Pokemon Sightings and Ripoffs

Note: This page is in fun, especially the "sightings". Nobody believes that many of the sightings are actual Pokemon references. If you can't take a joke, may I suggest clicking BACK to the homepage and reading a different article?

Sighting = Possible reference to TR/Pokemon
Ripoff = Intentional spoof of TR/Pokemon

"Uh-oh... they're on to us!"

1. Team Rocket in Zelda: Majora's Mask? - Sighting

Kafei was a man engaged to be married. When a curse made him into a child once again, he ran away. As a child, he constantly wears a mask of Keaton, a character that bears a disturbing resemblance to Pikachu.
James was betrothed to be married at a young age. To escape a horrible fate with Jessebelle, he ran away and began chasing after a Pikachu. Just a little TOO strange...

I emailed Nintendo Power magazing regarding this odd "coincidence", asking whether it was truly coincidental, or one of those secret things put in the game that only a few people would notice. Here's what they said:

"Hi there, Pokefan!
Good question on a great game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (zelda.com). The game creators will occasionally put odd things in games, like a character that looks like something from another game. You could be right, but the game creators almost never spill the beans. They like to let the gamers use their own imagination and create their own theories and possibilities."
Pretty cryptic, wouldn't you say? Makes you wonder, though...
2. Team Rocket in "TV Funhouse" - Ripoff
From JamesKojiro:

"I was flipping through the channels and i caught this show called TV Funhouse that had a Pokémon Parody on it. It was rated shall we say R or higher, I can't believe they showed the thing on comedy central. Anyway, I managed to get the thing on tape and I caught some screen shots of their version of Team Rocket. They called them "Team Mortar" I think they meant mortar as in artillery shell compared to Rocket. The whole thing was instead of Pokémon it was Joe-Kamel as in the cigarette smoking mascot of RJ Renolds tobacco company... it is rated R and I don't mean R for Rocket either. It's just plain sick, sick and twisted."

3. Team Rocket in South Park - Ripoff

James-clone: "I'm gonna steal your... whatever it is!"

Ash-clone: "Oh geez! I lost my Pokedex again!"

From Justin Anderson:

"If you didn't catch it, the South Park episode "Chinpokomon" featured their own James clone for their show parody. Only shown for a few seconds, he's wearing a black suit with a 00 on the shirt."

From JamesKojiro:

"The one witht he B on his shirt is Team rocket Kid and the one with blond hair is supposed to be Ash."

Notice the resemblance... although I personally think it looks like a combo of James and Butch...

4. Team Rocket in Gorillaz? - Possible Sighting
From Justin Anderson:

"One of the animated music videos by the band Gorillaz features one of the band members dressed as James, with a big "T" on his shirt. I couldn't tell you which video it is, though, since I don't usually watch music video stations."

From NICCALS666:

"A person under the name of "Justin Anderson" has something posted about Team Rocket in a Gorillaz video. In case you do not know, the band "Gorillaz" is a UK band that came to the States in late 1999. They are an animated band composed of made-up cartoon characters, with anime qualities. All of their music videos, images, and even website are animated. In a video called "Clint Eastwood" the singer/pianist, named "2-D" is wearing a white shirt with red stripes on the sleeves. He has a large red "T" on his shirt, that reads "VIRUS" in the upper half of the letter. This is not a parody of Team Rocket. It is, in fact, a reference to the popular Japanese game franchise "Resident Evil". 2-D loves zombies, and zombie flicks and the like, and the "T-Virus" is what made all the people/animals in the game zombies. So it would make sense for him to wear a T-Virus t-shirt, huh? ^-^ Just had to clear that up. Thanks! I have attached some pictures for both your and the visitor's viewing."

5. Ash in Codename: KND - Sighting (Multiple)
From Pianissimo-sama:

(Image thanks to SkittyFan)

"In Codename: KND, when Nigel, Number One, is telling the class of the history of adults, there is a shot in the crowdof kids where there is a
young boy with a green backpack, spiky black hair, a blue vest, and everything else Ash does... I wish I had a picture, because it's definetly Ash! He's cheering for the team and he's actually skinny. :]"

From DarkMudkip:

"Me and my sister found yet another ripoff sighting of Pokemon.

We were watching Codename: KND and it was a new ep. I think it was called :
E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S. anyways you can see Ash...Fighting?! o_O Just look at the crowd and you'll see that familiar hat and kid."

From teamrocketspy621:

"I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but I believe I saw Ash again in the newest epsiode, Operation: Elections. In the scene in about the first seven minutes where a scuffle breaks out bewteen the fourth and fifth graders in the courtroom, I saw Ash in the crowd! I don't think that he had the green mark on his hat, but it was definitely him!"

6. Pikachu in Drawn Together - Ripoff
(from TR Rose):

Comedy Central's reality TV show, Drawn Together, features a small, yellow-orange rodent-like critter with an exclamation-point tail known as Ling Ling, clearly a Pikachu imitation. Ling Ling speaks only Japanese (no English), so nobody on the show can understand him, and they treat him like a pet.

