Mini Quirks

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Old Man atop Cinnabar Gym

From Puarthekitty:

  • The guy standing on top of the gym -- it may or may not work in yellow but if you haven't been through the mansion yet to get the key go to the door of the gym, he appears on the roof. It's a glitch, but I think Hana told me it's the gym leader.

From Cynthia Yeung:

  • "I heard from my older cousin saying there were some odd things going on in Cinnabar Island, but he didn't exactly know what yet. So, just out of curiousity, I surfed on my Vaporeon on the edge of Cinnabar Island like my cousin told me to. I of course went to the man in Viridian City first with the whole catching ordeal. After I saw 'M, I was shocked to find out what it was.

    "Wanting some time to think, I plopped myself off right at the lower-right edge of the Cinnabar gym. As walked left, and since I didn't have my Cinnabar gym key with me, I was forced to turn in the front of the door with that annoying message "The door is locked...". It was then when I noticed there was a guy on the roof! But a second later I was pushed forward so I couldn't see him anymore.

    "I was astounded and wondered why I couldn't get up there if HE could. I thought there must have been a reason why the game creators put him up there. With curiousity, tugging at me, I surfed again on the edge, running into an 'M along the way. I got off at the same exact spot and walked left without the key, and there that man was again!

    "Except...... He was now on the edge of the roof. So I tried the whole thing again, and the guy was closer to the ground. Well, he was hanging a square (step) below where he was last seen.

    "A week later, my cousin and I met. He went further than I did, because I stopped right where I was, not wanting to deal with such oddities. He said he did what I did various times, and finally got the man on the ground. The man would take only one of your Pokemon and raise it to level 200 or so, and you'd have it back in an instant, or wouldn't even notice it was gone."

Changing the GB's Colors

From Jadetiger216:

  • "I was messing around, pressing buttons to try to find a cheat, when the colors of the game changed! They completely reversed! To get rid of the new color just turn the game off without saving, I'm not sure if restarting the game will change it once it's saved. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! This only works on R/B:

    "To start, when you turn on the R/B game and the GAMEBOY logo flashes on, press:
    A+Up for red. A+Left for dark green/grey/blue. (Dont really know how to describe it, kinda light grey through) A+Down for yellow. A+Right is green. B+Up is brown. B+Left is a dark grey. B+down is orange. Heres the cool one: B+Right completely reverses colors! Cool, no?"

From Lilac:

  • "The trick to change the colours (ie. up+a , etc when the Gameboy logo comes on) will work with newer Gameboy Advances and SPs. It's even got a list of the button combinations in the user manual that comes with the system"

From Mew13:

  • "The color changer on R/B is something that's BUILT INTO THE GBC/GBA! You can only do it on original Gameboy Games! It doesn't harm the Game data.

  • "Oh, and if you Surf on a Surfing Pikachu, instead of the weird blob-shaped thing, the character will appear as a blob-shaped Pikachu on a Surf-board!"

Reset G/S Time

From Alex:

  • "Once when I was pressing the buttons I stumbled across a mystery. If you press Slect+B+Down and hold them at the same time on the screen in Gold/Silver where Lugia/Ho-oh is flying, a screen will pop up and say "would you like to reset the clock?" If you say "Yes", it will say "enter password". Whatever this means, if you type any number it will say "wrong password". This is unknown, for now. If it worked, it would be a main code."

    • Ryan Bales writes: "In the Mini Quirks section, the Select-Down-B thing, This is not a secret, it is just not very well known. You can download a program to find the code, but I don't remember the address."

    • Pokefreek5 writes: "in G/S on the opening screen whit oh oh and luiga if you press the down button the B button and the select button it opens up a new page it will say "reset the clock?" "no yes" press yes and it will ask for a password it is 5 numbers 0-9 i dont know the coad maby you can crack it ? ( sorry abought my spaling)"

    • Shadow Pheonix writes: "Ok, I hear a lot of people talking about the "reset clock" thing in G/S, the password depends on:
      1. your name
      2. how much money you have
      3.& (I think) how long you have been playing.

      It have tried it, because I found out from a cheat site that my password was 9966 (At one point) here is the site: go on Gameboy, & find pokemon gold/silver & go to teh questions & answers part.

Pokemon Duplication

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

  • "Well, my cousin told me a cheat that lets you copy pokemon, without a gameshark, or link cord. All you need is two or more pokemon, and a PC.

