Glitch Experiments

Now that I've successfully captured 'M and MissingNo and my game data is fine (with the exception of my Hall of Fame info), I have decided to conduct a few experiments of my own with these mysterious Pokemon.

Experiment #1: Can 'M and MissingNo learn any TM/HM moves?

Wild Ghost MissingNo's attacks change depending on the last Pokemon used in battle, and wild 'M always has 2 Water Guns and Sky Attack. But can they learn additional moves? What about the other Glitches like A and .4?

I will fill in the following chart as much as I can (but you see, I began my Blue version without even knowing about the Glitches, so I used up quite a few TMs on my trained Pokemon). I will also try trading some Glitches over from my Red to Blue so I can get standard Pixel MissingNo's data. If anyone out there can fill in any gaps (marked with a yellow ?), I will add their data and name here. Since the Ghost and Fossil MissingNos take the type and moves (and probably TM moveset) of the last Pokemon viewed, there is no way to provide a TM/HM list for them.

TM/HM list courtesy of pokerock
HM1 Cut
HM2 Fly
HM3 Surf
HM4 Strength
HM5 Flash
TM1 Mega Punch
TM2 Razor Wind
TM3 Swords Dance
TM4 Whirlwind
TM5 Mega Kick
TM6 Toxic
TM7 Horn Drill
TM8 Body Slam
TM9 Take Down
TM10 Double-Edge
TM11 Bubblebeam
TM12 Water Gun
TM13 Ice Beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM16 Pay Day
TM17 Submission
TM18 Counter
TM19 Seismic Toss
TM20 Rage
TM21 Mega Drain
TM22 Solarbeam
TM23 Dragon Rage
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Fissure
TM28 Dig
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Teleport
TM31 Mimic
TM32 Double Team
TM33 Reflect
TM34 Bide
TM35 Metronome
TM36 Selfdestruct
TM37 Egg Bomb
TM38 Fire Blast
TM39 Swift
TM40 Skull Bash
TM41 Softboiled
TM42 Dream Eater
TM43 Sky Attack
TM44 Rest
TM45 Thunder Wave
TM46 Psywave
TM47 Explosion
TM48 Rock Slide
TM49 Tri Attack
TM50 Substitute

According to this, MissingNo and 'M can learn the same TM/HM moves - with the exception of Substitute. Can anyone confirm that this is the only move that isn't identical for these two glitches?

'M DOES keep its TMs and HMs after it evolves, which means you can get a Lv. 1 Kangaskhan that knows Fly... or any other move that 'M can learn!

Special thanks to Izwzyzx, Mario & the Triforce World, Veb, Joey DiPeri, GlitchBuster, and yugioh181525 for updated info!
Please email me if you've taught your Glitches any TMs I have blank on my list.

Experiment #2: What Moves, Letters, and Items Lurk in the Empty Hex List Slots?

I decided to try filling in the gaps in my R/B Hex List, so I fired up the Visual Boy Advance emulator and an old save file I have for Pokemon Blue. I am experimenting with various GameShark codes that fill in the empty values. The game tends to crash a lot whenever these codes are used, so obtaining information can be a slow go.

Moves - Hex A6 - BE

01a673D1-- 1st attack
01a774D1-- 2nd attack
01a875D1-- 3rd attack
01a976D1-- 4th attack

If you view these moves under "stats", the game freezes. The PP values are all strange.

All codes on - a6 in first slot, a7 in 2nd, a8 3rd, and a9 4th.

a6 = "Pound" - suddenly, " gained so many exp. (blank) grew to level 100" HP bar across screen. (was a level 7 Rattata) - then it says that E CHOP gained a boosted 70 exp (you mean it was a trade?) and grew to level 70. E CHOP gained another boosted 70 exp and grew to level 100.
Then it evolved into Kangaskhan (but was a Kanga evolving into a Kanga, and I couldn't stop evo).
Then I wind up in Glitch City! I "teleport" out, and land back down, then I take one step left and the game freezes.

I tried this again with only the a6 code on, and the game just froze instantly. Maybe it needs all the codes to produce the glitchy effects?

a7 = "qq" - sucks health but looks like slash - NOT grass type (does decent dmg to Pidgey)
Doesn't crash game (used while this was the only code on).

a8 = no name, keeps freezing game when I select it. Interestingly, it shows a flashing down arrow like there are more moves below it. When I tried this, I coded it into the third slot with this being the only code on.

a9 = "(glitch) a a a" - crashes upon selection

Items - Hex 00 (?), Hex 07 & 2C (?????), Hex 54 - C3 (Unknown Items)

Most of these items are free in the shop, but the ones that contain glitchy blocks (represented as #) in their names usually cost a ton of money. Luckily, I had the infinite money code.

Buy item: 01XX7CCF

Infinite money:

00 = glitchy blocks, very expensive - bought one, called #j. - freezes game

07 = ????? - free = SURFBOARD!
2c = ????? - free = Oak says it isn't time to use it now.

