Link Cable Oddities

From Greg the Glitch Hunter:

  • "you will never belive what happend to me!!!

    "Missingno has new brothers in yellow one of there stats are cancel
    level ;653!
    attacks: tm30, tm4, tm88?, ???.

    "you can't catch him you can only look at his stats and picture. Here's how to see his stats:

    1.go with a friend you need a link cable
    2.try the duplacation cheat exept the person with the rare pokemon turns his game off.
    3.tahda! you may see missingno instead.

    it concludes... THAT THE CABLE CLUB LADY WORKS FOR TEAM ROCKET. Maybe she's Domino."

From Joanne Fenton:

  • "I... battled with my best friend and I lost one of my pokemon (it fainted). As I changed it my link [cable] fell out suddenly it said (name) sent out u66865rue45! (or something like that) The link had fallen out so it couldn't read the mew I sent out! I later encountered a spearow lvl180 that was burnt and it said spearow is fast asleep!"

From Little Das:

  • Duplicate Pokemon
    "Set up a trade with the Game Link Cable. Make sure one Game Boy has a Pokemon that would not matter if it is deleted. When the person with the good Pokemon's screen says "Waiting...!" there will be a very small pause. This person should shut off their Game Boy. When it is back on, both players should have the good Pokemon.

From Jorge Arriagada:

  • "One day a friend brought a japanese gold version to my house, and we decided to battle to see if it worked. When the battle started instead of the pictures of our trainers, the image of Giovanni appeared. This mean that Giovanni does appear in the gold/silver version, or it was supposed to appear and he was removed from the games."

From A. Moogle:

  • "Once me and my sister wanted to have a pokemon battle. (she was using blue, i was using yellow) We fought pretty normaly, until her game stalled or something. Mine however, was still working. I continued to fight her squirtle (who seemed to be choosing its moves randomly like the npc pokemon in the game) until it fainted. my game then said "BLUE sent out HFRJYFGPRZgrbabEDJHSBHC^&3wNPSNUET" with a whole bunch of glitched letters until they went off the screen and I couldn't read them anymore. The picture was of a voltorb, which she didn't even have! My sisters game still had her Squirtle with over half its hp, my eevee fighting it, and the "waiting" message as if her Blue game was waiting for me to make a command still. At that point we both freaked out and turned the games off. When we tryed to battle again, the games themselves were fine, but my sister's squirtle had a really screwed up cry. We never battled again after that."

From JadeTigers216:

  • "The letter A. Moogle sent about the link battle messing up caught my interest. A similar thing happened to me a while back. Although it happened a long time ago, I still remember it well because it was, by far, the freakiest thing to ever happen to me on blue version.

    I was in a link battle with my friend Thomas. I hadn't used my link cable in a while, but I was pretty sure it still worked. He had four pokemon left, a Blastoise, a Vileplume, and two other pokemon. I had a high-level Charizard (Dragonfire), an Articuno, and something else.

    I KO'd one of his other pokemon with Articuno, and he sent out Vileplume. I sent out Dragonfire and KO'd the Vileplume. Here's where things started to get freaky.

    On my gameboy, it said that he had sent out a level 0 Tangela with zero HP. Since I knew that Thomas had no Tangela, let alone a level 0 one, I looked over at his gameboy. He had sent out a Blastoise.

    Here's the sequence of events:

    My Gameboy: Dragonfire used Flamethrower and KO'd Tangela. My game froze. Freaky slow music started playing.

    Thomas's Gameboy: Dragonfire used Flamethrower and did a pitiful amount of damage to Blastoise. Blastoise used water gun and KO'd Dragonfire. Bri (my character) sent out Articuno. It used Blizzard.

    I told Thomas what was happening and he turned his game off. At the time, I had thought that there was perhaps dust on the cable, but now that I know about some of the odd effects of M' and Missingno, I'm thinking that it might possibly be related, since I had used the cheat before, and I had linked using the Pokemon center on Cinnabar Island.

From Chris K.:

  • "One time (when I lived in Japan), My cousin Abbie and I were battling using my 2 game boys, My gold and crystal version, and my link cable. In the middle of the battle, Abbie pulled the game boy and it said on my gold version: dude recalled suicune, dude sent out H.W., a purple-and-green golbat. I attacked it once and it said:H.W.'s asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm,./,and it froze.
  • "Another time, I tried to shark a Celebi, and it was in bill's P.C. It was called togepi. I tried to withdraw it, and it said: togepi's asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm,./,,that same glitch message."

From Jack Putnam:

  • I was link battling my friend about two years ago. I was about to beat her with Nidorino: Lv.33. She said her cousin’s Butterfree had gotten lost during a trade earlier, then, all of a sudden, her game froze. Nothing happened to mine, and my link battle went right along, her pokemon using rest every turn. After I pwned it, it said she still had one pokemon left, even though I had killed every single one of her six. A Butterfree came out… it was level 200, had no name, (when it attacked, for instance, you would see: Enemy used pound.) These pounds killed in one hit, it always attacked first, and this was the HP setup:



    ------------------------------------ [Butterfree battle sprite]

    [Nidorino battle sprite] ------------

    (the –‘s is hp)

    The Butterfree’s HP bar went all the way across the frickin’ screen!

    Has anyone else had this?

From Hooded Bunny:

  • "Awhile ago, I went to a pokemon convention. It was really cool, they gave out free stuff, and even gave people free level 10 Mews! Nobody really dressed up, most people that came where there for the tournament. The bad thing was all I could find is my red version, which I only used for cheat experiments and Missingno mysterys. I had to use it, I didn't have a choice.

