Downloads Part 3 - Pokemon (And Other) Dolls

These images are not to be modified in any way. If you take anything from this website (the Downloads, Art Page, or anything else) for your own site or to post on a forum, you must give credit to TR Rose or TR's Rockin! If you steal art and claim it as your own to post on a board, the board owner will be notified.

To post one of these images, right-click the image and select "Save Image As...". Then, upload it as a picture to your own website (or image server, like a Photobucket account), post the appropriate code, and there's the image! The first image in each set is for use on white or very light-colored backgrounds. The second image has a thicker black outline, so it's better suited to a black or dark-colored background. If you try one and don't like the appearance, just come back and take the other.

Pokemon Dolls




Paper Mario Dolls


Lady Bow


Current Pokemon Doll Totals:
7/100 Johto
3/135 Hoenn

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