Tales from the Glitch 6:

MissingNo Visitor Accounts - Part 3

This is the most current MissingNo research center. Going forward, all MissingNo stories will be posted here!

Some odd images from Neko (supposedly you can hack your game to get MissingNo as your starter!):



From Toad:

"I have recently been trying out the many glitches of your site, using Pokemon Red. I came across Missingno, but it was the fuzz, not the ghost. Its not a version thing, because I got a fuzz on my Blue, too. I think different letters get different Missingnos. Your n[ame] probably gets Ghost Missingno. I changed my name so I get Mewtwos and Aerodactyls. Anyway, here's my theory:

"They used Missingnos (fuzz variety) instead of Pokemon while programming the game. Then replaced them with real Pokemon. Now, I reckon there was a 4th legendary bird, and they cut it out. But the Missingno stayed, accessed after talking to the old man and going where they didn't [know] what Pokemon can appear. And as for M', that was probably a de-evolved Kangashkan that was cut out (nearly). The 4th Bird Missingno probably got mixed with it and that made it. But why does it apear by Cinnabar island, you ask. Well, that's probably because of the other Safari Zone Pokemon.

"I made sure to get myself a grass type [MissingNo]. It grew to level one hundred after a battle, like you'd think. But then, it kept jumping between levels 100, 98 and 92. It was freaky! Plus, its type randomly changes. It always has the same moves, though. Plus, the last poke'mon I used in battle was magnemite but the next Missingno I thought was water type with the moves Moltres starts with.

"Here's a theory: Unown is there to stop Missingnos in G/S. He has so many spaces he replaces our glitchy friend. Not fair!

From DragonKaiba15:

"I own a red version that has glitches in it. I bought it used from Funco Land and I beat the pokemon league in it. I went to check my Hall of fame list and a level 237 glitch popped up, (Name is messed up.), a level 149 wigglytuff (Name z II) came up, an "invisible pokemon" (Also with a messed up name) came up, a second one of the "pokemon" mentioned above came up, a level 225 Bulbasaur came up (name 9PC6), a no-level, no type exeggutor came up with no cry. After I pushed the 'a' button, a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols popped up with the cry. I don't own any of those pokemon and I didn't even run into MissingNo or 'M at all. In a previous Red Version I owned, I had a MissingNo and released it, but my game never saved again. I have seen a MissingNo or 'M evolve from Blastoise into Kangaskhan on a blue version, Battled "Blaine", only to have my previous game freeze. But now with this Red Version, The Hall of Fame is scrambled, so I believe the rumors."

From x-Tao-x:

"I thought you'd like to know about the really weird experience I had with the Missingno on my Blue version...

"As soon as I heard about the glitch, I tried it out. I caught a Missingno and an 'M' with four other pokemon in my party. I had also been experimenting with the Magikarp glitch, which is supposed to change Magikarp to Mew in the Japanese version.

"After a lot of experiments which resulted in nothing, I put my Missingno, 'M' and Magikarp in the PC. Nothing happened, so I took Missingno back and left the other two.

"Then the weirdest thing happened. I was walking south from Lavender Town, onto the bridges across the water, when I encountered a Pokemon on the bridge. Since there is no grass here, or anything you can run into Pokemon on apart from water, I was really surprised.

"The Pokemon wasn't actually anything. The text at the bottom said, 'Wild appeared!' and there was no picture, text or anything where the opponent is supposed to be.

"This was really freaking me out, so I ran from the battle. A while later, I decided to try the Glith City trick. Sure enough, I ended up in the Glitch City, and while fishing in a water pixel, I found the same non-existent Pokemon.

"I still don't have a clue what it might have been. I was carrying at least one of the Glitch Pokemon with me both times, so it might have been that that caused it."

  • Little Das writes: "To Tao-x,who went into battle with a nonexistent Pokemon, and at the bottom the text said: Wild appeared! That happened to me too! I was scared!"

From Annie:

"I have got a new idea about MN (as I am calling it.. or Mino, which sounds cute... :P)! I don't dare to test the cool cheats like "Glitch City" and stuff like that, even though I really wants to...! So, I am just one of the normal players who have met MissingNo... It wasn't a ghost, like yours was, instead it was just pixels! It was NOT shaped as a L, but it was not a ghost either. It was just... a lot of pixels... Next time I tried the cheat (that time with Andreas again, on HIS game) he told me that his friend captured the "creature" and his game was reset, next time he turned the game on, he could only choose "New Game" and not "Continue"...

"OKAY, now to the final thing... my IDEA! I think that [Game Freak] not only got the idea [for] Unown (Unknown) from the alphabet, but also from MissingNO! Because I have heard rumours that Unown might crash your saved game, as MissingNO's rumour... and Unown is mysterious Pokémon too, aren't they?

"PS. I haven't seen any Pokémon but MissingNo at Cinnabar Island's east coast (except for those STUPID Water Pokémon I always find when I try to find MN), and by the way - the name isn't 'M, neither is it MissingNO! It is just... ¨¨¨¨^^'¨^^ or something like that, but with a LOT ¨¨¨¨"

From Knuckles:

"As I like anything concerning conspiracy I read everything on your site about the glitched thingies... and I remembered the time years ago I myself went out to duplicate masterballs.... From a video game magazine I learned how to do so ("Greis" (the Old Man) that catches a "Hornliu" (Weedle) and then fly to Zinnober Insel) ... I met Nidorina and other 1XX level Pkmn but I didn't get the ghost shaped one but only the Tetris-block like thingy. And as already said item number 6 duplicated itself.

"I never catched it, or tried to, as I heard of the game-deleting problem. And: My Hall of Fame is screwed up as well...

"But the strange thing is: These years ago, I got the same thing like you: Mixed up Pkmn with weird names... but now (I just threw "Saphir" out of my GBA and played Blue) I'm getting one big M'no-pixel whose types are Water and Psycho.

"And there is another difference: 3 years ago I battled the Elite four after my little rendezvous with M' and I could access the new hall of fame without trouble. I just needed to get past the first mixed up screens, to see my new HoF. But now, as I looked for it, it was all gone... just the big pixely thing remained.