    Anyway, I was paired up with another pokemon lover and battled with Pokemon around the same levels. We both had three Pokemon, I had Warturtle, a Butterfree, & a Pidgeot. She had a Ivysaur, a Clefairy, & a Kangaskhan. She said she got the Kangaskhan by trading. We were handed a pair of old worn out pair cable links and we were off battleing. We both where on our last Pokemon, Clefairy and Warturtle, it was very intense.

    She leaned back in her chair and the cable link in her gameboy was pulled out. She leaned back to far. All she could say was "Uh ho..." and quickly put it back in. It said "Please wait" for the longest time until we both decided that our games had froze. She pulled out the cable link again and turned off her game so we could start over. However, once she pulled the cable link out again, the "Please wait" sign vanished and it said "Trainer sounds out Kangaskhan." My jaw dropped! Her Kangaskhan, which I defeated has come back without its trainer to tell it what attacks to use. However, I was amazed and decided to battle it as the girl leaned acrossed the table and watched in shock.

    Luckily, I beat the Kangaskhan, but then it said "Trainer sent out Missingno!" Both of us gasped. It was really weird, this Missingno had a differemt cry. It sounded like a cry of a Alakazam. It had different attacks, Thunder, Bilizard, & Flame thrower where its most used, I think he used sky attack once. No matter what I did, I couldnt hit him. I always missed. Suddenly "Trainer withdrawed Missingno... and sent out [Pixel]cooLtRAINer[PixelPixel]" The cry this "Pokemon" was pretty long and very scary, but I didnt want to turn it off. So I battled it, but when I hit the "Pokemon" it barly did any damage at all, and it didnt even had a Level, it was blank. This battle went on forever, cause it didn't attack me. It would keep saying "[Pixel] coooLtRAINer [PixelPixel] is loafing around, is taking a nap, isnt fallowing orders." Stuff like that. Then it ended, by the strangest way, "[Pixel]cooLtRAINer[PixelPixel] ran from battle."

    Weird... The person who was battleing me was abit scared to try again, but I convinced her to turn her gameboy on and try it. She did, but couldnt get her game to work right cause it was totally messed up. Like she was trapped in Glich city or something. I felt kind of bad, but she said not to worry about it. I ended up getting a badge for *Ahem* "Winning." Ever since then, I've been messing with cable links, plugging them out and in during battle. Strange stuff would happen, but not as strange as that one battle I had against the Missingno / The game / & The gliches there self... It's true. God honest turth, no way could I make this up."

From dsquareddude:

  • " I was battling my freind, and he was using a feraligator, and I was using a Zapdos. Well, in like, near the end of the battle, He sent out his feraligotor. on his game, it was a normal feraligotor. But, on my game, it was a VENONAT!!!!!!!!! yes, it WAS a Venonat! its name was all garbled up, with question marks, and even had ZAPDOS at the end of its name! how strange! has this happened to ANYONE else?!?!?!?!????"

From mario & the triforce world:

  • YAHOO! Trading results are in!!! INSANLY AWESOME RESULTS THAT IS!!!!
    Here it is - the new glitch pokemon

    Q BOX!!!!!!

    You heard me right, Q box. Q and then a glitchy box. It is VERY VERY hard, but I had him for about 2 seconds, and boy what an awesome 2 seconds it was. He was in yellow version. His sprite was of missingno., without the missing chunk. His cry was the somewhat like the pokeflute, it was kinda pretty........ The rest ? NO IDEA! Sorry, guys. It's a long story. But that's all gonna be explained now! Here are step by step instructions on how to get Q box, for like 2 seconds...... In these steps are exactly what happened to me. twice!

    1) Get 2 games all set. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONLY ONE POKEMON WITH YOU IN BOTH GAMES AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2 OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! [ it involves duplicating]

    2) Select the pokemon for trade on both versions:
    [ name of pokemon] will be traded for [name of other pokemon]. Trade?


    3)Select the pokemon for
    trade on one version, and unplug the cord from the other. Select trade on the unplugged game. When WAITING appears on both screens, put the cord back in for a second, then take it out. Just leave it in long enough to get the trade started.

    4)The trade probably should be normal. Now next time, do the plugging and unplugging at different times, so that one game is trading and the other says:
    [ name of pokemon] will be traded for [name of other pokemon]. Trade?

    5) In the game running the trade, you'll be sent a glitch pokemon. I'm not sure which though. I got Q box twice and M box once.

    Somehow I got to view glitch pokemon's names in blue. Yellow's section was going off-screen with M boxes, but though the cursor allowed me to select them, no status could be viewed.

    Earlier in this post, I mentioned how hard it was to get Q box. I now will explain. Once he is sent over to you, and you see his picture/hear his cry, then you "have" him for, like, 2 seconds. Then it says WAITING. Replug both games, and the one with Q box says "Trade complete!" It just stays there, or turns white. I even tried messing around in the other game, entering the "haunted trade" and checking the results. It's the same, but rather, it freezes up on WAITING after the trade ends. I tried reseting one game and the girl outside says: "this is for 2 friends who are linked together and..." BLAHBLAHBLAH!

    Weird enough, it even does this after your glitchy experiences a couple times, then lets you in. BUUUUTTT!!!! I came up with an idea. You know how it said WAITING on one, and TRADE COMPLETE on the other? well, theriotically if I had a THIRD gameboy, I can reset the WAITING one and do the same process in ANOTHER version untill it's on the same screen on my version I wanna get Q box in, and I plug THOSE two gameboys together and complete the trade.

  • After reading about the link cable oddities on this forum place, I decided to try it out my self. So it's Ash vs Ash, which is my name in Blue and Yellow.

