Mew, and How NOT to Get One

...unless you're using a Glitch!

Mew (or Myuu), the mysterious 151st Pokemon, co-star of the first Pokemon Movie... why are people so obsessed with catching this adorable kitty? First of all, Mew is the original "secret" Pokemon... only 150 were released, until rumors began about a new Pokemon that is extremely hard to obtain. As you probably know, Mew isn't normally a catchable Pokemon inside R/B/Y. In fact, there are only a few known "official" ways to acquire Mew in any Pokemon game (plus one glitch):

  1. Get one from Nintendo at a special promotional event.
  2. Supposedly catch all 150 Pokemon in a Japanese copy of Blue (the mail-order only promotion version), then show your Pokedex to the programmer in Celadon City. In the US version, he'll give you a diploma but in the Japanese version, he gives you a Mew. (UNCONFIRMED!)
  3. Use a GameShark or other "cheat" device.
  4. Follow a game glitch known as the Mew Trick.

That's it. Three confirmed methods, only two of which are non-glitch related. Much like the rumors of obtaining the Triforce in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there are many creative explanations of alternate Mew-getting methods. Many seem to be cruel hoaxes, usually requiring the player to release their powerful Pokemon, or follow difficult and time consuming steps in the hopes of getting this rare Pokemon. However, there is a GLITCH that will enable you to capture a Wild Mew of your own. I've tried this glitch, and it worked great for me! (Of course, I had to start a new game to do so...)

There are other reasons for wanting a Mew besides bragging rights or its undeniable cuteness. Mew is the only Pokemon who can learn ANY TM or HM move. Back in R/B/Y, this meant that Mew could learn Softboiled, the HP replenishing move that was supposed to be unique to Chansey. Mew could also learn Pay Day, which only Meowth and Pikachu could learn (of course, Meowth's the only Pokemon to learn the move naturally). You could also turn Mew into a diverse powerhouse with moves like Thunder, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, and Psychic, obliterating friends and foes with a Pokemon they couldn't even get.

Mew Pokemon TCG cards are also more difficult to come by than your average card. All Mews that have been released (in the US) have come in the form of Promo Cards (Japanese players could get a Mew as an Ultra-Rare holo in the Fossil set). You might recall, for example, the elusive "Ancient Mew" card given away at Pokemon the Movie 2000. A Mew was inside the Southern Islands promo set, while yet another Mew was given away at local Pokemon League meetings.

Mew stars in a bonus level of Pokemon Snap - the intrepid photographer Todd must photograph a Mew after completing all the other missions for Professor Oak. Mew isn't easy to photograph: you must first shatter her protective bubble, then quickly snap a picture as she floats away. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mew will rarely pop out of a thrown Poke Ball. She won't do anything to your opponents (she'll only appear for a moment, sparkle, and look cute). But you'll be rewarded with a high-point Mew Catcher bonus, and the time/date you first saw Mew will be listed under Special Records.

In later versions of Pokemon, new "secret" Poke's have been introduced (such as Celebi), but Mew still remains popular, even appearing in the latest Pokemon intro songs. Mew stars in both the first and the eighth Pokemon movies. Pokemon Emerald even features a secret island where Mew lives, that is only reachable with an item obtained at a promotional event. Why is Mew so popular? Perhaps because no other Legendary Pokemon has been cloned. Mewtwo has a dark history, closely connected to the shadowy side of Team Rocket, the real 'evil' side of the organization. These ruthless scientists would stop at nothing until they created the most powerful creature in the world. (These are the type of Team Rocket members who killed Cubone's mother, and often abandon Pokemon who are weak or unpopular - not the bumbling Rockets we know and love from the anime!)

Mew was first discovered before Giovanni took over Team Rocket. Jessie's mother, Miyamoto, was sent off to the Snow Mountains to search for Mew by her superior, Madam Boss. (This story is told in the Japanese-only CD Drama, Birth of Mewtwo).

But enough history! What I'd like to know are the strangest, most outlandish explanations that YOU've heard for getting yourself a Mew! I've heard everything from evolving MissingNos to putting Magikarps in Day Care, but I'd like to know what crazy stories you've heard in your Pokemon travels. Please drop me an email at TeamRocketRose (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll post your explanations right here!

Fake Mew Scams

From AnimalCrossing64:

"1. Get all 152 PKMN (including MissingNo and M) 2. Get them all to level 100. 3. Put MissingNo (not M) in the daycare center. 4. Defete the PKMN Leage a second time (must be second). 5. After that get back MissingNo. 6. The man will say that MissingNo produced an egg. 7. Eventually the egg will hatch into Mew."

Fascinating... especially since the raising of Pokemon eggs wasn't available until G/S/C!

"1. get all the legondaries. 2. Use only them to deffete the PKMN league. 3. Prof. Oak will ask if your a legondary PKMN colector. 4. Say yes and he'll give you Mew."

From Legendary Lugia:

"1. Get Missingno. to appear and duplicate your great ball.
2. Go to the grass above Viridian City.
3. Make sure you have an 2 empty slots. Search for any pokemon and when one appears use the great ball and press B, B, Up, Down, Left, Down, B and you'll catch all the pokemon in the area. When you check your lineup you'll have mew along with 251 pokemon."

From anonymous:

"I have never tried this therefore cannot comfirm it. Somehow obtain an HM ive heard is called Ghost. This is done after the S. S. anne has sailed. Use ghost to scare away the guard who is blocking you. Surf and you will find Mew. If you catch it you can keep surfing and you will find team rocket and they have a giant robot that is near impossible to beat. If you do end up beating it, you will find that the guard called the cops because of your ghost menuever. You must go to the lab and talk to Prof. Oak before they catch you or it will delete your file. It seems very strange to me. I have also heard that if you use gameshark before s. s. sets sail you can use strength from gameshark to move the ship."

  • From Al:

    "There really is a car behind the S.S anne. it has something to with the keys In the slot room at Celedon city. The car is a pickup truck. HOWEVER you CANNOT move it. You cant get mew there, and you cant move the S.S anne. Near the car are some crates, wich you cant break or move, and the car sits on a checkered island."

From 75Zei Possible:

"I have a couple fake 'Get Mew' scams.

1. Get a Dratini and evolve it into a Dragonair. With a Gameshark, teach it Dig and use a thunderstone on it. It will evolve into a Mew*

2. If you catch Mewtwo and make it hold a Super Potion, it will change into a Mew.

3. If you're in Lavander Town and fly to Cinnibar Island, talk to a guy in the Poke Center, and he'll say 'Have you heard of Pikachus? They're adorable! Want to trade a Pikachu for a Nidoran?' If you say yes, he'll trade it to you. If you say no, he'll say 'I hate people who don't want to, maybe this will change your mind!' He'll give you a Mew*

4. Talk to the guy in Celedon City that had his coffee. Say 'No'. Go to the nearest body of water and fish. Get a Magikarp, then show it to the guy at Celedon City and the game will crash. When you turn it back on, your game will crash again. Turn it on again, and press 'Continue' and look in your party. You'll have a MISSINGNO, an 'M, a Rattata, another 'M, and a Mew.*

5. Feed a missingno a rare candy and then battle it, afterwords it should turn into mew."

From HiyaChako:

"Here are a few I made up. They are NOT true.