"Perhaps my game went tired through the years and couldn't produce the old results anymore??? I think it's strange anyways.

"But the final comment is, that MissingNo works on European Versions of B/R, and the Glitch City as well. I tried it only once, but still remember."

From HiyaChako:

"I used my level 100 Missingno. in Pokemon Stadium 2 and it "transformed" into a level 70 Ditto(with transform)! When I looked at it in my red version, it was back to a level 100 Missingno.! Then, I aranged it in the Pokemon stadium 2 boxes and put it back in my game and it was permanently a Ditto!"

From radolack:

"I was trying the "Missingno" trick, and I found a Golduck, some high level, I don't know what it is, and, I found a levew 132 Mewtwo!!!!! Then, I tried trading my Mewtwo to my Gold version, which is my best version of all, but it said mewtwo was "Abnormal" so, then I went into battle with Mewtwo, and after the battle, Mewtwo went back to level 100. After that, I traded my Mewtwo to Gold, finally, and it was alright!"

From Al:

"I caught m. It then began to mess up my game. It started small. First, the pokemon at the start up screen were replaced by M's. Then my pokemon began getting glitched. Their images got weird. Then the worst happened. The sound got weird. The i could actually go beyond cancel in the pc withdrawl screen. There were pokemon with messed up names, symbols instead of letters. They were all Lvl. 17. Then my game was completely erased."

From David Eisner:

"A weird thing happened in the casino in Celadon, missingno. gave me all lucky 7s! I betted in this order: x1,x2,x2,x3,x1, then I quit, pushed the poster button, and suddenly battled a Pokemart sprite! It called was called 56HSx8as. I used ditto, and every turn, its attacks changed randomly! Then one turn, I got an attack called Raticate. I used it, and then it said 56HSx8as was caught! I got some weird stuff after catching and nicknaming 4 missingnos."

From Kyled440:

"Normally ppl will find tons of pkmn that are over lv 100 when doing the missingno trick to get alot of items. Well, when any of these pkmn get any exp or traded there lv goes back to 100."

From Lucy Diamonds:

"We caught 3 MissingNo.s and nicknamed them BLOCKS (my brother's), McCARTNEY (mine), and RINGO (my sister's). BLOCKS had infinate energy, but when we caught the other 2 he became weak. BLOCKS and McCARTNEY both grew to level 100 and RARE CANDY doesn't work on them, but we were able to get RINGO up to level 350. BLOCKS grew to level 101, so we RARE CANDYed him up to level 255. Any higher and he goes to 0. I wanted more ULTRA BALLS, so I deposited the MissingNo.s into the PC and encountered an M. But when I got our MissingNo.s out, they were all Rydons! (Increadably weak Rydons, might I add!!)

The name on the game is "SpongeB" (yes, all lower case) so we found level 164 Hypnos and 173 level Raticates. We caught some and traded them onto my brother's Yellow version. His game was fine. Then we did the Rydons. His game was fine. Then he caught an M and traded it onto Yellow. I'm not sure what it did besides mess up his Hall of Fame.

Sometimes in battles the graphics mess up or the characters flip (like if it's supposed to be facing right, it faces left.) Also when we look at the character, he looks like Brock, only scrambled!"

From David Hayward:

"Hey, I've just done in the elite 4! WOOHOO! results from have encountered missingno BEFOREHAND: no glitches, must encounter after hall of fame data is written in, when writing, everything is normal. I've encountered Missingno a few moments ago, and... My hall Of Fame data is now MESSED UP! I've seen stuff like TRANSFORM and TMTRAINER put around the screen. I've also had bulbasaur, machamp, venusaur (who I DID use) ponyta, kingler and tentacool, and... a blank space! The blank has no type 1, but has normal as a second type, something I'VE NEVER SEEN TO DATE! I will continue to investigate this... "

From MissingNo:

"I was curious to see if I could trade MissingNo to Gold, Silver or Crystal! So, I tried it! I had blue and crystal. In my crystal game, it was written than the MissingNo of my blue version was an Hitmontop! I tried to trade the MissingNo, but, in the crystal game, it was written: "Your friend's Hitmontop appears to be abnormal." That was so funny! If some people don't beleive me, see for yourself! In tried this other times with different MissingNos and 'Ms. They say they were Remoraids, Kingdras, etc.

I also tried to trade a Mew (got with the gameshark) from my green version (imported from japan) for a Pidgey in my blue version! I traded them and, because the games don't have the same language, the Pidgey from blue turned into a MissingNo! And... the Mew was turned into a Growlithe! The Growlithe was named 77777777! Then, both of my games were destroyed! Don't try this at home^^, if you don't want your games to be deleted!

Then, after those fun experiments, I traded another MissingNo in yellow, from my red version this time! In the yellow version, the MissingNo's icon was a TRIANGLE! Also, they say it was number 167... this means... SPINARAK! So, Spinarak is a weird MissingNo with a triangle icon! That's strange!"

  • From Commander 8.0:

    " I think MissingNo. becomes a different pokemon because of it's hex address! most pokemon change their hex address during trades between RBY and GSC, but missingNo was never supposed to be traded, so his hex doesn't change, so if you have one with a hex corresponding to stanler, GSC will think he's a stanler!"

From Professor Henry the Green Engine:

"Here after the Missingno. glitch were in the hall of fame these strange type combinations: Normal/Normal Normal/Ghost Bug/Dragon Water/Fire Fire/Ice Fire/Grass Electric/Ground and Psychic/Ghost."

From Kitsune:

'M Research:
"Day 1:
I encountered the 'M also known as Mysterio I believe. I also ran into to Charizard, Rapidash, and Wartortle, then the 'M. I checked my Hall of Fame, messed up but it was kinda cool, from my perspective. I looked at my items and realized that I left my Rare Candy in the 6th item slot. I didn't save, for now.

Day 2:
Did it again, this time, looking only for 'M. I found him right off the bat, luckily. Same thing happened.

