Poke' matrix

By Toad


"Go." The phone rang in his ears. The man stood up, phone in hand and ran for the door. He wore sunglasses, a long black coat and black jeans. His hair was deeply dark brown, and the hand without the mobile telephone contained an Uzi nine millimetre. He launched himself out a huge window, into the night. He landed next to a payphone. There were footsteps behind him.

"Mr. Peterson." Growled a voice behind him. He clutched his Uzi, spun round and shot, jumping backwards into the phone box. The bullets flew at another man, wearing a grey suit, with a small speaker in his ear and sunglasses. He effortlessly avoided them.

"Goodbye, Mr. Peterson." Stated the man, emotionlessly, when the Uzi ran out of ammo. The first man threw his Uzi to the floor and cartwheeled behind a parked van. He put the mobile to his ear and whispered.

"There's an agent! He took out the phone. I need help!"

"I got another exit. Do you see that red motorbike? The keys have been left in!"

"Thanks, Data!" The man ran towards the motorbike, bullets screaming past him, just shy of killing him. He somersaulted through the air, onto the vehicle. He turned the keys and roared off towards a car park. He continued on the phone: "Where now?"

"Hang on, Aeon." Replied Data. "DAMN IT!" He roared. "The place is crawling with agents! Head for the multi-story car park. HURRY!" Aeon closed the phone and sped away. Another motorcycle pulled out behind him. He sped to a tunnel, and drove up the side. The other bike followed. He came down on top of a lorry.

"Data, help?" He growled, into his phone.

"Aeon, go for the packer. You can make it up the bridge!" replied Data.

"YEE-HAA!" Called Aeon. He drove off the lorry, through some cars and up the ramp of the packer. He flew up onto the bridge. A bullet streaked into his tire. He fell to the floor, and looked up. A helicopter waited above him, with agents in it.

"AEON, I'M SENDING YOUR PARTNER! Just try and survive." Stated his phone line companion. Aeon jumped up and pulled out a grenade. He threw it up into the chopper engulfing it in a ball of flame. The scorched, flaming metallic core dropped to the bridge, destroying part of it. Aeon dropped down through the hole, grabbing a gun one of the agents had dropped. He ran towards a parking car. When it had stopped he walked over. He saw a fat man in a vest through the window. He stepped out and walked round, turning out to be an agent. Aeon ran, firing out at the agent. He dropped behind a letterbox, catching his breath.

Suddenly, a hand punched through and grabbed Aeon by the neck. There was a bang and the hand fell lifeless. Aeon stood up and saw another man, similarly dressed with a bald head and a gun. The agent had turned into the body of the fat man with a vest.

"Thanks Omega." Puffed Aeon. Omega got into a sports car just next to him.

"GET IN!" Called Omega as an agent climbed out of the a house behind them. The agent fired a few shots, but the car sped away. Soon, Aeon and Omega were at the multi storey car park. They climbed out of the car and into a phone box. Omega put the phone to his ear and vanished. Aeon did the same.

They awoke in metal chairs, surrounded by computers. They were wearing white, rag-like clothes in a hovercraft. Data walked over. "Did you get the co-ordinates?" He asked.

"Sure." Replied Aeon, typing something onto a nearby keyboard. The three men walked to a ladder and climbed up. They found themselves at a cockpit. The vehicle landed above a pile of junk. The three men walked out and found a strange, metal circle. It was wired to a selection of computers. Data typed a code on one, and the circle filled with a blue haze. Aeon and Omega, guns in hands, stepped through.

Chapter 1

Alec rolled the sphere in his hand, smiling. When the person in front of him pulled out a similar half-red, half-white sphere, Alec threw it. In a red flash, a creature appeared in front of him. It was a long, beautiful snake-like creature. It was green, and gently sparkled.

"Lets go, Draciet!" Alec called.

"Whoa, Alec! You've got a green Dragonair?

"Yep! Took me months to find!" Alec replied. The other guy threw his Poke' ball into the air. A greyish blob appeared. It looked like a fuzz of computer graphics.

"Go, M'!" Called the other boy, Lexus."

"What the?" asked Alec.

"It's an M'. They were clones of Mew and Kangashkan combined, but they went wrong. The psychic energy engulfed the physical body." Explained Lexus.

