The Mysterious G/S MissingNo

I'd seen screenshots for some kind of Glitch Pokemon in G/S, but I didn't have any further information. I know that there are 251 normally-occuring Pokemon that can be found in G/S/C, but with a total HEX of 255, there would have to be four empty slots - which would mean four glitchy Pokemon. After asking around on this site, my forums, and TCoD forums, I've gathered the following information.

From Izwzyzx:

*fires up BGB*
Well, the main one is the Gold/Silver Encounter code.

This will get the first two. They're not too stable, though.

Then there's the Modify Trainer code, which I used accidentally to find the third pic.

And it always helps to have all the Johto badges: 01FF7CD5 (just in case)

I just battled FE and got very weird results.
First, it escaped from my Masterball. Then it withdrew itself and sent out a blue Bulbasaur with Totodile's cry. And suddenly items couldn't be used. I had to reset the game because it was WAITING...

Then I went out and got an EGG. I names it zOMG HAX and then I could use it in battle. My team was creamed by another egg. Weird. So I changed to FC. I went into battle, and the screen faded out, and I was in that Glitch City-like place.

So I'm in the Glitch City place and I'm finding it very hard to walk. Sick of that, I run the walk Thru Walls code and find a trainer! The game shuts down. When it comes up, i'm in the Pokemon center where I last saved, but everything is black. Hmm...

I repeat the effect eventually and end up in a different city. That loops continuously. The game eventually restarts.

From Ian Winton:

This glitch requires Pokemon Crystal, and a Gameshark. Ok, on your Gameshark enter the code: 91FF04D2. then go anywhere you want that has Pokemon or trainers. I will describe this in 2 ways.

  1. Wild Pokemon:
    When you encounter a Pokemon it will look like a glitched block (a bunch of pixel pieces of places put together and it's name will be: ?????. If you open the items menu and go back to battle it will look like a cross-section of your items list! Now if you want to catch beware that it might mess up your game. After catching it will show glitched Pokedex Data (something I can't say for any other Glitch) and after that the game will reset and it will bring up a message saying: "Pokemon Crystal: This cartridge is designed for use with the Game Boy Color system only. Whoa!

  2. Trainer Pokemon:
    Encounter a trainer and when the battle starts the trainers sprite (picture) will be black & white! And when He/She sends out a Pokemon it will look similar to the wild ?????. And after it's animation finishes it will be the trainers sprite and will have about half HP!!!!!

From firewaronpoke:

I found that g/s/c missingNo battle picture and the I think his data!

This certainly looks like the Japanese version of our glitchy friend - notice that the same icons are used in the same spots, but the Japanese version has some variations - like "SHOP" instead of "MART" and "[Pokeball] PC" instead of "POKE". There appear to be minor graphical changes as well.

From Treechu1:

From Four_eyes:

NOTE: I can't access the ROM I used to do this, so I can't check out the details and stuff.

Ok, so I was messing around in my Silver ROM, and I thought: "Hey, now that I have sharked lvl. 100s and accidentally saved, why not shark up the Pokémon I couldn't get otherwise?" And so I did. But something was bothering me, and I couldn't resist it: The no-numbered glitch Pokémon. I used the wild Pokémon modifier code, and in the place I was supposed to put the hex that determines the Pokémon or whatever it is, I wrote 00 and went into the grass.

What I noticed right away is that it had an incredibly high defense, although it wasn't very strong overall. I think I tried to catch it, and scarily enough, you had to catch it twice, just like 'M! Well, I think it's scary...
I decided to try and beat it that time; Yes, I was stupid enough not to check out its stats, but whatever. It didn't bang my head. So, after the battle screen dissapeared and the Glitch city wannabe showed up, I did a reset, now to faint Missingno. Well, I did (it took a while) and guess what? It gave ZERO experience points. Just great...

What I do find more interesting is the Glitch City showing up. I wonder why does that happen...
Also, I wonder if you could find out a SHINY Missingno.? Someone oughta try the shiny code with the Missingno. code, because... well, who knows what could happen?

From weirdylalien:

i just looked at your Pokemon Yellow Missingno. page and it reminded me of something that happened in my pokemon gold. when i saw the pic of the Yellow Missingno(named mew), i remembered that one day I ran into that very same missingno in Gold! if memory serves, I had just tried to trade my missingno(from blue) to gold(or was it 'M?), and it appeared as a Slowpoke in gold. When I tried to trade it, it said something like "The pokemon is too attatched to it's trainer". I left(i was in the Goldenrod City pokemon center), and went up, and, like in R/B/Y when you do the mew glitch, the Start Menu popped up. i thought my finger slipped or something, and exited it. then that Same Exact Yellow Missingno. appeared! the only difference was that it had no name and no cry, and it had tiny signs with numbers on them on it! it's also purple, since G/S/C had color. Scared of what may happen to my Gold(my charizards, Mewtwos, etc. were there), I ran from it. Right afterward, I realized what happened. I found Missingno. in gold! I tried to redo the glitch, and it wouldn't happen.