    We battle. I mess around with the link. It ends up that somehow I got my blue to run a turn ahead of yellow!! It was weird. Venusaur vs pikachu. Venusaur wins.
    Venusaur vs 20984jkhj[pixle]khaso0[pixle]

    That is on blue. on yellow, I'm still choosing a pokemon. I choose charizard. On blue it says:
    Player withdrew 20984jkhj[pixle]khaso0[pixle] and sent out ____________
    [it was a weird line]

    Yellow says I'm still choosing a new pokemon, and blue has already attacked charizard, who has a line like box by him.

    Now get this. On blue, charizard has less than half of it's hp. On yellow, I just sent him out. I beat glitchy charizard. He is still alive in yellow. Now yellow says:

    Ash withdrew venusaur and sent out !

    Yet venusaur was still on both screens. Then on blue, a weirdo farfetch'd appears. He has insane stuff all over him, like numbers, trees and lines. It says he is PSN, as in poisoned. I use razor leaf this is what it says.
    ( - stands for hp bar)

    [glitchy name] is fast asleep!!!

    [venusaur uses razor leaf.]

    ---------------------------------------- [farfetched picture]------------

    It was soooo freaky! Even though this was 2 minutes ago I can't remember what happened next. But after that, I sent out a rattata in yellow. Charizard had just fainted. Venusaur automatically uses razor leaf, beating the ratata, yet he has hp left. Yellow sends out another rattata. The defeated rattata remains on blue. He faints. Now the new rattata comes out. He has no hp as he appears, then faints. I still have a bulbasaur on yellow, but on blue it says

    Enemy Rattata ran!

    Blue version wins!!!!

    I know, I know, this is like the other oddities on this site, but I don't get why Blue was a turn a head of yellow!

    Oh and if it matters, 20984jkhj[pixle]khaso0[pixle] had a picture of missingno. as it's sprite....and there were trees and pokeballs everywhere.
    I'm still gonna mess around later.

    30 minute ago update! WEIRD CHANGES! Okay, I'm doing the link thingy, and new stuff is happening. Now the games are SCREWING UP. First it was the same, then BOTH got screwed up, and yellow sent out pokemon I didn't even have!!!!!! Like a level 42 seaking and a pinsir with2 sets of hp!
    One was all red. What was weird is that yellow kept saying that these previously said pokemoere sent out, where as blue kept sending out the fainted charizard I beat 3 times in a row!!!!!!!!

  • I battled with missingno. against yellow version. [me against me!!]
    Well I have shocking and scary results. I am NOT joking here. I battled with missingno. vs. pikachu. In yellow version things got scary. BADLY. It took waayyyy longer than usual for missingno. to come in yellow. Then there was this AWFUL beep. I ignored it and just turned down the music all the way. This was only in yellow, red was OK. Then I attakced with Pika and almost killed missingno. cuz he was not healed yet. I Freaked out that my NEVER LOST BEFORE missingno. would lose, so I franticly switched to Rhydon. He was low on health too, so I changed to Farfech'd in yellow. this is what freaked me out. alot. It said in yellow :

    Ash [that's the name of my guy] withdrew [glitchy box was here, then gibberish] TM TRAINER [then more fuzzy]
    It also said that missingno. was burnt, which is impossible to be caused by switching out.

    That's all it said. I saw rhydon for a split second and then yellow version gave out. Not the batteries, I was on SP. It turned white, so I turned off yellow. But red was just fine and dandy. Farfech'd was just sent out, and Rhydon was A OK. I turned off red anyway. Then I immideatly started typing this. I truly think I must have the one and only missingno. Rhydon! He does everthing in othergames Missingno. should do.

  • WEIRD! But EXCELLENT news! I gotta new glitch pokemon! Number 176, who is....Dratini?!?!?!?! Yes. Dratini. Here's how I did it.

    I have 1 pokemon in ech version. I battle. Right before it starts, I plug and unplugg. On yellow, it says WAITING. On blue, a battle starts. It says:

    Ash wants to fight! Ash sent out Dratini!

    First glitch: I don't own Dratini in yellow. I havent even SEEN dratini in yellow!

    Then, A missingno. is sent out!!!! His cry is that of a zapdos.
    He is level 10. On yellow, it says I just sent out dratini. AH! IT REALLY IS MISSINGNO.!!!!

    I checked it's moves. My heart almost stopped.

    Water Fall

    WATERFALL?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATT....!

    It doesnt even EXIST in R/B/Y!!!! [Yes it does, as a Goldeen/Seaking exclusive move]

    And Hm01? HUH?

    Well, Waterfall works. "dratini" digs down. Water appears. Then little explosions apper. He pops up.
    WEIRD! Hm01 kept missing.

    I let Dratini win. To my surprise, I STILL HAVE HIM! Excited, I viewed his stats. These are the ones that caught MY eye. His Type was- uzfPOK

    What was that? Whao......
    Then on the Moves page, his name was:


    WA! That be another glitch pokemon!
    In trade, Blue said it was M box. In pokemon staduim 1& 2, He was a normal dratini! And now.....The moment you've all been waiting for...the odditie off all odities:

    EVOLUTION!!!!!! Dratini evolves into Kangaskan at level 11!!!! It says he needs 9352 exp. points to grow a level. He only needed 42! In this way, you can:
    1) Easily get Kangaskan
    and 2) get a kangaskan w/ water fall and surf!!!!! How handy is that in G/S/C!

    I fugured something out. My pokemon in yellow was level 10 ditto. What if I was to catch a level 50 pokemon and replace IT by dratini? Would dratini be level 50?