Day 3:
This time, I got super-serious. I wanted the legendary birds (mainly Articuno). I found the 'M again, with my Ultra Ball being in the 6th slot since I accidently organized my items on my Pokemon Stadium 2. I got mad for doing that, and put my Rare Candy in the 6th slot. Although I felt like doing it again, Inuyasha was coming on.

Day 4:
Finally, I was just about done messing around with 'M, until the weekend. I did the cheat and got my Rare Candy maxed out, and raised Bruteroot (Bulbasaur-a female too!) until level 61. I then caught the Legendary Birds, with Articuno being the hardest one.

Day 5:
I messed around with 'M once more. Nothing happened, except I had 3 Pokemon in my party and caught him. I looked at him and shut the game off.

In conclusion, I'm done messing around with 'M myself for now, although I did catch all the Legendary Birds and have a super screwed up Hall of Fame! My Hall of Fame is WAY to scary to look at now, so I won't be attacking 'M until summer vacation, if I can hold out that long."

From Commander 8.0:

"in your "missingno experiments" I just want to tell you that MN WILL transfer, but I can't remember what happens, but I don't remember him EVOLVING (?!?!) I think he had some kind of image... well during the trade his icon was the weirdest I had ever seen. as soon as I find my old link cable and get far enough in silver, I'll try

I'm almost positive at what makes missingno be ghost or fuzz. my name (in the game) is Billy, and I saw ghost missingno, and I have NEVER seen them before. and my missingno are at lvl. 171. so I guess some letters make ghost, some make fuzz, because your name (Mandy) makes ghost, and both end in y. and now, I have missingno in "evil ditto" form, and they were never like that before."

From Commander 8.0:

"I think 'M was a de-evolved Moltres. MissingNo. is the Slot filler, but 'M was going to be a young Moltres, and Arcanine was the fire legendary, but they thought it would be odd of there were two birds and 1 dog, so they cut out the young Moltres and based a new pokemon off of arcanine. that's why 'M evolves into Kangaskahn; the game knows he evolves but nothing else, so the game has him evolve into the next pokemon on the Hex list, Kangaskan, #01, as son as he grows a level!

"and I know you saw (male sign) MissingNo.. in your HoF, but I saw *female sign* MissingNo. in my HoF.... strange..."

From KickinBlaziken:

"I have a thought that flies over my mind and I still can't get rid of it. It goes like this: Pokemon Blue/Red is the same thing as Pokemon R/B (Japanese) is, only translated. This means that Missingno. exists in Japanese games, too. But there's one weird thing. If they didn't knew for Missingno., his name would probably be in Japanese.

But it isn't. They knew for it, and they translated the name Yakamashita(his is NOT the real name, its just an example!) to Missingno.

So, they KNEW for Missingno., but they were too lazy to pick it up from the game. Tck,tck,tck... bad programmers, BAAAD programmers. Oh, another question: Pokemon have names, not numbers. If Missingno was a beta pokemon, it should be called Missingname if you ask me. His name is missing as his number is too! These are all just opinions. Don't take is seriously.

"OK, I did the cheat but weird things happened to me. My hall of fame was not screwed, it was TOTALLY SCREWED. One screen was a 'trade a pokemon' screen with MISSINGNO. written all over the screen!!! My MISSINGNO. was a glitched fuzz but sometimes I saw and battled BLAINE who had 3 missingno-like pokemon and one that was actually called missingno. The music was SCAAAARY! Also, in the glitch city I went a bit too far and the game freezed. BUT, in the same glitch city I STOOD on the block with /M on it and guess who attacked me? Yeah, /M! Preety creepy. But, I noticed that the /M writing was actually ONE charachter like PK and MN is. Why is that a special charachter when it doesn't appear normally in the game? And why is MISSINGNO. a glitched fuzz or a ghost from lavender? Why it isn't a existing pokemon?"

From Pearu Unga:

"i've read what others have submitted and i have a few rumors (that i made up):

Why is the Old Man related to MissingNo?
My idea is that the Old Man really is supposed to tell you something else. I think that after you've done certain things he's supposed to tell you something like "I think you deserve to get this legendary Pokémon i found" and then he'll take you to Cinnibar Island and somehow "summons" a new piece of land where you can get a Legendary Pokemon. Also you'll get other Strong Pokémon.

Why does MissingNo sometimes (or always?) save?
Maybe there was supposed to be a Pokémon Center over there? This is a question i can't answer...

Other Ideas:
At the PUK Forums (http://www.pkmn.co.uk) there once was a discussion and an Admin said that creators used to number Pokémon diffrently. It was like: Rhydon, Missingno, Missingno, Bulbasaur, Missingno, Dratini, Mewtwo, Missingno ect. So they had free blocks and replaced it with Missingno.

Remember Ep1 in Pokémon? What bird did Ash See? Ho-oh! Maybe they wanted to put Ho-oh in the game but the creator of Pokémon (forgot his name) already make Lugia so they tought "why not make 2 new versions of the game with these. They would be like Mewtwo and Mew!" Probably they tried to erase the data and delete the place where we now have half-land, half-sea, but they failed because they had already a release date confirmed and they didn't want to be late so they deleted the land, and replaced Ho-oh with Missingno.

Again they probably wanted the Old Man to tell you a legend and then take you over there to search in the grass for Ho-oh and other "prizes" for finishing the game.

Maybe Instead of Ho-oh they wanted to put Mew, but thinking this Pokémon was too rare they "killed" it."

From crwj:

"I was playing pkmn red I used the missingno trick to boost my items number. And this after I did the trick I went to the pkmn center. Knowing that one of my boxes was messed up I wanted to see if there was any more glitch pkmn one was Rhydon the Charzard I put my pkmn away and withdrew different pkmn out. And I accidently withdrew Rhydon the Charzard 3 times. Then since withdrew the wrong pkmn I tried to put them back. It wouldn't let me. And my team was all blank! But if you click it the Charzard will show. They wouldn't go back I booted up my pkmn stadium 2 and transferred them in in the n64 box. Oh yeah Rhydon the Charzard don't sound like a Charzard."