"Come on, Draciet! We can take Lexus' Poke'mon!" Commanded Alec. "HYPER BEAM!" He called. Draciet complied, and a spiral of lasers pumped from its mouth. They shredded through the rocks and smashed into M'. It fell to the floor. Lexus returned it to its ball. Alec patted Draciet, and returned her to her ball.

"What else have you got?" pondered Lexus.

"Charizard, Raichu, Alakazam, Articuno and Vileplume." Replied Alec.

"Well I have Magmar, Dewgong, Fearow and two Missingnos." Stated Alec.

"What?" asked Alec?

"Two more cloning glitches. One, an attempt on Haunter, the other on Kabutops. Have you ever been to Lavender tower without a Silph scope? The ghost types pretend to be Missingnos." Explained Lexus.

There was a loud bang, and the two friends spun round to see. There was a blue ring floating in the air. A cloud of smoke poured out. Lexus poked the smoke and screamed.

"IT BURNS!" He roared, shaking his hand violently. The smoke touched a tree. As the gas spread across the plant, it burned up in flames. This in turn lit another tree, and soon enough a small woods was burning. Lexus launched his ball and a large, horned seal appeared.

"DEWGONG!" It roared.

"Water gun" commanded Lexus, and a blast of water launched from the creatures mouth at the flames. Alec released Draciet and did the same. Soon the flame was gone. But the smoke was still spreading.

"Go, Articuno!" Called Alec, launching another ball. A glowing blue bird with long tail feathers appeared. "ICY WIND!" ordered Alec. The creature spread its wings and the wind blew forcefully at the smoke. It blew long and hard, but the smoke stayed.

"Dewgong, do the same." Stated Lexus. Soon, two winds were forcing against the smoke. It shook and puffed and eventually dissipated.

"YES!" Shouted the two trainers. Next to the blue circle was an unconscious man. The friends ran over, and Alec fell to his knees and checked the man's pulse, on the neck.

"He lives! Exclaimed Alec. "Articuno, come here please." The bird bounced over and lowered its head. Alex stood up. He was tall, with black hair, jeans, bag and t-shirt. Lexus was smaller, with blonde hair, red shorts and army jacket and a blue t-shirt. They lifted Aeon onto Articuno's back. Lexus returned Dewgong to its Poke' ball, and Alec did the same for Draciet. They both pulled out Poke' Balls.

A tall orange dragon appeared from Alec's ball, and a long-necked brown bird from Lexus'. The boys climbed on their creatures respectively and flew off into the air, followed by Articuno and Aeon. They sped away, over huge fields and forests, with the occasional road or river, till they reached a great city. It had many huge skyscrapers. A sign read: welcome to Saffron City.

Chapter 2

Aeon awoke on a hospital bed. Around him were nurses and strange, pink, chubby creatures. He sat up and shook his head. A bookshelf was next to him, and he began to read.

"We'll check up on you in a moment, okay?" asked a young nurse sweetly. She turned and left. Aeon kept on reading. Many hours passed. Sometimes, doctors would check up on him but nothing major. He read on. After eight hours, two young boys walked in and sat down, followed by a doctor.

"You're lucky to be alive, Mr. Aeon was it?" exclaimed the doctor. "If these two hadn't saved you, you probably would have been burnt to death. Could you tell us a little about yourself?"

"Well, this may sound impossible, but I'm from a parallel universe! Where I come from, Poke'mon never evolved. Humankind is locked in a war with machines, robots if you like, which have made an artificial world called the Matrix where they keep the human mind while getting energy from the body. It's complicated."

"Sure!" exclaimed Alec. "I'm Alec, and this is Lexus. We're Poke'mon trainers. Hey, with a good few creatures on your side, you could whip these robots!"

"Now things like that are why I came!" exclaimed Aeon. "Who would be the best?"

"Maybe the Elite four, or perhaps us!" roared Lexus.

"No, not you." Laughed Aeon. "Perhaps this Elite." There was an explosion outside. Alec peered out the window and saw a fleet of helicopters. A voice sounded through the building.

