The Elegant Princess Peach

TR's Rockin's second Cosplay Journal

This costume journal describes my classic Princess Peach (Toadstool) dress.
For the journal on my Smash Bros. Brawl styled dress, go to An Extra Peachy Dress.

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Princess Peach

Princess Peach - TR Rose
Overview of Costume Pieces

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Princess Peach
Costume Piece
How Costume Piece was made
Finished Product
Pink Dress

Dress created from the following patterns:
- McCalls Bridal Elegance M4777 (size 6 for bodice, size 12 for sleeves) - Bodice very heavily modified from pattern -
This pattern is out of print, but you can purchase it here (for now), or you might find it on Ebay.
- McCalls Costumes 4090 (size AA) - skirt pattern cut and modified for two-color skirt
- Neckline created using a scalloped pattern I made

Used "Casa Collection" fabric from Jo-Anns in pearl pink and fuschia for the dress. Note that these colors seem to be discontinued, but any two complementary shades of pink will work. :)

Peach dress
Poofy Underskirt

Ordered from Ebay seller AngelsBridal (cost about $20)
- 3-hoop full crinoline/petticoat skirt, with adjustable waist and hoops

Peach crinoline

Original wig was terrible. Curls fell out of the thin 3/4 wig and it looked like limp spaghetti, plus the bangs were too transparent. The color was unflattering and texture was not soft.

Purchased a long golden-blonde wavy wig from Ebay and styled the bangs and front flipped-out sections myself. Looks more like real hair and doesn't detract from the rest of the cosplay.

Peach hair
Jewelry: Earrings

Painted round earrings (which I already had) w/ blue spray paint. Any round blue earrings will work - I've recently found some that are rhinestone jewels that look great.

Jewelry: Necklace/Brooch

Ordered jewel from WholesalersUSA, Inc.
- Jumbo size Caribbean Blue Non-iridized gems

Used gold Fimo clay to make setting - placed two small jump rings into top of clay before baking.
Turned into necklace using Magic Stretch invisible beading cord.
I later superglued a piece of foil behind the jewel to make it appear shinier.

Second version of brooch is made using a plastic bauble from Michaels that was painted with glass paint - see last page of guide for details.

Peach necklace

Used metal "French Bucket" vase from Michael's.
Used Dremel to cut crown shape out of metal, used hot glue gun to attach acrylic jewels.
Used Dremel to punch tiny holes in the bottom, and attached hair combs to base with gold wire.
Attached crown to wig using hair clips.
It seems that these vases have become impossible to find lately - you can check thrift stores for them, but I haven't seen these at craft stores since I purchased mine. If you can find a galvanized bucket of the same size, that will also work, but you'll need to spray paint it gold.

Peach crown
Ordered pink ballet slippers online - appropriate for the character, and extremely comfortable even after all-day wear. Highly recommended.
I also have pink flip-flop sandals for outdoor photoshoots at the park.
I already had these from my wedding.
Originally purchased from either a costume shop or the bridal dept. of Michael's.
Peach gloves

Made basic pattern out of newspaper
Veggie base made of bunchy white fur, leaves made from green felt
Eyes made from large black buttons, face added with black fabric paint.


Ordered a yellow parasol online.
Hot-glued blue lace around the outside edge.
Added the face with black fabric paint and pink glitter glue.
Parasol was later redone with a blue ruffle added to the edges in place of the lace


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