The Rocket Girls

In the G/S/C series of GB games, the first female Rocket "grunts" made an appearance. These girls had previously appeared on several Pokemon TCG cards (starting with the Team Rocket set).


The Rocket Girl's outfit resembles Jessie's, but with minor differences (she doesn't wear a black shirt under her white "R" shirt, and her skirt is different). Also, her hair is the same style as Cassidy's, but red.

The left picture is from the TR card, "Rocket's Sneak Attack", which was called "Team Rocket's Little Sister" in Japan. Whose sister is she? We know she can't be James's sister, since he was an only child, but might she be the sibling of Jessie, Cassidy, or Butch?

In the right picture, "The Rocket's Trap", the girl appears to be giving orders to a group of Team Rocket Minions. However, she also appears to be working solo, without a partner. Perhaps she's of a slightly higher rank than the average "Rocket Grunt".

This is an interesting picture of a Rocket girl scientist, introduced in the Gym Challenge set with the card, "Rocket's Secret Experiment". Check out that hair! This is the first shorter-haired Rocket girl we've seen so far, and she seems to use even more hairspray and gel than Jessie! Her outfit is unique as well, since she's the first TR member we've seen who DOESN'T have a red "R" on her shirt. Instead, she wears a lab coat over a red and black minidress. She is also the only Rocket girl who doesn't wear huge, distinctive earrings (which would probably get in her way in the lab).

There are at least two other Rockets in this scene as well. One person is holding the test tube filled with a strange, green liquid. Behind the Rocket girl there is a blue-haired person sitting at a computer. These might be turncoat Silph employees, or scientists specifically employed by Team Rocket. What might their experiment be?

Who is this distinctly different character, and why does she look so different from her female teammates? Might this "Rocket Scientist" be Misty's evil twin? Or a Nurse Joy gone bad? We may never know...

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