"THIS IS TEAM ROCKET! SURRENDER YOUR POKE'MON AND MONEY. THIS IS." A blast of fire shot through the window. Aeon, Alec Lexus and the doctor slipped out the door and ran down a corridor, straight into a group of large men. They wore black clothes with a red "R" on the front. Aeon and co turned and ran. The doctor slipped in a cupboard. Lexus released M' to hold off the rockets, when a rocky arm punched through the floor, grabbing Aeon's leg. It swung him into a chemical filled room. A strange, green liquid dropped onto Aeon. He swallowed some. The doctor ran over to him.

"That's poisonous!" He exclaimed.

"Don' worry. In my universe, there's a cure!" he assured the doctor. A humanoid brown creature walked in, followed by Lexus and Alec.

"Everyone touch Alakazam." Ordered Alec. The group complied, with the exception of the doctor. In a flash of light, they were on a helicopter. A team rocket one! All the criminals were in the cockpit. Alec snuck up behind them with Aeon, and they both hit one on the head. Aeon pushed the unconscious fiends on the floor, and sat in the pilot seat.

"Sit down, everyone!" he ordered. When they were seated, he flew out of Saffron city. "Where did you find me?" he asked.

"That way." Said Lexus, pointing. Aeon aimed towards that direction. They were being followed by the police and some rockets. Soon they were above the blue gateway. A rocket blasted from the rocket vehicle and exploded on the side. The helicopter spiralled to the floor. When it hit, there was a huge explosion. The police landed by it. A male officer walked out.

"Jenny, search the chopper for survivors." He ordered. A female, with a blue uniform and hair, ran over to the burnt out shell. A missile flew from the rockets, aimed at her. She jumped away as it impacted. The resulting explosion sent her flying through the blue circle. Alakazam teleported in front of it, with Aeon and Lexus. Another missile impacted by them, and they also jumped through the circle. Alec ran at them and jumped through.

They arrived in piles of junk, and looked up to see robotic, squid-like things. "Sentinels." Exclaimed Aeon, coldly. "Into the ship!"

"Alakazam, light screen!" ordered Alec. The sentinels fired lasers, but they were reflected by Alakazam's technique. They ran on board the ship. It lifted into the air and sped away.

"What is this?" asked Alec.

"The Escapade. Only craft that's faster is the Logos." Explained Data. "What's up with Aeon?"

"Nitro-Glatocate. I need Nilium Baroxide." He slumped to the floor. Data ran to the cockpit and shouted at Omega.

"I'm taking us to broadcast level. Go into the matrix and get help for the captain." As soon as they were at a certain height, Alakazam fainted. Omega hooked into the matrix, and Alec and Lexus released all their Poke'mon. Each and every one was unconscious.

"What's going on?" asked Alec. Data stared at a strange green code on a P.C then replied.

"You're. Poke'mon was it? Well, their brain wave patterns are in tune with the matrix!" replied Data, confused as the two trainers, the rebel and the police officer he was talking to.

"How odd." Announced Jenny. Alec and Lexus suddenly realised she was there.

Inside the Matrix, Omega was at the airport. He walked to a payphone and put in 20cents. He picked up the receiver. "The maloose has arrived at the ostrich. Kiping?" he asked, then put down the phone. There was a bang noise behind him. He swung round as a bullet hit his arm. Omega slumped to the floor, and looked up. There was an agent. A bullet was shot from his gun, right at Omega.

Chapter 3

"Are you sure?" asked Lexus, wearily.

"I hope so. Omega needs help, and if he's not out soon, we'll have to EMP without him. I can't lose him now. We've found the warp, dam it!" replied Data, shaking angrily.

"This is all very strange." Exclaimed Jenny. Data stared at the P.C screen. The green code of the Matrix whizzed past. The Matrix.

Omega watched as a small explosion sent a bullet spinning towards his chest. It touched and. stopped! Omega flopped to his side and looked up.

Floating in the air was the bullet, a tiny drop of blood on the end. It condensed into a ball and plopped to the floor. Floating above was Alakazam! He had stopped the bullet with his Psychic powers! He launched a purple ball of energy at the agent, which disintegrated him. Alakazam picked up Omega and floated away to the other Poke'mon. The place was swarming with agents! Omega pulled out an Uzi and released swarms of bullets.