On one episode, Ling Ling has a flashback that features an Ash-clone. After "Ash" releases him from a triangular Poke-ball, Ling Ling fires a purple, glowing ball (Shadow Ball attack?) into his chest cavity, eviserating the twerpy hero, and proceeds to consume his entrails happily.

I have to warn you though, there's a lot about this show that's not appropriate for kids. Watch at your own risk. I mean, it's funny, but the humor is clearly not kid-friendly.

7. Pokemon in The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy - Ripoff
From Sherry Long:

"In the show "The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy" There is an episode where Billy and his freind become obsessed with a card game called Hokey Mon. I saw a few minutes of this episode and it is a parody of pokemon."

8. Team Rocket in Pet Shop of Horrors manga - Ripoff
From Stephanie:

"its official, from the psoh manga. in the back they sometimes have silly little skits and this time we had count d cosplaying as............ a tr member.

the speech bubble reads:
'i must have a pikachu for my shop'"

9. Pokemon in The Simpsons - Ripoff (multiple)
Part 1

From Alan Gernhart:

"You bet! On the episode where the Simpsons get a satellite tv system, Bart presses buttons on a remote in his fantasy, and one of the classmates
turns into Pikachu."

(Image thanks to mickcampbell)

Part 2
From flamedramon144:

"Spotted this in a Simpsons comic
Nelson = James
Jessica = Jessie
Martin = Meowth"

Part 3
From mickcampbell:


10. Ash's Hat in Futurama - Sighting
From Jesse Battles:

"I Noticed Something A While Ago In The Show "Futurama" In The Episode "A Leela Of Her Own" You See Somebody Wearing Ash's Hat! I Even have A Picture! "

11. Vintage Team Rocket? - Sighting

12. Team Rocket in Ruidoso, NM? - Sighting

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

R Mountain

TR's Market

12. Pokemon in Neopets? - Sighting
From mtharse:

"On neopets.com it says a jabberwock ate an uffish on a certain page, but theres no such thing as either one on neopets, there just probobly trying to cover up for this picture they made of some neopet bad guy eating pikachu! I even got a pic to prove it!"

13. Pokemon in Archie Comics - Ripoff
From scbassplyr:

"I just read the page about the sightings/ripoffs and they talk about pokemon/hokeymon/etc in Archie comics every once in a while. Next time I read one (from my immense collection) I'll have to remember to scan it and send it to you. It'll have like Archie trying to get into the craze because Betty and Veronica think they're oh-so-cute and playing little kids to understand it and then getting beat up by one of their big brothers, or something. The most recent one featured Veronica's cousin Leroy running around at various Pokemon(Hokey...whatever) type events, getting the lastcard at burger king, etc."

14. Pokemon in Mad Magazine - Ripoff
From jigj119:

"There was a parody Pokemon comic in an issue of Mad Magazine that, I think, came out last year. All I remember about it was that all the pokemon were fake, the symbol on Ash's hat kept changing, and Jessie didn't wear an under shirt. I don't have any pictures but I might be able to get some."

15. Team Rocket in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness? - Sighting
From jigj119:

I know that it's kind of weird to say that there's a Team Rocket sighting in a pokemon game. However, this game takes place in the Orre Region where Team Rocket has no presence, especcially not Jessie, James, and Meowth, who only appeared in one pokemon RPG: Yellow. Anyways, on Mt. Battle, there's a girl who, before you battle her, says "I heard that there's someone who has the same team as me." Then, when you battle her, she sends out a Cacnea and a Chimeco!

16. Team Rocket in Norm - Ripoff
From James Craven:

"That's Nikki Cox from Las Vegas as Jessie in an episode of Norm (Norm MacDonald's old TV series). Just thought I'd like to share it with you if you don't have the pic."

17. Pikachu in "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" - Ripoff
From orcafan:

"I was watching "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," in the episode called "Eddie Monster" where the scaredy cat(but tough looking) character, Eduardo, was found by and trained for battles between imaginary friends by Terrance, the human bully character, and near the end, Eduardo was kicked out of the battles because his friends saved him, so Terrance threw them in a huge box. A Pikachu lookalike imaginary friend was in the box! It was sleeping at first, but Eduardo ended up waking it up, then it released a thundershock! Eduardo slowly got his friends and himself out, and he threw Terrance in. Then the Pikachu lookalike released a bigger shock! They didnt show it anymore after that."

18. Pikachu in "How to Make a Monster" - Ripoff?

Website Something Awful reviews terrible movies from time to time. This particular article reviewed a movie called "How to Make a Monster", a cheesy horror-video game movie with bad acting and terrible storyline, not to mention awful CGI monsters.

Reviewer Pantsfish writes: "Laura ends up winning the match after battling a bunch of monsters that look like the result of a drunken night between Pikachu and a nest of scorpions." I think the image above speaks for itself.

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