  • How to get Mew in Ruby/Saphire
    1. Start up a new Ruby/Saphire game
    2. If you start as a girl, name yourself Mewey, if you start as a boy, name yourself Mewster.
    3. When in the moving van, press L, R, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, Start, L, R, A, B, A, A, B(not at the same time).
    4. When you set the time, set it to 7:14 AM.
    5. Choose Treeko as your starter pokemon and name it "Mew". The Treeko has to be female. if it is not, restart your whole game until it is.
    6. Countinue throught the game, but dont catch or trade for any other Pokemon, or evolve Treeko. beat the Elite Four with Treeko, and when Steven shows you the hall of fame, Treeko's picture will be a picture of Mew!
    7. After the credits, start up your game. Your Treeko will now be a Mew! You are free to catch other Pokemon and trade!"

  • Get shiney Mew or shiney Celebi!

    Note: you must have never used a cheating device on your game or traded with a game that has. Also, you must have beaten the elite four and Steven.

    1. get every pokemon in shiney and raise them to level 100.
    2. have all 200 in your PC, but nothing else.
    3. arange them first in Kanto Pokemon pokedex, Johto Pokemon pokedex, then Hoenn pokemon pokedex.
    4. go to the guy that sees marage island. he will tell you "Marage island is shining!". Surf to it with the last 5 pokemon in your PC in any order.(Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Kyogre).
    5. there will be a house. go inside.
    6. there will be lots of trainers with level 100 Pokemon like Hoh-oh, Mewtwo, Lugia, Mew, Celibi, Jirachi, and Deoxys. When you beat them all, there will be two ball. one is a Psycic ball containing Shiney Mew. the second will be a forest ball containing Shiney Celebi. Mew holds clone macine, which lets you get a free non-shiney Mewtwo by using it on Shiney Mew. Celibi holds magic follage, which makes grass and psycic attacks 10x more powerful. You may take one. They are at level 5, but their stats are like if they were at level 100. By the time they reach level 100, all their stats will be 999!

From daily500:

"Before You get on the S.S Annie or what ever(that ship) beat the gym leader to alow you to use surf. To make it easier, trade yourself a pkmn with surf from another game or a friend. Now go back to the town with the ship ocean liner thing. Go up the guy and scan your ticket. When your on the Dock but not the ship use surf and surf tot he right. you will find and island with a car and a couple trees or something (this is true i found this) and then use strength on the car. there will be a poke'ball under the car and it will have mew in it. HAHAHA like this would even work.i cant belive I actually belived it...."

From RareHunterX90:

"I have a Mew, I caught it in Red, and traded it to my Silver, which I transferred to Crystal.

"I used this one cheat on my Gameshark its called Nickname, when u use it supposedly u are able to go throught walls. I tried it, and when u use it it makes ur game look weird u and ur pokemon are on the screen and u can move them around. Using this u can get to the cable club, and to the SS Anne again. Well i used the 100 items trick on Master Balls of course, and used Nickname in Vermillion. The first couple of times it glitched up, but the 3rd time i arrived in the cove of the SS Anne, there I saw the infamous truck on the side, and the SS ANNE! I thought this was impossible since it already left, but i went in and looked around, everything was the same. I went into the cafeteria of the ship, and turned my GS back on. I threw a master ball when i was in between the two tables and it said: "You have captured Mew. Congratulations. Do u wish to give it a nickname? Mew was sent to your PC" I couldn't believe it. I ran as fast as i could in my game to the PC and there i saw it it was Mew in the flesh! There is only one bad part, when u use Mew in r/b/y the second pokemon in ur party's pic turns to a Mew as well. I learned that the hard way. POOR ARTICUNO! ::sobs::"

From doggiegirl30:

"OTHER WEIRD WAYS I HEARD TO GET MEW 1 of them was on G/S/C to beat the elite 4 and Red 20 times each by battling them in alternating order, then Prof. Elm will call and give you an egg that hatches into Mew. [This] will not result in an egg hatching into Mew.

The strangest way I ever heard to get Mew that I'm not sure whether it works or not in G/S/C is: catch Mewtwo by finding MissingNo. on the east coast of Cinnibar Island after you talk to some guy, then run from it and the next pokemon you find should be Mewtwo at level 100 or with an illedgible level. Catch it, then trade it to another G/S/C. Make Mewtwo hold Upgrade, then trade it back. When you recieve Mewtwo, the evolving screen should pop up and say "Mewtwo is evolving!" and Mewtwo will evolve into Mew. I don't know if this works, though."

From Greg the Glitch Hunter:

"i heard that you can get a missingno/mew in yellow. you got to go to glitch city, find all of these key things, then you got to use the keys to move the truck and there will be a thing that sees mew. then when you're done reading it you will come across a mew which looks like missingno."

From Glitch2:

"1)Get Mew2.
2)Talk to coffee man.
3)Fly to Cinnabar and surf where you find M.
4)You will find Lv5 Mew2.If you beat it it stays.
5)Catch one.
6)Go to the Elite Four. Deposit healing items and have only Lv5 Mew2.
7)When you go through you don't fight. On your rival he scares 'Glitch2' as your game says. G2 evolves into a Mew called Myuu.If you try to change its name you can't."

From Toad:

"Here's a cheat I picked up on the web:

1. Catch Mewtwo.
2. Get a Pokemon that knows Dig and put it in your lineup along with Mewtwo.
3. Using only those two Pokemon, proceed to defeat the Elite Four 40 times.
4. After doing that, go back to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center.
5. Deposit Mewtwo into a box.
6. Release him *Important step! Or else the trick won't work*
7. Now go back to the exact same spot where Mewtwo was standing.
8. Go in a circle around that spot 3 times with your bike.
9. Now, hit Start.
10. Hit Select.
11. Use Dig to teleport back to the Cerulean Pokemon Center.
12. Here's where it gets interesting... When you teleport back, go to the Cerulean City Gym.
13. Talk to the swimmer there; all of a sudden, he'll teleport you to the Bermuda Triangle, where you can fight extremely powerful Pokemon and capture Lugia."

From LuckyLucky777s:

"I heard one when I was rather young and would believe anything! (11... im 13 now... lol)Anywayz, I ran across one when my friends were talking, about if you put one of those Mew cards you got from the movies into the slot with your Pokémon r/b/y versions, it would do something to the game and all your Pokémon would turn into the legendary Pokémon of question, now-a-days. I stayed up for weeks trying to figure it out."

From Professor Henry the Green Engine:
  1. Go to where Mewtwo was.
  2. Stand exactly where it was.
  3. Play the Pokeflute 100 times
  4. You need 2 Masterballs to catch Mew

Here is one for Red/Blue that SUPPOSEDLY allows you to catch "Pikablu'.