None connected, as the agents dodged. Then, the other Poke'mon released ice beams and blasts of electricity: everything they had. Omega saw a telephone box, ringing. "Land there!" he ordered, pointing at it. The Poke'mon complied, and Omega got in. He put the receiver to his ear, and vanished. More agents arrived, firing at the Poke'mon. But before the bullets could connect, they vanished!

Omega and the Poke'mon awoke on the Endeavour. Jenny was on the roof, shooting Sentinels. Suddenly, a blue, circular wave of energy pulsed out. It slammed into the Sentinels, and they dropped to the floor. Jenny walked over to a ladder in the floor. She climbed on and slid down. Inside were the trainers, Data, Omega and a strange purple ghost. Missingno! They were around a stretcher, which had Aeon on it. He was horribly weak, with a white face and bags under his eyes. He moaned, and began to talk.

"Omega. I hid the Agent's master. key. it'll. it. you can go . anywhere." He closed his eyes.

"He's going out!" roared Data, pointing at a computer. It showed his life signs.

"Where?" asked Omega, desperately? There was a banging at the door. Jenny ran out, and opened it. A dark-skinned woman pushed her out the way and ran to Aeon. When she reached him, she squeezed his nose so his mouth opened. She poured in a blue- green liquid. His eyes opened, and he said;

"Thanks, Niobe."

"Any time." Replied the newly arrived woman. She walked over to Missingno. "You found it then, I take it?" Aeon nodded.

"But it's damaged." Replied Omega, shrugging.

"It just needs a new relic pipe, but it's an old type. No-one has them!" moaned Data, punching the air. Niobe closed her eyes and rolled her lip.

"Got it!" she replied, snapping her fingers. "Thaddeus. Of the Osiris? He uses old types 'cause it's an old design hovercraft. Try him." She turned and began to walk out.

"There's a problem there!" exclaimed Data, who had been on a P.C. Everyone looked at him. "The machines have him!"

"Niobe, can you help?" asked Omega.

"I suppose I have to!" She replied. She walked out, and Omega and Aeon got in the matrix chairs. Data brought the ship up to Matrix broadcast height and Missingno fainted.

Omega and Aeon found themselves in a completely white room. Shelves and shelves of guns and other weapons arrived like trains. Omega took four pistols, two Uzis, one rifle and a samurai sword. He also grabbed some grenades.

Aeon took four Uzis, a silenced pistol, a skateboard and a load of grenades. Omega shook his head, and said "Optimistic, gullible kid with skill and smart. Useful guy."

Omega, Aeon and the Poke'mon awoke in a car warehouse. Omega walked up to an assistant.

"I'd like to use this vehicle please." He asked, pointing at a car. Aeon did the same with another car.

"Ah, a test drive! Certainly sir!" replied the assistant. The rebels got in and turned them on. "Can you feel the power?"

"Oh yeah!" replied Omega. He started the engine, and drove out, followed by Aeon. They bombed down the street, followed by Niobe in another car. Next to her was Ghost, a man with a moustache, beard and very short hair. He held a sniper rifle.

"Data, where is he?" asked Aeon, over the phone.

"Skyscraper, 51st street. Hurry!" replied the phone line controller.

"We're on it!" replied Aeon, loading his silenced pistol. They arrived at the building, and stepped out of the car. The four rebels walked into the reception. Ghost got in a lift, and the others climbed into an air vent. They crawled along till they were above a hidden room. Aeon dropped down and fired a shot at each of the eleven security guards. The rebels walked up to a door, where Niobe picked the lock. The door swung open, and she found herself face to face with one of three agents! She ducked back, narrowly avoiding a bullet. Aeon and Omega let rip with pistols. The agents dodged.

Niobe got up, and pulled out her own pistol. The agents dodged every shot till eventually there was no ammo left. The rebels cringed as the agents fired. But the bullets were stopped, as the Poke'mon teleported in. Each one launched an attack, and the agents fell. There were two doors. Aeon carefully opened one to see a bunch of office workers. He got on the skateboard, and waved his hand for the Poke'mon to come. He pulled out two Uzis, as the workers became agents!

Through the other door, where Niobe and Omega went, there was an army of swat police. Omega charged in, guns blazing. Niobe ran up a wall and cartwheeled through the air, and landed on a cubicle wall. She pulled out an Uzi and fired the bullets within in a cloud of death. Each one hit home, and before long she'd killed eleven cops! Seventeen more, with Omega's bullets in their chests, joined them on the floor.

