Mondo: The "Team Rocket Special Delivery Member Trainee". He has short brown hair and wears the same type of uniform as James. Mondo is the youngest member of TR that we've seen (I would guess he's about 16, since he drives), and belongs to Class B, the same ranking as Jessie and James.

Mondo idolizes Musashi (Jessie), Kojiro (James), and Nyarth (Meowth), and frequently helps them out of trouble, even though he knows they always lose to Satoshi's Pikachu. Mondo seems to play the role of messenger between TR and Rocket Headquarters. (I wonder if every team has someone like Mondo helping out?) Mondo drives a red Jeep, and he is responsible for all of the "super items" used by TR in their Pikachu-capturing attempts, such as the Meowth balloon, the hole-digging devices, the explosives used in the first few TR mottos, etc. He is also responsible for bringing food to Musashi and Kojiro after they get "blasted off again".

Mondo respects Nyarth a great deal, thinking the talking cat is very wise and intelligent, and he also has a crush on Musashi (wonder what Kojiro thinks of that?). At the end of the CD Drama, Mondo realizes the reason why he adores Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyarth so much: because they can't live without each other; they make the perfect team with the three of them.

Mondo owns two Pokemon that we know of: a Metamon (Ditto), which he temporarily trades to Jessie and James in exchange for Meowth), and a Kentauros (Tauros).

Mondo is mentioned ONLY in the CD Drama, "The Rocket Gang: It's a White Tomorrow!" which has only been released in Japanese. This CD Drama takes place between the Japanese episodes 38 (Electric Soldier Porygon) and 39 (Pikachu's Goodbye).

I'm guessing that Mondo is no longer associated with Musashi and Kojiro, however. In the more recent episodes, they are working on their own vehicles (such as the Magikarp Sub), and they are always out of food (Mondo had brought them some kind of 'Rocket TV dinners' in the CD Drama). Maybe Mondo was promoted, or Sakaki (Giovanni) decided his skills should be put to use for a more competent team. Whatever the reason, we've never heard of the young Rocket boy again in the series.

Many female Rocket fans pair themselves with Mondo in fanfiction, probably because he's cute, nice, and doesn't officially have a partner. Sometimes he's known as "Billy" in translation (a reference to Billy the Kid) but most refer to him as Mondo.

Mondo, Team Rocket Special Delivery Member Trainee

As Musashi and Nyarth fight, Kojiro yells that he's hungry. Young assistant Mondo quickly appears with food!

Mondo and his red Rocket Jeep

Mondo and his Ditto

Mondo brings something like Team Rocket TV dinners for TR after they get blasted off again

Mondo discovers Nyarth's weakness - a ball of yarn - as Musashi writes her name on Mondo's Pokeball containing Ditto

Mondo pulls a new Nyarth balloon from his mysterious bag for TR... and Nyarth isn't happy with being traded

Mondo happily massages Nyarth's shoulders

Mondo is going to help Musashi and Kojiro, but Nyarth refuses to go

TR Rose's artwork of Mondo

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