  1. Get all 150 Pokemon without a cheating device.
  2. Then you must have at least 17 of your Pokemon at level 100. Also have all the badges.
  3. Fly to Pewter City and go to the mueseum
  4. Go upstairs and talk to the girl who asked her father to catch her a Pikachu
  5. Go outside and do not take any steps left right or forward. Immediately use fly and fly to Celadon City
  6. Go straight to the Game Corner and inside and talk to the lady who says "Go next door for fabulous prizes!"
  7. But this time she'll say "Hey? You have all the badges? WOW!! Well since you were so nice to talk to me I will give you this Pokemon I found behind Pewter Museaum. He is so strong I can not control him. But since you have all the badges YOU TAKE HIM!"
  8. It will say "You got ???????!" Then when you try to use it it will just be like if you were pressing cancel and it will exit every time. Then go to Prof Oak and he will say the same thing he said when you gave him Oak's Parcel. It still says"You delivered Oak's parcel!!!"
  9. Afterward it will replace the Pokemon in your first position so put a Spearow or something in first. It is still called"????" so go to the Name Rater and change its name to Pikablu.

Catching Mewthree. This is fake:

  1. Get all 150 pokemon
  2. Get Mew (I don't care how you get him)
  3. Fly to Cinnabar Island
  4. Enter the burned out mansion (called Pokemon House)
  5. Read all the diaries about mewtwo in exact order
  6. Go outside
  7. Immeditely use item finder 101 times
  8. On the one-hundred and first time youll hear a ting
  9. You will see yourself being teleported to Oaks lab. He will say bring this to the lab in pewter city i dont need it
  10. You got oaks parcel. take it to the man who gave you the old amber. He'll say i dont need this you take it. (they think it really is oaks parcel its not. is really a mewthree!)

From Veb:

"I've heard (On internet) That if you beat the elite four 100 times with the same pokemons, you'll get your own gym and a new HM. This HM is used to destroy stones (For example the stones on east and west ot pallet town) Use thatt HM on a pokemon, and you can go into the grass to the left/right of Pallet, and in the grass there, you can catch mew. Cr[az]y, isn't it?"

From Lail Benmoussa:

"i heard that if you release are your pokemon right before you battle the elite four ecxept for a ditto then walk into the elite four then prof oak will walk up and give you every pokemon in the game including mew and m and missingno"

From Tiger Lily:

A way NOT to catch Mew. I've tried it and it doesn't work!!!!

  1. First teach a Pokemon FLASH. After you've done that, go to Saffron City and go into CopyCat's house.
  2. When you're in her room use FLASH and blind her, take any doll and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
  3. After you're gone. CopyCat will have told her parents about you stealing her rare doll. You can never return to Saffron City or the will take a Pokemon of yours.
  4. Take the doll to Pallet and show Prof. Oak- he will think it's real and he will trade Mew for it. You can never return to Prof, Oak's Lab...

From Treecko lad:

"My friend like told me that on red and blue version that if you defeat mewtwo in the unknown dungeon there will be a glowing light. If you follow the light (Mew) you will find Mew.
I'm not sure if this is true but i'd try it out."

From Thomas Lanier:

Go into the grass that is left to the nugget bridge. You'll then find a Missingno. Defeat it, but the battle wont end!
Catch it, and it will say that it was a Mew!

From Lordofdragons942:

I actually fell for this one.I used my Master Ball on the ****ing Electrode!

1. Catch an Electrode. Level it up to Level 100.
2. Catch a MissingNo.
3. Put both of them in the PC.
* The reason step 5 supposedly works was because the Missingno. turned Electrode into Mew, much like how Missingno. turns into Rhydon.
4. Do something REALLY long like beat the Elite Four once or twice.
5. Withdraw the Electrode. It will become Mew.
* Delete MissingNo. before it erases your game.

It actually sounds convincing. Short, easy, not hard to do. It works on the basis where Missingno. (000) goes back to #1 (Rhydon) because the game doesn't recognize it. Because Electrode is so high on the list, it goes backwards to #255. Cuz' the spaces are empty, it goes right to 151 Mew! Almost sounds like it works but it wasn't programmed that way. (I didn't make this code, I am knowledgable though. I just have practice with this kinda stuff!)

From rainbow_usul2003:

I have heard of 2 fake "Get Mew" scams for your Fake Mew scams page:

For Yellow:
1. Start a new game
2. Go to Cerulean City without catching any Pokemon that wont fit in your party (only get 6 pokemon)
3. Put your Pikachu in daycare
4. Beat the rest of the game with ONLY the 5 Pokemon you have left
5. Go back to the daycare and pick up your Pikachu It will be at level 100 and when you walk out the door it will evolve into a Mew!

For Red/Blue:
1. Catch 6 Missingno/'M
2. Use them to beat the Elite 4
3. When Oak comes at the end he will say "What rare pokemon! You must be a rare pokemon collecter! Here take this!" Oak will give you Mew.

These are fake! Do not try them!

From spideyjvc:

Fake mew cheat(also fake surfing pikachu cheat) for R/B

1. get a pikachu from yellow version in your red or blue then release it
2. try to teach it surf 150 times(really, i thought we released it?)
3. on the 150th time it will say "pika?"
4. try one more time and it will say "do you wanna teach mew surf"
5. if you want a surfing pikachu say yes and there you go, if you want a mew say no, you can only chose one so choose wiselly...
6. after saying no a messege will come up saying, mew went to pallet town
7. go to your house and you will not see your mom
8. go to your room and a mew will be there, battle it DO NOT try to capture it your game will crash and you will need to start a new game
9. mew will be at level 9999999999999(wow really!!!how do you beat it?)
10. defeat mew, this is the hardest battle in the game
11. after you defeat it mew will talk and say mewtwo kidnapped your mom
12. mew will take to to (wow...realy...thats nice...point me to where is please)
13. ash will be there and say "what have you done with my pikachu?"
14. battle him with mew
15. mew will say you are worthy of my power and you get to keep it
16. then you get teleported back to cinnibar island(i dont recall ever going to cinnibar)
17. mew will be in the part of your party where pikachu used to be
18. now mew follors you like pikachu used to(wait...i thought this was in red and blue? and what happened to your mom?)

Yet another get mew cheat i found on one of thoes "maxiepages" website

1. kill mewtwo
2. go where he used to be
3. use surf, then teleport, then fly, then surf again
4. a message will come up saying"i guess theres nothing more to do here, maybe i should just go home"
5. go home and your mom wont be there(wow, doesnt this sound like the last mew cheat i found)
6. go to lavender and you will see a pikablue, catch it with a pokeball, it must be pokeball
7. do step 1 again
8. mew will challenge you and say"i will avenge my brother!!!"(brother?wah?) capture i

From Auntcookie610:

Well, I made up a face SCAM to get Mew:

1. Get all 150 Pokemon to Level 100.
2. Have 2 Pokemon in your party. (Mewtwo and Lapras)
3. Talk to Mr. Coffee and fly to Cinnibar.
4. Use Surf and ride the edge of Cinnibar until MissingNo and 'M appear.
5. Catch 'M, then MissingNo, then another Missingno, then another 'M.
6. After the second 'M is caught, save your game.
7. Voila! That 'M will evolve into Mew!