    1. Save the game with the pokemon you want to copy in your party.


    3. Store your pokemon in an empty box.

    4. Switch to an empty box.

    5. When it says SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER, count to three (very fast), and turn your game off.

    6. Count to five (very fast) and turn your game back on ( the reason you must count is because it needs some time to think and copy the pokemon)

    7. Tadaa!!! You'll have that pokemon in your party, and in your PC!!! This is also good for items.

    WARNING: If you copy a pokemon succesfully the first time, and wrong the second time, your game COULD say: the game data was destroyed! It is not my fault if your game corrupts."

From Doggiegirl30:

  • "In Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions, you can clone pokemon. On Gold and Silver versions, deposit the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box, then switch to box 1. While the entire saving message is displayed, shut off the power. You should have the pokemon in your party and in the empty box. On crystal version, you must have no more than 5 pokemon in your party, including the one you want to clone. Do the same thing. You can also duplicate items as well by giving the pokemon you are cloning an item. If cloning doesn't work, try it again. If the box is filled with question marks, throw the pokemon away because if you try to use it, the game will crash. This really works! I did it on my crystal version to get all the Eevee evolutions, a typhlosion (because I won't evolve my quilava), and a Dragonite. I've cloned more than that, though. I cloned my Oddish, my tyrogue, my shuckle, and I even have 3 Suicunes now!

From Rubberchikin90:

  • "the other day i was trying to clone a pokemon and things screwed up big time. My level 22 pidgeotto changed into a kingdra that knew mega kick,sweet scent, and flamethrower and was at level 0. now all of my pokemon are like that and they all have pokerus. when i put them in daycare, they appear as the male character of pokemon crystal and even change species! i have dozens of just about each item, and the pokemon(or pokeboy) even lay eggs by themselves. my pokedex is screwed up too. it says that ive seen celebi and own mew and mewtwo, amoung other pokemon that dont even appear in crystal like ampharos, kabuto,etc. strange, huh?!"

From PikaGlitchie:


    This is a very cool trick I found in G/S. It’s related to the “duplicate Pokémon” cheat and it allows you to cheat the time and replay “once-per-day/week” events such as the Trainer House or battling your Rival over and over again!

    Here’s what you have to do:
    1. Get out a Pokémon you want to train/a Pokémon you don’t mind duplicating.
    2. Switch to Box 6 on Bill’s PC. The game will automatically save.
    3. Go and do the event you want e.g. Trainer House
    4. DO NOT SAVE after you’re done! Go straight to the nearest Pokémon Center and deposit the said Pokémon in number 1 in Box 6.
    5. Switch Boxes. When the entire “SAVING… DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER” message comes up, switch off your GameBoy.
    6. Switch back on. The Pokémon you deposited in Box 6 will still be there and the game will act like you HAVEN’T done your event yet!

    This is a perfect way to train Pokémon using the Trainer House, your Rival, etc. Also note that if your Pokémon grew levels during the event, the Pokémon in your party when you switch on will be at the level it was on before you did your event, while the Pokémon in Box 6 will be at the level it was on after you did your event.

    While playing around with this trick, I’ve also found another wicked way to use it. You do exactly the same thing except you replace the event with something like getting Eevee from Bill. That way you can get as many Eevees as you want! Also, you can use this to get other rare Pokémon such as Lugia, Ho-oh and Lapras!

    But be warned. Pokémon that evolve during the trick will not show up in the Pokédex, That’s the only flaw, though. It’s a neat trick, isn’t it?

From delcatty&skitty:

  • I was playing my pokemon game crystal when I 'accidently' did something to it. I'm not sure I was doing the copying pokemon glitch when I would out this. By accident I had shut off my game right when the words were appering 'your game has been saved' I thought it was nothing but when I went to see my copied pokemon....Its name was so long when I sent it out to battle the name thing lasts atleast 5 minutes. And If it was at the end of my party I could alter pokemons looks. I do admit this all was weird to me at the time so I hid the crystal game in my room because it was freaky. Now I can't find it. Also once you do this 'glitch' you game is altered forevever. Lucky I had a backup crystal. Any here is (If you brave enough) how to alter your pokemon looks after doing the 'glitch'

