Misc. Unconfirmed Pokemon Strangeness (Sorted by Believablity)

Please don't ask me for clarification on any of these reports. I just post what people send me... the fake-until-proven-true reports are filed at the bottom under "Farfetch'd".

Plausible - Most Likely True
Improbable - Maybe True or False
Farfetch'd (Fake) - Most Likely or Definitely Fake
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From Animalcrossing64:

  • "I started up my pkmn yellow again. New game. All was fine until... Oak tried to capture the Pikachu. Battle start! (black screen) (Articuno voice) (Boo -from Mario games- voice) (wild pkmn battle music) (still black) I got freaked out then. I thought if I kept my game on it'd clear up, but it didn't so I turned the game off and It was normal this time. What happened anyway?"

From Jessica:

    My red version is disturbed. VERY disturbed. At times, my game just does NOT make sense.
  • My Blastoise did not like Box 2. I deposited him in there, and when I went to take him out, he was in Box 5!
  • My ditto is SO glitched, (he looks like Missingno. You know, the pixellated blob) he did not come back to ditto form after the battle against Missingno.
  • My party's pokemon randomly switch places every time I turn off my game without saving.
  • I don't know this happened, but my super rod was duplicated. So was my bike. And my rare candy is always the one in my sixth slot.
  • What's weird is, I have never met up with the un-silphed Missingno. version. I have never seen 'Ms. They are either Missingno, or some pixellated name.
  • Rattatas in my game are pink. And they don't look like Rattatas either.
  • One time, when I was trading my Mewtwo from my yellow, it said Mewtwo was evolving a day later. Mewtwo evolved into Mewtwo!
  • Once, I was in Glitch City and exploring the water areas. And.... my game froze! I was afraid about losing my game. I opened it, and I was at the same place I was when I saved. Weird... My game is INSANE

From terateller:

  • "While I was playing my blue my pokemon league file was completely screwed but at the second part my character appeared but it got weirder it closed out and the screen went black for a long time when it finaly started there were ? everywhere and the game restarted colors messed up and there were pieces of people everywhere I was in glitch city then the game just glitched out there were blue lines everywhere and the game restarted again but I wasnt there my rival was everytime I moved I changed until It froze now it doesnt work I called the nintendo repair service they said my game is too old I dont know what happened at all but it freaked me out.

  • "Now I have crystal and Im haunted with more ? and this time I know how to get it start a new game but dont save play until you can catch pokemon and catch any one now deposit once and change to box 6 when it says saving dont turn off the power turn it off continue youre game and youll be at where you last saved now look in the box you put the pokemon in and all pokemon in that box will be replaced with #??????# when you open the box there will be ? everywhere."

From Mew 13:

  • "My Gold Version is seriously weird. I got it at a computer convention for Ł8 (and this was a few months after it was released!!!). I was so hyper because I had wanted it for ages! When I took it out of the box, I noticed the cartridge was Pokemon Yellow colored. I didn't worry about it too much, because I just wanted to get a Chikorita already... Everything seemed fine. But after a few minutes of playing, I realised that the in-game clock wasn't working! I was really upset, but I noticed that sometimes, when I saved and switched back on again, it would ask me to change the time, so I could still get night time Pokemon."

From Cartel:

  • "that last story about having to set the clock, that's one of the signs of the internal battery going dead, not too long from that, the game will stop holding the save, the person should replace the battery."

From EDY-innit:

  • "someone mentioned that their gold version (the cartridge of which was coloured like Yellow) forgot the time (letting the person set it again) occaisionally. Someone else responded with a mention that it was due to a low battery or somesuch. I personally own one of these Yellow cartridge Gold versions, and it always has, and presumably always will let me set the time each and every time I turn it on and continue from save. Actually, only once has it ever remembered the time, after linking to someone or other else's game. It went back to (its) normal, though I forget if it did it automatically after a while or I erased save. This only happened once when I linked, I have linked many other times without adverse effects. It most certainly is not low battery causing it, it has done it since the day I bought it many months ago - and it still does it while plugged into the mains through a powerpack.

    I theorise that these are actually some sort of final testing versions of the game accidentally shipped with the regular versions - I think this
    because for final testing of all game events and such, it would be inefficient to actually wait for timed events, so these games were programmed so they didn't remember the time over save. The time does not progress ingame, and it does not remain after resetting." 

From Fushi I. Gisou:

  • "My name is Fushi Gisou, and I'm a big fan of your site. Something... ODD happened to my Pokemon Silver Version game.

    I've NEVER sharked or cheated in my LIFE to these games. But weird things have been happening to my games lately, this BY FAR being the weirdest.

    The console I was playing on was a rather... SPECIAL... Game Boy Advance SP. I say it's special because one of it's motors has died, therefore only allowing it to play Game Boy Color games. Odd, huh?

    So, anyway, I turned on the GBA SP, with Pokemon Silver inserted. It was running normally. I paused to look at the pretty picture of Lugia swimming. Then I pressed A and was at the main menu. The options were CONTINUE, NEW GAME, OPTIONS, and MYSTERY GIFT.

    I then noticed something strange. Whatever option I hovered over, I saw a window at the bottom of the screen. It always said "Time not selected," or something like that...

    I pressed CONTINUE, and it says "The time has not been confirmed. Please reset the clock."

    I didn't even have to do that long password thing that you have to do to reset the time! It, just like that, showed a window with a time-resetting thingy. I entered "1:15" (It's now 1:45) and pressed "A."

    For less than a second, it showed where I had last saved. Suddenly, it all turned into colored blocks. There was this long "beeeeeep" noise, and the opening theme thing started again. Except for one thing: The colors were glitched! (And, no, I didn't get to see Lugia in full color. He was still a silhouette.)

    I hoped the game would behave normally (With the exception of the screwed up colors), but guess what? The time STILL wasn't confirmed, and the colors were STILL messed up!

    I turned off the game. It turned off. Ssssslllllooooooowwwllyy... I'm going to try playing again sometime around 2:30." 