From MetroGamer1981:

1. Get all 154 Pokemon (all 3 MissingNo & M)
2. Go to Pewter City carrying all MissingNo & M.
3. Go in the museum.
4. Look at the Kabutops fossil.
5. Walk outside and fly to Vermillion City.
6. Talk to Lt. Surge. He will say you have some potential. He will give you an item that has the name F31RUTZA0*e.
7. Fly to Pewter and go to the Kabutops fosil again.
8. You will be challenged by a Level 254 MBlock, then a CoolTrainer Male, then Hiker Richard Walter E3, then a Level 0 Mew. Catch it, it knows Water Gun and ???. ??? is an instant KO with 350/13 PP.

From Ultimate-Rayquaza/Bionic-Sun:

1. Get mewtwo.
2. Trade it to G/S/C
3. (in G/S/C)Get the beserk gene and give it to Mewtwo.
4. Trade it back.
5. (in R/BY)Give it to the daycare man.
6. After it grows 1 or more levels,take it back.
7. The daycare man will say "I found it holding this thing."
8. He gives you the beserk gene.
9. Go to cinnibar island.
10. Go to the place where you use the fossils.
11. The cloning scientist will say "I can make two things from this piece of genetic coding."
12. A menu will come up and chose Mew, instead of Mewtwo.

From Brian Moody:

How (not) to get Mew in G/S/C

"On your G/S/C game, use an itemfinder just outside what used to be the unknown dungeon. Itemfinder will discover an item. Find it and it will be a Berserk Gene. Now you must trade a Mewtwo from your R/B/Y to your G/S/C game. Remove its Brightpowder and make it hold the Berserk Gene. Trade it back to R/B/Y and it will say "What? Mewtwo is evolving!" and it will evolve into a Mew."

The part about the Berserk Gene is true, although it's not "just outside" of cerulean cave. However, the Berserk Gene doesn't evolve Mewtwo into Mew.

From WedgeAntillies61:

I heard that if you trade a magikarp between two yellow versions either 30 or 50 (I think it's 50) times, you can get mew!

From greendaylover3214:

This is NOT true.You will not get Mew from this trick.

1. Catch all 150 pokemon.You dont have to catch Missing.No. or M.
2. Go to any pokemon center EXCEPT the one in Cinnibar.
3. Release ALL of your pokemon EXCEPT for Mewtwo.
4. Beat the Elite 4 with only Mewtwo 4 times.
5. On the fifth time,lose and a glowing blue light will appear.Follow it and it will take you home.You will battle it there.
6. Catch it!

From diamondiva111:

i also heard that if you get all the pokemon and have with you vipporion, jolton, and flaron, and the three starting pokemon all evloved with the 150 pokemon that you get. Then go to bills house and hes soposed to let you out this back way and you can get togipi in R/B/Y.

From Pixel Perfect:

I thought I might think of a "way" to get mew for your fake mew cheats page.
1. Defeat Mewtwo (because I accedentally did this. Whaaa!)
2. Talk to professor oak
3. He will say, "Wow! you must be anm incredible trainer to defeat Mewtwo!"
4. Go to where the S. S. Anne was. Talk to the guard who will say, "The ship set sail. Oh, professor oak sent you? go right ahead!"
5. Surf out to the truck and use itemfinder.
6. It will say, "the itemfinder's beeping out of control! It's a pokemon!"
7. A huge explosion will occur, and a mew sprite will come out, and say, "just try to catch... meeeee!" and float away.
8. Professor oak will drive you to driandio in the truck. All your pokemon will be stored in his lab. He will then give you Cyndaquil if you chose charmander, chickorita if you chose bulbasaur, or totodile if you chose squirtle. You will have 80 masterballs. (:))
9. You will be confronted by three legends - Mew, Vulconare and Kurivaya (thought I might give explination for these two.)
10. Catch them with your masterballs and dance and be happy!
Long, no? But it explains Vulconare and Kuravaia the glitches and lets u catch mew.

From The Master:

i just saw your site on fake mew scams and thought it was hilarious. now i don't know whether it's just a remnant of something very very old, but in
case people still use it, here's a little something we used to make the smaller kids go nuts with in primary school:

1) Use strength on the truck near s.s. anne and mew will be under it.
2) Acquire a HYPER ROD and fish for mew in the water northwest of nugget bridge.
3) You will find mew in the BASEMENT LEVEL OF S.S.ANNE.

As most of us know, the ALL CAPS STUFF doesn't exist in the game, but oh man those kids believed friend (who had action replay) convinced the kids of the most wondrous ways how he got his mew...

From strong swamptert:

I haven't tired this but it sounds fake. First go get a thing called the t.s.s dive ticket. then go to pisfilog town. Then go in the current. Go to the ring of rocks. Talk to the nearby trainer he will open the rocks .(as if he could) Go in and dive you will end up in kanto beat the gym leaders then beat the champ this time Sabrina she will give you a level 100 mew. but then people with legendary pokemon appear and they want to battle they can use 11 pokemon don't lose or they kill you and erase your data.
From mewcatcher666:

My friend (who doesn’t even like pokemon) told me the stupedest way to get mew.

1. beat all the gyms accept Blaines.
2. get all the legendaries.
3. release all of your pokemon accept mewtwo and articuno
4. beat blaine and the pkm leauge with them.
5. do the missingno. trick.
6. catch it.
7. use only the level 0 m to kill indigo again.
8. m will say he is sick, and the only medicine for him will be in the bermuda triangle.
9. talk to the guy in mistys gym and have him teleport you there.
10. m will die but you can catch a blaziken, deoxys, rayquaza, and mew(who takes 2 masterballs to catch). Don’t try it cause its totally bogus.

From Sheng Zhang:

1. Beat the Elite Four 100 times.
2. After that when you win, you'll get a Mew Lvl.5 (I can't believe I used to believe this).

1. Get the HM06 (SuperStrength) somehow.
2. Use it to move those boulders on the border of the oceans.
3. Then somehow get Mew

From NintendoJunkie85:

Iv'e heard that to get MEW in G/S/C, you have to beat the Elite Four 50 times in a row. Then you go to your Mom and she will say,"There's my little Pokemon Master! I've heard you beat the Elite Four 50 times! I bought this Pokemon for you, I hope you like it. Now go beat Gary again!" Then you will get a MEW.

This is a freakin' load of BULLSHIZ if you ask me. Where could your mom get a MEW?

From Neon Heart:

Hi. I noticed the Glitch part of your Pokemon site, and the fake 'How to Get Mew" scams... Well, its about 4:30am, and I'm feeling pretty twisted, so I decided to have a go.

WARNING: Rated "S" for "STRANGE!!"