From Crystylla:

"I have to say, the amount of info you have on MissingNo. and 'M is quite amazing. I've never seen the un-Silphed ghost MissingNo., personally, just 'M. And your baby Kangaskhan theory is very interesting. I have my own theory on MissingNo.: it was Lugia. I mean, they say it was the fourth legendary bird, and that's Lugia. Plus it has Water and Flying attacks. Also, Lugia goes with Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, and Ho-oh goes with Raikou, Entei and Suicune, and the legendary birds are already in the game. Maybe R/B were going to be based around Lugia and the 3 legendary birds, and G/S about Ho-oh and the 3 legendary beasts. That's my theory, anyway."

From Inochan:

Recently I visited the "Tales From The Glitch" section of your website, and decided to share my own account of my encounter with MissingNo. / 'M Block (and the strangeness that followed).

When I first bought my GameBoy (Pocket version), I purchased it only with the intention of playing Pokémon, so the only game I own is the Blue Version. After defeating the Elite Four the first time, I came across some information on MissingNo. and decided to try the glitch out for myself.

Naturally I encountered both MissingNo. and 'M Block, though I only caught the MissingNo. After playing around with it a bit (using it in battle, boggling over the scrambled pixels), I went to check on the status of my Hall of Fame. It was entirely garbled, and this upset me so I decided to restart the game.

The next time I started the game I knew the consequences, but I couldn't resist so I re-tried to access the glitch and caught 'M Block this time. This seriously scrambled the graphics in my game and the music, so I released it and again re-started the game. Around this time I heard about the Safari Zone Trick, so yet again I went off to the Island coast and encountered yet another MissingNo.

Around this time I received a Japanese version of Pokémon Yellow, so I forgot about my Blue Version and took it out of the GameBoy Pocket, substituting it with my new Yellow instead. After a while I stopped playing it. Just the other day I decided to fish it out again, but when I turned it on, there were only two options on the start-up screen: NEW GAME and OPTIONS (in Japanese characters, of course).

I thought this was strange since I saved my game the last time I played Yellow. I decided to try it out anyway and started a new game. This is the part that puzzles me. Usually Professor Oak comes up on the screen and explains all about Pokémon. This time, however, instead of seeing Oak, a mass of pixels (similar to MissingNo. and 'M Block) appeared on my screen. The usual Oak speech was still on the screen, though, so I continued to scroll through it.

The next screen usually shows your character picture. This one, however, was also in the form of a mass of pixels, only it was sort of shaded (not the usual light-colored pixels that MissingNo. and 'M Block are made out of).

I'm not sure if continued exposure to MissingNo. and 'M Block has corrupted my GameBoy, or if it's just a side-effect of exposing my Japanese Yellow Version to a GameBoy where American Blue Version glitches were found.

Either way, I know I'll be sticking to my uncorrupted GameBoy Color for now. ^_^

From Eevee:

"MissingNo and M are apparently not the only Glitches. One of my friends told me on his game a strange Japanese Gary appeared that was impossible to beat and totally screwed up his game. Interesting. I'm not sure what Pokemon he had, or even if they were real Pokemon and not just pixelly things, but you just couldn't defeat him. Rumour or truth? Who knows.

...I always get M as my glitch, never MissingNo. I'm not sure why. Maybe this is compensated for by the fact I get two high level random Pokemon as well. I get a level 139 Starmie and a 140 Muk. I caught them both and flattened my opponents, but the annoying thing was, as soon as I used them, they turned back to level 100. But they beat the Elite Four for me so I'm not complaining.

...Japanese Gary appeared on one of the first games out, but I don't know if this makes a difference or not. My friend ordered it the second it was released."

From an anonymous ghost MissingNo who saw the whole thing:

"Okay, so this trainer named ASH, I think, goes out to duplicate some rare candies, see? He had spent hours of hard work raising an Articuno, a Charizard, and a Mewtwo all to Level 100. He goes and runs into a few MissingNos, but only the glitchy, boxy kind. He never saw any MissingNos or M's other than the scrambled ones. He also never caught a MissingNo or M or even one of the superPokemon you can get. So he runs into this M, and takes it down easily. He was just slicing through me, my friends, and my family...

About a month or two later, he turns on his N64 with Pokemon Stadium 1. He goes and tries to register his team of Level 100s.The game says, 'No data on Game Pak' or something like that. MissingNo deleted his file..."

From Dragonslayerboy:

"Something cool (and wierd) happened on my pokemon blue and silver. I caught "m", taught it phychic and fly, deleting one watergun. Next, I gave it a rare candy and watched it evolve into kangaskan. Then, I traded it to my silver, and now I have a really cool kangaskan!

From Virtual151:

"Missingno can be found in Pokemon Pinball I think only through Gameshark but I might be wrong. However it's definitely in Pokemon Pinball
I forgot to say Missingno has a Pokedex entry in Pokemon Pinball(I wonder why it's even in there in the first place let alone it having it's own pokedex entry)"

From Megan Coffman:

"This is just something I remember from a few years back.

A while ago, before the save battery on my brother’s Red version died, we had been playing around after beating the Elite Four fifteen or so times. I remembered about two years before that seeing someone looking for Missingno., so we did that. We found Missingno., but couldn’t catch it even though we had four L100 Pokémon. We also ran into a Ponyta (which had levels ranging from 12-54) and a L152 Mewtwo which only knew Mist, Rest, Recover and something I can’t remember. (We couldn’t catch it or anything.) This is the first weird part, because although I can’t remember exactly what the name was, I’m almost positive it had neither a “d” (for Ponyta) or a “D” (for Mewtwo) in it.

The Hall of Fame screwed up completely, featuring lots of PokéYen signs and music which ranged from the PokéCenter theme to a slow bassline in a minor key. The fifteenth data set was especially messed up, as it featured two Mews.

But that was only the beginning. We later traded a L100 Venasaur, a L70 Mewtwo, and a L100 Chansey named AAAA!? (and some other stuff, and yes, we did name it that) to Yellow. Two things happened because of this.