From Learned Noremac:

  • I am writing to inform you of some interesting information about 'M. As you know, 'M elvolves into khangaskan after feeding it a rare candy(so then you can get a kangaskan that knows water gun, sky attack, or any other things you may have taught it). Now, I heard that this kangaskan is apparently not 100% glitch free. It was actually an online encyclopedia article where I heard this. It said something to the effect of "This kangaskan will behave cause games to behave strangely during link cable battles"

    Let me give you an example. Lets say Player 1 leads with 'M-Kangaskan and Player 2 leads with Golem. Player 1 has his Kangaksan use Water Gun, whereas Player two has his Golem use Earthquake. On Player one's Gameboy, his Kangaskan uses water gun and hits Golem who is KOed with that attack. On Player 2's Gameboy, player 1's water gun misses. Golem uses earthquake and 'M-Kangaskan loses some health. Then on Player 1's gameboy, where Golem as mentioned earlier just fainted, Player 1 sends out a strange missingno-like pokemon (which he didn't, nor does he HAVE for that matter). Player 1 uses water gun again, which misses the missingno look-a-like. On player two's
    gameboy, Kangaskan uses water gun, misses, Golem defeats kangaskan with rock throw. Player two is then faced with a glitch pokemon of his own. The battle continues, but is different on each gameboy. This may not be the sort of thing that would happen, its just an example. The site could also, be a bunch of bloody liars, but it couldn't hurt to try. I have not confirmed this seeing as I am usnsure about catching 'M, and I do not have a link cable or another copy of pokemon r/b/y.

From Bunni Garcia:

  •  Wow, reading the link cable oddities brought back memories... I remember one day my brother and I were battling with his new link cable and my new Yellow version. I had always wanted a butterfree, but never caught one. Here's where it gets weird. I was just about to beat his pokemon (we were young at the time, I think he was using a sandshrew, I can't remember), and then a glitch occured. On his screen, it said I was still normal and I was just sitting there, on my screen, a butterfree appeared on my side... Level 110 with HP overflowing. Then some sort of weird music started playing... I didn't like it and I haven't played my Yellow version since.

From JustJenMc:

  • i bought a japanese gold version and [my friend matt and I] like to mess with glitches so we linked his blue and my jap gold up and i traded him a celebi. we looked at each other in shock. so we tried batlling with the celebi and it said matt sent out 00101001110110010110011101011101010110110101010100100010110001010101010 and it kept using 0s and 1s.

From Sweetheartsammy3:

  • A few days ago, i caught a few missingnos, and then set them free,then i needed to trade my friend a pokemon that knew surf to her yellow version.And i taught my slowpoke surf,and i put in the cable links, then after the trade,my screen said waiting and my freinds was back at the trading screen.So her screen had weird symbols instead of the names of the pokemon, and i told her we should turn of the game and re-trade.We shut the game off,and when we turned it back on the slowpoke i had was on hers AND my game!!!!!! It somehow cloned the pokemon.SAME name,attacks,pokemon,level,and ex points!!!!!!

From Kveran:

  • Apparently the Blue-version Missingno. really wants to have a reunion with his Yellow-version counterpart, because I encountered him while
    trading between these two cartridges. The Blue cartridge was being played on a Game Boy Pocket, linked to Yellow on a Game Boy Color. These two cartridges, in the same Game Boys, have successfully traded using the same link cable before.

    As is usual with this particular game link cable, it took awhile to get the two Game Boys linked. I had to shut down and restart the Game Boys several times before I successfully established a connection. Several times, the Game Boy Pocket with the Blue cartridge connected, but the Color with the Yellow cartridge did not; this seems to be normal for my link cable. On the sixth attempt at a connection, both Game Boys connected and player sprites were successfully transferred to the link room. Then, when asked "Where do you want to go?" the Blue version's selection arrow moved down to "cancel" and froze there. I restarted the Game Boys, and on the second attempt after the freeze (the eighth attempt overall) a successful connection was established and in I went to the trading center.

    I was shocked! Instead of separating the screens so that the top two-thirds of the screen shows your Pokemon, the lower third shows the
    Pokemon of the person you are trading with, and showing a toolbar with the options "Stats" and "Trade" on the bottom, the screens on both games were divided in half, giving equal space to the Pokemon list in each Game Boy. The toolbar was gone; in its place was an outlined down-arrow in the lower right corner. Glitch pixels were scattered all over both screens. Listed in the Yellow cartridge were a Charmander and Squirtle, with random characters in their names replaced by glitch pixels; listed in the Blue were Butterfree and Missingno. Butterfree displayed on both the Color and Pocket Game Boys; Missingno. displayed on only the Pocket Game Boy, which contained the Blue cartridge. The games were both frozen.

    The specifics:
    In the Blue version, I had a level-ten Mankey with 29 HP, 21 Attack, 12 Defense, 21 Speed, and 14 Special;
    a frozen Gloom, level 55, with 136 HP, 89 Attack, 83 Defense, 62 Speed, and 106 Special;
    and a Farfetch'd nicknamed Dux, level 8, with 27 HP, 16 Attack, 14 Defense, 15 Speed, and 14 Special.

    In the Yellow version, I had a level-20 Spearow with 48 HP, 32 Attack, 21 Defense, 35 Speed, and 24 Special;
    a level-26 Sandshrew nicknamed Demeter with 84 HP, 66 Attack, 69 Defense, 48 Speed, and 44 Special;
    a level-23 Pikachu nicknamed Electra with 54 HP, 33 Attack, 26 Defense, 49 Speed, and 37 Special;
    a level-25 Charmander nicknamed Helios with 59 HP, 39 Attack, 33 Defense, 46 Speed, and 32 Special;
    a level-24 Squirtle nicknamed Poseidon with 58 HP, 31 Attack, 41 Defense, 31 Speed, and 37 Special;
    and a level-21 Bulbasaur nicknamed Gaia with 56 HP, 27 Attack, 32 Defense, 26 Speed, and 33 Special.