(Please also keep in mind that this isn't true, lol)

How to Get Mew in Pokemon G/S/C
1.) Start up the game,
2.) Get into your pack, and use your phone. Call the local Newbark Town Pizza Hut,
3.) Ask for a large meat lovers pizza, extra cheese, and a Dr. Pepper,
4.) Carry the food and drink around until you find a Snorlax.
5.) The Snorlax should jump for joy, and yell "OMG A PIZZA AND DR. PEPPER OMGZ I LOVE YOU FOREVA!!!". The Snorlax should proceed to gobble down the pizza, and you end up thinking, "Wow... He chews like a cow."
6.) After Snorlax eats the pizza, he should say "I don't feel so good", and fart so hard, an egg shoots out his butt, all the way to Goldenrod City!
7.) Go to Goldenrod City, and look for the egg. You'll see the egg on the ground, still in one piece, next to the foot of a man the egg knocked unconcious while travelling at the speed of around five G-forces.
8.) Pick up the egg, and run with it.
9.) Run to the nearest forest, and take out any Fire Pokemon from it's PokeBall, preferably one that has really sucky fire skills.
10.) Pull out your trusty, greased up frying pan from your pack, and put the egg on it.
11.) Have the Fire Pokemon LIGHTLY spray fire underneath the frying pan. I emphasize 'lightly', because otherwise you'll have yourself a sunny side up Pokemon egg if cooked too long (I know, the idea's tempting, only because you've gone seven weeks without food on your insane Pokemon catching trek... Not my fault).
12.) Warm LIGHTLY for two and a half minutes, no more, no less.
13.) If you followed ALL of the steps correctly, your egg will start to hatch. Your little trainer guy will say "Oh my God! The Egg's gonna hatch!" Then, a little pink tail pops out, and then a cute, floating kitty pops out, meowing and purring all about, as it floats and sparkles. The kitty floats up to you, and you hug each other, and the kitty mews out "I wuv you!"
14.) Congratulations! You have a Mew, and she loves you a lot! =D

From wnhjr:

Get Mew in R/B/Y

1)catch 5 Mew2s(recommended to name character DxDyDzD to do so)
2)trade 3 of them to another R/B/Y
3)release one of the remaining 2 Mew2s
4)take 5 more random pkmn from your PC
5)go to elite 4 and let 5 non-Mew2s faint
6)when you win someone will walk up to you and give you a Mew

Note:if you level your Mew up past lvl100 it will evolve to a random pkmn you have already caught(lvl-99)

From maniac_missus_weird_:

I once heard of a way to get Mew. You won't believe it, but EVERYONE else used to. I was the only person who didn't believe it.
1) Catch 5 Magikarp.
2) Raise them to level 100. *which will take AGES*
3) Beat the elite four 10 times with those 5 Magikarps. You are not allowed any pokemon in your sixth slot. *whoo.. 5 magikarps with splash and tackle.*
4) Gary will give you a level 5 Mew.

I think some idiot made it up based on another so called, "cheat" I heard where you could get Gyrados's evolution and a move called freezebeamer.

From Fred428keith:

i have heard a rumor about mew if you beat the elite four 250 times the PKMN PROF. will give you a key that opens one thing you must search kanto to figure out what it is but then you realize it opens the truck near the big boat inside you find an egg you must walk 1 million steps to hatch it when it hatches guess what is in side! a LV 100 MEW

if you were wondering i NEVER believe that!

From Mr. Chess:

I just made this up yesterday, and it is crazy.

1. In Pokemon Yellow, get all pokemon to level 36.
2. Battle Koga
3. Beat his 3 Venonats.
4. Make sure all pokemon get hit with Toxic.
5. Throw an Ultra Ball. It won't get blocked. Venomoth should break out.
6. Beat the Venomoth.
7. Leave the gym. You should end up in glitch city.
8. Go up to where the Safari Zone would be.
9. You'll find a level 50 Venomoth (the same moves Koga's has)
10. Catch it. It will register as Mew.

From Connor G.:

I have a fake Mew scam for your "Mew and how NOT to get one" page. It involves legendary landmarks. Make sure you have caught every legendary pokemon that can be caught (Excluding Mew).

1. Fly to Celadon City and go to the Rocket Game Corner and find the keys. Press A on them after you find them.
2. Now fly to Fuchsia City, surf to Seafoam Islands and go to the island Articuno stood on. Use the Itemfinder.
3. Now fly to Cerulean City. Cut the tree to the east, and go to the Power Plant.
4. Go to the end of the Power Plant where Zapdos would be, then use the Itemfinder.
5. Fly to Viridian City and go to Victory Road. Go to where Moltres was. Use the Itemfinder.
6. Now fly to Cerulean City, travel to where Mewtwo was in the Cerulean Cave, then use the Itemfinder. It should beep.
7. Now press A over the island. You soon find the "RARE KEY".
8. Fly to Vermillion City and using a glitch (explained below), re - board the S. S. Anne.
9. Surf east to the island and use the "RARE KEY" on the truck.
10. It should move to the left and a staircase will become visible.
11. Go downstairs into a small room. Enter a small door.
12. There will be some water. Surf forward and there will be a small island. Mew will be on it.
13. Press A on the pokemon to battle. It will be a level 50 Mew! Catch it! An amazing effect happens. If you fail, it will stay there.
14. If you catch Mew, two boulders behind the island move opening a water way. In a secret room, you can catch all 150 pokemon!

How it could work : There are many steps so it is possibly fake. But to see an exclusive legendary pokemon, why not visit the legendary pokemon's old locations. It could work. Catching all 150 in one spot could be interesting, but there is no way to get a "RARE KEY" or even move the truck.

Featuring : the slot keys, the S. S. Anne truck, the legendary pokemon's homes, and Mew.

S. S. Anne glitch : You can go back on the S. S. Anne. If this trick were true, you would need to know how to re - board the ship. Stand at a diagonal to the man. Make sure he says the ship left. Move right and save(like the Mew Trick almost). Shut the game off and back on. If done right, you will be looking east. Use surf. Instead of going onto the water, you will be on the man. Now you can go down and to the S. S. Anne.

From wild_catgirl_washu:

My cousin had told me these when I was of course I believed him >_< All of them were for R/B

1) When you're about to get on the ship S.S. Anne, don't get on. Instead surf over to the side of the ship where you'll find a little island with a moving truck on it (True little island...I've always wondered why there was a truck on it though) Use strength on the truck to flip it over, and underneath will be a pokeball with a Mew in it.

2) Surf before you get on the S.S. Anne, go to the other side of the ship and there will be a hole in the side ship. Enter it and you'll find a mew.

(next one also had to do with the "pokegods")

3) Catch 6 Chanseys and level them up to level 100. Fight and beat the elite four with these chanseys (you can't teach them any TMs, it has to be all attacks that chansey would learn naturally) then when you get taken to the room to I guess register your pokemon after you've beaten the league. You can now walk around the room and up in the left hand corner of the room there is a door you can enter that will lead to a room with 3 exits besides the one you entered. One room leads to all Pikablues, another to a room of all firemews and mews (and/or mewthrees) and the last is a room with all the poke gods.

Yes....when I was little I actually believed this. I would of tried it back then but I didn't like chanseys. XD

From black celibi:

i just want to tell you about this really weird mew scam for fire red leaf green.

1) start over your game
2) choose for your starter bulbasour in leaf green and charmander fire red
3) get the first three badges and only the fist three badges
4) get your starter to exactly the level it reaches the final stage and let it evolve
5) have oak rate your pokedex via the pc.
6) oak will tell you he really likes your venasuar/charizard and ask you to trade it for his guess what

From maid.mistress:

I was looking through your website a while ago and was hit with a wave of nostalgia. As a young girl, I was highly gullable and would believe any "Get Mew NOW!" trick. Fortunatly, I wised up as I got older and made my own scams, mainly to keep my brother busy and to get him to stop pestering me all the time. I was a preteen then, and I'm 19 now, and I'm still ashamed I believed some of these stories.