From Doggiegirl30:

  • "There's something strange about my silver version. It's used, a present from a friend. I have a L100 Porygon2 on it, but the game thinks it's a Kabutops. Seriously! The picure, element, and attacks are all characteristic of Porygon2, but the name and species both say Kabutops. I've never used it in battle, but I think even the picture from the back, as seen when the pokemon is battling on your side, would be of Porygon2, but the game thinks my Porygon2 is a Kabutops for some reason."
  • "Did you know that there are pokemon in Crystal Version that weren't programed to appear? Some pokemon are only obtainable through evolution, such as Pidgeot, Dewgong, Pupitar, Rhydon, etc. But, my friend found a wild Dewgong! She knew that Dewgong wasn't supposed to appear, so she freaked out and ran from it. Later, I was on the top of Mt. Silver heading off to battle Ash, when I found a wild Pupitar! I didn't know that you weren't supposed to find Pupitar in the wild, so I caught it. When my friend told me that you can't catch Pupitar in the wild, I checked out my game, and everything was fine, but still, I wonder why Pupitar and Dewgong appeared when they weren't supposed to."

From The Kaiba Corp. Spy:

  • "Last night while playing my Red version, I did something really freaky: I was in the Cerulean Cave, trying to get to Mewtwo, I used a revive on my pikachu, then I used a full restore on him(her?) and that's when things got weird. I don't know how I did it, but I guess I pushed start and select at the same time, and I I saw something: THERE WERE CHARACTERS IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER OF THE SCREEN!!! they were two birds, two of my characters and a beast!! I couldn't move, press start, or do anything! I got scared, and turned the game off. Then I turned it on again(still in the cave) and it froze! AGAIN! it was making a buzzing noise and I couldn't move at all, so I turned it off again, after that, it returned to normal. Could My Red version be breaking down? I have no clue..."

From alexx71192:

  • "one time on the bus this kid had a shining mew on his red he used the duplicating cheat and gave me 1. then 1 day i wanted to see it again and it was gone. 1 time i did the item duplicating cheat and i got a level 70 mew2.then i caught a level 150 somethin golbat it had regular stats until i fed it lots of rare candies then it had healthbar A B & C."

From Tonita_kitty:

  • "Ok, so I had just used a thunderstone to evolve my wimpy Pikachu into a Raichu. Afterwords I decided to train it a little bit, so I took it to the Sootopolis gym to beat some trainers. I kept beating their pokemon with thundershock, and it was really easy. Then I used thundershock and the sound STAYED! It was wierd! The sound didn't go away until I turned off the gameboy, and this never happened again."

From jddd blah:

  • "So I have a weird story whitch I have no clue how it happened. I was trying to get my pinsir into my red so I could use a code to get mew. when I traded it into my red I looked at it's stats and I was freaked out. it's name was ?????????????? ect. All of it's stats were glitched up. I then deposited my pinser I knew I had to get rid of it so I tried to relese it. When I went into the box my game crashed! I finally got it out and relesed it. But when I thought it was gone it wasn't. It was still in my box!! It came back to haunt me!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Has this happend to u?"

From Feldynaught da glitch king:

  • "I also found a no name pokemon in Pokemon Crystel, it had no attacks, so it just use's struggle (the "you have no PP" move). It can not be caught. and it looks like a bunch of scrambled blocks"

From Hally Anicross:

  • "My stepsister found a missingo in her crystal! She took out Kenya the sperow, with it's mail from that guy and saved the game in front of a PC.

    She removed the mail to her mailbox and switched to Box 3, which had no pokemon in it. She then changed to an empty box and when it said NOW SAVING DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER... she turned the game off. :P In her party was Kenya and in Box 3 was a mess-up pokemon with a weird name. She put a pichu in and it too turned into one. When sent out it looks like a girl and when put in the daycare it looks like a boy. She got a egg from them that says: IT NEEDS A LOT MORE TIME TO HATCH. The one lady says it looks mean. It is one level one and can't grow up levels. Once it beat a level 10 snubull!"

From Amha:

  • I swear this is true, but I have no way of proving it. So say what you want. I ain't no Thought Police.

    I was playing Pokemon Yellow, well into the game, when the game froze up. Nothing unusual on my craptacularly clunky original GameBoy. So I turn it off, on and continue the game... but it's a different save! And one I had before, to boot. Name: Akira, just outside Mt. Moon with a surfing pikachu I'd gotten earlier via gameshark... no mistaking it! No glitches or anything. This next part may or may not be related. I had a variable adapter for my gameboy, and my brother took it to school one day to play it. Apparently, some jerk jacked it all the way up to 12 volts (GB uses 6 volts), erasing the game. My bro's the one who named his character Akira. So maybe it came out of hiding from then, or something. But that leaves a bigger question: where the heck was it all this time?

    Other than appearing out of the blue after months of hiding, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the game, and in fact I kept it. No word on where the overwritten save file went, and nothing like this has ever happened to me since.

    Interestingly, there is a way to do something similar to this in Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo. See http://kontek.net/davidwonn/snes.html#zelda3

From Sakii:

  • Flying Kangaskhan! We all know that when you have a 'M it will eventually want to evolve. Well before letting mine gain experiance I taught it to fly. I then let it evolve into a Kangaskan (It looked like a Kanga evolving into a Kanga.... weird) Anyway after that I looked at his stats, he still had fly! So I thought this would be very enteresting to see in Stadium. I hooked my trancefur pack up and set out into battle with my flying kangaskan, much to my serprise it actually flew!!! It looked more like levitation mut still a rather meraculous site to see!!!!

From Andrew:

  • i was playing my crystal and trying to clone my snorlax. i did, but the clone was messed up! so i took it out of the pc and tried to use a rare candy on it, but it said "there is no pokemon." so then i took it into a batlle, and i sent it out and it said: Jesse sent out ?";*%*&76867$/*??>.,<.~``and then it totally reset but instead of the title screen it said "this game pak is only compatible with game boy color and there were unowns at the top spelling out "error!" weird huh? it scared me so i relesed the clone. then about a week later, the same thing happened with my feraligatr! so i released that too.

