Following Someone
    12 Game Corner
    13 On Bicycle
    14 Hall of Fame
    15 Viridian, Cerulean, or Saffron City
    16 Celadon or Fuchsia City
    17 Normal Battle won
    18 Caught Pokemon
    19 Badge Battle won
    1A Mt. Moon Square
    1B Gym
    1C Pallet Town
    1D Prof. Oak's Lab
    1E Prof. Oak's Theme
    1F Rival's Theme
    20 Rival Battle won
    21 Surfing
    22 Evolution
    23 Park
    24 Credits (Part 1)
    25 Azalea Town or Blackthorn City
    26 Cherrygrove City or Mahogany Town
    27 Kimono Girl's theme
    28 Ruins of Alph
    29 Johto Wild Pokemon Battle
    2A Johto Normal Battle
    2B Beginning of game
    2C Ecruteak or Cianwood City
    2D Violet and Olivine City
    2E Johto Gym Battle
    2F Final Battle
    30 Rival Battle
    31 Team Rocket Battle
    32 Prof. Elm's Lab
    33 Dark Cave or Slowpoke Well
    34 Route 24
    35 Route 25
    36 S.S. Aqua
    37 Youngster, School Kid, and Bird Keeper's Theme
    38< Cooltrainer♀'s Theme
    39 Team Rocket's Theme
    3A Pokemaniac/Burglar's theme
    3B Sage's Theme
    3C New Bark Town
    3D Goldenrod City
    3E Vermillion City
    3F Buena's Password (?)
    40 Poke Flute
    41 Tin Tower
    42 Sprout Tower
    43 Burned Tower
    44 Lighthouse or Mt. Silver
    45 Lake of Rage
    46 Indigo Plateau
    47 Above Olivine City
    48 Team Rocket Hideout
    49 Dragon's Den
    4A Johto Wild Pokemon Battle (at night)
    4B The ????? Show
    4C Caught a Pokemon (at night)
    4D Tohjo Falls
    4E Mom's Theme
    4F Victory Road
    50 Pokemon Lullaby
    51 Pokemon March
    52 Intro Screen Part 1 (GS)
    53 Intro Screen Part 2 (GS)
    55 Unown Room
    56 Team Rocket Show
    57 Dance Theater
    58 Before Bug Catching Contest
    59 Bug Catching Contest
    5A (?)(but sounds somewhat familiar)
    5B Printing
    5C Credits (Part 2)
    5D (?) (sounds kinda like the Miror B. music from Colosseum)
    5E (?)
    5F (?)
    60 (?) (sounds like 5D)
    61 (?)
    62 Intro Screen (Part 2)
    63 Battle Tower (inside)
    64 Legendary Pokemon Battle
    65 Battle Tower (outside)
    66 (?)
    67 Glitch
    68 Glitch
    69 Nothing
    6A Nothing
    6B Glitch
    6C Glitch
    6D Glitch
    6E Glitch

    All music after hex 6E is nothing. If you ever see a (?) symbol, you can try and figure out what it is and email it to me. You see, i haven't played through Crystal. Some of that (?) music sounds really freaky.

From QFred:

  • "I am starting a new game on a Pokémon Gold rom and I putted on the Game Shark of VBA the codes for buying Masterballs and Exp. Shares on the Cherrygrove Mart but, since I didn't want to occupy slots used by other products (PokéBalls and Potions), I used the 8th and 9th slots of the Mart.

    First thing I noticed was that the spaces after the Cancel button are blank until you reach the last slot inputted by you with 01[09]B7D5, the Enable Scroling Code. Than all slot content is visible.

    But between the CANCEL button and the MasterBall and the last slot were ?'s whose discription is ? and cost aprox 39000 PokéBucks, the double of the prize I've heard people on the Game Shark Glitches zone saying was the prize they could sell the item Teru-Sama for. So the slot taker must be the Teru-Sama. But in my Items pocket there is twice that product, still marked as ?... And it's a held item I guess.

    I also noticed in the shop that every product seem to cost 0 PokéBucks but only when you are about to buy it you see it's real price.