Gallery of Glitches from SupperTails66:

Also, to see the G/S/C Missingno, look up an "encounter any wild Pokemon" code, and put in anything from FC to FF in for the modifier. If you put in FD, you'll encounter an egg.

This glitch [hex 255], along with the other G/S/C glitches I encountered while researching this, as far as I can remember, just took the form of the last sprite shown in the area of the screen used for the "battle" graphics with a golden palette - this is why the first picture shows the trainer sprite being used as a back sprite. For the fourth picture on there, I sent out Feraligatr as my first Pokemon, then the glitch; hence, the sprite is a golden Feraligatr.

Pics from (link sent by GoldYoshi):

From rockmanglitchexe:

I found that in this page:

The code for that one is (01FC24DC)

From ArticunoIce

I've also noticed that for Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, that when Dude (The one that shows you how to catch Pokemon) asks you if you want to see him catch Pokemon, you can say 'No', and visit him any time in the game, and he'll show you 'Once' how to catch them. He'll ask you something with catching Pokemon, so... JUST maybe... Then again, I have no clue at all if it's possible...So, if not, just go with Gameshark....

Thank you for your time...

From team rocket nightmare:

the g/s/c missingno has the abilty to make up to 12 pokemon in your party if you have 6 of them

1. have your glitches ready
2. use the move poke w/o mail
3. move the amount of pokemon to your party (place the amount of glitches you have)
4. look at party it should have more than 6 pokemon in it

note:if used all pokemon become missingnos

From Stackout:

I am emailing you an email that concerns new MissingNos (Ilsty and ?, G/S only).

They aren't catchable, but you can see them with this GameShark code:
Then to your Unown Dex.

From Red River:

I found Wild! on G/S! these are the steps.
1. on a gameshark enter the "battle gym leaders again" code: 01007DD5
2. the enter the "catch other trainers pokemon" code: 010116D1
3. enter the "1-hit KO" code: 010000D1
4. battle whatever gym leader
5. in battle they will look as they regularly look exept it says Wild! appeared! they are lvl 0 and they also have no HP
6. before you get the chance to attack they faint and he/she acts as if you wins and gives you a badge/ if you try to catch the gym leader (catching gym leaders, lol.) she woulod have turned into a sprite of you pack then the game freezes, bummer

when i saw how to get the glitch pokemon EGG in G/S in your website it worked great expect i had the cheat on and i went to battle CAL. It said: Cal sent out EGG! but it was actually a level 198 togepi! it was major hard to beat because its hitpoints were sky high. but the only moves it hardly ever did was flail, so thats good news. i beat him everything was regular. Then i tried the built in change the time cheat (if you want to know my password is 01091) then i changed it to the next day. When i tried to talk to the lady again when she supposed to say CAL is your opponent today she said this: OponOponOponOponOPon and the O's had 3 lines stiking out of them, kinda like spongebobs eyelashes. it asked me yes or no so im like Heck Yes!!!. I battled him it was the same as last time. then i set the time to forward the day i talked to her again and instead of the upon thing the game reseted into another version of the glitch dimmenson. I dont know what hecks goin on with my game but who's arguing?

From nicjmartin:

I was doing the Egg cheat on my Gold version because I wanted to run into an egg to see what it was like, and when I caught it, the Pokedex looked all weird and I pressed the A button. Then the name changed to Houndoom and when it went to a box, it looked like Houndoom, just as if it were a G/S pokemon, but all glitched up.

From MissingNo:

Hi! I have caught two glitch in Pokemon Crystal: 252 and 255. I have noted their moves, at what level they learn them and at what level they evolve. 252 evolves into Butterfree. 255 evolves into another glitch named ????? (whose number is 000, but I don't remember, since I can hardly access its stats, because it makes the game reset). If their move list interests you, please email me at and I will be glad to send it to you. Congratulations for your website and have a great day.

I'm glad that those will help you. So, here you go:

The moves that 252 learns:

Level 5 - Detect

Level 12 - Aurora Beam

Level 13 - Horn Drill

Level 17 - Bind

Level 25 - Mega Punch, Comet Punch

Level 30 - Gust

Level 32 - Hidden power (when 252 reaches that level, the gameboy screen glitches and then resets, just after I make it learn hidden power OR abandon learning hidden power. On both situation, the screen glitches and the game resets. Then, a message appears: "this cathidge is from gameboy color only" or something like that, it happens often when I do "glitchy stuff" on gameboy.)

At level 24, 252 evolves into Butterfree.

At level 3 (or maybe earlier), 255 evolves into another pokemon named ?????

The moves that 255's evolution learns:

Level 1 - Pin Misille

At level 48, 255's evolution evolves into Nidoran male

Hope it's interesting! Please give me feedback. Have a good day!

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