My favorite one had to be quite possibly the laziest scam I've ever heard. This is for R/B/Y. First, you catch a Magikarp at level 5. Name it MEW (yes, all caps) and drop it off with the daycare guy. Wait until it's at level 49 (grown 44 levels) and withdraw it. Then train it normally (no rare candies!) to level 50. It'll evolve into Mew instead of Gyarados.

Of course, there was always the "move the truck" bit, but what I heard was you were supposed to move it using the HM STRENGTH after you caught all 150 pokemon. I was young. I tried it. It works about as much as all the other "Get Mew" tricks do. But I kept insisting that perhaps it was the wrong angle and I had to push it from another side.

Also, I do believe there was a legit way to surf back down to the SS Anne area after it had departed, but it escapes me, as it's been years since I've touched the original games. The remakes are keeping me happy so I've had no reason to load my old red cartridge in again. It doesn't matter anyways as there's nothing down there and the truck is there to stay.

The things we believe when we're little...

From fgfritz:

My friend said that in R/S you can get an item called the T.S.S dive ticket. If you got this ticket you could enter the ring of rocks in the curent and dive to Kanto. Once you become the new champion they give you a LVL.100 mew. However you are atacked by an angry mob of fans after the battle. The trainers can 11 pokemon and one has all the legendareys. If you lose the kill you and dellete your game. If you win they still kill you and delete your file.

From Spinda123:

Here is a couple fake mew scams I found on one website. These are copied and pasted directly from the website I found them at (besides in parenthases).

Beat the elite 4, 30 times.
Talk to the guy who gives u a deploma for having all 150 Pokemon.
A PC will appear. Go to it withdraw the MMV key.
Go to where u get Eevee. A box will be there open it with the MMV key. It will say u got Mew
U must have all 150 Pokemon to do this.
Does not work on all pokemon games (which ones does it work on?).

No GAME SHARK REQUIRED. To get Mew you must buy a magikarp from the man in the Pokecenter by the entrance of Mount Moon. Leave it in Day Care Until it reaches level 50. That's 45 levels. The Magikarp will evolve into mew.

1.have all 150 pokemon not useing game shark,or game genie. the misssing no. code catch 3rd mysterio,1st missingno,(which one's first, second, and third?) 2nd the pokemon
thats over level100.
3.have 5 pokemon with you when you catch mysterio (WHICH ONE?!?!?!) you canot take him out of
the box if you have six pokemon (you figure that out by yourself?). kill the ditto (a ditto! where did he come from?) and then nick name it mew (how am I supposed to nickname it if I just killed it?). now keep surfing when you run into another mysterio fight it and kill it mystero will go to level 100 now make it fight the elight 4 with it (but I already killed it!).it should go to level 80 swich it with a pokemon (umm...what pokemon?)
5.after you beat the elight4 takeit to the pokemon siter untill it is level 100 when you take it out it will be a level 70 mew

From MJ:

How to unlock Mew in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald!

1: Start up your Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald game.
2: Go to Mossdeep City.
3: Bust through the door in the guy's house using your Bicycle, then the guy will chase after you.
4: Ignore him & go through the door. You should find Steven, he will give you the Ocarina of time.
5: Fly to Sootopolis City, stand in front of the Gym.
6: Play the song of storms.
7: In Ruby or Sapphire, Sootopolis City will drown. In Emerald, Juan will yell at you before the water floods the city.
8: Either way, go to Mt. Pyre, the couple on top want you to find something very dificult to find, CHERRY PIE.
9: Your character will find it next to him/her.
10: The old man will throw the pie off the mountain & tell you to find it again.
11: In Ruby & Sapphire, you have to jump off the mountain & get the pie. It will then start floating, follow it until it leads you to Mew.
12: In Emerald, however, you will be asked to play a song with a piece of tissue paper. Do it. Fly back to Sootopolis City.
13: After going to Soootopolis, Use Dive & Mermaid Juan will give you Mew. Then the old man on Mt. Pyre will slap you for not finding his pie.
14: Enjoy Mew!

Crazy, isn't it?

From QuietLugia:

I've made up many different Mew cheats, but I'd like to have my favourite fake one on your site.

DO NOT TRY THIS IT IS 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

1. How to get Mew on G/S/C (This requires R/B, NOT Yellow)
First, get a Mewtwo on Red or Blue.
Then raise it to lvl100. DON'T use any stat-raising Items, but do duplicate them using the Missingno. trick. You can raise Mewtwo using Rare Candies or Gameshark, it doesn't really matter.
Make sure he knows Psychic. If he doesn't, the cheat won't work
Once you've done that, max out those Stats. Don't forget to do the HP and PP as well.
Leave him in your box for a couple of Months or so, so that when he's put into G/S/C, he'll hate you and the new trainer.
After that time in the Box, Link up to a version of G/S/C that has beaten Red. In G/S/C, you must be in Cerulean City.
Trade Mewtwo for a good Pokemon like Dragonite. After all, you won't see him again.
Now we have a totally Stat-maxed Mewtwo in G/S/C! He's holding a Pokeflute! Take it away from him. He cries and hates you even more.
Go to Bill's family in Goldenrod. Have Mewtwo, a Jigglypuff and a Ditto in your party. (In that order) Make sure Jigglypuff knows sing. And don't use one you want to use again.
One of the family will say: "Oooh!! Let the crazy cat-thing out of his Pokeball, please?" And Mewtwo will suddenly be standing beside you. He'll be angry at being called 'crazy'.
Because he hates you, he'll walk away from you.
Some idiot then starts pulling his tail.
Because Mewtwo knows Psychic, he fires one up.
Walk in front of him and choose the Pokeflute. If you haven't duplicated this item by giving it to a Pokemon and cloning the Pokemon, then say bye-bye to that lovely tune.
The Pokeflute starts playing, which just makes Mewtwo more angry. He breaks it. Poor Pokeflute...
Step out of the way.
Mewtwo then throws the Psychic at the idiot that pulled his tail. They die. Jigglypuff jumps out of its Pokeball and uses Sing.
Mewtwo doesn't fall asleep and kills Jiggly. Jigglypuff, that was your life!
He then kills everyone in the building except you and Ditto. You run out of the house.
Once you're outside, Mewtwo is nowhere to be seen!
The building bursts into flames. Come back here later.
Now, where is Mewtwo? Check your Pokedex. He's in Goldenrod, all right.
Go to the train station. There he is! He's on the train! Oh no! Go after him! Why do I keep putting exclamation marks at the end of my sentences!?
When you get to Saffron, get out a Pokemon that knows fly and fly to Cerulean.
Go to Bill's house. The door is hanging off it's hinges.
Go inside. Bill is there, dead. Ooops... we shouldn't have traded that Mewtwo over. Oh well, it's all in a good cause.
After that, Mewtwo will go to a few random locations and wreck houses. The last place he goes to is Mr Psychic's house. (How ironic)
Go there. Mr Psychic and Mewtwo are having a battle. Go and talk to Mr Psychic. He tells you to take over.
You are now in a battle. Chuck a masterball at Mewtwo. Haven't got one? Just throw a bike at him. Trust me, In this battle you can.
He either faints or you've caught him. If he faints, Mr Psychic will hand you a masterball and Mewtwo's inside it.
Now run to Day-care.
Shove Ditto in first. Try to get Mewtwo in, but the old Lady keeps saying they won't have such a violent Pokemon.
Bribe her with P10,000 . She lets him in.
Now save and do whatever you feel like for a month.
After a month, come back and Oh my Goodness, Mewtwo's had an Egg! Ditto has sadly died, but that doesn't matter, you can always catch another one. Mewtwo has run away into the wild. You'll see him again, but you won't be able to catch him the first time you see him.
Anyway, we now have an Egg. Keep cycling up and down cycling Road. Eventually we have a baby Mewtwo that knows Psychic and Transform.
Nickname her Mew2[female sign]
Trade her to R/B
Raise her to Lvl100 with maxed out stats, exactly the way you did with her daddy.
Trade her back to G/S/C.
Go to the magical place known as Cinnabar, and surf where you can. Eventually you'll come across DUN DUN DUN!! Mewtwo!
Send out Mew2[female sign].
Use Transform.
You now have Mewtwo's attacks!
Use Psychic. It takes off a third of his HP.
He uses recover.
Ok, now use Crunch.
Bye-bye Mewtwo!
You'll get a heap of Exp points, enough for you to gain a level! Hang on, that's impossible.
What the? Mew2[female sign] is DE-evolving???
Mew2[female sign] de-evolved into Mew!!
There you go!
Prof Oak will call you and tell you that there is a house in every town or city that is on fire.
Now visit all the houses that are on fire.
Teach Mew surf.
Use surf on all the houses. Then use recover. Everyone is alive again! (Apart from Jigglypuff or Ditto)