    1. Have you glitch pokemon at the back of your party
    2. log into the pc
    3. I think you go to desposite and put the pokemon in the pc
    4. Take it out of the pc

    NOTE: this was 2 almost 3 years ago I can't remeber how to alter the pokemons looks. If I ever do find my game again I promise to tell you though  

From sunflower19902000:

  • 1. SAVE THE GAME in front of a computor in the PC.
    2. Open Bill's Pc and deposit the pokemon you wish to copy.
    3. Change your box, and when it is SAVING the game turn it off.
    4. Turn your gb back on and look inside your deposit box. A copy will be there and your real one will be in your party!:)

    This is one of the many things that can happen if you turn the game off before saving. This is less harmful then some other things. So far I have tried this on Y/B/R/S/G/C. Though too much duplication I have seen on a friends gb can lead to a mess of coruption in your game. USE RESPONSIBLY! I have stopped doing this and resulted in using the Daycare to hatch eggs. It is much more efficent and is the only 100% way of duplicating a pokemon without damage to the game! Hope this helped!:)

From LilVol:

  • hi I am a fellow...well.. glitch hunter you could say.. and something strange happened the other day. this is my friends exact word on what happened" I was in Azalea town and I had a level 12 pichu. I know how to clone, though the other day when I tried to clone, I was in box 3 and switched to box 2 to clone the pichu.. when I tuned the game back on and withdrew my pichu and it said zapdos??????????? etc.. I was so freaked out that I put it in the day care just to get rid of it for a little while. in the meantime I went to explore my box for a little while I tried my friend's approach to cloning my favorite beedrill. I soon discovered that my box was a black hole! when I came back I found that it would not let me withdraw my beedrill. a few minutes later after I had investigated more, I went back to the day care and got my pokemon but when I arrived I was shocked to find that the day are man had told me my pokemon had grew 150 levels. I was really reluctant to pay, but I paid anyways. so I decided to try it out to see how strong it was. it was on level 100, it knew thunder punch and took on the form / picture of the trainer!" do you know what glitch this is? it glitched up so bad she had to start over the game.... please email me at : please answer.... her box was slightly discolored if it helps..

From c0ol3r_than_u:

  • hi i wanted to share a glitch/cheat (not really sure what to call it) that involves fusing pokemon. it happened on my silver version.

    i had a growlithe and an espeon with me. i used the cloning trick to make a bunch of growlithe. now i set up my party with 5 growlithe and my espeon. espeon was just the place holder pokemon so it probably works with others as well. anyways i gave rare candies to the 5 growlithe and cloned them all at the same time with the cloning trick. turned my game back on it worked normally. i repeated this a few times and after about half an hour of duplicating when i turned my game back on to start using my cloned rare candies there was something wrong with my pokemon. i should have had 5 growlithe and an espeon in my party which is what i had when i shut it off. but instead i had 6 growlithe.

    i examined them all and when i looked at the 6th growlithe is when i noticed something strange. its name was growlithe but its species was espeon. basically it looked like a growlithe but its name was growlithe/espeon like i had nicknamed it. on top of that it was type 1/psychic and type 2/ fire. while i had it in my party it looked like growlithe and while i had it in battle it looked like espeon. it knew psychic and swift from espeon and flamethrower and roar from growlithe. on top of all that when it was hit with a move that should have been super effective (like water gun or crunch) it just did normal damage. i think the fusion glitch happened because after cloning so many pokemon at one time repeatedly the game got confused or something and when it loaded the pokemon got mixed together or something. i dont have the fused pokemon anymore cuz my silver is messed up. it deletes saved games now. im going to try and do the fusion again on my gold though. anyways i was pretty awestruck when this happened and i wanted to share it. -also i had about 6 boxes full of cloned growlithes by the time the fusion occured so i dont know if that had anything to do with it.

Surf Through Anything

From the king:
  • This bug allows you to SURF on any tile (irregardless of tile type or presence of any sprites occupying that spot) one square below your position provided you are adjacent to any water tile you can use SURF on.