    Player names in both cartridges were "ICE", spelled as shown. In the Blue version, I was located in Viridian City; in the Yellow, I was in Celadon.

    I have (accidentally!) used the Channeller trick to show the Yellow version's Missingno., whom I ran away from, but have since restarted the game. Of course I've seen both Missingno. and M-block in the Blue version, but have not caught either, though I have repeatedly battled each. Three Pokemon who were caught using the Special+Ditto glitch in the Yellow version (Mew, Flareon, and Vaporeon) have been traded to the Blue version using the link cable arrangement described above; these three Pokemon were unchanged in their respective boxes in the Blue Version.

    The glitch appears to be caused by the Blue version, as that is the cartridge on which Missingno. appeared in the party. My two conjectures are that either Missingno. has somehow caught himself on my Blue game, or that the empty slots in my party on Blue caused the computer in the Game Boy Pocket to confuse itself and try to come up with something to fill the gap.

    No harm was caused to either cartridge (at least, not that I've noticed yet.) I'm sorry that I can't give you either a screenshot or more details about the particulars of the glitch, because I was in math class and the Color Game Boy wasn't mine; I didn't want to screw up someone else's Game Boy. If I can obtain a Game Boy whose owner doesn't mind potentially damaging their machine, I can try this again to see if this is a recurring glitch or a one-time deal.

From HeyNaBenne8:

  • One time, I was trading Pokemon to my brother from Gold to Silver. We entered the trade center, and of course it said "PLEASE WAIT." We started trading, and suddenly, the screen just turned black. I started to get a little confused and panicked a little, because I had fairly rare Pokemon on my game. It was the regular trading screen, but the Pokemon had changed into:

    All 5 Celebis had the Pokerus, but not the Tyranitar. We ended the trading by shutting the games off, and we were both kind of weirded out. My brother turned his game back on a few days later to continue the saved file, and POOF! The game had been erased. He restarted the game, but all the starter Pokemons' names were DKLMV. This is 100% true and I have absolutely NO idea how it happened. Anything else like this happen to anyone else?

From RainbowUsul2003:

  • I was battling with my Yellow version against my friend who was using another Yellow version. I had a Pikachu, Moltres, and Blastoise and my friend had a Charmeleon, Venomoth, and Butterfree. The link cable must have been dusty, because my screen said "Friend (I dont remember his name on the game...) sent out [glitch box] cOOLtrAIneR [glitch box] The picture was of a Machoke, but it was all messed up with lines and numbers all over it, with the cry of an Arcticuno. I looked over at my friends game. He had taken back Venomoth and sent out Butterfree. Then, my friend's game froze and turned black, so he shut it off. I, however, was battling this glitch Machoke. It kept using explosion, but not using any health. I kept attacking it with my Moltres, doing a pitiful amount of damage each time, but the screen was saying "Its super effective!" Then all of a sudden, when I tried to attack with fire blast it said "Ash (me) withdrew Moltres! Ash sent out Moltres!" and a picture of a Mew came up and it had an attack called TM49 and when I used it, the game froze...

From DevoDevW2G:

  • A few years back a friend of mine gave me a freaky japenese game that says 28 games in 1! and has all sorts of games including pokemon red, blue, and green. I love playing pokemon green just for the challenge of (attempted) reading jap, and recently i tried to trade from my ENGLISH yellow to my JAPENESE green. I traded from yellow to green a evee and from green to yellow a bellsprout. the freakyest thing happened. The lvl 25 evee became a lvl 78 nidoking and all his stats were the same as the evee. (In the 20's-30's) And his only move was NEASH!?! I tried fighting a pokemon and discovered the first time i used NEASH it hurt my nidoking/evee than the second time instantly killed the pokemon. The japenese bellsprout bacame a pokemon with no features what-so-ever!!! The pokemon itself was blank, its name was 7777777777m (m for MissingNo?), and its lvl was 0. When I looked at it through the "select pokemon" thingy it was reeeeeally trippy. It looked like this: /\ (litterally!) and when it moved it looked like it was trying to fly with its little 'stick' arm things. I tried releasing, fighting with, and depositing it but the grame froze. DONT EVER TRADE ENGLISH TO JAPENESE!!!

From Mitchell Humphries:

  • One day I was reading link cable oddises and that reminded me of the hardest battle ever, the trainer from the mirror world, me! One day my freind and i were battleing, my name was trever and his was Nik. The link cable fell out and it said, TREVER wanted to battle. I sent out pikachu, he sent out pikachu. And we fought, none of my moves were critical, all of his were! And at the end it said Draw-lost. Also he replaced my pikachu so he followed me instead. and the weirdest part, in my next battle it said i sent out zapdos, with the name magmar over it, but it looked like me! So, there must be another demension out there...

From Bubba-man:

  • one time my sister and I link battled and she sent out lugia but the link cable popped out! then we turned off our gameboys and my sister went to her room but I contiued playing on then I found a drowsee AT LV.80!!!! it knew all lugia's moves and it was purple. it took out one of my pokemon so I turned off my game and turned it back on I hope I never see a pokemon like that again.

From Kasia:

  • Me and my friend Lindsay and her brother Andy were going to link up on our cyrstal versions. We went to battle together. everything went fine, until it wouldent load the waiting sign. Then, It said "Liz sent out 9 (and all this other gibberish i forgot). But, IT SENT OUT A GRANBULL! she did not have one! I got so scared i turned off the game boy. She got mad at me because she likes to report things like that. We tried again but the only strange thing that happend was she actadentally pressed a blank spot for the attacks and it said my magmar used thunderpunch! FREAKY!