First, the Pikachu’s name changed to JAN. We couldn’t change it back because the Name Rater said it was “a good name” or whatever it is he says.

Secondly, after a battle near where Missingno. is normally found, the game blanked out and then displayed:


Please turn off game and remove cartridge.

…or something along those lines. But the music was messed up, being just a treble line.

Weird, huh?

From Spellbinder90:

"When I was playing my old Pokemon Blue game, I beat it and decided to mess around with the MissingNo. stuff. I ran into M' first and beat him. When I fought him a second time(with my Dragonite), I looked up by his name at the glitchy boxes. The box closest to me looked like a pixel from Dragonite's back! I looked at the other box and it looked like one of M's pixels! Weird!"

From Vladimir:

"I catched the M’, and I made it learn Fly, Psychic, Sky Attack, and Water Gun, then, I eveloved it into a Kangashkan! Then, i transfeded it to my Crystal, and tada, i had a Kangashkan, with Fly, Watergun, Psychic and Sky Attack!

’’Tip for all players, you can catch a M’, and learn it all type of TM attacks.
Then, evelove it to a Kangashkan, and transfer it to your Crystal, or wathever.
You will be the only player with a Kangashkan, that for example knows Fly, or Psychic! ^^‘’

From PikachuGirl1993:

"Ok. This happened awhile ago, but I pretty much remember it. Critical hits don't work the same way for glitch pokemon. This is what happened one day...

I was playing my Pokemon Blue version, doing the missingno. trick. I was on that strip of water in Cinnibar Island, when I encountered a glitch Starmie! (The name I use is TAYLOR.) So I send out my Blastoise, Squirtie. I use Hydro Pump. The glitch Starmie hits me with tackle and takes a big chunk of HP out of Squirtie. Hydro Pump misses. Stupidly, I select Hydro Pump again. The Starmie attacks! It only takes away a sliver of HP. Then: "Critical Hit!" o.0 Shouldn't a critical hit do more damage? Anyway, Hydro Pump misses again. This is pretty much how it goes for the rest of the battle. The Starmie only gets one more Critcal Hit, with the same results. Hydro Pump misses every time. Eventually, Squirtie faints...and then the Starmie pummels the rest of my Pokemon. Without a Critical Hit, It's strong.

Another thing: Has anyone noticed that Moltres can learn Sky Attack? As in the Sky Attack Missingno. uses? Yup. It says on Serebii.net...and the rental Moltres on Pokemon Stadium 2 knows it. I wonder if all the legendary birds were origninally supposed to learn Sky Attack? That would make sense if Missingno. was a deleted legendary bird. And somewhat makes sense that M''s cry sounds like a Zapdos' on my Blue version. Think M' was supposed to be a fifth legendary bird? Probobly not, but you never know..."

From Devon:

"I read some of your articles about MissingNo., and decided to catch one. Nothing happened. She acted like a normal pokemon. (MissingNo. is a FEMALE, as odd as it may seem because she had 'female signs' all over her pic in the hall of fame.) Anyway, she didn't have any weird effect on my game except the hall of fame.

I found out that the reason for this was that I gave her a nickname. As son as I looked at her status, on page two, it said MissingNo. after the game actually displayed the word MissingNo., The graphics screwed up. So the game only glitches when it knows you have a MissingNo.. As long as the game dosn't display the word, everything is OK."

From MetroGamer1981:

"Okay, here's the thing. I traded my MissingNo (level 150 some) and my M (level 80) to Yellow from Blue. In Yellow, i find some odd (and boy do I mean odd) things. Observe:

MissingNo stats:
Level 150
HP: 300/300
Attack: 352
Defense: 12
Speed: 8
Special: 366

M Stats:
Name: 1st Screen-M 2nd Screen-3TRAINERPOKE
HP: 180/80
Attack: 177
Defense: 177
Speed: 177
Special: 177

So, I get into the trainer before Brock battle. I win. Odd things that happen:
-MissingNo seems to have a set sprite for fighting. (same glitch block every time)
-M is 3TRAINERPOKE (only on 2nd page of stats)
-M's cry is the sound that emits when you use a potion on one of your pokemon.

Here's the weird thing, though. MissingNo levels up after the fight. Not to level 100, but to level 1. Yeah. LEVEL 1. Stats:
HP: H99/12
Attack: 5
Def.: 5
Speed: 5
Special: glitch block

I fight with him. When he gets hit, his HP will drop big time, but will happen like this.
Turn 1: H99/12
Turn 2: H13/12
Turn 3: G76/12

Weird, huh? I trade them back to Blue and it's like nothing happened. Not even boosted EXP bonus..."

From Zyn:

"I have found that if you put an item such as Dome or Helix Fossil or Old Amber in the sixth slot instead of a Rare Candy (or whatever), you end up with many of that item like usual. Let us say you duplicated your Dome Fossil and revived it at the Cinnibar place to get a Kabuto. You would still have a (actually, many) Dome Fossils! If you did it again you could get another and another. Total, you could get around one hundred and twenty (that is a lot of Kabuto, Aerodactyl, or Omanite. o_O)! Quite strange, but I suppose this is because, even though it does not show a certain number for how many you have, it still duplicates things. This also works with things like Bicycle or PokéFlute, but then it would take an awfully long time to deposit it into your PC if you did not need it. I figured this out when trying to duplicate Full Restores. I forgot that you put the item in the sixth (I put it in the 7th) slot and my PokéFlute was in the sixth. I did the duplication trick to no avail (or so I thought) and was going to deposit my PokéFlute. When I tried, it seemed not to go in the PC. After a few minutes of "A," "Deposit," I gave up and rembered that it was the sixth slot where items where duplicated! I did this with my Dome Fossil and Old Amber, so now I have quite a collection of Kabutos and Aerodactyls."