54 = "B2F" = use - threw a flickering Pokeball and played the good Prof. Oak rating music. It missed, and made a glitchy Pokemon Center appear... this vanished after the ball animation ended.
55 = "B1F" = use - freezes game
56 = "1F" = use - nothing happens and quantity doesn't decrease
57 = "2F" = use - nothing happens and quantity doesn't decrease
58 = "3F" = use - nothing happens and quantity doesn't decrease

59 = "4F" = use - totally crashes the entire emulator
5A = "5F" = use - totally crashes the entire emulator
5B = "6F" = use - nothing happens and quantity doesn't decrease
5C = "7F" = use - totally crashes the entire emulator
5D = "8F" = use - game freeze
5E = "9F" = use - game freezes for a moment, but returns to normal if you press start a few times.

5F = "10F" = use - randomly replaces some letters in text with partial people sprites. Man in PC moves to behind counter - goes away if you press start. Exit out of the menus, press start, and bg goes away entirely.

60 = "11F" = use - nothing happens and quantity doesn't decrease
61 = "B4F" - game freeze
62 = "w #m#" game freeze

63 = "ws# #m#" - use, get messsage, "The POKEMON BOX is full! Can't use that item!", even after switching to an empty box.

64 = "v##t#m#" = use - totally crashes the entire emulator
65 = "#'d#m#" - game freeze
66 = "#m#" - game freeze
67 = "w 'l#m#" = use - totally crashes the entire emulator

68 = "#f#m#" (no qty. shown) - screen goes white, press buttons and get outline of menu, then just get you, no bg or anything else. Then menu works. Flickering people walk past - you can talk to them

A2 = Rival's

  • From marharreed: "I have some info on an interesting item called Rival’s. Its hex is A2. Apparently it is some kind of TM or HM. You can hit use and it goes to your pokemon saying not able like it does when you can’t teach your pokemon something. I hit B and the pokemon sprites stayed in the black part of my screen! I closed my menu and surprise!-I wasn’t there. I found I could walk over jumpy things but then I got stuck. I opened my menu and then closed it and my Missing sprite turned into some numbers. I went into my pokemon and back and everything was fine. It was very weird."

  • From Wa Llama: "Now A2, Rival's, the mythical HM06, you have a blip on it from someone but I figure I'll give you the full info cause it's pretty useful. Rival's is not an HM or a TM, though it halfly emulates one, you cannot teach it to any Pokemon, not even any glitch ones. It is used to walk over small barriers.

    To walk through the walls, use Rival's, B out of the Pokemon screen and menu, and you'll be invisible with Pokemon sprites in the upper left. All other NPCs turn invisible too. Now the thing about Rival's is that you get stuck when you face a solid object. After using Rival's your facing position will not change. So generally speaking, you can only use it to step over one solid tile. To get out of this mode, open the Pokemon screen and B out.

    There are some hazards to using Rival's, a lot of places outside the main walking area have what I've termed glitch barriers, that when you walk on them, your game will mess up and freeze and you'll have to restart.

    The main one's I'll mention are in buildings, the first black blocks around the rooms are always glitch barriers.

    Next is on the other side of the barrels in Pallet Town. Many people have claimed to get into the Pallet Town patch with Rival's. This is false. Then they claim you can catch any Pokemon in the Pallet Town patch, this is also false.

    One of the things you get accustomed to when using Rival's is the ability to tap the D-pad just right to change your facing without moving, if you do this, you can face the Pallet Town patch when standing on a barrel and fish in it. You can find Goldeens, Shelders, Magikarps, and Poliwags, maybe more, I'm not sure.

    When standing on a solid object, by the way, you can step off of it fine, so no worries if you get stuck on one, just don't get surrounded by them or you'll have to fly out. One fun use is to use it to pass the Old Man and never deliver Oak's Parcel, you can't use that Poke Mart ever again, though. A weird glitch with this, is that if you later buy Oak's Parcel elsewhere and deliver it and then fight the Gary that's fishing near the entrance to the Elite Four, he'll split into two. One will walk over and fight you, and the other will stay fishing indefinitely, he won't fight. Oak's Parcel is hex 46.

    A fun thing is the item version of the Pokedex at hex 09, what's nice about this is that if you skips Oak's Parcel you can have this instead and the best use in my view is that you can use it during battle. It will glitch up the graphics of the battle a little, but you can see fine still."

B3 = Gary

  • From Wa Llama: "Now one of my favorite items from back when I could encounter Pokemon is "Gary" which is an item that lets you escape battle, always, like an escape rope or whatever but these are cooler because it doesn't run out. Also you can't use it in a trainer battle, but that's expected. Gary is hex B3."


60 bold A
61 bold B
62 bold C
63 bold D
64 bold E
65 bold F
66 bold G
67 bold H
68 bold I
69 bold V
6a bold S
6b bold L
6c bold M
6d bold :
6e small hiragana "i"
6f small hiragana "u"
70 bold ' (starting single quote)
71 bold ' (closing single quote)
72 bold " (starting double quote)
73 bold " (closing double quote)
74 bold .
75 ...
76 small hiragana "a"
77 small hiragana "e"
78 small hiragana "o"
79 Pokeball Border top left
7a Pokeball Border horizontal piece
7b Pokeball Border top right
7c Pokeball Border vertical piece
7d Pokeball Border bottom left
7e Pokeball Border bottom right
7f blank space

c0-df = no letters

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