From Shinylugia:

  • My friend and I really loved the pokemon series and a long time ago (before pokemon crystal) we started to trade a lot of stuff with pokemon silver because we had different pokemon. Her brother had gold, so she would often trade with him and then trade with me. Anyway, we connected the cable and all that other stuff and when we went to trade this is the message that appeared:

    My Screen: "I'm sorry, but your friend's egg is abnormal. The link has been canceled."

    Her Screen: "I'm sorry, but your friend's Smeargle is abnormal. The link has been canceled."

    Neither of us had these pokemon. In fact, we were trying to trade the legendary pokemon!

From Cold Mistress:

  • I was battling once with my friend. When I sent out my Feraligator, it appeared on his screen as a Spinerak. Then we noticed it was at level zero. His pokemon appeared as something they weren't, just as mine did. Sometimes over level 100. But on his game, everything appeared to his pokemon. Just as on mine, I still had Feraligator. We had to shut the games off. 

From Karl:

  • I have a Yellow Version, and I accidently "stole" my cousin's Yellow version, (I will return it soon), and I wanted the 2 games to have a link battle. My brother was controlling my game, and I was using my cousin's game. The battle was going great, but the weirdest thing happen. I put my brother's Gengar to sleep with my venusaur's sleep powder. Then later, on my game, the Gengar woke up. But on my brother's game, his Gengar was still asleep! The awake gengar killed the venusaur with psychic, even though it was asleep on my brother's game. When I died, I sent out Charmeleon (lv 50) against the supposedly awake Gengar. On my brother's game, the gengar was still asleep. But instead of the venusaur he was fighting, fainting, it said "Ash withdrew venusaur and sent out Charmeleon!" But the Venusaur was fainted, not withdrawn! Anyway, my charmeleon fainted the gengar with fire blast. But on my brother's game, the Gengar was STILL asleep! Then on my game, he sent out a Nidorino, even though he didn't even have a Nidorino. Some pixels appeared on the bottom of my screen, a high-pitched screech sound came, my brother's Gengar was still asleep on his game, it said I withdrew Charmeleon on his game, then we turned our games off. It sounds really confusing, I know, but it really happened. Our games were just fine when we turned the games back on, but we didn't battle. Was MissingNo. secretly in the battle? 

From pokefreek5:

  • ok I just found a new glitch here is what you do.
    step 1 get in a battle and let one of your pokemon faint.
    step 2 go to a pokemon center and deposit all your pokemon but the KO'ed one.
    step 3 the game will let you take 3 steps until on the 4'th step the game will see that you "blacked out" in these 3 steps you can talk to the cable club person.
    step 4 talk to her link up with a friend go to the battle place.
    step 5 your friend will be battling the last healthy pokemon you had in your party (the pokemon your friend is fighting is the last non KOed pokemon you put in the pc one thing though it will be the pic of a charizard o_o) you on the other hand will instantly loose when you start the battle again you will fight a guy named 5-6666666666666 weird no.
    step 7 the trainer you are fighting is a guy with 6 pokemon that all have poisoned or burned and are all glitches some with gliched up health and when poison or burn kicks in bam game over you are in a infinite chain. (ps some times it doesn't even get that far the games say waiting is stuck)

From The hooded bunny:

  • Not to long ago, I brought my blue version to school with me. To my surprise, somebody in my class had a silver version. I asked him to battle me, and he said okay. I had a pair of old cable links with me, and of course, he had to find some Pokemon that didn't have any new moves, or was a new Pokemon in order to battle me. We both agreed on four Pokemon and we began our battle. I had a Raichu, a Warturle, a Weepingbell, and a Growleth. The only Pokemon I remember my friend having is a Beedrill... Anyway, I sent out Raichu and he sent out Beedrill, and we began to battle. I won of course, and out of anger, he pulled out the cable link. o_o;;... I told him to put it back in, and to hurry. He did, and when he did.. on my screen it said "Trainer sends out Ho Ho!" My eyes popped out of my head and my jaw dropped. HO HO?!?!?! On my friends screen everything was normal... normal pokemon, normal pokemon moves, and so forth. Ho ho was nothing more then a pixled mess. It knew Ember, and TM51. Each time "Ho Ho" attacked me, the screen kept getting more and more glicthed.. finally, he used TM51, and before I could see what TM51 could do, it froze... It was truly weird.

From devmon328:

  • about 4 years ago (or when ever silver and gold first came out) i was trading with my friend. i sent her my feraligatr (so she could have it on her pokedex) and she sent me her staryu (which was shiny). then we trades back. but as soon as the 2 pokemon were almost done being traded back over (as stupid as i was, i was holding down the b button) the link fell out, causing the trade to stop. and when we looked at out pokemon, my friend had her shiny staryu and i had a normal staryu instead of my feraligatr! and in the staryu's profile, it said that it belonged to my friend. i was so devistated b/c i lost my beloved poke friend!! my brother said it was some sort of "cloning" glitch. but i was so sad when it happened that i didn't try to clone anymore pokemon, until about a year ago when i tryed to clone my mewtwo but, it didn't work. i don't think i pulled the link out at the right time though so who knows. i haven't done it again though b/c i was kinda afraid that the wrong pokemon might get cloned (b/c i forgot exacally how it was cloned.) 