    On my Item pocket, I noticed the enable scroling code also had it's effect. I get to the end of the empty spaces and there they are... space holders, lots of ?, always with 0 quantity... The other pocket, except the TM pocket have the same issue too!

    This makes me think the ?, maybe the Teru-Sama, is programmed to be a space occupied, in case someone wants to mess around with Game Shark." 

Ruby/Sapphire Tricks

From MaxPegasus511:

  • "There's a strange connection between MissingNo. and Illumise that I found on Pokemon Ruby. I used the walk through walls code on my Action Replay and used the MissingNo. trick. I found Illumise instead but it's name was very odd. The screen came up with "Wild Appeared!" but is was a Lv. 0 Illumise with no cry and the text screen came up with "Jirachi gained 1 Exp. point" or whatever it says after I used an attack that would not effect it (Wish). Then after the battle it said my file was corrupt and I wound up with a Silcoon."

From Commander8.0:

  • " tried to test what would happen if I went into the link battle area using my gameshark's walk through walls code. well, I sat on the spot you're supposed to get on, and I went into a battle where it said wild appeared! in one turn, no matter what I did, I won instantly. well that wasn't so big. then I left, and fought an electrike (lvl. 12). then, I tried to code again, and fought that electrike! so that place is JUST LIKE THE STRIP ON CINNABAR IN POKEMON R/B!!!!!!!! but if you don't fight anything, the " " appears. then I check my items.

    the balls pocket had:
    all the other pockets had:

    I tried the ????????. I discovered it was only a hold item, and gave it to my lvl. 100 milotic. then I looked at the pokemon stats screen, and it said milotic wasn't holding anything!

    I then checked the bag again, and there still was 32!

    my pokedex was ok. getting even more scared, I check my PC. all my pokemon were ok... that's good. the items in my PC were ok too. now, I logged onto the pokemon leagues site. it showed hall of fame no 7, but i couldn't see any others. wel that's not too important. i checked my mailbox. NO MAIL!?!?!?! BUT I HAD 2 LETTERS IN BEFORE!!!!

    now, i'll see one thing. i'll battle a trainer, then try this glitch. the trainer's pokemon were ok. now i went back to the poke center (not too hard considering i had the walk through walls code on).


    so i turned the power off. now i'm back in the poke center. i'm gonna try to buy ultra balls and catch the " ". the items in the mart were ok. good i had the ultra balls. here goes nothing. hey it's male! it dissaperaed, broke out of the ball, and froze the game! ok lets check out everything. it's all ok.

    i try to mix records, and the game freezes. progress. if i try to trade... link error. darn. i was hoping for another glitch. i'll use my gameshark to get masters balls in the PC and the try to get " ". caught it

    "this is a newly discovered pokemon. it is currently under investigation. no detailed information is availible at this time." well i don't wanna mess up my game. i forgot to make sure it won't go to the PC. hey everything is back to normal now! i stored all the items a care about in the PC so i don't lose them in the encounter with " ".

    here we go.... 5 pokemon in the team, ect. master ball, go! gotcha! HOLY COW I'M GONNA GIVE HIM A NICKNAME AND HE HAS THE ICON OF A BULBASUAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! link error, well it saved. starting up again, HEY WHERE'D HE GO! HE'S NOT IN MY PARTY! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I WANT MISSINGNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder what happens if i hatch and egg, then try to fight him... probbly nothing, i'm not gonna try it. he's lvl. 0 and he's male. always. odd. hey! the ???????? item has so many it's off the screen! and in his pokedex data, he has a duck-like footprint! this is weird...... hey i could catch the regi's twice like this! i get an amazing 1 EXP point for beating him. let me try the "find lvl 100 pokemon code". but that won't work. well that was rather strange.... all that."

From Hiya Chako:

  • I was playing my game with the gameshark code "Walk through walls" on and instead of getting a starter Pokemon I just passed him and started walking around in the grass. A wild Pokemon appeared and I sent out the ? in circle Pokemon.

