Tales From the Glitch 3:

MissingNo Visitor Accounts - Part 2

Thanks to everyone who continues to send me MissingNo information, the saga continues! Let's see what some other trainers have to say about the Glitch Pokemon of Red and Blue!

From Togechukku:

"After hearing about MissingNo on the web I tried the cheat on my pokemon blue, an old finished game which I didn't care about screwing up. I found M' at both Lvl 0, Lvl 75, LvL 171, and Lvl 283. All this time the only attacks he new were Water Gun, Water Gun, Water Gun and Sky Attack.

"After catching the lvl 0 one he immediatly grew to level 1, after using the rare candy cheat and using rare candies on him he tried to evolve to a Kangashkan at lvl 1.

"The weird thing is, it showed a Kangashkan when it tried to evolve, and a Kangashkan after it tried to evolve. If you cancel this process you still end up with a MissingNo, strange huh?

"And the way to trigger the REAL MissingNo, not M', (I'm not too sure on this one, haven't done it yet) is too trade with any of the trainers in the game, Ie. the girl at the underground path. Then flying straight back to cinnibar, getting on a water pokemon and surfing. Apparently, you run into the 'REAL' MissingNo.

"..My Idea on WHY pokemon from the last area you visited are there on Cinnibar Island. In the pokemon games, each area is devided into seperate memory adresses, and each area is assigned in the range of six different level pokemon.

"My idea is that MissingNo is a glitch that dumps the Memory Addresses of where you last visited into the Cinnibar Island memory area, thus overwriting it and allowing you to battle pokemon from a preveous area AT cinnibar island."

From Anonymous:

"I thought that u would like 2 know that in many UK versions of pokemon red and blue missingno appears as a small letter "t", only back 2 front. He has also been known to appear as the Kabutops skeleton too... the same as the one in the Pewter City Museum (upstairs)."

From TRLgirl:

"Who ever sent to you the info on catching a Missingno and puting it into your Pc is wrong. Yes, I did catch a Missingno and yes I put it in my PC, it acted like it was regular. I still have all my pokemon and I can access them any time I want.... Just my hall of fame is screwed.......... "

From puarthekitty:

"actually I caught what I thought was a MissingNo but it turned out to be a ditto and I was still battling the MissingNo itself. I also heard rumors that if you ran across a ditto you'd find a Mew -- and all sorts of fun stuff. The one thing I can verify is the ditto/MissingNo, since it happened to me."

She also reports having seen a Mew in her Hall of Fame!

From Blaze:

"The story of a Missingno that evolved into a Rhydon. Ok its not a story.

Water Gun 25PP
Water Gun 25PP
Sky Attack 08PP
Psychic 10PP

Dude! It evolved into a Rhydon!! (The ultimate Rhydon!, how does it fly?)"

Anyone know why this MissingNo evolved into a Rhydon? I've seen 'M evolve into Kangaskhan, but that's it... never a MissingNo evolution and NEVER into a Rhydon! Although both glitches look like the substitute doll (the baby Rhydon doll) in Pokemon Stadium...

From Simon Ellis:

"This is a rare cheat I found. Right, this cheat a very simple to do.
First of all , catch a MissingNo. or 'M. I know, I know, it'll mess up your graphics, but that is an important part of the cheat. MissingNo. or 'M. must mess up your graphics for this cheat. Anyways, next, look your MissingNo's Stats, then look at a normal Poke'mon's Stats. Then, when you go into battle, the graphics shouldn't be messed up. The graphics should be normal. Now you can catch MissingNo. or 'M. safely without the graphics being messed up.(But, it'll still mess up your Hall of Fame, sorry.)"

From Agent 006:

"You'll never believe this when I tell you, but, you know when you find MissingNo it usually has Rhydon's cry? Well, today when I was playing Pokemon Red, MissingNo appeared, it has Dragonair's Cry! Not also that it did Nidoran's cry!"