Omega threw his last two pistols to the floor and pulled out two Uzis. They walked to the door the other side of the room.

Meanwhile, Aeon and the Poke'mon charged into the agents. Aeon ollied onto a filing cabinet then unleashed a hail of Uzi fire on his foes. As expected they dodged each bullet. After a minute, the guns stopped shooting. Aeon threw them down and pulled out a couple more. He smiled and continued firing. After another minute these two ran out of ammo too, and he dropped them and raised his hands. The agents pulled out their pistols and took aim.

The Poke'mon who had snuck round obliterated the agents. Aeon skateboard down and to the door. He opened it simultaneously with Omega in the other room. It was an empty room, with a bald, dark-skinned man tied to a chair in the middle. A huge window shined in at the side, and three doors led off in other directions. The three rebels walked over to Thaddeus, when all of a sudden the doors burst open and agents poured in, loaded pistols ready.

"Oh dear." Exclaimed Niobe, shaking her head.

"Not good." Moaned Omega, agreeing. "Not good at all."

Chapter 4

Ghost waited in the lift, as it pushed him up at a miraculous speed. He checked his sniper rifle was ready then tucked it in a holster beneath his jacket, pulling out instead a pistol and an entry shotgun. He smiled, and went backed to waiting.

DING DONG! Ghost had reached the roof, where he wanted to be. He stepped out. There were five police officers guarding a small, unarmed helicopter. Ghost shot two in the head with his pistol, then threw a flying kick to another's head. He fired sixteen bullets to the fourth's chest then blasted the last over the edge with his shotgun.

A crow lifted up its wing, and pushed down with all its might. The force lifted it and the creature repeated again and again. Suddenly, there was a loud bang above, and the crow looked up just in time to see a human corpse come zooming into it.

A crow lifted up its wing, and pushed down with all its might. The force lifted it and the creature repeated again and again. Suddenly, there was a loud bang above, and the crow looked up just in time to see a human corpse come zooming into it.

"Déjà vu!" Ghost walked over to the helicopter and threw his weapons in. He placed a foot on the step, and heaved his body into the vehicle. "Sparks!" he roared, into his mobile phone. "I need a steal helicopter file, fast!"

"I'm on it!" replied the guy on the phone. Ghost sat back and tapped his fingers, when there was a noise to his left. He looked across to see the lift doors open, and an agent walk out.

"Game over." Stated the agent, cold and emotionlessly. He held up the gun, and gave a small smile, pulling the trigger. A small piece of metal was propelled at Ghost, who slammed shut the door and ducked. The bullet hit the metal and was stopped. The agent's smile went. Ghost grabbed his pistol and slipped out the back. The agent was waiting for him. "Predictable insect." He growled, angrily.

"Predictable program." Replied Ghost, kicking between the agent's legs. He somersaulted over and landed at the building's edge, holding out his arms to prevent a fall. They both spun round and fired. The bullet missed the agent, and ghost dropped off the building to avoid his foe's fire.

The agent walked to the edge and looked down at Ghost holding on. "Only human."

"Burn." Replied Ghost, throwing a grenade into the agent and engulfing him in flames. Ghost climbed up and back into the chopper. Suddenly, he knew how to drive it! He grabbed the controls and lifted the vehicle off the roof, then floated down the side.

"It was a trap!" announced Aeon, clutching his gun. The agents' guns fired and a wall of ice stopped the bullets. The Poke'mon had saved the rebels yet again. But suddenly, a huge steel wall surrounded them.
"Sentinels approaching, real fast!" shouted Data at his parallel universe friends. Alec and Lexus ran to the heavy machine guns at the sides, and Jenny ran to the roof. She looked out to the seventeen squid-like robots flying towards her.

She held out her pistol and squeezed the trigger. A small explosion launched a bullet towards the sentinel directly in front. The chunk of metal smashed into the front of the machine, sending out a pulse wave, which smashed the front of the device, shredding the technology inside.

