Madam Boss

Madam Boss was supposedly the founder of Team Rocket (according to the CD Drama, "The Birth of Mewtwo") and the mother of Giovanni. Giovanni thought she was very beautiful. In the CD Drama, she refers to Giovanni as her little "brat boy". From the single official picture of Madam Boss, she appears to have very long, shiny black hair. She is pictured as wearing a red and black business suit. Like early pictures of her son, her face is shrouded in shadow.

Madam Boss was extremely obsessed with money, looking for ANY way to make a profit. For example, when Miyamoto brings back a recording of Mew's voice from the South American jungle, Madam Boss is first worried about the price that her agents paid for the highly-sensitive microphones used to make the recording. Then, Madam Boss wants to sell the recordings to make a profit, not even thinking of the potential to capture the rarest Pokemon of all, Mew.

Madam Boss is never heard of after the CD Drama, and 20 years after Miyamoto left on her mission, Giovanni is in charge of the Team Rocket organization. It is not known what happened to Madam Boss, or when Giovanni actually took over Team Rocket.

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