TR Rose's MissingNo Photo Gallery

This section provides screenshots of my first MissingNo and 'M findings in my Blue version.

First off, here is my starting party. MissingNo had been deposited in Bill's PC once, and my game didn't crash (I think only 'M causes real damage).

I've got the following Pokemon with me: Pidgeot (Sky Slicer), Nighterror (Hypno), Squirty (Blastoise), Dittooo (Ditto), and MISSINGNO. (MissingNo). Notice that MissingNo's icon looks like a little boy. This icon changes when the you select MissingNo. It also changes in different locations (there's no icon at all inside the Cinnabar PKMN Center).

MissingNo's stats currently. His type changes randomly when he "levels up" (he was Water when I caught him). And check out his glitched health bar. This glitch fixes if you heal up or lose HP.

First battle, Surfing along the coastline. Pidgey? Where did you come from? As you can see, sometimes when MissingNo is in your party, the graphics will mess up. Your creature/trainer will be scrambled, and the opponent will face the wrong direction. It looks like Pidgey is upset with me, looking away in a huff.

So it's back to Viridian and watch the Old Man in action again. And he's a bit glitchy himself.

Lots of Surfing, it took a while to find this guy (or any other critter). As you can see, he's looking away also. But this is no ordinary MissingNo...

TRANSFORM? Since when does MissingNo know TRANSFORM? I found a few MissingNos like this today (and I've NEVER seen this before). Wonder what's up with my game?

A quick heal at the PKMN Center, and I checked my Hall of Fame. It hadn't changed since the last time I played. Curiouser and curiouser. MissingNo apparently doesn't impact the data. Although there is something interesting here.

There are numerous entries for this Pokemon, a Bird/Normal type that has MissingNo's cry. I found at least three instances of this "Pokemon" in there (4 different HoF's). But otherwise "normal" glitches... Slowbro, Weezing, Meowth, Doduo, etc, all with glitchy names and levels. Nothing too weird, though: no bizarre types or blank screens. A few 'glitch blocks' though.

Venturing back outside, my graphics seemed fine. No backwards enemies, no glitchy trainers.

But lots of weird Pokemon appeared: level 29 Pidgey, level 27 Bellsprout, level 28 Weepinbell, level 25 Ditto. Oddly enough, when I led with my MissingNo, he'd often take the appearance of his opponent.

My high-level Magnemite showed up a few times too. But Glitches were pretty rare today. Maybe they're camera-shy?

Finally another MissingNo appeared, so I sent my own out to battle. Notice how MissingNo usually looks like an ugly pixel blob when he battles (unless he copies the opponent, which is actually uncommon). But my Hall of Fame was the same as before.

It took almost my entire lunch, but finally an evil 'M appeared. The game froze for a second, black screen, before he appeared and I was afraid Blue would crash. But it didn't, and our glitchy friend was finally here.

The epic battle. Notice that MissingNo's pixels have changed? Of course, this wasn't really fair since 'M was a level 0. But after the battle, MissingNo grew to level 100 with crappy stats. But I wasn't concerned about that. I wanted to check my Hall of Fame (and maybe photograph a Mew).

Here's where it gets creepy. Normal/Ghost type?

PokeManiac/9 type Pokemon! How does that even work?

A Normal/Normal Pokemon named "ROCKET". Told ya TR was involved in all this mess.

This one is the real kicker. Not only is MissingNo actually NAMED in the HoF (I actually did use him once to beat the Elite Four), but his type is correct AND we learn that he's a male!

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