    For example, if your position is represented by "@", land tiles by ".", walls/barriers by "#", and water tiles by "=", "_" marks the position you can SURF into:
    = =@= _

    Water tiles can be on any non-diagonal adjacent square, as indicated by the "="s in the above diagram. To use this bug, begin by walking toward the water tile. In this example, the character is walking toward the right:
    @......= .......=

    When your character is walking from the second-closest tile to the water tile:
    .....@.= .......=

    ...and is about to enter the closest tile:
    ......@= .......= and hold START. The menu should appear just as you reach the land tile. SAVE the game and reset (turn off and on) the Game Boy. CONTINUE your game. If performed correctly, your character should start out facing the direction you were walking (and not the standard down direction). (If not, repeat the above steps.) DO NOT MOVE. Use SURF. Your character should then SURF onto the tile south of your location:
    .......= ......@=

    Alternately, if there is no room to walk, hold down the direction of the water tile (in this example, up):
    === .@. ###

    ...and press START when your character's feet are not side-by-side (when he is taking a "step"). The rest of the instructions can then be followed. Unfortunately, this bug cannot be used in reverse. You cannot begin while SURFing and wind up walking because the game is smart enough to disembark in the correct direction. This appears to work only on Pokemon Red/Blue. Gold/Silver versions seem to be fixed, and Yellow/Crystal versions have not yet been tested.

  • Reboard the S.S. Anne! Make your way to the dock, to the tile diagonally adjacent to the guard (represented by "t"):
    ========== ====...... ====...... ====..==== ====@.==== ==##.t##== ####..#### ====..==== ====..====

    Walk one step to the right, holding START:
    ========== ===....... ===......t ===..===== ===.@===== =##.t##=== ###..##### ===..===== ===..=====

    SAVE the game, reset, and CONTINUE. Use SURF. Your character will SURF through the guard:
    ===....... ===......t ===..===== ===..===== =##.@##=== ###..##### ===..===== ===..===== ===..=====

    Press down to reach the dock area behind the guard. Welcome aboard! (Another area where you can SURF through people: Cerulean Gym has a swimmer at the right side of the pool. No special preparation is needed there!) You can use this opportunity to SURF to the corners of the S.S. Anne screen.

  • Reach the land area next to BILL's house. WARNING! It is strongly recommended that you bring a Pokemon that knows FLY or TELEPORT. If you SAVE after reaching that land area without one, you will have to faint off your Pokemon in order to escape! (You'll waste a good chunk of time and half your money, especially if you didn't bring any fishing RODs.)

    Begin south of BILL's house, sandwiched at some point between the barriers and the pond:
    ....====== ....====== ####====== ....====== ##..@..... ########## ##======== ##======== ##========

    Hold up, press START, and SAVE. Reset and CONTINUE - you should start facing up. Use SURF to move through the barrier:
    ....====== ####====== ....====== ##........ ####@##### ##======== ##======== ##======== ##========

    ...and press down to reach the pond to the south. SURF around to the right and up. You will reach a small strip of land to leads up to BILL's house. Photo op! works on: red blue yellow versions of pokemon.

  • It is possible to get behind the door in lance's room. Just position yourself above and to the right of the Door in lance's room. Face the statues and use the surf through anything glitch. You will surf down through the door. Now you will be able to walk around in that area anywhere, even go back and talk to Agatha.

Random Quirks - R/B/Y

From EspeonRocket:

  • On Pokemon Yellow, jump over a ledge so you're facing down. Make sure you're on one side of the ledge and Pikachu's on the other. Stand still for a while, and Pikachu will start "floating".

  • To climb a tree, use CUT on a tree, then stand where the tree was. Save the game, and turn it off. When you turn the game back on, the tree will have grown back, so it looks like you're standing on it.

From Little Das:

  • Invisible PC
    "Go to the People Hotel in Celadon city. Go all the way to the right wall. Go one step down from the top and press A. You will log onto a PC as if there were one there."

From Amha:

  • "Not a glitch. On Cinnibar, without the secret key, wait until the old man is below the locked door. Now go in front of the door, and when you are supposed to walk back from the door... you can't because the old man is in the way! I had to keep mashing the A button while the message kept popping up and the old man walked SSLLOOWWLLYY out of the way."

  • "Once I started up Pokemon Red on an extremely low battery in Silph Co, and somehow I was in an area where I was blocked in all direction, i.e. TRAPPED! Five seconds later that batteries crapped out, and the next time I started the game, all was well."

From TR Nightmare:

  • "One time when I was in RockTunnel I tried to go through the cave without HM5, I made it through but the strange thing was when I found a trainer he would say his phrase and nothing happend and I mean there was no battle."