Three more bullets smashed into the device, sending it spinning into another sentinel. Two more were obliterated by the machine guns on either side.
"SMASH IT!" Ordered one of the agents, and two more walked towards the ice, and punched it repeatedly at impossible speeds. Soon, the ice crumbled, and Aeon, Niobe and Omega were back in the line of fire. The agents raised their weapons and there was a bang. One of the agents dropped to the floor, a wound in his head. Another fell, followed by two more, each one in time with a bang. Everyone in the room looked up to see ghost's helicopter. An agent fired, and Aeon narrowly dodged.

Niobe and Omega, carrying Thaddeus, ran to the window, now smashed, and jumped out. Aeon ran over to the Poke'mon under the steel addition. "Come on, Alakazam!" Aeon roared, sweating. Suddenly, the metal began to shake. It shook and shook, then lifted from the floor it was attached to. A huge, fiery, humanoid beast was holding it up.

"Magmar!" it roared, throwing the steel cover at the agents. Alakazam lay wounded. Aeon picked it up, and they ran out the window and grabbed the helicopter's landing rails.

"MOVE!" commanded Omega, pointing away. The helicopter zoomed away from the building. The final agent growled and fired a series of bullets at the vehicle. The helicopter shook and Omega fell, just grabbing Alakazam's leg. One of Alakazam's hands was holding Aeon's hand, and Aeon's other hand held the helicopter's landing rail.

"The propeller's damaged!" announced Ghost, wrestling with the controls. A swat police helicopter pulled up beneath them. Ghost looked down, then looked back up to see a billboard! They smashed through, losing even more of their control. When the cheese advert finally fell off the windscreen, Ghost realised they were heading for a building. He tried to move out of the collision course, but couldn't.

"Everyone out!" ordered Niobe. She, Ghost, Thaddeus and the Poke'mon jumped out, as Aeon let go. They fell, the wind blowing against them. Above, the helicopter smashed into the building. This ignited the fuel tank and caused an explosion, engulfing the chopper in a ball of flame.

The group fell and fell, followed by flaming rocks. The ground rushed at them. A lorry zoomed over and they crashed through the top and landed in some hay. Aeon looked up to see a horse. "Hold on!" commanded Ghost as the vehicle was flipped through the air by due to a rock hitting the front. They came crashing down and crawled out.

"Get a car." Ordered Aeon, as a blue Mercedes Benz hurtled towards him. He jumped into the air and came crashing through the sunroof.

"What the?" asked the driver, as Aeon's fist threw him out. Aeon turned to the steering wheel and reversed back. He stopped the car next to Alakazam. He climbed out and pulled the unconscious Poke'mon in. They hurtled off, followed by Ghost in a people carrier, Omega in a lorry with the Poke'mon in the back and Niobe in a beetle. They hurtled away and Aeon put the phone to his ear.

"Data, I need an exit!" shouted Aeon, driving one handed.

"I got you one. The museum of modern art, and hurry! We've got company and WHOAH! So have you! Agents, cops. everything!" replied Data, staring at a screen.

Chapter 5

Aeon drove his car at insane speeds, followed closely by a Ford Mondeo. He increased the speed even more, growling. A trio of police cars pulled out behind him, the passengers leaning out the side with machine guns in hands. They fired at Aeon's car, but he swerved out the way and braked. The police cars sped a few metres in front then braked. Aeon threw a grenade into each one, obliterating them. Aeon sped away, the agent Mondeo close behind.

Niobe propelled the vehicle away, when two Vauxhall Vectras pulled up, each one with two agents in. The agents that weren't driving climbed onto the roof, one jumping onto Niobe's car, the other onto Omega's lorry. The agent on the lorry was pulled through the material beneath him. A few seconds later a scorched skeleton flew out. Niobe braked, then spun the car and sped away down a side road. The agent stayed on, so he stuck a small black box under the steering wheel and leapt out the window.

The car, and the agent, were engulfed in a ball of fire. Niobe got in a parked van and hot-wired the system in the bottom. She pulled out and drove off in the van. Meanwhile, Ghost and Omega were escaping from the agent's Vectras. They met up with Aeon's car.

An agent suddenly came crashing on Ghost's bonnet, launching him out the windscreen. Ghost back-flipped off the vehicle, pressing a button on a device in his hand. The car exploded, destroying the agent. Ghost landed on the lorry. Another agent jumped off a nearby building and pushed out a hand in front of him. He ushered Ghost towards him, and ghost stood up on one leg, raising a hand up to both sides.