From Samuel J. Ross:

"One time when i caught a Lv.146 MissingNo, this happened:
My team was full, so it got sent to the PC.
Depositing and Withdrawing Pokemon worked. No harm done to the PC.
When i checked MissingNo's stats it had become a Rhydon. it only said MissingNo for the name because it became a Rhydon nicknamed MissingNo. It had Rhydons cry and sprite. I took it out of the PC. I had a Lv.146 Rhydon that knew Water Gun, Water Gun, and Sky Attack. I taught it some good moves (can't remember what they were, but they were awesome ones. i think one was earthquake. i kept sky attack), maxed out it's stats, "rare candied" it up to Lv.255, and i had the greatest Pokemon in the history of the world."

From Kyle:

"I have a missingno in gold silver, no gameshark. I kept using the mew trick in red and had 5 missingnos, I traded them to silver, 1 turned stantler, 1 turned porygon2, 1 turned scizor, 1 turned totodile, and the last 1 when I traded it it started showing a scyther evolved to scizor,, then it did, I thought, yay, I have a scizor, but then I took a few steps and red started battling me, except all his pokemon were lvl 0 and he had 8, the last 2 were a lvl 174 nidorino, and the other was a lvl 224 electrode. I beat him because somehow my lvl 7 stantler defeated them both in 1 hit (of couse the +100s), and I took a few more steps, it then sayed, huh? Mystery Egg is evolving, it then showed a kangaskaun (sp) evolving into a kangaskaun (sp), sound familiar? I stopped the volution and had a missingno!!!

It was lvl type 1, knew fissure, fissure, fissure, and fissure, it was type 1/type 2 and type 2/mystery egg. The picture was missingno and it was him. I checked my items, in 6th slot of all the packs there was just regular stuff, except, in the ball pocket, I had 129 lure balls, I had a lure ball there before. Getting weird? This is just the beginning, I checked my hall of fame, worried my 67 shots (I have a lot of free time) would be ruined, but, no, they weren't, only problem was it had a tiny glitch block at the top of the last guy (as in the 1st one had in my party when I beat them the 1st time).

So I thought I was safe, okay, my name was changed from BSM to MISSINGNO. on my data page it said, Corrupt File. Error 0. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. Error 0. Error 0. Error 0. Error 0. Error 0. Error 0, Over and over again. By now I was worried for my game as 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. Error 0... was the last thing my pokemon red eversaid before finall flashing a few times and dying, permanently. That set me of glitch hunting for a while but now I'm back, of course I'm worried again.

Silver froze. I restarted the gameboy and after the credits when it showed lugia I pressed A, then it said: NEW GAME OPTIONS MYSTERY GIFT Strange, if my file waa deleted why do I have mystery gift, I went to NEW GAME, then press up to go to MYSTERY GIFT, but then above NEW GAME was glitchy blocks, I cliked them and my game data came up, I went ahead and my file was good, the bad thing, It said I was out of usable pokemon, nd it deleted all the pokemon I had gotten in my run between turning on and shutting down. I lost Porygon2, Stantler, and all the others, plus a sentret and ladyba I had caught just before that.

I restarted the gameboy again and CONTINUE was there again, so my file is safe. As you can see I have witnessed what a glitch can do in a game where it doesn't belong and in a while, when I get over how close I was to killing my silver, I'll do it again, except experiment with some things on the PC, and, to check on my favorite glitched town, takin' a little trip to Fuchisa. So, for now, Over And Out."

From samuel88882001:

"Once, on my friends Red version, i caught the so called 'M. Since he didn't care about his Red version anymore, i caught it. it was not at Lv.0. It was at Lv.80. Must be a certain hex for that. Weird because MissingNo is at Lv.80. It's graphic was the bird keeper (out of battle). I went to catch a Lv.146 Golbat, a Lv.145 Starmie, and a Lv.136 Golduck. I did it, but it was a series of glitchy battles. One thing, Seel, which was nicknamed Sailor, used Aurora Beam on Golduck, and it nearly beat it. Another time he did it and it was a critical hit and it barely did any damage. I experimented with the other Pokemon and discovered that against the Lv.100+ Pokemon, attack damage works backwards. If you use something not very effective it does more, and if it isn't a critical hit it does even more. Second glitch: When Charizard used Flamethrower (or was it Fire Blast?) when it said 'It's not very effective' instead of doing the "Not very effective" sound it just did the sound for Fire Blast again. Then i ran off to the elite four, with three Lv.100+ Pokemon, an "'M", and a glitched Ditto. Lucky i had saved before, because i forgot to get rid of the glitch Ditto. I had "'M" first in my team. In battle, from the back, he looked like just a red line. I went through them all normally. At the Hall of Fame, Articuno came first. Then something, then something else, then "'M", but it had Articunos cry. I ran through the elite four one more time with a glitch Ditto first, and "'M"'s cry was nothing and it's sprite was a Ditto. I did it again with Zapdos first, and it did Zapdos's cry. I mean, exactly Zapdos's cry. Not it's "glitched up" cry that 'M has. But every time that 'M didn't look like a Ditto, it had no picture. You could still see the back, though. It looked INSANE. And, all of the other Pokemon from the back looked glitched."

From Drokonoken:

"I went through the procedure on by Pokemon Blue, and found an 'M'. I cam only find 'M' on mine so far, because of my game name (I restarted my game so I could catch Mew, and now my name in REN. pretty dull isn't it). Anyway, this 'M' was at Lv. 80, and I decided to sent out my strongest pokemon (a Lv. 36 Pidgeott), and attack it with Fly. I expected this to only do a tiny bit of damage, but it took the 'M' out in one go.

Then I found a Lv. 132 Electrode. I sent out a Lv. 34 Wartortle, and Electrode used Explosion. As usual, it killed itself, but failed to kill my Wartortle.

After encountering other 'M's, I tried to capture one. My ultra balls were in my 6th spot, and I eventually ran out. I just thought that it was funny that my Ultra Balls said x0, and then said x9.

I eventually caught the 'M', and as I expected, 'M' and I were still in battle, but one thing that did surprise me, was that 'M' didn't look like a Ditto. I caught it again, and it said that it was a Ditto, so all was well.