    I looked at its summary. This is what it looked like:

    I switched to the other summary pages:

    Strange... Level 0, HP left 0, Number of moves 0, experience points 0, all stats 0, ability: none, Hardy personality and obtained in a trade? Why is it fainted? strange, anyway, I continued the battle. I tried to fight, but it said I was out of usable pokemon and whited out. Now for more experiments. How about putting it in a contest or going to the daycare center? Nope. They wouldn't let me leave it there.
    I think I'll Put on the 999 hp code. I put it on. Hey, I just won a battle! ????? Grew to level 1! ????? learned tackle! I'll do more tomorrow!


  • Have ?????? and see a clone of yourself at your house (Sapphire version)

    First Put in the Walk Through Walls Code on AR or GS (Games Shark or Action Replay)
    1.Start a new game yada yada yada...
    2.Get out of the Moving Truck you might start in PetalBurg City...
    3. Go into the grass you will find a Pokemon you it should say "Go ?????!!!!"
    4.Go to LittleRoot town then go in your house.
    5.Your Mom and May or Brendan's Mom shoould be sitting down next to each other go Upstairs you'l see a clone of yourself.

From Medavemaster221:

  •  Well, my friend has his own Action Replay, and he let me use it for a fixed period of time. So I stumbled upon the rare candy cheat. I wanted to level up my new Pokemon, especially my Jirachi. So I did the code approximately 20 times. Getting my 2,000 rare candies, I was satisfied. Nothing was terribly glitched, but whenever I go to the items of my items menu, the colors are reversed and the music changes abruptly, freezing. Also, my GBA buzzes loudly after this. Strange, huh?

From Lemita:

  • "My cousin is a tad bit Pokemon obessed than I am, and found that if you use "Action Replay" on Ruby/Sapphire, you are able to get Pokemon from FireRed/LeafGreen- Way before they came out! It's kinda a simple thing though. Not anything that will mess up the game unless you count Pokerus. It's simple, but if you use the Deoxys code, it will mess up the game in the worst way."

From diamondiva111:

  • "I bought an action replay and I pluged it into my GBA and i looked at the Ruby codes and one of them was the code to get Deyxos now I knew that i had to get this because other wise I would have to travel all the way out to Georgia to get it. because they were downloading it into Ruby and Safiere. I got it with no problem. But when my cousin tried it on his game a few hours later his deyoxs transformed into a bag egg. Now that was strange because i thought that deyoxs wasnt a virses. But when I was reading one of the posts on your website. It was a possiabliy because didnt a missingo turned into an egg? But my cousin turned it off and the dexoys was back from the egg? I thought action replay wasnt soposed to cause virses? What caused it now?"

From Treechu1:

  • "Before I have used the Walk Through Walls code on Ruby. I went to see what would happen if I went through the Daycare fence. I talked to the Pokemon in there and it acted normal. I walked into the grass and wild Zigzagoons kept appearing."

From Kuo:

  • "I know that many people come across ?????? (the question mark in a thick black circle) using this code (83007CEE0xxx) on the Gameshark. They are usually on level 3 or so. You just replace the x's with numbers and letters that don't bring out any existing Pokemon. And you can get a large ?? (two huge white question marks) if you put three horribly high numbers. The ones that I came across had two attacks: Thunder Punch and Struggle. Once, I even ran into a ?????? that was on level 71! When you try to look at its stats, it freezes your game, and the whole screen turns violet.

    On my Fire Red, I came across a ??????, and I caught it. Then I gave it to the Babysitter. Big mistake. My TM/HM slot was totally messed up. The whole slot was filled with glitchy boxes, and if you tried to use them, it froze."

From Guy:

  • "AR codes work strangely on my Ruby. A wild Lugia Code made my screen split up and make a glitchy sound while like you take the game out, then one half of the screen had tons of lines on it and it made the sound in the end of the Cave of origin (yes there is a little sound if you put your ear up to the thingy), but much louder. A Celebi code made me find Lv.1 Magikarps . A Mew code made me find Magikarps but when the screen was doing its thing, Professor Birch (what he looks like when you do a New game) appeared at the top of the screen. At least half of him did. And BTW, my brothers ARed Deoxys was disobedient if you plan to try and get one." 

