Organization of Team Rocket

We have seen four classes of Team Rocket members so far in the anime, which I call Classes A+, A, B, and C. Here's a rundown of the characteristics and members of each group:
  • *Executives*
    These are super-ranked Team Rocket members whose have the job of keeping the underlings in order after Giovanni's defeat in R/B/Y. They organize new schemes in the land of Johto, such as taking control of the Goldenrod Radio Tower and the Red Gyarados experiment at the Lake of Rage. These members keep the Team Rocket organization active, even though their revered leader has been defeated. Since the GB series follows a slightly different storyline than the anime, the elites have never made a television/movie appearance. As long as Giovanni remains in power (in the anime, at least!), it is unlikely that we will see the Executives in the anime.
  • Uniforms: Dark reddish-purple with a small R on the top corner of the shirt. The male and female execs have slightly different uniforms.

  • Class A+: Super-Elites
    Shiranui, Bashou, and Buson
    These are the highest rank of Team Rocket members. They are considered "one man armies" who get the job done. Several assignments include devising and operating the Crystal System to capture Raikou, and searching out the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.
  • Uniforms: Gray and dark blue. There appear to be two variations. No female Super-Execs have appeared. Yet.

    Members: Bashou, Buson, Shiranui; Tatsumi

  • Class A: Active-duty Elites
    We're the best!    Miyamoto, Jessie's Mom
    These are high ranking members of Team Rocket. They are assigned special duties by the Boss, who keeps in close contact with them. In fact, the Boss personally bails out these members whenever they get arrested or into trouble with the law. Class A consists of TR members who have succeeded in capturing many Pokemon, and probably have high salaries as a result. (They don't seem to worry about promotions or payraises, and rarely suffer money troubles.) Some Class A members, like Wendy, have internal jobs at TRHQ.
  • Uniforms: black (with the red R), bordered with white and a red stripe; gloves and boots are also white with a red stripe.

    Members: Butch and Cassidy; Miyamoto; Domino; Wendy

  • Class B: Active-duty Underlings
    Canned food again...    Mondo, the Rocket messenger
    These members are secondary to Class A, without any special privileges or assignments. It seems that these members are usually given simpler assignments or general work for Team Rocket (just being told to capture any "rare" Pokemon). Class B members do not have high salaries, as they have not succeeded in capturing many Pokemon. This is probably the lowest rank of active-duty members since Mondo, an apprentice Rocket, belongs to this group.
  • Uniforms: white (with the red R) with black shirts underneath; charcoal gray boots and gloves.

    Members: Jessie and James; Mondo

  • Class C: Rocket Minions ("Rocket Grunts")

    Rocket Minions

    These are the Rocket members who do much of the "grunt work" for the organization. They are usually called in as backup on complex missions (such as the St. Anne heist, or capturing Pokemon that Mewtwo weakened). Some of the Class C members serve as messengers between Giovanni and active-duty Rockets, while others are guards.

  • Uniforms: plain black/gray (with the red R); black hats; boots and gloves are either black or white.

    Members: There are many of these members, but none of them are specifically named. They are ususally identified as "Rocket Grunt" or "Minion of Team Rocket". There are also Rocket Girls, who wear a uniform much like Jessie's.

And of course who could forget the big guy himself...

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