There you go! You now have Mew on G/S/C without trading a Mew-tricked Mew or a promotional Mew!

Like I said at the beginning, DON'T TRY THIS! Well, you can if you want to, but it'll only get up to when you visit Bill's family. No-one actually dies in this game.

From BabyJadeFlames:

I don't know if its fake cuz i can't trie it because my gameboy never works right and i don't have eny pokemon games eneymore my mom swiped my computer pokemon game player but never mind.trick(might be fake) catch a magicarp name it mew go to nick name guy rename it back to magicarp walk around and sooner or later you get a mew with out he troble of you might kill it in battle.I got this from my 6th grade friend he is good at glitches no one knows about.

From Latios5000:

I heard that if you get a Missingno. on G/S if you breed it with your Mewtwo in the daycare center south of Goldenrod City, you get an egg that hatches into a Level 5 Mew (Myuu). And if you breed that Mew with Missingno. you either get a Celebi (Serebii) or you crash your game. Of course, it doesn't work. I tried, and just catching the G/S Missingno. crashed my game. It seriously glitched my game (even when I restarted it). The color scheme was messed up and the graphics for the characters were backwards and really creepy looking. DON'T TRY THIS! IT WILL RUIN YOUR GAME!

From Kinos the Fidi:

Blame 2 dr.peppers, a can of sierra mist, and sleep deprevention for this:

1.After getting HM Jump use it to jumps off the top of the Celadon mall.
2.When you lose all hp you should be in the bermuda triangles pokemon center
3.Find a team of 12 m's and missingnos since all your pokemon died from the fall
4.go back to the Celadon mall and have your team of 12 glitches who should be fused attack the soda machine
5.YOu will aquire a Dr.Pepper.
6.Trade it with the guard of saffron for a Dr.Pibb
7.Give this to the SS Anne's guard for access to the dock
8.follow the direct the SS Anne went to get to johto
9.Johto shuild either be attacked by Team rocket or have a Work in Progress sign
10.If team rocket attacked it you took to long on this game, if you have a work in progress sign go through the maze of construction zone to get to the center
11.Once you are at the center talk to the canon ball to encounter debluxies
12.Debluxies will then ask for a dr.pepper
13.Tell it you gave it to the saffron guard
14.Debluxies will then fly off
15.Step into the canon ball to fly into the moon
16.Once in the moon and everything is slow mo, walk towards the gigantic tree in the center and use head butt on it which m 34 should know.
17.Klopso should pop out asking for the sunkern lantern.
18.Tell it to STFU and it will finally RIP
19.When it RIPs the tree should also rip revealing a whole
20.Follow the hole in the tree
21.You should end up in a dungeon filled with pokegods
22.catch one of each one
23.A spotlight should shine on you
24.You will now have to put on a five second show using your pokegods and glitches
25.After you do this you should earn hard pay coin blast
26.Fly to celebi island after surfing off the edge of this floating island
27.once there use the move given to destroy the statue in the center of the island.A serrebii should appear.
28.You should be telproted back to the future by the ko'd serrebii must then find the mystacal time doodler to return to your time
30.while your traveling through time mew should bump into you, get mad, and fight you, this is where your team of 15 "pokemon" come in which should have 12 glitches and 3 pokemgods.

Have fun with your mew in your glitched up beyond repair game!

From dagda429:

The Scandal of the Darkest Dungeon

This is a long and convoluted Mew Scandal that is the result of a numerous set of weird theories I heard years ago - I tested this, and it failed. It's really interesting and sounded very realistic at the time.

Another weird aspect of this scam is the set of moves known as the SM - Secret Machines. These included Dive, Whirlpool, Jump, Breakthrough, and Climb, some of which were rumours that actually became factual in Second Generation (I heard these before Yellow came out Stateside, so it's not like these were pulled from Johto). Creepy - Breakthrough worked almost identical to Rock Smash, and Dive and Whirlpool are actual HMs now...

Anyway, I'll post as much as I remember it, though there were many multiple paths to the same end result.

Path One: Rock Tunnel Enterance

1. Acquire Flash. "It can light up even the Darkest Dungeons"
2. Enter Rock Tunnel. Use Flash. Check every true wall of the dungeon by clicking on them. (True Wall meaning an actual rock formation instead of just Rock Sprites blocking that direction)
3. The entrance to the Darkest Dungeon is on one of these wall spaces. It is in a different location for every game.
4. Click on the right wall space and you should enter the Darkest Dungeon. Beware of Lv100+ Pokemon.
5. This entrance puts you in the lowest chamber. Here you can find wild baby Kangaskhan, at Lv100+, as well as Lv100+ Sandshrew.
6. Work your way through the dungeon, but do NOT climb down the central ladder. Standing next to the central ladder is Sandswipes, an evolved Sandslash, at Lv999. It will not attack you unless you provoke it. If you try to climb down the ladder, Sandswipes will talk to you, saying do not climb down, and it will knock you back. Try to climb down again, and it will attack.
7. Enter the northwest chamber, and standing upon a plateau like structure is Mew.
8. If you try to approach Mew, the dungeon walls will start to close in. Battle the lv200 Mew, and finish the battle within 20 turns. After 20 turns, the game resets, because you died.
9. Capture or defeat Mew, and then leave the room through one of the remaining doors (most preferably the South Door. This leads into the Unknown Dungeon. You can now leave with Mew.