In my party while I was still in battle, my newly caught 'M' didn't look like a person, But a few blobs around the edge of a square. When you move your cursor over the 'M', the blobs on the edge of the square go to the inside and back out again, so it looks like 'M' is clapping. I also found that in other battles, 'M's little picture box thing looks like a nasty face, while out of battle, 'M's picture looks like the person, and jiggles to look like a demented face, or can look like a section of the scenery around you.

Something else I noticed about 'M', is that when you're in battle, and an 'M' is on the battlefield, the glitch block before the M is a section taken out of the character on your side (whether it be person or pokemon), and the glitch block after the M is a section of the opponent or opposing pokemon.

Another thing. When duplicating items against an 'M', it only duplicates once you leave the battle. I know, because I put my master ball in my 6th spot, and then used it to capture 'M'. I lost my Master Ball."

I recently restarted my game so I could find the truck that's near the SS. Aqua or whatever it's called in Blue. I named my character Azwzxzy, so I could find all of the Missingno. Here's some notes about what happened:
Started a perfectly innocent Blue Game. Experimented with glitches in previous game.

Rock Tunnel. Recently traded my Dragonite (lv 58) from my Gold version, along with Sandshrew (I forget the level). I didn't have the right gym badges, so Dragonite would not obey. Here's something just a bit strange: I was in a battle, and it said 'Dragonite turned away' 'It hurt itself in its confusion!' But Dragonite was never confused!

I got to Cinnibar Island, (after finding the truck of course) and flew to the Weedle Man. Then I flew back to Cinnibar, and started surfing. I finally fun what I was looking for. The wild Aerodactyl Fossil Missingno! Without hesitation, I caught it.

Its stats looked like this:
Type 1/ Ground
Attack - 411
Defense - 227
Speed - 141
Special - 261
Lv 171 (It reduced when I caught it. I'm not sure why)

Attacks: Scratch, Growl (these are the starting attacks of a Sandshrew, and I think a Charmander. I had both traded Sandshrew and Charmeleon with me at the time)

Next I caught the Kabutops Fossil Missingno.

Type 1/ Ground
Attack - 552
Defense - 408
Speed - 312
Special - 423
Lv 185 (This didn't reduce)

Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Agility (They're a Dratini's attacks! I have never owned a Dratini in this particular Save File! I had the Dragonite in my party, but it has completely different moves)

I put Aerodactyl Fossil @ the front of my party and surfed some more. I evetually found another Kabutops Fossil. When Aerodactyl Fossil came out, it took the form of a glitched Charmeleon. Charmeleon wasn't the last Pokemon in my party, but it was the only fainted one. Won the battle. Aero Foss = Lv. 100
Found 'M', Lv.0. Beat it.
Put Kabu Foss at front of party. Battled, reverted to Lv. 100.

Flew to Lavender, Name rater, changed my Missingnos' names to Aero Foss, Kabu Foss.

Back to Cinnibar. Found Ghosty Missingno! Sent out Kabu Foss, fainted.
Sent out Aero Foss. Still Charmeleon. Hmmmmm.

Ghosty duplicated my 6th item (Master Ball)
Caught Ghosty, and named it Ghosty.

Type 1/ Fire (!!!??? that's the first fire type Missingno I've heard of)
Attack - 264
Defense - 223
Speed - 349
Special - 301
Lv 185

Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Ember (this leads me to the conclusion that Aero Foss was a Charmander, as well as Ghosty)

I deposited my Charmeleon, and found a Pigeotto on the East Coast of Cinnibar. Aero Foss was just your average Gliched Square. Hmmmmm.

I saved my game and turned off at this point. I wanted to get my digital camera.


Ghosty's now a Ground Type! I have no idea why.

I decided to do the Mew trick, and kept Aero Foss at the front of my Party. All was well until I battled the Youngster. Aero Foss "Grew" to level 70! Grew. Yeah. Sure. Right.

My digital Camera is out of batteries, so no pictures.

At one point I caught another Aerodactyl Fossil, but it had normal moves (for a Missingno that is).
I don't know why my Glitches have normal Pokemon moves. It's just weird."

From charcoalcharizard:

"I've got one very interesting story that you probably haven't even heard of yet (I wouldnt know, I didnt have time to read all the stories).

I've had red for years, but I only discovered this glitch about one and a half years ago. I cloned master balls and rare candies dozens of times, returning to Viridian after every sighting of missingno. I caught many mewtwo along the way too. One day i decided to move my pokemon into boxes instead of scattered, even though I normally stored them in the box that came next. I almost fell out of my chair when I looked at the box list: I appearently had pokemon in boxes 9 and 11(according to the little pokeball symbol. I opened to box to find no pokemon. I got even more confused when I noticed that my curser could move within the box, even when there was nothing there, and a couple times there were weird pokemon with names of 9999999999 with strange symbols in between. I tried to see what this was all about, but when I tried to withdraw one, my game froze and I had to restart.

But this was not when I discovered it actually, but in another twisted accident. I was playing pokemon stadium (with red) and went to the trainer castle or whatever. I decided to use my red pokemon, and discovered mystery pokes in box 11. I investigated, and then i really did fall off my bed(i was in my room), when I saw random pics of bulbasaurs, tentacools, cloysters and a whole mess of pokemon I never caught, all with the name 99999999 with symbols like ` and & in between (they were weirdly colored too).

I checked out a yellowish bulbasaur and nearly passed out-it had the wierdest attacks I've ever seen: 1.)poison powder(not so wierd), 2.) vine whip(yawn), 3.) vine whip(okay, a little awkward), 4.) thunder punch (HOLY CRAP!). I had officially seen everything. I used it in battle and it worked fine too! I got it to use thunderpunch and it just ran at the dewgong i was fighting with an electricly charged foot. I went to the lab (after i lost anyway) to see whats up with the random pokemon, and they were still in the boxes, except in boxes 9, 10 and 11, and each one was a little substitute(like the ones you see when you use substitute) of various colors like pink, blue and purple. Still on the floor, I went to free battle and they were still there, only this time they were different. They were in box 10, and all bulbasaurs were gone, but i did have 2 nice articuno. I didnt get to see their attacks because the game froze when I pressed a, but then it froze every where but the lab and trainer castle. Well, that should cover it. It was really wierd. Even more so because when I tried the same with blue, which i had done the same cheatage to, there was nothing to be found."

