Lost Episodes and Characters

Unfortunately, some wonderful Pokemon information has never been released in the US. There are missing episodes, characters, and of course the infamous CD Dramas. Read on to learn more about the Pokemon episodes you've never known!

Missing Characters

Lost Episodes

I've had several questions as to where one might obtain the 3 Lost Episodes. I do not know whether or not you can download them online. If there are sites from which you can download these eps, I don't know of them. However, here are a few links that might be helpful:

http://home.earthlink.net/~ghidora/subtitled.html - heard the picture quality isn't great

From KingKirby87: "I was searching for a place to download Electric Soldier Porygon and found it here:
http://excalibur.edwardk.info/bt/ (The link with "Dennou Senshi Porigon" in it). You need BitTorrent to download it, which is a program that downloads the file (in pieces) from other people's computers and uploads it from yours to them (just a warning in case you don't like uploading)."

Or you can always search on ebay under "Banned Pokemon" like I did and purchase a copied tape.

CD Dramas
Translations used to be found at Pocket Monsters Translations (now defunct). Does anyone have a link to an active site w/ translations?


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