From slime62:

  • I never for some reason got metal coat in my crystal (which is strange enough) so my friend duped his scizor, planning to trade it to me. (he
    has crystal too) he had a lv. 84 nidoking in his party And This Matters. when he duplicated it it's name was NIDOKING! it's Level was 84! it was
    originally in the 60's! It's species was scizor. we both were amazed so he released it and duped scizor again, and it was fine. Traded to me there was no glitches.

From Michelle:

  • Well, in my crystal version,I was duplicating my Voltorb.When I took it out it was called RareCandy??????????????????????????????????????. What could it mean? I was trying to duplicate my rare candy.

From Sweetheartsammy3:

  • Ok my brother found something weird! If you go to the bug catching contest grounds in goldenrod city there is a guy at the top by a gate,if you go all the way up, and he's the guy holding a paper,on the RIGHT side of him you can go right through the gate!

From TommyKoopa:

  •  "1. In my brothers Gold Version, after catching Lugia I was walking out of Olivine when my game freezed and a wierd buzzing sound was heard.

  • 2. In my Ruby Version, after defeating the tube girl at the top right of Route 119 a claping sound was heard and only stoped when I entered Slateport."

From Sue:

  • "I have no idea how I did this but it was on my Silver. I had recently started a new game(it was my third if that is important)and I was at the Pokemon League. I just could not defeat them and got so bored I didn't bother to try again and saved and then switched the game off next to the computer at the part before you enter. When I switched the game back on again I went into my computer for my Lvl 54 Gyarados because my Lvl 57 Primeape was generally crap and not doing very well, and I noticed that every single Pokemon from my old saving was there. My Lvl 68 Meganium and my Lvl 100 Ho-oh and Lugia. How lucky was that!!!!! But I still remember it to this day and it was so weird. I wonder if my game is special, although I highly doubt it."

From dburnette:

  • "When I was playing my yellow version in the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower without the silph scope, every time I looked at MEW'S stats, the wild Ghost that always says, Get out...Get out... and makes your pokemon be afraid to attack, that ghost reveals its true form! Weird, Huh?"

From Drokonoken:

  • "I have an advanced generation glitch report, or rather the lack of a glitch.
    After some hugely long playing time on my pokemon ruby version (200 hours or something), the berry glitch came onto effect. I was surprised at first because I didn't know what it was, but after reading about it on your website I calmed down. But something happened not long ago: I had left my ruby version alone for ages, and I picked it up again the other day. I was wandering around aimlessly, and decided to talk to the person who does the lottery. Strangely enough, they let me do the lottery. I tried a few other things that I hadn't been able to do since the berry glitch came into effect, and found that they were back to normal as well. I thought this was strange because I have never owned or connected to a Pokemon Colosseum, Fire red/Leaf green/Emerald, gameshark, Jirachi or anything that could in any way negate the glitch. The play time was at 240 hours if that has anything to do with it."

  • "Another thing, when I first got my Crystal version, I kept getting items from the wrong people. The Director gave me something odd, as did Clair, but the weirdest thing of all was the fact that Santos of Saturday gave me the Silver Wing! This all righted (or at least I think it did) when I restarted the game. I don't know if it's just my game or not, but I've never gotten the Rainbow Wing on Crystal, and the stairs you go up in the Tin Tower don't show up at all. I think it's just plain strange."


From Tiger Lily:

  • "My brother's red version is WAY messed up. o.O You can't talk to anybody, I mean anybody!!! Some people look like pixel blobs and anytime you walk into a store you end up in a Glitch City thingy. His Mewtwo keeps evolving into Mewtwo, and the daycare guy won't give in Raichu back! He says "It's sacred...Do not disturb!" Then you get shocked (like when you frist meet Pikachu in Yellow) then you're kicked out. Poor Raichu..."

  • "Ever since I got my new Sapphire Version, I knew it was special. But I didn't now it was glitched up too...

    People in Team(Rocket,Aqua, and Magma) costumes, walk past you( they must be in a hurry to walk.^.^;) And one of my Pokemon, either (Blaziken,Gardevior,Raichu,Sharpedo, Rayquaza, or I forgot) is taking and or drinking my sodas! -_- My Duskull (named after my fave ghost pokemon Misdreavus) is trying to turn into one!"

From gordon:

  • "Something weird happened to my game! It got low on battery and shut off. I turned it back on to see my my time was at the farthest it could go. But then when I loaded my save file my money was at $9999999(or whatever the highest amount of money you can get is). But when I started playing I found a weird Pokémon.

  • "My friend's game is messed up, too. He has infinite Master Balls (without sharking). He found Missingno.(with an different name and pic) in the viridian forest. The weirdest thing is that he found M (and Missingno.) on the wrong side of Cinnabar and without seeing the old man."

From austin59:

  • "Ok I started to play my green version , as you know prof oak in green is Aochider [Okaido]. I fooled with the control buttons until those pokemon appear right before you select start. But I hit A before a pokemon came it went "dadadadadadadada" like it is when you get an HM. MY game was deleted and Aochider looked like an hhjhjk. He made his normal speech and then the screen was black and the music was haywire.ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

From OcelotInTheWild:

  • "Ever have a pet Professor? I did. It called him the name of my old articuno, ice drills. He sounded like a ditto, too! Very wierd...

  • The Cerulean Cave. I went there, experimenting with the level 10 mew my friend traded me for my Mewtwo. I had Mew, Articuno, Blastoise, Dugtrio, and Venusaur. While walking around, I found a level 55 ditto, normal as always, but it was strange. It changed into my Venusaur, which was NOT on the field. A little weirded out, and interested, I caught it. It came up in my pack as normal, but I could not use it. I got bored, and decided to the leave the cave. Unluckily for me, I was stupid enough to save right after I caught the ditto. I was stuck, and could not go out of the cave! I used dig, but it said I could not. I had lost all of my level 100 pokemon, which had been amped up by rare candies. Maybe Mew was my version of MissingNo, or maybe it was the mysterious M...That was when I was too creeped out to ever play again..."

