Basho, Buson, and Siranui

The new Rockets from the Raikou Special!

"Adding to the roster of Rocket-Dan members are Bashou and Buson, two members who are at an elite level way beyond Musashi and Kojiro.

Bashou, the blue-headed one, has a cool criminal mind and the "Rocket-Dan's Number One Handsome Guy," while Buson, the blonde, is incredibly strong and intelligent. The two perform a special "Rocket-Dan Tag Battle," which I can only assume to be a regular tag-team battle.

The third guy in the picture is Shiranui-Hakase, the most powerful Rocket-Dan scientist in history! He uses the "Crystal System" to attract electric pokemon, particularly Raikou."
~ TV Specials and OVA's

Info from Kazpoke:

  • Name: Bashou
    Class: A+
    Age: Unknown ( twenties )
    Height and Weight: Unknown
    Pokemon: Steelix
    Information: This Elite Rocket is considered the most handsome member of the Rockets. He and his partner, Buson, follow Dr. Shiranui-Hakase to a region of Johto where the " Crystal System " project is to take place. He apparently has good head on his shoulders, and is very cunning. He keeps his cool, no matter what the situation. His favorite attack for his Steelix to use is Iron Tail.

  • Name: Buson
    Class: A+
    Age: Unknown ( twenties )
    Height and Weight: Unknown
    Pokemon: Skarmory, and Muk
    Information: The incredibly strong, and intelligent Rocket, Buson is partnered with Bashou. They supposedly perform a tag-team battle when confronted, and as A+ Rockets, the opponent wouldn't likely have an easy time. He is easily angered, unlike his partner. His favorite attack for his Skarmory to use is Steel Wing, while his Muk uses Sludge Bomb.

  • Name: Dr. Shiranui-Hakase
    Class: A+
    Age: Unknown ( thirties to forties )
    Height and Weight: Unknown
    Pokemon: None
    Information: The most famous Team rocket scientist of all time. He created the " Crystal System " that attracted electric pokemon, including the legendary Raikou! He is also seen in the " Red Gyarados " episode. He is most likely accompanying the elite rockets in order to study and experiment on the rare pokemon.
Dr. Shiranui-Hakase has appeared in the Red Gyarados episodes, translated as Dr. Sebastian.

Pics from Togechukku: "The Crystal System"

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