Miyamoto - Jessie's Mom

Miyamoto appears only in the CD Drama, "The Birth of Mewtwo", so very little information is known about her. Miyamoto was Jessie's (Musashi's) mother, but being an important active-duty Class A Rocket, had to leave her child to the care of another (we don't know who). However, she always carried a small photo of her daugher with her. Miyamoto's goals in life were clear: "One: profit, two: economize, no three or four and five: pokemon!" (Madam Boss called her the "ideal image of the Rocket Gang")

Miyamoto was the first person to discover evidence of Mew. (She made a tape recording of the South American jungle, and after eliminating all recognizable sounds, revealed the small cry of a Mew). Madam Boss (Giovanni's mother) was the leader of Team Rocket at the time, and sent Miyamoto off on an expedition to capture this new Pokemon.

When she left on the journey, Miyamoto left her young daugher Musashi in the care of someone else. In fact, she tells Madam Boss about this, who agrees that it's difficult to care for children such as her own 'brat boy', Giovanni!

Lost in the Andes Mountains, Miyamoto believes she sees the mysterious Pokemon Mew and chases after it in a blizzard. What happens next is unclear... it appears that she's hallucinating about the future of her daughter, wondering why she's not married yet (at this point, the translation is uncertain).

It is believed that Miyamoto died in an avalanche, but it is rumored that she was rescued by Articuno. This took place 18 years before Giovanni financed the scientific attempt to clone Mewtwo.

Miyamoto's name comes from the famous Japanese samurai, Musashi Miyamoto. Jessie's name is Musashi, so her mother's name is Miyamoto. In fanfiction, Miyamoto's English name is sometimes given as Melissa. It's highly unlikely that this CD Drama will ever be dubbed into English, much like Mondo's "It's a White Tomorrow: Rocket Gang!" CD Drama. Here's some info on the Mewtwo CD Drama:

When Mewtwo was first created (before he destroyed the lab), he was in a glass cylinder, where he met Dr. Fuji's cloned daughter. Dr. Fuji, the scientist responsible for Mewtwo's creation, had lost his only daughter (whose name was Ai, meaning love) in a car accident. He then cloned many copies of his daughter... whenever one would expire, he'd just pop out another clone. His wife left him because of this. Mewtwo's only friend in the lab was one of the "Ai-Two"s.. a clone of the daughter. When she 'was no more', Mewtwo watched in horror as another was just made. It was like his friend was expendable. No wonder Mewtwo's got issues!

A slightly different version of this story (without Madam Boss or Miyamoto) appears as a Special Feature on the Mewtwo Returns DVD. The sequence with Ai-Two (renamed Amber-Two) and little Mewtwo playing with the other Starter Pokemon clones is shown. (Perhaps later, when Mewtwo rebuilt the lab on New Island, he used the DNA of these same Starter Pokemon to create his super-powered clones of Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard?) Squirtle-Two, Charmander-Two, and Bulbasaur-Two fade away, and Amber soon follows. The last words she speaks to Mewtwo are "Life is wonderful..." The genetic Mew-clone does survive, but he is extremely upset. The scientists administer chemicals to erase his memory, not wanting him to become agitated, and he calms down. The only thing he remembers from the encounter are Amber's last words. "Life is wonderful... but why?" he wonders, all other memories of the event deleted from his mind.

Miyamoto, Class A Rocket Member

When the photo of her daughter blows away in the storm, Miyamoto chases after it

Miyamoto hears the sound of an approaching avalance

The ghost of Miyamoto watches over her daughter (artwork by TR Rose)

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