From Ellie:

  • i just started playing blue again when my bro asked if he could borrow his old aerodactyl for the elite four on gold and train up this digglett. i agreed so i sent him aerodactyl for his digglett. 5 weeks later he said pokemon shoud at least be level 70 befor entering the elite four. i belvid him becuse he had compleated red. i trained that level 5 digglett to a level 69 dugtrio and forgot about it now i remeaber putting in box a. 1 month later my bro wanted it back so i went to box a not there i sort of paniked checked all boxes not there ethier now i was worrid he wasn't in the dacare center. my bro got real angry and wdont let me have aroedactyl back. this happend tom on crystal with my evee and that mans shuckle i tranide digglett with batterling not rare candies and i profomed nor cheats in the time i had hime weird hey.

From PokeMario:

  • [A] glitch that happened a long time ago was that I was trading with someone on my Yellow version, but when it got to the screen that showed everyone's Pokémon, the other guy had a bunch of glitch Pokémon including Missingno., and the game froze. What's weird is that that person didn't actually have a Missingno. Also, when I went to play the game again it was erased. And shortly after that the cartridge went missing. No.

From Chris, Ice Kitsune:

  • "The Ghost of Lavender" - an actual glitch story, no made-ups

    ( Note: Except for MissingNo., which probably had nothing to do with our first encounted of the Ghost of Lavender, no glitches, codes, or cheats were exploited. All of this happened at random to us...or so it would seem. )

    Me and my brother Zach have bought every Pokemon game thus far (FireRed and LeafGreen too ^_^) and, except for the newest, we have been haunted by a powerful deity that wants us to quit. Let's pray that it stopped so we can play FireRed and LeafGreen in peace...

    Anyway, to start, it all goes back to the ol` Red and Blue. Zach, as soon as he found about glitches, was a MissingNo. fanatic, and after he found that only the `M glitched your game, he got about three. We were sitting next to each other, hwas training one day when ZAP! His battle foze, and all of the battle disappeared, except for the message box, which was replaced by glitch boxes, and the enemy pokemon, which was now a Lavender Town ghost. It made a strange sound (not a buzz sound, but rather a weird Pokemon cry I've never heard before.) and then made a high-pitched squee sound. My brother, young at the time, shrieked and slammed the off switch. I told him it was nothing, partly because I believed that, and partly cuz I was leveling my pokemon like a madman to kill Misty once and for all! So, he left the room, and I leveled. Oddish, Pidgey, Abra (teleported out, btw...), Oddish...strange pokemon noise comes out of nowhere and my game restarts. IT WAS THE SAME NOISE. We dismissed it as a huge glitch we didn't know of, for we could not blame MissingNo. cuz I didn't have any, nor ever tried the trick. I also was too ticked to make a solution, I lost 5 levels in total from my Pokemon and had to level again.

    Yellow, and my Pikachu friend, were not safe from the Ghost of Lavender. While battling a bothersome trainer on the S.S. Anne with my trusty Pikazup (bad name, I admit), another weird Pokemon cry sounded and my screen was blackened, however I have no idea if it was the same as the Ghost's. Perhaps a lackey of sorts that cannot restart games?

    Gold and Silver, oh joy of joys. This glitched as well, only this one made a sound not unlike the cry of a Bulbasaur with a slower pitch. I encountered the cry in a wild Pokemon battle shortly after obtaining the egg of holiness Prof. Elm wanted me so desperately to obtain. I sadly had to restart, as I had not saved prior to this.

    Ruby and Sapphire, even! Lavender doesn't even exist on this game! Perhaps he resides on Mt. Pyre? Anyway, long story short, he botched my battle with Wallace, making his usual unheard-of sound and turning my screen black. Luckily, the Ghost of Lavender taught me of saving, and I reloaded my game standing next to Wallice, for I had saved! Go me!

    Zach has shown less interest in Pokemon, whereas mine own has done the opposite. Me being 14 and him being 11, you could probably expect the opposite. Perhaps that is why this Ghost of Lavender has chased me so long. He's been getting more mediocre over the years, however, reducing to a random Pokemon cry and a black screen, as compared to his flamboyant appearance to our Red and Blue games when we were younger. I may face him once more in his home turf, Lavender Town, on FireRed. Wish me luck, it won't be long before I arrive there!

From Mary:

  • My friend has gold. He sharked infinity masterballs, rare candies and money. When he goes to his items, you se these question marks and
    5[thunderbolt]5 masterballs. He can't get dragonfang. Also you can't toss these ?.

  • My other friend tried to duplicate a Lugia (Im not sure what version) and his game messed up! His game's colours were reversed and he had to press down for up, up for down, etc. When he went to Violet city, the game glitched (I think) and he had to restart his game.

From Vulpixmaster:

  • "I was walking in slowpoke well when all of a sudden my gold version reset and I could see Ho'oh instead of the shadow. This has never happened to any other versions.Anyway now my gold version thinks I have all of the pokemon and have battled all of the trainers. and I have all of the badges my parties pokemon were all evolved to their final forms and all of the legendary pokemon are gone. I was transported to Mt.Silver and after getting out with a escape rope I ended up at the pokemon center on the route and traded a pokemon with fly from my silver version. I only have the six pokemon in my party their all t level twenty nine and i only had three badges. In addition to all of that I also got a Teru-Sama in the mystery gift place. I contacted the Nintendo repair center they said that it's probably from using too many gameshark codes I don't even own a gameshark. They also said to reset my game. I won't everything is working fine except for the fact that I can't catch the legendary pokemon in the game or battle any trainers. My pokemon's origional party brfore they evolved is now registered in the elite four center."

From nellie_sweetberry:

  • "i couldnt find baterriries fom my gba so i started up blue on gbc black screen a cry that sounds like a garados being mutated text box saying "a dark pokemon aprocched sky wihted out"<sky was my caracters nam not my real name> cry of garados young chid screaming the screams slowly fade away gamboy tuns off dad came in with new baterries for my gba put blue on gba 4 times the nintendo sign a bunch of pixales fith tim nintendo sign replaced with garados sixth time working but only new game avilable veryweird"

From Professor Rya Kahashi:

  • "There are MissingNo. and others in Gold/Silver. A friend of mine had a Japanese Gold Version and traded a Pokemon to me. Unfortunately they had the GS Ball with it. When I looked at the GSBall, my Pack was disorted and I couldn't do anything. My game started to stick. I had
    heard what you do in the Japanese Version in order to get Celebi, and went to the Ilex forest. I walked up to the shrine and pressed the A

    It was an interesting thing... It showed a Pixilated thing that looked similar to a distorted Celebi.
    I had no Idea what happened, and next thing I new my game had frozen. I restarted and it deleted my game. I wasn't very far so it hadn't
    affected me much but still, and interesting thing to note. A Tile of the Forest Shrine is flipped and remains that way despite what I do."