Path Two: Unknown Dungeon Entrance and Mew

1. Acquire the Breakthrough SM (see below).
2. Go to Mewtwo's island in the Unknown Dungeon.
3. Use Breakthrough on the wall behind where he stood. This brings you into Mew's Chamber in the Darkest Dungeon.
4. Fight Mew in 20 rounds as described above.

Path Three: Bill's Entrance, Sandswipes, and Kangaskanner

1. Acquire Breakthrough SM.
2. Go to Bill's House and use Breakthrough on his back wall to get to his backyard.
3. There's a cave door in his backyard. Enter the Darkest Dungeon.
4. This puts you right in front of the Sandswipes ladder as described above. If you dare, fight and capture or defeat Sandswipes to climb down the ladder.
5. Make certain Sandswipes is put in your party. It knows Claw, a secret move that will help you survive in the dungeon.
6. Climb down the ladder into the evil lair of Kangaskanner.
7. Down here, Kangaskanner rules. He's a teenaged-looking male Kangaskhan, at lv1000. His move Dizzy can be used outside of battle to kill you. Now you have to options:
7a. Run for your life down the south passage, which will put you in the grass outside Pallet Town eventually (use the Jump SM to make it into Pallet Town or just Fly from there)
7b. Fight Kangaskanner. If you click on him before he attacks you outside of battle, you enter battle.
8. Kangaskanner is immune to all attacks but Claw, which always scores a critical hit on him (it's normal-type). Defeat him with Sandswipes or capture him. He can break out of Masterballs.
9. There are 2 SMs beyond where he originally stood. SM for Claw and SM for Dizzy (these can be taught to Mew, Sandshrew/Sandslash for Claw, and Kangaskan (baby Kangaskhan)/Kangaskhan for Dizzy respectively.
10a. Hit yourself on the back because you beat the hardest challenge in the game.
10b. If you got hit by Kangaskanner's Dizzy outside of battle, or lost to Kangaskanner, your game is erased, and you must start over from stratch.

Appendix: Secret Machines

SM01 - Jump: Actually, I never found out where Jump was acquired. But it's necessary to get Breakthrough, and can jump over walls. Or you could gameshark... Which is why none of this actually works - it would be Sharkable.

SM02 - Breakthrough: Given to you by the Bike Clerk in Cerulean City if you jump over the counter and talk to him directly. You can breakthrough walls and such. Sounds like Rock Smash, but again, I learned about this long before Second Generation.

SM03 - Dive: Didn't ever find out how to get it. But I heard about it in conjunction with the others. It's HM08 in Third Gen, but I heard about this long before (hence my excitement when I found out it was in Ruby/Sapphire).

SM04 - Climb: Climb up walls and up ledges. Recieve from Bill after you break into his backyard. This would be one useful tool in Silver/Gold... too bad. Apparently, it was also used to climb up 7 mountain faces to acquire the 7 Mountain Badges. Don't know where that came from. Someone has an amazing imagination.

SM05 - Confusion Ray: Used by Mike, a trainer who uses a lv1000 Abra, a lv900 Charizard, and a lv800 Fearow. It combines Psychic with Confuse Ray, and is on rank with Claw and Dizzy. Given to you if you beat him. Apparently, he was the guy who stops you in Pewter City before you get the Badge, and also the Bug Catcher who talks about Weedle and Caterpie in Viridian City. 250 Power

SM06 - Claw: Normal Attack that always scores criticals against members of the Kangaskhan family. This is essentially the tool to defeat Kangaskanner. 250 Power

SM07 - Dizzy: Normal Attack that kills the opponent, unless it is a member of the Sandshrew family. Then it such always scores Criticals. 250 Power

That's it. I heard about these in 1998 and early 1999. I can't remember the source though. Gave me nightmares for months. Coincidently, I decided recently to write a fanfiction based around these, so the information here is owned by me... unless the person who started this myth can come forward.

From choke_choke_again:

Here is one I just came up with This is for R,B,Y

1. first you must have all 150 pokemon then do the glitch city
2. go to cinbar and surf along the right side of the island until the PA dings
3. then save in case you mess up then go left as far as possible until you hit a invisible wall
4. then immediately face down and hit start (you must have a pokemon with surf) then go to the pokemon with surf
5. and surf down you may have to hit start a few times eventually you will find a island with a pair of keys on it
6. surf left until you find a truck go up to the window and a box will pop up and ask do you want to drive it
7. move a step forward and you will see ball get out and hit a on the ball and a mew will come out and fly into one of pokemon balls (slot 3 make sure it isn't a good pokemon)

From alexrbarkas:

Here's a Fake Mew Trick:
1. Beat the Pokemon League in Emerald.
2. Go to Sky Pillar.
3. Battle Rayquaza and catch it. Note: If you use your Master Ball, your data will be erased.
4. Use an Escape Rope to get out. Walking out will ruin the trick.
5. Now, check your Pokedex and look up Rayquaza's Area 100 times.
6. On the 100th time, it will say that Rayquaza can be found in Victory Road.
7. Fly to either part of Ever Grande City(Center or League, either one.).
8. Enter Victory Road.
9. Move around until you find a Wild Hariyama and catch it.
10. Exit Victory Road, and Fly to Fallabor Town.
11. Go to the Move Tutor. Note: You need to not have any Heart Sclaes.
12. The Move Tutor will say: "Sorry, but you don't have any Heart Scales, so I can't teach your Pokemon any Moves, but I will give you this."
13. You will recieve an item called *MissingNo.*.
14. Use it.
15. You will find out that it puts a MissingNo. in your PC, but the item will dissappear.
16. Release the MissingNo.
17. Go to the Route connecting Metor Falls and Fallabor Town.
18. Move around in the Grass, until you find and catch a Seviper. Note: You need to have at least one empty space in your Party.
19. Now fly to Mauville City, and check Seviper's Area.
20. It will show that you can catch it in every place with no Rocks in the way of anything.
21. Go to one of the towns close to one of those Routes.
22. When you get in the Route, you will find a Wild MissingNo. disguised as a Seviper. Do not catch it, or your game will shut off, and you'll be back at Part 1 of the entire Game!
23. After defeating it, move one space, and you will be falling through a hole.
24. The hole will take you to a Cave.
25. Exit.
26. When you're out, check your PokeNav.
27. It will now have a Johto Map, and a Johto Radio, and when you try to call someone that's in Hoenn, on your PokeNav, it will say: "......... ................ .................. ...............There is no signal."
28. Listen to the Password Show. Note: The Password Show has changed time from 9 PM to 9 AM.
29. Go to Goldenrod City in less than an hour of listen to the Password Show. Note: If you end up taking more than an hour, you can just listen again when you get there, and it won't mess up the Trick.
30. Get it right.
31. Not only will you get a Point, but also a Snubull Doll.
32. Now, defeat Whitney in the Goldenrod Gym.
33. After you do, she will say: "Unfortunately, I'm out of Badges, but maybe this will be enough of a reward."
34. She gives you an Egg.
35. When it hatches, there will be a Mew in it.
Note: You can do this in Ruby and Saphire also, but you will first need to have completed this in Emerald, and then mix Records with the Ruby or Spahire Version.

Read on to discover the Mew Trick!
It really works!

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