From zoxbok:

  • "I just got a Action Replay and I was playing late at night when everything on it erased.I decided the next day to re-download the pokemon saphire cheats because my brother had found my very old saphire(I have emerald now)So I think I used the one-hit KO,infinite money,99 masterballs,and 99 rare candies cheat.I decided to fight the aroma lady to the right of Mauville.She sent out Breloom like normal against my lvl100 Action-Replay Deoxys.It used focus punch FIRST and knocked out a lvl100 pokemon.Its lvl34.I then proceeded to send out Fishy,my lvl100 Blaziken.It knocked it out too.It then said "Fishy fainted,would you like to use a "and the game froze.Also I have recieved about five bad eggs with pokerus.One got deleted due to the obtain new pokemon cheat or something.Just thought you`d like to know." 

From nin_bookguy:

  • "my brother found these glitches by using the walk through walls code.
    what youre ment to do is bypass prof.birch and get into a pokemon battle than youre ment to go to pkmn and select summery and you can see ?????????? stats.
    if you exit and then scroll down the selct thing apperes all over the screen! (note:i did these on enulater)"

Emerald Tricks

From wesman5270:

  • "I have just found glitch city in pokemon emerald! You need a gameshark to do it. if you've already gone through the trouble of putting emerald on your gameshark (the one you can constantly update using the computer), then you only need 2 codes. you need the one to battle latias, latios. that code is:


    you should also have the code to surf anytime:


    Fly to verdanturf. then, go to the left of the cave entrance(you will need to surf on the sign) then go up (you need to press b+select to get it to surf) keep going up by pressing b+select. soon you will see verdanturf completely glitch. before going down, press R+select to activate the battle latias/ latios cheat. run from the battle it will say the ??? flew away then go down (pressing b+ select) and you will be in glitch city verdanturf! only the corner area is glitched but it's still pretty cool. I know it sounds fake but I swear its real if you don’t believe me then try it for yourself.

    I cant take all the credit though. my friend kenneth suggested that I try the cave so I have to give 75% credit to him. Id like to thank team rocket rose. your site inspired me to start looking for other glitches and misterious missingno.s Just remember, no matter how good a system is, there's always a way to trick it. never give up hope."

From nolanz79802:

  • "If you put the warp code to birth island in an action replay Max, and fight deoxys, you will send out a poke with no name, and no attacks that looks like a circle with a question mark in it. it has 0/0 hp. And if you press start, it's picture and hp box will dissapear until it gets hit." 

FireRed/LeafGreen Tricks

From monkeys:

  •  "Today I felt like messing around with the action replay on my FireRed, and last night I got a new cheat that make every wild pokemon I run into shiny. Then I got to thinking maybe if I started over I could get a shiny Charmander. So I started over. Everything was going normal up tell I went into the battle with Gary. He sent out Squirtle and when it said "Blue sent out Charmander" I didn't sent out a Charmander I sent out a circle with a ? in it. That's not all, also when it came out it had the shiny pokemon sparkle. It had no moves so it keep using Struggle. So I kept battling with it. I won. After I wanted to check it's stats. I went to my party, the icon for it was a ? mark. I clicked on it and it said it knew softboiled! So I clicked on it's stats the whole screen went black! I just turned the game off. Everything was fine after I turned the game back on."

From Peri:

  • I don't know if people already know how to get Mew in FR/LG, but I thought I'd post this.