From Kyle:

  •  "Okay, I knew missingno wasn't there, but I thought something might be, so I tried the missingno trick on my silver, and when I was going up the side of cinnebar, a message popped up saying, "Huh? What? Pikachu is hatching!" And then it took me to the hatching scene and the music was playing, but pikachu was stanging there, and then he said, "You should catch me!" And then it said congratulations, your pikachu evolved into egg! And I checked, I had an egg on me, in my 7th (?!?!?!?) pokemon slot, it hatched into a raichu. That is wierder than aything I've seen with missingno, in my opinion."

From NintendoBoy1221:

  • "i had a gold version and i was battling bruno and i had a noctowl out and bruno had out Hitmonlee i attacked hitmonlee with wing attack and said eriugheirghbeuifb used sky uppercut.............SKY UPPERCUT???????? tHAT WASN'T EVEN MADE YET!!! Any way noctowl turned red and flew off the screen and hit hitmonlee and fainted hitmonlee. any way i was so surprised i dropped my game boy on my bed and ran around my house screaming MISSIGNO STRIKES BACK MISSIGNO STRIKES BACK!!! i never battled bruno with NOctowl again." 

From mschnittman:

  • "When I was playing gold, around the stage where you beat clair, and you go in to the cave, a wierd glitch happened. I was talking to her dad in the cave when the screen went glitchy, but it stoped soon. Then i walked out, and when surfing, found a wierd glitch. For the level sighn it said ehtns and no name. I caught it, and when i viewed the data, all of my poke got deleted. So i ended up walking back to new bark, and when i get to my house, the screen goes blank, the nit goes back, and the intro screen starts playing. I Tried to play, but as soon as i did that thing popped up and deleted my file! I don't know if anyone else found it, but i consider it wierd!" 

From Sailor Universe:

  • "OK, something really strange is happening to my Blue Version. Since I lost my own, I bought one from my friend. Everything went fine, until today when I reached Lavender Town. First, I went to the PokéCenter, ofcourse. But when I talked with the nurse, there were people in the speach bubble! It really freaked me out! I was going to take a picture, but my fingers slipped so the text dissapeared. Then, in PokéMon Tower, when I met Purple (my rival) his Kadabra had the cry of a Voltorb! And when I went out from Lavender, into Route 8, the Lass with the Meowths had some extra pixels on her back that looked like wings! Was she an angel?? Later, on the same route, I battled a Supernerd... Who said: "You look good at PokéMon, but how is your chem?", just as I had read on your page! I was frickin scared to death! When I asked my friend if he had done something on the Blue that had with Missing.No or 'M to do, he said that he just had tried the "Mew under truck"-trick. Can that have caused this glitchy effects?" 

From pancake_swordsman:

  • "One ornidary day me and my friend were playing are gold verisions.Untill my bud told me to come and look.He was walking in route 1 and he battled all the trainers.But the girll who challenges you on the roulte had and exclapintaion mark and battle music sttarted to play...but instead of a lass she was a pink and yellow lugia and the text screen said wild lugia wants to battle.It showed the lugia with 6 pokeballs on the left off it.My friend had a L100 mewtwo but his trainer sprite did't send out any thing..So it said that wild lugia sent out ??????.So a gray pokeball appered and a backwards all blue lass appers it was male and its cry sounded like nidoran male.My Freind wanted to catch it and threw a master ball.It went left and right and it said?????? fainted gold[my friends name in gold verision]gained 0 exprenice.It showed mewtwo gaining 0 exp.Then the pink and yellow lugia said''[blank]''and the text box ssaid that he gained 0 poke dollars.Then sadly the game froze." 

From jamiegray_93:

  • "my friend's blue has a glitch that I've never heard anything about anywhere. First of all, his pokedex says he's seen 151 pkmn and owns 152?!? (i think he used gameshark for something) which doesnt even make sense! So, when you get your pokedex rated, prof oak will say "seen 151 owned 152 Prof Oaks Rating:" no text will appear but instead it has this REALLY freaky string of random sounds and music, and the occasional messed up chansey cry. It was freaky! it usually just ends up as a slowd down melody of one of the songs from the routes, but sometimes it will have the "pokedex rated" sound and will quit. (it usually changes the sounds if you find missingno. beforehand.) I also found A(glitch block) by going 1 step down from the cinnabar pc after doing this! It was freaky! (maybe it has to do with the messed up pokemon in his pc "CHARIZ'r(glitchy mess)" that freezes the game if you click on it) whatever it is, i've never heard anything like it on any of the other pages on your site."

From Seakingfan:

  • "Ages ago, year 2000, My brother was playing on red version. Before that, in 1999, A friend called Demetris traded a Snorlax from his yellow version to my brother's red. Apparantly, the Snorlax was an ordinery from route 12. After this had been traded, my brother's red version was playing up. Not only did the Snorlax have all 4 moves HM/TM05 (or 55, i can't remember), but he noticed some of his Pokémon had disapeared.
    On a late Summer's evening in 2000, he told me and my friend James that all his Pokémon had turned into Charizards, I believe in the P.C.. I looked, and yes they had. An example was of Haunter: It had the moves of Haunter etc yet its picture was that of a Charizard. The Snorlax and others were also effected too. Me and James didn't really care. I asked if i could see the glitch. When I played it I was in the Pokémon centre of Indigo Plateue. I headed towards the Pokémon league, But i was stopped at the Mart Man; a message popped up saying, "REX (name) is out of usable Pokémon, Rex blacked out". I ended up outside the Building. I tried again, this time I spoke to Nurse Joy, the same thing happened, Usable Pokémon etc. It got worse after this, every time I got to the door, I blacked out, the same with when I headed down. I didn't really care about glitches in those days so I gave the game back to him, he restarted it. A few weeks later I asked what happened when he Tried to fly away, apparantly it wouldn't let him, a message said Pidgey couldn't fly or something like that. I was also told that before the black outs happened, the Mart man asked him to follow him and the game froze, something like that."