From Jelizaveta:

  • "Today when I was playing my Pokémon Red and I was going to go to the Cycling Road, but I didn't have my bike with me, and then the warden stopped me..... Well, you know, the stuff he does if you don't have a bike with you.. I just wondered if that guy is supposed to stand where he stands at the picture.. See it yourself.."

From Quilofire:

  • "In celadon mansion I walked in and tried to read one of the signs from behind the wall and I did!!!! Weirdness. Maybe the wall and the sign are transparent from the charachter's view..."

  • "This is actually kinda ironic because on my blue I'm out to catch Missingno and take over glitch city, but anyways:
    I was in vermillion harbor and there's this one sailor, right? I walked up to him and he was about to turn around when I pressed A. When he finished talking he actually walked backwards! First I stared at him, then I craked up, then I left him alone.
From UltimateWhiteDragon:
  • "Quilofire, the same glitch walk thing happened to me, only not with that sailor guy. It happened with that annoying girl who is always saying " I want something to drink!". After I gave her a drink, and she gave me tri attack ( YAY!) she stepped to the side!!! HOLD ON. Maby she's supposed to do that... No. On my yellow and OLD red that was traded for my blue have never done that."

  • "I was messing around on my gameboy, and discoverd a new cheat (at least I didn't see it on the website). It took me a half hour to do.

    1. Start a new game ( you don't have to save!!!).
    2. Corner the girl who says: "I'm raising pokemon to! When they get strong they can protect me!" Into the grass.
    3. After she is in the grass, go in to the grass with her.
    4. Prof. Oak will spot you, and keep you from going i any farther.
    5. He will lead you in his lab, but you will go on the roofs of buildings and pillars while following him!
    6. Then you'll go on top of Prof. Oak, he'll disapear, and your game will crash..."

  • Sliding Pikachu - For yellow version only

    1. Have pikachu with you.
    2. Jump over a ledge, and don't take any steps after you've jumped. Pikachu should be on the oposite side. Wait for him to dance.
    3.As soon as he dances, start walking.
    4. Look at pikachu's feet. He will be sliding! To make him stop sliding, stop walking.

From Kajayacht:

  • "in my yellow version, before i fight misty i am able to get the bulbasaur from the person. That's it nothing else happens no buildings getting nuked, no MissingNo's out of nowhere just the Bulbasaur being there for the fight against misty. My game got erased (not because of this just happened [ actually i droped it]) and when i went to Celedon, i could still get the Bulbasaur. It doesn't really bug me (it's actually quite helpful) it's just not supposed to happen that way. My yellow version was one of the first one's released got it on the first day of sale so that might have something to do with it."

From Dark_Mew_Ham:

  • "I figured out a way to make an voltorb/item/electrode follow you! (this includes beating the elite four.)
    1.beat a couple pokemon (you could use an glitch besides missingno, it has higher chances.)
    2.go look at your hall of fame, wait untill the game freezes (be patient.....)
    3.go trough the rest of the junk.
    4. walk around
    5.look for an item (it might look like pixels...)
    you cannot run into it (like an person) but it can go under you (make sure your character is not wearing a skirt (Lmao!)) it can go into illegal areas (for example above nurse joy!)

    I did not use pikachu for this. pikachu might act weird too." 

From jakie_mewtwo:

  • "I wanted to play Yellow a bit, so i plugged it into my gameboy and turned it on. Everything was fine cept my game file wasnt there, so i had 2 start a new game. But prof. Oak didnt appear, instead a striped block did. It did the same things as oak, brightening after a while but it was still strange. After that, i always clean my gameboy and cartridge before i play."

From licketlet:

  • "I found just a tiny, unnoticeable quirk in my game. Well, I don't know if this will work for every pokemon center, but, this happened to me in the Virdian City one. I was looking at my messed-up HoF just for fun, and sometimes, the gentleman near the PC, would step down, at the same time (or almost the same time) I turned on the pc, and when the PC box popped up, the gentleman's body was about one-fourths ON top of the box!! " 

From geruta345:

  • "Okay so i'm a fan of missingno and M'. If not a little scared of them (I'm 12 okay?) anyway I saw your site. GREAT source of info and I thought i'd tell you a story I have that I don't think has been posted in your site yet. I recently saw missingno to duplicate my escape rope(I don't remember why) and since I didn't need it I withdrew it. I went to the safari zone to go chansy hunting, and I....Failed (-.-;). Anyway I decided to withdraw my escape rope and I flew to lavnder town. What happens? The music is CREEPILY slow and I can't talk to anyone. Then I turn my game of from fear. I tried it again but it didn't work.....Wierd. Anyway thats my story. :)" 

From vickigirl91793:

  • "on my friend's yellow version, she was in lavender town in the tower. she didn't have a silph scope. she ran into an unidentified gastly, then she looked at her items. she went back to the battle screen, and the gastly was identified!"