From Michael the Kind Rocket:

"He's a Stantler i know cause i traded him to to Gold (Tryed the Date was Strange it said and cancelled."

From Dan Jessup:

"Once, when I caught Missingno, I looked in the hall of fame, and it said I had used a level 400 Pidgeot. The most interesting part was the pidgeot's name. My rivals name was "Gary", and the pidgeots name was....."garyjoinrocket" strange...... also, in "Glitch city" you can surf on the rocks, and if you do glitch city in rock tunnel, the place will still be dark, so.... you can play Safari zone at night! ("but I thought only G/S/C had internal clocks!")"

From Darwin:

"One day after I had finished a project I had some free time, so I decided to read your column about 'M and MissingNo. Then I noticed, "hey, I wonder what would happen if I were to unscramble the picture of 'M?" but instead I took a closer look and... eureka! I found that the "pixelly mess" looked like the PKMN trainer you play!!! look carefuly- and you can see it! It is goldish like the trainer, it has random bits of black...AND LOOK AT THE PURPLE!!! IT MATCHES YOUR BACK PACK! yup, I think that that could be why. It is a simple mirror image or you in a mess of colours!!! Don't believe me? See for yourself."

From Shirley Y:

"Well my friend and I tried that trick on her blue version but the first time all we found was lv.265 Alakazams but since her flareon lv.42 was in front of the line and had a very bad defence shouldn't alakazam killed it with one shot? Well we tried to run away but we couldn't so alakazam attacked flareon but flareon didn't faint, it didn't even loose half of it's hp. It took like 4-6 tries to get away but then we found another alakzam only this time we cauld run away easy. It's like the glitched pokemon are at a very high level but has barely any attack strenth. So we kept swimming but never found a 'M or a Missingno. So we tried again and we found it that time.

"I think that cinnabar island is where the main viruses are because in my yellow version I went to cinnabar island to get some ultra balls but after I paid for them I didn't get any ultra balls at all but did loose money. Ether that was part of the whole glitch thing or the pokemart person is a cheater.

"Also in my gold version I duplicated a pokemon but then my krabby was no longer in my pokedex so I went to be Pc to check if I really don't have krabby but I really do have one. It's weird. So duplicating might be a glitch too and causes problems like catching 'M or Missingno. My friend think Missingno stands for Missing Number because missingno is supposily the #0 pokemon."

From Verbish the Rat:

"Missingno was originally going to be the 4th legendary bird but got taken out, apparently part of it stayed in. I caught it by using hypnosis and throwing ultraballs. killing missingno causes a bigger mess than just catching it. once when i killed it, my hall of fame showed not only mew but some weird mess with my rivals legs with bulbasaurs head on top. my missingno was a water/flying type with the usual 2 water guns and sky atacks. I taught him the fly HM and gave him a rare candy. he evolves into kangaskhan. this concluded in me having a kangaskhan that knows fly. I decided to research missingno long before i found your site. if you put a missingno on the pc and just leave him there, he becomes Rhydon. Glitch city seems to have holograms. pressing start destroys them and you can see where you are. surf north. this takes ages but you find a wall with seafoam island on the other side. thats right, glitch city is south of seafoam."

From Alex:

"I was playing my Blue version on Pokémon Stadium (Dodrio Mode - eye blistering) and thought I'd check out the Hall of Fame. After going through the usual jumbled mess (Raichu, Exeggutor, blank but with Rival's name, Nidoran Male, etc) the screen went bight red and the evolution theme started playing. Immediately I turned off, but it has been bugging me ever since, so I went back and decided to see what would happen.

"The red screen appeared at exactly the same place as before (for some reason the jumbled order hadn't changed - the same Pokémon were there that I had seen last time) and when I pressed A, it moved on. it was as if the red screen was just another Hall of Fame Pokémon screen that you could go through. The evolution theme continued to play, and even when the Hall of Fame had finished, it still played, until I exited the Pokémon Centre. At one part of viewing the Hall of Fame, A Fearow screen appeared, with a purple tinge! It was as if a translucent purple sheet had been placed over the normal screen. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know incase it had ever happened to you or anyone else.

