The Secret of MissingNo by Mandy Nader

Where did MissingNo and 'M come from? What mysterious connection do they have to Team Rocket?
And why do they both have more issues than Mewtwo? An innocent young trainer, a Pokemon genetics scientist,
and several Team Rocket failures find themselves unwillingly drawn into the deepest mystery of the Pokemon world...

The Secret of MissingNo.
A story by Mandy Nader (TR Rose)
Prologue: Escape of the Clones
Chapter 1: The Mystery Begins
Chapter 2: Surfing and Scamming
Chapter 3: The Slammer
Chapter 4: Jailbreak!
Chapter 5: Prepare for Trouble!
Chapter 6: From Unown Origins
Chapter 7: Glitch Confrontation
Chapter 8: So Close, And Yet...
Chapter 9: Criminal Concealment
Chapter 10: Good Rockets, Evil Pokemon?
Chapter 11: Division
Chapter 12: Escape from Glitch City
Chapter 13: Unfinished
Chapter 14: Myall
Chapter 15: Myall vs. MissingNo

Special Features

Character Profiles
All About Myall
Coloring Contest Winners
Deleted Scenes
Fan Art and Manga
The Secret of MissingNo En Espanol - at Neoglitch's site

  • Professor Eric Stone, Jeremy Stone, Rose, Kevin Gold, Kris, Desiree, Sonia, Josh MacIntyre, and Myall copyright 2002-2006 Mandy Nader. Do not use without permission.
  • Giovanni, Mewtwo, Jessie, James, Butch, Cassidy, Meowth, Mondo, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Domino, and all Pokemon copyright 1995-2006 Game Freak/Nintendo.
  • 'M and MissingNo...? Well, who knows? :)

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