From Lauren and Sarah:


    My sis and I were having a battle; I was interested in seeing glitch Pokemon so I unplugged my cable a few times. I brought out Momentum (my lvl 10 Aipom) and unplugged the cord. We began reading TR Rose's site again when suddenly I looked back at my gameboy and saw that Momentum had KO'ed something. But on my sis's GB was just a pic of her PKMN, Rock (lvl 5 Tyrouge) and Momentum with the waiting screen. Mine had the waiting screen too, but when I plugged the cord back in nothing happened. In fact, it's right next to me right now while I am typing this and it still says waiting. OH MAN!

    Ok. Here we go. My gameboy says that she has a Granbull out, here's the top line: 976/95 *block of black stuff* *weird symbol* Momentum then it says for its level: FRZ*female symbol* I'm going to fight it and see what happens. Oh, by the way, it's in the yellow zone for HP. *graphics* momentum woke up! *graphics* Momentum used Aurora beam! My Pokemon fainted.

    I'm bringing out Elphntnose (lvl 12 drowzee) right now. The words after the graphics in the granbull's name changed. It now says elphntnose. Ah! The granbull's lvl is 5. It used growth. My drowzee used hypnosis. G-bull is asleep. The weird symbol on the g-bull's name line looks like a circle with two short sticks coming out of the left side and two longer sticks coming out of the top. There is a line of graphics on g-bull's picture. The GB said that my sis switched the g-bull with fox (her lvl 22 eevee). The 2nd line of the name for fox says s. My sis's GB says jumbled letters and momentum is still on her screen, poisoned. The graphic bar is now across momentum's picture. Now momentum is asleep.

    It says I sent out Ben (my lvl 5 teddiursa). It had a g on the opposite site of the bar for HP. Ben just fainted but I didn't do anything on my GB. Ben is still on my GB it says my sis sent out her lvl 23 corsola, which she didn't. Mine says I sent out another teddiursa with jumbled letters and fox at the end. Ben is female and is poisoned.

    On both of our screens, lil bud (my lvl 14 togepi) was sent out. My sis used the first attack on her list for fox. Oddly enough, corsola's first attack is surf, and on both of our GB's, lil bud fainted. I'm sending out blazer (my lvl 14 arcanine). It showed up for both me and my sis, but my sis still has fox out but my GB says she still has corsola out. I used attract. It showed up on both of our screens. My sis switched to corsola. I used ember. On my GB, my sis apparently sent out corsola again. I burned corsola with the ember attack, but on my sis's it says that corsola is not burnt. She used surf. I used rock smash. Both of the attacks showed up. Blazer fainted.

    My sis's GB says I still have 1 more pkmn left. I have already won the match. I was escorted out of the colosseum. I turned off both of our gameboys. My pkmn center screen still hasn't faded. Turned off my GB then on again. Turned off again still won't fade took out link cable image faded Wow, what a cool thing. Our adventures are over for today. Ciao!


    This time I am using the exact same pokemon, but I exchanged a pokemon (forgot which) with Sparkle (my lvl 17 meowth). Entering colosseum. Sent out Sparkle. Sis sent out ditto (lvl 14). Sis transformed into sparkle. Sis is almost dead on mine but on hers ditto is still very alive. KO'd ditto. Sis sent out !9RH (forretress) Poisoned and female with kle (supposedly from 'sparkle') at the end of the HP bar.

    On my sis's GB I supposedly sent out sparkle again. !9RH is now asleep. Sparkle KO'd ditto on sis's GB graphics bar across pic on my GB again sis sending out lanturn (lvl 20 chinchou) on her GB On my GB, sis withdrew !9RH and sent out lanturn. Has k from sparkle at end of hp bar on my GB everything's normal. Sis's GB I sent out another meowth with a jumble of letters and lanturn at the end. On sis's gameboy I withdrew 'lanturn' and sent out momentum. (You know who he is) Momentum is KO'd on both GB's.

    Elphntnose is sent out on both GB's (again, you know who he is.)There is still part of the graphics bar on both of our screens. The k is gone now. On sis's GB, elphntnose fainted. On my GB, she's still alive. On my GB, sis sent out Lanturn again. On sis's GB, I sent out another drowzee with jumbled letters and lanturn at the end. It is poisoned and female. On sis's GB, the drowzee is now asleep.

    Sent out Ben on my GB (yet again, you know who he is.) On sis's GB, 'lanturn-drowzee' is still alive. I now sent out Ben on sis's GB. Ben fainted on sis's GB. Ben is still alive on mine. Sis withdrew lanturn and sent out tentacool (lvl 20) but on her GB she still has lanturn out. I now sent out a jumbled letter teddiursa with lanturn at the end on sis's GB. It is also poisoned and female. 'lanturn-ursa' is now asleep. Graphics bar across lanturn-ursa's pic sent out lil bud on mine. (You know him too) On sis's GB I sent out lil bud. Same as before, sis used water gun (last attack on list) and tentacool's last attack is acid. Lil bud is KO'd on sis's GB.

    On my GB, sis sent out lanturn again on sis's GB, I sent out a venonat called ???????????lanturn which is SLP and male. On sis's gb, ???????????lanturn woke up. It is level 160. (!) He used metronome (which lil bud has) but it missed. I sent out blazer (again, you know him) graphic bar is still present on both GBs and there is a ? on the right side of the pic for blazer on sis's gb. On sis's GB blazer fainted. On my GB lanturn fainted. On sis's GB, she won.

    On my GB, waiting screen is present. Nothing is happening yet. Graphics bar is still present. Sis predicts that nothing WILL happen. I think differently. Sis has 4 pokemon left. (Still waiting) I WAS CORRECT!! My sis sent out Togee (lvl 22 togepi) and her GB is turned off with the cord unplugged as well. Waiting screen appears. Waiting for something to happen once again. Sis started up GB again. Graphics bar still present. I'm playing with the buttons. Yay. Sis tried to go back into colosseum. Lady said 'your friend is not ready'. Still waiting. Ok, I think I'm going to shut it off now. Our adventures for the time being are, once again, over. Thanks for taking the email. Ciao.  

