Rocketshippers' Paradise

Are you a Rocketshipper? That is, do you believe that Jessie and James really love each other? If so, you're in the right place!

"But wait," you may say, "Jessie and James have never actually said that they have feelings for each other. They've never kissed, or said 'I love you' or done anything like that on the show. What makes you think that they really love each other?"

Maybe Jessie and James have never actually said it, but those two really do care deeply about each other. How many times have they risked their lives for one another? How many times do they hold onto each other in fear, happiness, or for no reason at all? Keep an open mind, and before long you'll start to notice little clues in the TV series that hint at Rocketshippiness!

Even if you ignore the more subtle hints, there are more pronounced examples of Rocketshipping as well. For example, In "Hocus Pokemon", Team Rocket is in danger for their lives, this time on a narrow precipice. James and Jessie are holding each other tightly, and James says, "If I never see you guys again, just know that I LOVE YOU!"

James has called Jessie "Sweetheart", and more than once she's called him "Dear James". They just seem right for each other.

Rocketshippy pics:

Doesn't this look cute?

Scared on the sunken St. Anne

James left his money and estate to come back for Jessie

James looks irritated that Jessie's trying to sweet-talk Doctor Proctor... jealous, maybe?

First evil clones, now weirdly cute flying cats...

"You really do care!"

Thrown out of the mansion, Jessie is so worried about James that she helps the twerps open Growly's doghouse doors... and doesn't once try to grab Pikachu!

James and Jessie are scared once again

James and Jessie get scared an awful lot, don't they?

The "Neoshippy" picture (implying that Jessie and James aren't the only Rockets in love).
Notice how everyone looks angry that James is dealing with Cassidy.
Cassidy: "Don't touch me." Butch: "Get away from my girl!" Jessie: "URGHHH! Get away from that snotty little brat!"

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