From mrwiggles8907:

  •  Hello. I have a few glitches to tell ya. However, you probably wont believe these ( especially not the last one ) , however, im an honest guy, so youll just have to trust me on this one, regardless of how fake they seem. They ARE REAL, i have done this myself ( unintentionally i might add ).

    Ok, first is that i have encountered the ? pokemon in my Sapphire without a gameshark. Well, me and my friend were about to trade. But, as i was walking in ( before i ACUTALLY was in the trade booth ) his link fell out. I continued walking, and eventually ran into the ?. I didnt know what it was at first, so i just shut off my game.

    Ok, this is the tough one. On my blue i caught missingno. It was stored in my pc, but nothing happened to my game. Anyway, i was checking my hall of fame ( this was a while ago, so dont get mad if i dont have any pics, and on top of that, i lost my blue. ) When i came across something that made my jaw drop. The second to the last pokemon in my hall of fame was mew, but you wont believe who came next ( honestly, you wont ). TOGEPI. Yeah, i was freaked. Togepi's face was pretty dull, and his arms were by his side. Truly, im not lying. My theory is that togepi was originally put into the game, however, they took him out at the last minute and didnt delete his code. So, with a gameshark, it might be possible to catch a Togepi in R/B, even though it may look glitchy.

    Thank you for you time."

From techo:

  • "Call me Okk. I caught a missingno with my masterballs that i duplicated, and it started acting a little weird. Here's the order of events:
    1. Catch level 152 missingno.
    2. Notice missingno has an icon that looks like a oldman/policeofficer, and has the cry of a zapdoz.
    3. HoF has missingno ITSELF in it.
    4. I restart the game 'thinking' that missingno would be gone.
    5. There is a missingno in my PC and my party.
    6. I get on Stadium2.
    7. Remove missingno.
    8. missingno 'transformed' into a female Zapdoz.

    I thought only 'M sometimes had the cry of a Zapdoz? I caught it with the name KIPPER all in capitals. Wouldn't that make something else appear on the east coast of Cinibar Island?
    Me. The unstopable missingno defeater! Mawhahahahahah!
    Feel my unsopable wrath of glitch defeating DOOM!!!

From Mewlove:

  • "I think I have discovered what Pokemon MissingNo. might be. This is just a theory, though. I was bored and decided to try and decypher the glitched up mess and finally got it to match a Pokemon someone had found..... Yoshi! There is a code that lets you get Yoshi; I have never tried it, but 90% of everyone I have asked that tried the code said it worked!"

  • "To get Yoshi in Pokemon here are the steps:
    1.Have a red and blue version and both players must have all 150 Pokemon. Trade a Dratini from the red version to the blue version.

    2.Have the blue version evolve it into a its next stage.

    3.Trade it back to the red version.

    4.Now go to the dungeon where you found Mewtwo and surf nearest to where you found him.

    5.Use a Fire Stone on the evolved Dratini, it will say not available but you can use it anyways. Then it will start to evolve into Yoshi. It's moves will be the same as they were before but its ID will be 999."

From Doggiegirl30:

    "I've heard of other glitches on Red version that were really, really Farfetch'd (okay, bad pun). One is sorta related to Glitch City. Some kid decided to mess up his red version, and here's two weird things that happened:

  • THING #1:
    "Surfed east of Fuschia City and used Teleport. Arrived in front of Fuschia City pokemon center, but couldn't enter any buildings. In the grass, there were only ice type pokemon, and one that looked like a box called "GLITCH". Shut off the power. I think this is another person's Glitch City.

  • THING #2
    "This is by far, the strangest thing I ever heard of. He played the N64, then appeared in battle with Mr. Fuji. Mr. Fuji made him switch pokemon, but instead of a pokemon coming out, the trainer came out, and Mr. Fuji's pokemon knew some weird move called bAcKrUb (yes, with case arrangement.) It was a 1 hit K.O. move. The character graphic was invisible, and Mr. Fuji started laughing and said "ha ha, you died!" The kid was transported back to Pallet Town, with no pokemon, and nothing but a master ball. Instead of the sign saying "Pallet Town", it said "Dreamland". He walked out and captured a pokemon, then he had to take the gym challenge. Every pokemon knew that weird bAcKrUb move. The character graphic was still a ghost and nobody could see it except the gym leaders. They all had wimpy pokemon like rattata and pidgey but they knew bAcKrUb. When he got all the gym badges, he went back to Mr. Fuji and Mr. Fuji said "Please rub my back" so the guy used bAcKrUb on him and Mr. Fuji said thanks and the character graphic was transported back into his room in front of the N64 and he wasn't a ghost anymore, and instead of "!" appearing above his head, "?" did. Weird."

    • From JustJenMc: "i was over my friend matt's house and we were playing his blue version. everything was normal. we were in pallet town and we went into oaks lab. when we came out the barriers to the grass were gone. we went in the grass and we ran into a wild rhydon level [wierd pixel]MISSINGNO.[trainer sprite] and it used bAcKrUb. we were interested in glitches so we kept playing. then it kept using bAcKrUb and it killed (yes, killed) all of the pokemon in my party. so then before it said matt blacked out the rhydon said roar hahaha you lose. so then after the character blacked out it was normal again."