From blue_flame3033:

  • "During one of our fights (Two PKMN. Electric pokémon ONLY (duall-types are OK) and no attack can be used twice (as in both pokémon having Thunder is 'illegal'), the link cable was almost in full tension BTW, I was swaping in my Raichu, after Having my Zapdos DEMOLISHED (I didn't realise just how weak it was against electricity until them) and my mother told us it was time for him to go, so I leaned back in my chair, intentionnaly ripping the cable out of his GB. Then, the match continued for him, as the battle froze out for me, and instead of saying "[Whatever] sent out Zapdos!" It said "Prof. Oak sent out Mew!" and a Lv. 7 (coinsidence maybe?) mew appeared!! Obviously, since I was gone, he couldn't battle it, due to the lack of orders for Prof Oak's Mew, so he had to shut off his Game Boy." 

From Skiba:

  • Recently I've been working on completing all my Pokedexes on all my games ...

    (To recap, I have 1 Red, 3 Blues, 1 Yellow, 1 Silver, 1 Sapphire, 1 FireRed, and 1 LeafGreen -- plus 1 Yellow I gave to my brother, 1 Gold
    lost in a hotel bed (IT HAD A MEW ON IT D: ), and 1 Ruby MIA.)

    I have one completed Pokedex (Blue, named Paul), and the one I'm working on, Blue, named Kikaro. I had a list of the Pokemon I was missing on Kikaro's, one of which was a Magmar. Paul had a Magmar, so I set up, along with some other Pokemon I was missing, a link. I can't remember which other Pokemon Kikaro or Paul had, but I recalled that after I finished trading everything, I glanced down and noticed something REALLY, REALLY ODD.

    ... Both Paul and Kikaro had Magmars.

    I have no idea how it happened, I'm not sure if it duplicated (but I didn't shut off the game!), and I don't know if it might've replaced a random Pokemon because I don't remember which ones I had. But I have an explicably duplicated Magmar.

    One thing I guess I'll mention is that I noticed my link cable on one Gameboy was loose (I was using an Advance and a Color, which was the
    one), or something... I had to wiggle it to get it to get past"Waiting..." after it says, "[so-and-so] will be traded for [so-and-so]?" ...But that happened about three or four times, not just the once that the Magmar was duplicated.

    ...Any ideas, anyone? 

From Danielle:

  • I found a glitch in the silver and gold version when battling with link cable. I was battling my friend and her pokemon turned into a red butterfree that seemed paralyzed, but was really asleep and it woke up on the next turn. The butterfree did one pound atttack and it knocked out my level 54 Charizard. 

Farfetch'd Stories

From AnimalCrossing64:

  • My friend got a Cyndaquil into his Pokemon Red! He traded [the ghost] Missingno into his Pokemon Gold and he was going to send a Pidgey to Pokemon Red, but he slipped his finger and accidentally sent Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil still looked like a Cyndaquil, but had no moves and no stats and was at level -12 (It was at lv 12 originaly). He freaked out and reset his PKMN Red. He tried it again with silver because he was interested, but it didn't work.

    • From Fushi Gisou: Hello! My name is Fushi Gisou (that's my webname, not my real name, if you were wondering), and I am an avid glitch hunter-- or I WOULD, if I wasn't so attatched to my Pokémon. x3 -- so I'm always looking through the glitch articles on your website, Link Cable Oddities being my favorite.

      I noticed this about a month ago, but I didn't really do anything about it until now.

      "My friend got a Cyndaquil into his Pokemon Red! He traded [the ghost] Missingno into his Pokemon Gold and he was going to send a Pidgey to Pokemon Red, but he slipped his finger and accidentally sent Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil still looked like a Cyndaquil, but had no moves and no stats and was at level -12 (It was at lv 12 originaly). He freaked out and reset his PKMN Red. He tried it again with silver because he was interested, but it didn't work."

      That CAN'T be true! I myself have traded Pokémon through GSC and RBY before, and if you have a Johto Pokémon in your party, or a Pokémon who has attack(s) that aren't in RBY (in your GSC party), like Iron Tail, the Link-Cable-Time-Machine lady won't even let you IN, until your Pokémon party has only RBY Pokémon, with only RBY attacks. Getting a Cyndaquil into the Time Machine area, let alone TRADING it, is impossible!

From Nick Cook:

  • Okay, It was just some ordinary day. I came home from school and decided to do some trading from GOLD to YELLOW. I popped my YELLOW in my GAMEBOY COLOUR and My GOLD in my GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP. I cant remember what I traded but it was Kadabra for Butterfree or something like that. Then I made the stupid mistake that messed up my YELLOW VERSION. I absentmindedly connected my YELLOW to my RUBY! I still cant remember why I did it. I turned both games on for a mere 2 seconds, that's right 2 seconds before I realized what I had done. I then started to play my YELLOW only to realize that It had deleted my saved game. I started a new game and saved. When I turned the game back on there was still no "CONTINUE." Does RUBY have some protective barrier that totally destroys games that cant be connected with it?

From David Eisner:

  • I did an experiment. I connected my link cables between pkmn Red and Ruby. I tried to trade missingno. with my Rayquaza. I knew they werent compatible, but you never know what a glitch can do. The odd thing is, for 5 seconds, the game froze, then it took me out of the pokemon center. When I checked my missingno's stats, it froze 2 seconds, and made Rayquazas cry!!!! I turned off Ruby, and It returned to normal.

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