  • From dragonslayerboy:

    "The same thing that happened to charcoalcharizard happened to me. I was playing my blue version, after a nice trip throuch glitch city, and all of my other boxes were full, so i decided to put pokemon in box 3. When ii looked at the pokemon in there, they were all 999999s, i dont remember how i managed to get them out, but i did.Tjis is wierd because you cant nickname your pokemon numbers. A sandshrew, a pidgey, a tentalcool. I didnt really mind becoause they were low level pokemon that i didnt care about. One is a sandshrew, and if you look at its status, before you see its picture it says: tentacruel (the pokemon i have below it) . Its previous owner was me, and it always has been, but it says, OT/FRFCE I think they might have put 3 more letters in front of my name because CE are the last 2 letters in my name. Its attacks are the normal, slash, sand attack, dig, and cut. After you view its status, the background turns wierd but you can still play without restarting. If you wiew it more that 1 time in a row, it will show your rivals name about a million times. The lev 3 pidegey i use for flying, and when you look at its status, it say venomoth befor you see its picture (venomoth is below it) . It says its owner is 99999999999., and it has regular attacks. Its lvel randomly changes but always starting with 3 and ending in a letter. before i look at tentacool (nothing under it) it sayus 9999999999pixel99999femalesign9999 something like that. It say its previous owner is ABA E. Normal attcks. When i use them in battle, they are normal
    exept for sandshrew. WHen it is battling a missingno. it makes the missingno dissaper if an attcak is used on it. Yeah.....wierd"

From Jon:

"[] 'M [] is a (R[]pjapanese symbol) Pokémon that is 23 feet tall and weighs 880 lbs. The Pokédex data came up for it for some reason."

From Keczilla:

"I found out something about 'M! The block at the start of the name is part of the back sprite on the screen. Look at it when it first says "Wild ### 'M ## appeared!" The first block is a part of your character's hat! And when you send out a pokemon, that first block turns into a segment of the pokemon! Weird..."

From Fox fire:

"I FOUND A WAY TO REVERSE GLICTHES! this may not work if you still have missingno. with you because i released it before i found this out. if you go into battle and your game is glicthed up (bad speller) , use transform with your ditto and after you kill the enemy thats glicthed (your ditto should be fine after the transformation) it wont be glicthed anymore. your game wont be either! the only catch is that your first hall of fame will be screwed up.SO YOU CAN CATCH ALL THE MISSINGNO. YOU WANT! i still wouldn't catch 'm though."

From Jesse:

"hi my name's jesse and first i would like to tell you that i have just found out about your site and well i think it's devoted people like you who make the world a better place.

I was a really early pokemon fan, in 97 a friend of mine had the japonese version, and i liked what i saw so i got the blue version when it got out in the US, and i got hooked , i also bought the red version later on, i moved along really quickly but got stuck at lavender town (i didnt know how to see the ghost) and well since i couldn't move on i decided to train my pokemon in diglett cave (don't know if that's the real name but that's what i call it) to see what they evolved to, and after weeks of being stuck, i had really strong pokemon which meant that once i understood you needed the scope to see ghosts, the rest of the game was pretty easy since my level 70 alakazam, level 65 blastoise etc were way superior to any other pokemons in the rest of the cities.

One day (in early 99) i was showing my dad the game and i talk to the old man and so on, i started to see weird things happening, the weirdest was a strange pixel thing appearing , after i fought it and quite a few things were messed up, I thought the game had been messed up so i gave it to someone else. I never told anybody about what i saw.

Later that year my gameboy broke (NEVER spill coke on a game boy) and that was the end of pokemon for me (i never bought an other gameboy, money problems in the family), i never really like the anime, through the years i played for a few minutes version Y, G,S etc, and bought pokemon snap for my N64, that's all.

Then yesterday on another website, there was a topic about game glitches and "missingno" from pokemon R/B kept coming up, intrigued, i did some searches and found your site, and to my great surprise i saw the pixel thing i had seen years ago was "missingno"!

It's really amazing i followed the instructions without knowing it. I was telling my dad "so here is how you catch pokemons...... then you can fly with them!.......and you can also go in the water etc" i still can't beleive it.

And guess what: the hours i spent reading everything on your site reminded me of why i was hooked to pokemon, so when i have the money, i'll buy a gameboy (i still have red somewhere) and all of the new pokemon games!

thank you TRR for reminding me of what i was missing, thanks a lot!"

From Dakota:

Hello. My name is Dakota. I have attached in this e-mail a ZIP file with a video of the typical Pokemon player encountering a MissingNo.
I got the gamesave for Pokemon RED off the internet. The video also shows the glitches Hall Of Fame. Plus, in party, is a Mew!

ZIP File - 2.62 MB

From the king:

this is a wav. for hall of fame stuff. includes weird pokemon noises and change in music.

WAV File - 1.55 MB

From Chris:

I tried to catch missingno on my red but i accidently caught an 'M. I thoguth it was cool, but when i went to my PC to get it out, all my pokemon were replaced with glitch pokemon. I had a venosaur with high jump kick, a multred with bubblebeam, even a bulbasaur with hyperbeam!

I couldn't find 'M So i left my PC and saved, then i uploaded my glitch pokemon to pokemon stadium and had some fun. Bun when i got back on pokemon red, the pokemon center was all messed up. it was all 9's and 2's and the walls and floor were messed up. I couldn't leave because the door was missing. now im stuck inside a pokemon center.

From Sam:

I have discovered that when you use a cheat to find missingno.everywhere, when you watch the old man's demonstration, he captures a kabutops missingno.

From Shadow Scythe:

I saw your site, and noticed you seem to like Missingno and his glitchy friends a lot. Well, my reasoning is, if there are MissingNo in the Pokemon RPG's, why wouldn't there be any in the two pinball games, or other non-RPG Pokemon games? I'm not saying there definately will be; it's just a thought I had. If there is such a thing, I'd try starting with looking for a glitch in the evolution mode.

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