    Obeying Mew GS Code:
    92260D64 28E61FC9
    71D615F6 B41C381B
    0D280703 38963967
    A4144E58 825677D8
    F161D5A4 48F9A2DB
    33484F68 A56E77E0
    D9942118 228420E7
    BBB261C7 60CA157C
    D9934C25 DC0AAFCF
    3E888B0F ECF35A34
    13F1DDB5 F92F747C
    5DF00218 A3A1FA5E
    E07CF65A 99C82988
    8B359280 96B97011
    F3C920F0 939FB45E
    4681C2C8 CAAFD263
    B74BFA2D 24733F53
    3354F609 3CB6AF8A
    1354C1C3 D10F24B0
    D93F2C31 16F87180
    You also need to put the DMA Disable code on:
    8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2
    78DA95DF 44018CB4
    It'll appear in Box 1, slot 1. It has a Hardy nature, is Psychic type, level 5, the OT is NYC, and it holds the Auroraticket. It was "met in a fateful encounter when at lv 5" and its only attack is Pound.

    Every time you turn on the PC with the codes on, a new one will appear in Box 1, slot 1, even if you took it out previously. ^^

From Shinatoa:
  • Getting Celebii:

    Master Code for POKEMON FIRE USA
    72BC6DFB E9CA5465
    A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86

    Master Code for POKEMON LEAF USA
    72BC6DFB E9CA5465
    56671F3A 6F4F4D6B

    17543C48 E65E0B97
    4AEC27E8 A5FF1540

    594F7021 3B4E81A7
    4AEC27E8 A5FF1540

From Guy:

  • "If you have AR, and a LeafGreen, never use the All balls code. It glitches up all of your items, giving you ??? of each one, forcing my brother to throw them all away (poor EXP. Share and Sacred ash). It also glitches the back of your trainer card. His said Hall of Fame Time: 999:59:59 everything else had 65536 Also, all of the dolls in Loreleis house appeared, spoiling it for me. He was also able to get Every black sticker. And his hall of fame numbers were glitches with tons of ??? and ??0s. Good if you're such a cheater, but don't try it. My brother is now planning to trade his Lv.100s and shinies (boy did he have some) over to another game, when he gets the chance." 

From elsara:

  • "I just got an action replay! I'm trying out the walk through walls code on, hoping to encounter a missingno. in my leafgreen! No luck at the pokemon center... I'm going to check saffron. HOLLY CRUD! I'm walking on trees! I arive at saffron, and I can't beleive what I found... GLITCH CITY!!! I FOUND GLITCH CITY IN SAFFRON!!! ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GAME FROZE!!!! Darn it, maby i'll just stick with finding missingno...." 

  • "I have only recently found a missingno. in my leaf green, and have some information about this new missingno.:

    1. They look like a circle, smaller circle inside, smaller circle inside, and a big question mark in it. None look like a double question mark.
    2. Unlike ruby or Sapphire, when missingno. has been caught, it does not turn into a bad egg.
    3. You can use it in battle, but only at your own risk; it could freeze your game.
    4. Upon encounter, your game will freeze, but the sense will return to your game if your paitent. Perhaps not.
    5. Certain missingno.s will freeze your game if you try to look at their status ( BUT THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!!!). Therefore, if you want it, save your game before checking it's status.
    6. All missingno. have diffrent abilitys, moves, and...names???
    7. If you can look at your missingno.'s status, you will see a big glitchy thing on it ( like good old red, blue, and yellow, huh?).
    8. Here missingno.'s weirdest thing so far: When female missingno.'s grow a level, your game freezes. If a male missingno. grows a level, your game freezes, but for a short period of time. Mabey for good until you turn your game off, then on.
    9. There is one way(s) to obtain this missingno.. First, get an action replay. Put as many pokemon as you can on the catch any pokemon list. Press start, and run around until you find it. It's hard to catch, so put infinite master balls code on aswell.

    That's all the info I have for now. I'll keep an eye on them!"

From EeveeGirl:

  • "One day when I was playing my Leaf Green Version, something completely weird happened! I just finished putting in a cheat or two with my Action Replay, right? And after I got to the title screen and pressed A, the game said something like "The sub board is not installed." I was like "What the heck?" And then IT TOOK ME TO THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME!!! I was like "WHAT THE--" So I just turned the game off and put it back on. I did the same thing with the codes and stuff. And after all that, my game was back to normal. My file was still there, not deleted. I did this three more times, and nothing happened. What do you think it ment by a "sub board"?" 

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