From Luke Summerhayes:

  • "Have you ever heard of the PokeRus? Its kind of like Shiny Pokemon. They added it in Gold/ Silver and it just pops up.

    According to Internet sources... PokeRUS doubles the rate at which the infected Pokemon gains stats as they level up, even after the infection goes away. And it's pretty rare, although I am not clear on exactly how rare. I am pretty sure it had something to do with trading.

    And on another site I found this, supposedly revealing a danger of the PokeRus.

    BulbaFree and RedMac who have gold and silver versions, RedMac with Silver, Bulba with gold. Were at both at Goldenrod city pokemon center and Bulbafree had just traded over his Onix, to evolve for reds Tyfloshion. Then they were gonna trade back when Bulba was on the part of when it said trade complete. And Red was already on Please Waiting. Then Bulbafrees went back to the normal trade area, where you select the pokemon to trade and all of Reds pokemons names where like Question marks and Symbols. And his were perfectly fine. But Reds screen still said please waiting (it says it through the whole time). And anyway, Bulbafree checked the status on the questoion marked pokemon, all of which when we saw the pics and status were not Reds Pokemon. And Under status they all said PokeRus. And There attacks were all messed up, Like there was a Zapdos with Moltreses moves, Blastoise with a Chanseys, etc. We ened up just turned off the games, and when we plugged them back in and tried to trade, it took us like 5 times. Then on Reds screen she saw her pokemon but under sebs, there was all pinsirs. Seb only saw please wait. And If we find any further info on this we will notify you, but we now call this "The PokeRus Glitch".

From Dinosaurman:
  • "PokeRus stand for Pokemon VIRUS

    I heard if you punch in a lot and i mean A LOT of cheat codes in your G/S/C (gold, silver, crystal) wild pokemon will start to have
    pokerus. i once saw a yanma and since i didnt catch one yet, i caught it and guess what? it had the VIRUS!"

From Hiya Chako:

  • "Pokerus, or PKRS is found in G/S/C and R/S. You get it by catching or fighting) a Pokemon with it. The odds of a single wild Pokemon having it are like the odds of catching a shiny Pokemon. By putting a Pokemon with PKRS in your party, the other members of your party. When a Pokemon has it, it increases effort points, or how much stat gain it gets per level. You know a Pokemon has it by either looking at its info, where it says "Status: PKrus", or, the first time one of your Pokemon has it, the Pokemon Center nurse will tell you about it when she heals your Pokemon. A Pokemon will stop having it after a while, but it will still have increased effort gain. It won't, however, be able to transmit it to other Pokemon. Another way to get it is to hav a friend who has a Pokemon with it to trade you that pokemon so you can transmit it to your Pokemon (that's how I got it)."

From Lissalou062:

  • "I heard this somewhere, and I'm not sure if it's true. It's rumored that if you battle a wild Pokemon on Route 102 in Pokemon Ru/Sa (the route between Petalburg City and Oldale Town) with a physical attack, there's a better chance to get Pokerus. I tried this by using Double Kick on a few wild Pokemon from my Blaziken. A few days later when I healed my Pokemon at a Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy gave my the whole lecture about how PokeRus is a rare virus and that my Blaziken had it. Luck and coincidence? Maybe... I'm not really sure.

    Also, you know when a Pokemon has had PokeRus before. When the purple "PKRS" symbol at the bottom left-hand corner of the Pokemon Info. screen disappears, a black dot will appear to the left of the Pokemon's Level and to the right of the style of Pokeball it is captured in. You can't transmit the virus to other Pokemon when this happens. When it does have the "PKRS" symbol, that Pokemon can only transmit it to the Pokemon after it in the team lineup. Say you have your team in this order: Ninetales, Rayquaza, Latias, Pikachu, Salamence, Swampert. If Ninetales has it, it can pass it on to Rayquaza. In the next battle, if you use Ninetales, it is then possible to transmit it to Latias because Rayquaza has it. Once Latias gets it, it can transmit it to Pikachu, and so on and so forth."

From Flygon Master:

  • "In my cyrstal I got the PokeRS! when I went to the PokeCenter and nurse Joy said something like all my shiny Pokemon(Noctowl, Magby, and Garyados) had It! Then Prof.Elm clled and said he discovered a new kind of virus that HELPS your pokemon! Soon the virus spred to my Typhlosion. but then it dissapered. I put my magby in my PC cuz I wasn't training it. Soon the RUS dissipered from my Noctowl a Gayrrados too. but not my Magby. So I think that to keep the RUS wil only stay if you deposit the Pokemon that has it."

From Stephanie:

  • "Hi, some of my pokemon on my Diamond version got pokerus from a Regirock that came from my cousin's hacked Ruby version (Bad Eggs, Celebis). But once my all my pokemon in my party got it, my game froze after a while. I reset it, thinking it was nothing, and I went to battle a random trainer. I beat the Mantine, but when he sent out his Pelipper, my game froze again. I got scared, thinking pokerus was doing this to me.

    "So I checked my pokemon after 24 hours knowing it was supposed to be cured, but it was still contaigous. I thought it would go away the next day, but I still couldn't help feeling uncomfterble.

    "I checked them every day but for a week straight, but it was still contaigous. But when I checked on the 8th day, I saw the smiley face that means they're cured. But I can't help wondering why it took a week for my pokemon to be cured. And they haven't even been in the PC at all either. I never used any cheats on my game ever, not even that cloning trick. So can anyone tell me why it took a week to be cured?"

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