From Sakii:

  • The meraculous running Garados I'm not enterly sure how this happened at all! It seems like something that's impossible.... On my yellow verson I raised a Garados to level 9. I got to the point in blue were I could trade so I traded my garados over to my blue. At that time I didn't have enough badge to controll anything that high of a level. I'd use it in battles and so on, it'd ignore me but eventually it got the job done. One day I went surfing off the coast of Fushia City, (In rout to seafoam) and all of the sudden I see this little water pokemon symble foat away from me, twords Fushia beach. I started to follow it and it dissapeared. Next the really strange thing happened, I got a message that said "Garados has destryed Fushia City's Gym." Naturally out of curiosity I first checked my roster, no Garados..... I went back to Fushia and there was nothing wrong..... but when I went to the mart to buy some potions and pokeballs sence I was there, I had NO MONEY AT ALL! I had at first had something around 78,000 pokebucks but now I was compleatly broke! I guess they billed me for damages.....

From Butch Jarvis:

  1. 'Power Plant Guy'

    Once my cousin Thomas was out testin' his Pokemon when he did something odd. Something happened and the power plant manager thought he was the part stealer! He challenged him to a Pokemon Battle. He had 6 level 100 Kakunas who knew Zap Cannon. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His game froze up.

  2. Thomas did something else and he did something where a Poke Mart attendent told him something in then the name rater told him, "Would you like to delete a Pokemon?" Weird.

  3. Another way fo' Missingno in Yellow. Have a fainted Pokemon and healthy. Deposit the Healthy. You'll just be able to get to a link battle. You will instantly lose, but the opponet'll see a Missingno!

  4. I hear that if you talk to an Olivine sailor 100 times he'll turn into a chair and say , "SITTTTTT. SITTTTTTTTT." Or he could fart and say he has bad gas. Either way it'd freeze your game. Also talking to a sailor on the SS Aqua 100 times will make him ask if something is wrong. A box saying 'what is wrong' comes up. Say 'I have to take a poop.' The sailor will say 'Go right ahead.' You wiil begin to take a poop.

From Seto Kaiba Of Team Rocket:

  • "I saw an approved by Nintendo way to get Pikablu on Red/Blue! I forgot the site name but if you do a search on "Real Pokegod Codes" and look through them, you will probably find it. That's how I found it. Not sure whether it'll work. They also said that if you have a Raticate and a pikachu and nothing else in your 6 pokemon slots, leave your GB on for an hour without touching it and heal at a pokemon center and you'll get Ratichu. My Red version is stolen, so I can't try it."

From kaido_seiyousa:

  •  me and my brother had heard rumors on the net about the grassy areas outside of pallet town, mostly that they were Jhoto and part of another game. six months later, gold and silver come out. i decided to check it out, so i could prove my e-pal wrong. i was surfing just south of pallet town, trying to level my Pikachu. while i was surfing around(i had just lost sight of the southern shore of pallet town), i saw a whirlpool. being the idiot i am, i saved my game and swam into it. after a while the screen went blank, so i turned my game boy off and went to get new batteries. as it turns out mine hadn't died! i changed the batteries, but i was still in the whirlpool and didn't know how to get out. the screen went blank again and i just decided to wait and see what happened, and when i could i was standing in a bunch of grass. i walked to the right and ran into the barrier blocking pallet town from the grass, so i decided to see if MissingNo and M had done anything dumb... again. yeah, stupid Kaido had to catch them both. when i went to check my pokemon, i had MissingNo and M alright, along with Mew, Mewtwo, and two other glitched out pokemon named Vulcounare and Kuravaiya. all of them were at level 300, and the individual data was written compleately in kanji. so i checked my trainer data and had my e-pal write the translations out, the same e-pal who told me about Jhoto. i got a translation of what it all said, and decided to see what i could do while i was there. walking around for a bit, i realized that my character was wearing a Team Rocket uniform. the game had been in nothing but kanji, but i got the point. while i was walking around, some guy came up and we talked for a while. eventually the game went back to english, and i figured out the city i was standing just outside of was called Dark City and my map said i was in Drionao. i explored 'Drionao' and came across 'Akai Kawa Machi' or 'Red River Town', and the S.S.Anne was sitting int he port. i got on and went back to Virridian City, and I checked my PokeDex to see what was going on. my PokeDex still regestered MissingNo and M as #000 and #-001, but I also had Mew(#151), Mewtwo(#150), and the two glitched out pokemon: Vulcounare(#456) and Kuravaiya(#500). it scared me so much that i told my brother to look, and he transfered Mew and the two weird glitches to his computer. after a little anylization, they really were pokemon! both of them were fire types, and we even got an unscrambled picture for Vulcounare. it looked like Pegasus from Hercules, only engulfed in fire. Kuravaiya had fangs, that was the only thing we found out before a virus destroyed my brothers hard drive. and M had finally deleated my game, so i had no way to get the info back. major bummer, and no one really believed me when i told them about it."

From dtoma2:

  • "One day I was looking on the internet on pokemon glitches, and a story came up. This one guy was playing his game (blue or red version)in the viridian forest and all of a sudden.......Ho-oh appeared!!!! I don't really believe it but theres more. He went in battle with it and there was a 1-hit k.o. move. It was called blood drain or something else with blood. It did it on 2 of his pokemon. His blastoise and raichu. If I remember right it fled. I guess he rushed to the poke center and tried to heal them..... Guess what happened. The nurse said I can't heal or when it healed them, he looked at them and they were still out. So he stopped playing for a while. When he came back to the game it was all messed up. So he had to free the pokemon."

From Glittermew151:

  • "My friend was trying out my other friend's action replay with a Max Stats code put in for her Rayquaza (in Ruby version) when she found a Missingno. She ran from it, but when she battled a Goldeen it confused her Rayquaza. It hurt itself in its confusion, but its HP went ALL THE WAY OUT! She switched and battled a different Goldeen, but at the start it was yellow and black, and then it went to normal. This was the trainer's last Pokemon, and after she defeated it it stayed on and the trainer came on WITH the Goldeen...

  • My other friend had a Pikachu in yellow version that, after he saw a Missingno, DESTROYED Cerulean City Gym. He actually SAW it happen.

  • Also, in Gold version, he killed Ho-oh, and there was no shadow at the beginning. He went to the spot where Ho-oh was, pressed A, and there was a MEWTWO!!!!!!!!"