  • "on my yellow version, i was battling a trainer in the celadon gym. she had 3 pokemon, and sent out weepinbell, and my charmeleon used ember. weepinbell's hp was down in the red. the trainer withdrew it and sent out gloom. charmeleon beat gloom with ember. then the trainer sent out another gloom. the gloom's hp was down in the red, just like weepinbell's. what happenned to weepinbell? i never saw it again after it was withdrawn. the sprites must have been changed!"

From Seakingfan:

  • "On my Red version, for some reason my rival Gary is standing on the route to Indigo Plateue. He battles you there earlier on in the game and then he is supposed to walk away, but for some reason, he just stands there and is still there. He says something like, "smell y' later" like when he automaticly walks away. This is some sort of minor glitch. He is found on the route west of Viridian city, before you get to the house where the Boulder Bage guard is. No Gameshark used."

  • "On the internet when I was browsing for Missingno cheats I came accross one titled, the U.S. way to catch MissingNo. It basicly said that aswell as the 'talk to the man in viridian city cheat', you can also trade with a trainer from Cinnabar lab in the first room. Once you have traded, surf on the east coast of cinnabar island and there you go, MissingNos." 

Random Quirks - G/S/C

From jazzygirl1229:

  • "I found this cool glitch on G/S a while ago so I may leave out some names. If you go to the burnt tower on any system with colour and battle the guy near the farthest away hole on the first floor. After you win speak to him and then he will turn all grey as if Medusa was behind you. It's not pernament but freaky. To reverse it leave the tower or save and quit. I'll try it on Fire Red and Leaf Green when/if I get it. Chances are it's fixed but still worth a try. I wonder if this happened to anyone else. "

From PokeMario:

  • "One time I was on Stadium 2, and I was Mystery Gifting with the girl from Goldenrod, using my Crystal version. Well, apparently something was wrong with the connection because a screen popped up that said so. Anyway, so I took out the Transfer Pak and blew on all the connections a few times. Then I put it in, and I could get my Mystery Gift (which happened to be a Przcureberry). But when I went to play my game again at the Doduo GB Tower, sometimes all the text in a text box popped up at once! Even when I went to play it on my SP, this still happened. Thankfully it didn't mess up my game any more than that, and changing the text speed in the options menu and then changing it back fixed it."

From Drokonoken:

  • "On another of my Pokemon games (Crystal I think it is), the Nurse Joy at the Fuschia City Pokemon Center has GREEN hair instead of RED! That's been bugging me ever since I started playing."

From Pikabud:

  • "my pokemon silver had a lv100(non sharked) mewtwo witch i kept trading bewtween silver and crystal so i can not lose it when i restart and beat pokemon legue with him but when i was trading alot in my silver i saved it and closed it for like 2 months and after 2 months i played it again and every time i would talk to a nurse or go down the stairs it would turn blank for awhile and the screen is covered with fuzz i didnt know what the heck was going on and after a year i restarted both my crystal and silver please investagate that glitch cuase i beat the level 100 stadium on pokemon stadium 2 with my non sharked level 100 mewtwo "

From oscar-meyer-weiner:

  • "once i was playing pkmn silver (a couple months ago) on pkmn stadium 2. I had to pluggin this clock in the same power bar as the nintendo 64. so i thought, okay, ill unplug the nintendo for 1 second to make room. So i unplug the nintendo, find out the clock doesn't work anyway, and plug the nintendo back in. I turned it on, went to gbc and at the screen to turn on gb game, and below the picture, it says: SAVE GAME DATA NOT FOUND. at this point i spazzed. the game i had been working on for more than 2 years had been destroyed!!!! on the opening screen, all it said was NEW GAME. by unpugging the n64 while silver cartridge was still in it caused the game data to be wiped right off. clean. as if i just bought the game the day before..." 

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