They ran towards each other and fought. Ghost threw a punch, and the rocket grabbed his arm. He twisted it back and kicked Ghost in the side. He lifted the rebel, and slammed him on the floor. Ghost jumped up and ran at the agent. He jumped into the air and kicked. The agent grabbed Ghost leg and threw him through the floor. The agent turned and prepared to jump to Aeon's car, when there was a roar. The agent turned to face the holes in the floor.

A dinosaur-like, orange head smashed up, roaring. Suddenly, a huge dragon burst up. It opened its mouth wide and released a huge, powerful cloud of flame. It launched the agent onto the driver truck. Charizard leapt down and ripped off the agent's head between its jaws. The body fell to the floor, and Niobe's vehicle dropped down from a building onto the final agent car.

The vehicles pulled to a stop next to a pay phone. Omega put it to his ear and vanished, followed by Niobe. Ghost did the same, as did Thaddeus. But before Aeon could, a bullet shredded the receiver. Aeon looked out to see one thousand agents.

"Oh dear." Announced Aeon, shaking. He looked up, as did the agents. A dark figure floated in front of the full moon.

"There's an agent!" announced Omega, in the real world. "Send me in!"

"I can't! There's a malfunction and. Oh. My. God." Replied Data, shaking.

"Uh oh." Announced Jenny, sipping coffee. Suddenly, a gun loaded against her head, another against Omega. Alec and Lexus held them.

"Finally we can finish our mission." Announced Lexus, smiling.

"Assassinate officer Jenny." Continued Alec.

"What is this?" asked Omega, holding a crowbar.

"Call it." started Alec.

"An act of team rocket." Finished Lexus, as Omega attacked with the crowbar. Lexus fired into his chest, and Alec shot Data. The two boys aimed at Jenny, when they were shook by the vehicle landed.

"The warp is ready." Announced Thaddeus, over an intercom. Behind him, Alec could see a boy step out of the warp, followed by a small yellow mouse with a lightning bolt tail. Two adults with a Mewouth followed him. Alec and Lexus fired at Jenny, but she rolled behind a computer. The hovercraft took off again, and flew towards Thaddeus. The boys fired madly at the computer and it exploded. They stood above Jenny and fired down.

Inside the matrix, the figure floated down. It was humanoid, cat-like, with a purple tail and grey body. "I am Mewtwo." It announced. Well, actually it was psychically communicated. It produced purple balls of energy in its hands, and destroyed two helicopters, and landed. It stood peacefully. Some agents approached, and Mewtwo jumped into the air and spun round, kicking its foes. It threw a punch to another agent, and then psychically threw some more. It ducked and spun on the floor bowling foes over. Finally, it raised its arms up and sent out a wave of knocking force, defeating one hundred.

Mewtwo punched some more, kicked a few then pulled a lamp post out of the floor. It spun it around taking out foes, and then lobbed it into the air. Mewtwo kicked fifteen more agents, punched another and then caught the post. More agents ran at the Poke'mon but it knocked them back. Mewtwo flew into the air.

Mewtwo glowed purpled, then became an expanding blue ball. Soon, it engulfed all the agents. Aeon found himself floating through the air, and came to a stop by a pay phone. He put it to his ear and vanished, just in time. The Endeavour landed at the pile of junk, where the warp was.

Aeon walked out to see two teams facing off. On one side were two boys, a girl and a Pikachu. On the other side was a teenage boy, a teenage girl and Alec and Lexus. The Pikachu charged a thunderbolt technique, and fired. Alec held out a Poke'ball, and from within, Alakazam emerged. It blocked the thunderbolt and propelled it back. Aeon ran out, and stood in the middle.

"Sentinels are coming!" he roared, "You must return to your world, unless you want to stay." The others looked at him for a moment, then walked to the warp. Everyone else went through, but before Alakazam did, it returned to the Endeavour. It held a hand over Omega, and his wound healed. It did the same for Data and Jenny, then walked out. It stepped through the warp, followed by Jenny.

Aeon walked to the warp with a crowbar and smashed it. He turned to his friends.

"Our worlds were never meant to meet." Suddenly, the warp circle appeared, without the technology. Mewtwo floated through and it vanished.


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