From skbradshaw:

  • "When pokemon first came out, my friend (it was probably a year or so after the release in japan) that they were experementing -- i beleive the may have used a cheating device -- and he showed me pikablu. his sister had red version and he had blue, and on hers she had a pikared. I can remember it so well to! the pikablu had really strange attacks, like water gun, thunderbolt and sonic boom (if none of those were correct, the sonic boom was, i remember reading it) unfortunately, there was no picture (kind of like missingno. but back in the day we were far to afraid to catch missingno. or 'M because we thought it would destroy your game cart) but i remember also reading that if you do something with fighting some1, that you can catch a wild SUPER NERD that looks like a pikachu, i think that could possibly be the salution, due to the same three attacks that it had in my friends game when I was seven or eight, making me think that this could acctually be a real pikablu code, I have been doing some reaserch, but all that comes up these days are those dum 'pokegod' fakes."

From Nick:

  • "Now, the following IS true, and I am NOT making it up, believe it or not! It happened around 6 years ago, so it's pretty vague on what it actually said, but: I was surfing with my Pikachu, with the walk through walls cheat on, and some other code on, and I suddenly encountered a Missingno (That's not the weird part...) I defeated it. I started moving again, and suddenly it said something like this:

    Nick used Dive!
    No, it's too deep!
    If you dive, you die!
    Surf to the middle of!

    Then it faded away. I tried it again, and it did the EXACT same thing. Since it was about 6 years ago, that's not what it said exactly, but it talked about dying if I was too deep in water or something.

    Has this happened to anyone else before?"

From drkpristess:

  • "I'm not sure if you want this for your website but its pretty cool (and it contains Missingno) My cousin Joe caught Missingno and battled through the elite four with it. Nothing bad happened at all with his red version. After that he trained up three pokemon to level 100 for my cousin Natalie's birthday present, Jynx, Charzard, and Mewtwo...MY Mewtwo. They both traded and then my cousin Joe got Stadium and was eager to see his pokemon on the TV. ALL of his pokemon were messed up!!! His Venusaur's HP was all over the screen and then both games crashed and he had to throw them away.

    My other cousin Natalie who got the three pokemon for her birthday was doing fine for a while until one day when she decided to check out her pokemon stats. Her first pokemon (pidgey) looked like a mr mime and was named 'm. Her second pokemon pikachu looked mad and acctually move!!! And this was in BLUE version not G/S. She was pretty muched freaked out by now but wanted to see her other pokemon. Her third pokemon Mewtwo looked like he was a ghost missingno! then the screen went blank and she had to turn it off. When she turned it back on it said error 44 all over the screen. Then it automatically started up a new game. She went along with it and after pokemon got sent to her pc she checked and she had the Mewtwo!!! " 

Image Collections

From Neko:


From Chris Eddie Wilson:

Here’s some odd photos caught on the old ROM:

Oak catches a Mew!

Ash battles Gary! Or Mew!

Gary wins? Or maybe the MD flag won…

I think I’m turning lime-a green-a, I think I’m turning lime-a green-a, yes I think so!

That’s kind of odd, ne? Interestingly enough, it exits when you click.

From Geno:
Here are a few glitched photos that I got.

After checking Oak's last Pokemon.

Mysterious Attack TM28 never has PP. Seems like Ditto's attack. And it has no Type, either.

Battling Gary while the 'M/MissingNo. code is on. You don't even get the "Gary wants to fight"
thing, just... This. And you can run and beat him.

In the "Forbidden Area," otherwise known as a part of the grass that you can't get to in Pallet Town.
Funny thing is, it doesn't freeze unless you walk into the accursed grass.

The curtains fall down. Game over, it's frozen.

Floating in an area you can actually get to.

After you enter the Mew as starter code.

Another Mew as starter code glitch.

Last glitch of the Mew as starter code.
And it seems that there are actually two of these invisible Pokemon.

Let's thank Prof. Oak for mentioning a glitch!!

1. They adressed Mew as #21 in the Mew as starter thing.
2. Error... Yet is works. Heh.
3. First battle with Gary

We found MissingNo. Mew again!

Mysterious TM28.


From Al:

  • "Ok, first of all, the programmers cut a LOT of stuff out of Blue & red versions. They did this because of deadlines and cancelations of ideas. But, back when we had only Gameboy Color games, our abilities to delete stuff was not that good, often leaving small amounts of data. The data that was left behind was mostly deleted, with huge gaps left in its code. These are called "Remnants." Our friend Missingno. may very well be a Remnant. Most of the remnants sat harmlessly at the bottom of our game's coding, unable to be retrieved by normal means, except Missingno. I discovered many remnants myself while randomly experimenting with Gameshark on my red & blue version. Here is what I found:

    NOTE: All these items were found long ago via gameshark codes. I do not remember the codes.

    1. An item called "Surfboard" that was on sale for $100 at any store when a code was entered.( A GAMESHARK code) This item allowed the player to surf on water, without a gym badge. The picture was the same little blob. These must have been taken out of the game during the later of stages of development.

    Sounds like the boat that Blaze has!

    2. COOLTRAINERS! Anybody who has played all three series of Pkmn knows that these little guys did not make their debut until G & S. Well, apparently they were originally supposed to be in R & B. [This is untrue. There -are- Cooltrainers in R/B!] I found these while experimenting with a GS code that supposedly would get me a "Psyburd," a fake pokemon that i believed to exist. (Hey, i was little) Well, i entered the code and walked around in the grass in front of Pallet town. This is what happened:

    Wild [pixel]COOLTRAINER[very weird pixel] JOHN appeared!

    (Very weird sound plays that sounds like a pokemons cry backwards and horribly mutilated)

    The picture of the COOLTRAINER looked part cooltrainer, part pixel.

    GARY (Me) sent out CHARIZARD[pixel]! (Which was lvl 78, if that matters)

    (Game freezes) (Loud buzzing sound plays) (I turn off Gameboy Color)

    Looking through your list of Unconfirmed general strangeness, I found many reports of a teru-sama. This is probably a remnant from the Japanese version that was not found in the American version.

    The report of a Giovannni that was found by linking a Japanese and American version is a remnant. The reporter even says that it was probably taken out."

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