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Fanfics By Team Rocket Rose (Mandy (Owston) Nader)
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  • Meowth's Christmas Gift
    A short Rocketshippy story that also features Meowth!

  • Impostor Oak's Advice
    If Professor Oak gives advice and starting Pokemon to new twerpy trainers, who starts new Team Rocket members on their journeys? Why, Impostor Professor Oak, of course! This "letter" is full of advice explaining how to be a successful Rocket!

  • In the Quiet of the Night (Jessie's Song)
    A Rocketshippy story, told from Jessie's point of view. Misty's not the only one who can sing a love song!

  • Beginnings: Pokemon Tech
    This is my first pre-Pokemon story, about Jessie's first night at Pokemon Tech, and how she and James become friends long before they joined up with Team Rocket.

  • Pokemon the Movie 4 - The Cut Scene!
    Just a little comedy I wrote (probably after too much sugar!) about the rumors surrounding the 4th Pokemon Movie.. namely that Vicious is the son of Jessie and James...

  • Poke-Mac
    When a commercial director gets the "brilliant" idea to use Pokemon characters in his advertisement for Poke-Mac and Cheese, he gets a bit more than he bargained for! Another one of my crazy comedies... enjoy!

  • Interview with the Twerp
    After watching another one of those "watch the writers cheat for Ash" episodes where he's so awful to Team Rocket, I decided to "interview" the Twerp on my own terms... just another silly little comedy, complete with a healthy dose of Ash-bashing!

  • Inner Peace - Rated PG/PG-13 due to violence (guns, threats, mind control...)
    When Professor Ivy concocts a nefarious scheme for world domination, only three dare to stop her... Team Rocket's Jessie, James, and Meowth??? A What-You-Didn't-See of the Orange Islands Adventures... what kind of research is Ivy really conducting on Valencia Island? What's inside that GS Ball? And WHAT happened to Brock? Read on to discover the dark secrets of Pokemon!!!

  • The Secret of MissingNo - Rated PG for harsh language and violence
    Where did MissingNo and 'M come from? What mysterious connection do they have to Team Rocket? And why do they both have more issues than Mewtwo? An innocent young trainer, a Pokemon genetics scientist, and several Team Rocket failures find themselves unwillingly drawn into the deepest mystery of the Pokemon world... Chapter 15 posted!

  • Givin Da Public What Dey Want
    A silly little skit for all the Rocketshippers out there!

Fanfics By Lee Nader (Concolor22)
  • Dark Entei- Rated PG due to harsh language and violence (guns, character death)
    When Giovanni takes control of the Unowns and Entei, unlikely forces rise to counter this terrifying new threat...

Fanfics By Togepi
  • Togepi Goes a Tad Power Mad
    An absolutely HILARIOUS fic about the death of Tracey, an evilly insane Togepi... and more!

  • Rocket Wedding
    The title just about says it all... a wonderful, funny, but of course Rocketshippy fic about the wedding of Jessie and James!

Fanfics by The Jolt Master
  • Passion Under Fire - Rated PG-13 for some violence and mild sexuality
    "Jessie and James are the targets of assassins! They now must rely on their skill, wit, and love for each other to survive to the next dawn and find out whose wants them dead."
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Fanfics By Cltol@aol.com
  • Jessie's Memory
    A touching story in which Jessie reflects on the loss of her mother, Miyamoto.

Fanfics By Alia Lee
  • Humon Stadium
    What would the Poke-World be like if Pikachu and Meowth were the "trainers" and their humans did the battling for them? Just a sample: "Brock, use Squinting Stare!" Pikachu commanded. A hilarious fic... I laughed out loud!

Fanfics By Tigerspirit
  • Child's Play- Rated PG
    What happens when Jessie, James and Meowth have to babysit Giovanni's niece for a day? Very cute... and slightly shippy!

Fanfics By Rita Buuk
  • A Day in the Life of MissingNo
    MissingNo... the "Glitch" Pokemon... what goes on in its mind? And what happens when Team Rocket tries to use it to battle the twerps? A great story, highly recommended as a "lighter" take on the Glitch Pokemon!

Fanfics By Kelly Barina
  • Make it Double
    "Team Rocket finally captures Pikachu! But will their newfound greed separate the trio of friends?"

Fanfics by Suz/Friezaess
  • A Ghost of a Chance
    A Rocket-centered version of "The Tower of Terror". A bit Rocketshippy as well!

  • Jessie's Goodbye
    "Ah, my first song fic on fanfiction.net! And, keeping in the 'Pokemon spirit', that song is "The Time Has Come" from the episode "Pikachu's Goodbye". But I think it sounds better under Rocketshippy circumstances, so take that ya little yellow rodent! ;)~"

Fanfics by Penny

Fanfics by Toad
  • Poke' Matrix
    What happens when the worlds of Pokemon and the Matrix collide? An excellently detailed story!

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