"Oh yeah, I tried an experiment, and found out something real interesting - people who want Ghost Pokémon DO NOT have to get the Silph Scope! I remembered your description of Missingno, the un-Silphed ghost, and also how you said that the eastern coast of Cinnabar made Pokémon appear from the last place you visited. So, I went to Ghost Tower in Lavender Town, and came across one of the un-Silphed Ghosts. I thought if I then exited and flew to Cinnabar, maybe those un-Silphed Ghosts would be able to be captured! Or Missingno would take on their image! I did this and the experiment failed...but I did find out this. If people haven't got the Silph Scope yet, they can go to Ghost Tower and see an Un-Silphed ghost. Then, fly to Cinnabar and surf along the east coast. The ghosts appear there, but in their true form, and you don't need the Silph Scope to see and catch them!

"Anyway, that's my findings and theories for today!

"One other thing - a Missingno finding. On Pokémon Stadium, in GB Tower, it tells you when the game is saving at the bottom of the screen. It saves whenever you see Missingno or M, for some reason. Also on the quest to uncover the truth of Missingno, I heard a unique cry today when I saw Missingno in the Hall of Fame (it even saves when you see it there, in Hall of Fame). Firstly, Missingno wasn't L-shaped - it was just square-shaped, and pink, but it had the same glitched form. When it appeared, I heard a cry I had never heard before - think of do-ray-mee-fah-so-lah-tee-do. Well, this was the so-lah-tee-do bit. It was quite fast, and I'd never heard it before.

"Does this mean that Missingno is the result of a Pokémon put into the beta version of the game, but didn't make it to the final release? Was this the cry of a Pokémon that we don't know even exists? Or, could Missingno be the result of Nintendo taking Mew out of the US version of the game? Maybe they didn't completely succeed in removing Mew, and his data was corrupted and formed into Missingno? As new discoveries are made, more questions are asked...is this the next piece of the puzzle?"

From Mewlove:

"You know how you said that your MissingNo. looked like the ghost of Cubone's mother? Well, mine, for some unknown reason, looks like THE FOSSIL OF A KABUTOPS!!!!! It was at level 352!!! The second time I battled it, it was at level 139!!"

"I succeeded in catching the MissingNo. with the Kabutops fossil picture. I also encountered a lv. 181 Rapidash. And, the weird thing about this MissingNo. is that it only had one attack: pound; the same first attack that Mew has and the first Pokemon I had in my list. The MissingNo. also had the "voice" of a Rattata? and had an astounding attack, defense, speed and special stats."

Defence: 336
Attack: 355
Speed: 362
Special: 349

From Rocket Aurora:

"My cousin has seen it and his game is fine. I told him not to catch it though. And he doesn't believe that it's not a real Pokemon. Now, I have a teeny warning about another Pokemon: Lugia. When my cousin (the same one who's seen MissingNo) helped me get it, I battled with some Pokemon that got in my way that I didn't want and I saved and turned my game off. When I turned it back on, the Pokemon counter thingie shouldve said 103. It said either 112 or 107. I don't remember. It messed my PKMN Silver data up!!! It only did that little bit of damage. I asked Nintendo about 'M, MissingNo and Lugia today and so now I'm waiting for a reply. What happened to my game was probably nothing. But it could've been worse. I am preparing myself for the day when I capture Lugia in Crystal and I'm a little worried about trading my Silver Lugia to my cousin for what it did to me."

    Here's what Nintendo had to say in response to this:
    "We are sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your games. Although we don't have access to game tips in our e-mail department, I can tell you that the MissingNO Pokemon is a known glitch and is not a real part of the game. When players get MissingNO, their games can perform strangely and the graphics will often become scrambled. Note that we don't recommend doing any "tricks" that involve finding MissingNO.

    Although we don't know what happened on your Pokemon Silver game with Lugia, however, if your game appears to be corrupt, please call us..."

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