Glitched Trainers

If you check the Hex List, you'll notice that many of the high numbers will produce glitched trainers instead of normal Pokemon or MissingNos. These are most often encountered if you use symbols like Pk or the Female symbol in your name. However, trainers have experienced different results when battling these mysterious trainers. I've personally seen my trainers with different Pokemon at different times. Visitor accounts of battling trainers along the coast of Cinnabar will be posted here.

Here are some of the most common trainers you'll find by performing the MissingNo trick. Others can only be reached by using GameShark codes because they are activated by letters that aren't normally available for naming (such as numbers, arrows, and Japanese symbols). Remember that these letters must be in the 3rd, 5th, or 7th slot of your name.

Black Belt = ' (apostrophe)
Gary (Rival) #1 = Pk symbol
Professor Oak = Mn symbol
Chief (same as Scientist) = - (dash)
Rocket = ? (question mark)
Cooltrainer Male = ! (exclamation point)
Blaine = Male symbol
Sabrina = PokeDollar sign
Gentleman = x (times sign)
Gary #2 = . (period)
Gary #3 = / (division slash)
Lorelei = , (comma)
Channeler = Female symbol

From TR Rose (me):

  • I finally put some time into my Red version tonight just to see what Glitches I'd get with my different name - Neko(Pk)(Mn)(female symbol).

    I got a Lv. 164 Porygon, a level 80 'M (not MissingNo), and Gary and a Channeler.

    The first time I battled Gary, he had all level 111 Pokemon (I beat his Drowzee by luck, Lapras froze it), but his next one wiped me out. The Channeler was the same way. But then... after seeing Porygon (in the wild, no less!) and MissingNo, Gary reappeared with more manageable Pokemon - all level 32. And he had Glitches!

    Here's what I saw:

    1. (Japanese u symbol) (glitch blocks) 8 - which I call 8 for short. 8's appearance triggered a music change which I -think- was the treble line of the Elite Four Gary battle music (not sure). 8 is Rock-type - weak to Razor Leaf and Surf, but strong against Rock Throw and Normal attacks.

    2. Glitchy Nidorino - this guy has three lines for his glitch-block name. Every time you select a move, you have to press A more than once. You even have to press A after his attacks hit you, before your HP goes down. Gary had two of these guys.

    3. (glitch block) (Pk)(Mn)n - is this the PKMN that everyone talks about? This thing's cry was the "Sing" attack sound. Psychic attacks are super-effective (meaning its either Ghost, Poison, or Fighting). When he fainted, the n from his name stayed. Then the top row filled with n's!

    4. Normal Flareon. No glitches.

    5. MissingNo! Backwards-L version. The MN we know and love, and Gary's training one. Weird. Seems to know Water Gun and Sky Attack.

    I battled the Channeler with mixed results. The first time I fought her, she had level 111 Pokemon and wiped me out.

    The next time I found her, she started off with (Japanese u symbol) (glitch blocks) 8, just like Gary. However, her next Pokemon was a freaky glitch I've not seen before. The text came up saying "Channeler is about to use (glitch block)C". So I swapped Pokemon and prepared for a new glitchy friend. Instead, the screen filled up with vertical lines and froze. I had to reset the game.

    I'm getting into the habit of saving after every encounter on Cinnabar after that freeze-up. Surfing the coast, I ran into the Channeler again. This time, she had the exact same Pokemon as Gary: "8", "Glitcherino", MissingNo., "PkMn n", normal Flareon, "Glitcherino". Her Pokemon were in the same order as Gary.

    Pics from the battle:

    Gary appears!

    Level 111 Rhydon.

    The Channeler.

    That's something you don't see every day. Wild Porygon!

    ...much less one at level 164.

    Level 80 'M. Pretty standard.

    Gary's 8 Pokemon. Am I the first one to document this?

    Glitchy Nidorino - "Glitcherino"

    Gary's MissingNo

    Gary's MissingNo in battle. Never seen one at level 32 before.


    When PkMn*****n faints, it leaves the n part of its name behind.

    Lots of n's.

    I beat Gary! But he didn't say anything, he just gave me money. Weird.

From Shadow Absol:

  • "ShadowAbsol reporting about another glitch, this one's about the glitch you reported in Red: I found my misplaced Blue version, and I executed the glitch again, and take a guess what I found: Blaine, and he sent out the same exact Pokémon that you reported in one post in Tales of the Glitch. This all happened in my Blue version, whilst using the Old Man glitch. My character's name was ? (male symbol) and I found him the other day. I defeated him a few times, and two of his Glitchorino (Glitched Nidorino) have TM 42. And when it used that move, the TV screen (yes I was playing Pokémon Stadium 2) turned black, and it said that the game was corrupt. The game was OK after all!"
From Scorpioserpent:
  • I would to share a MISSINGNO story with you. On my Blue version, my name is YELLOW with a female sign at the end. Almost everytime I do the code, I'd end up fighting a channler. He has 2 Nidorinos that use attacks, like "TM 47" and would freeze the game. He has a Flareon that is normal, and 3 different types of 'M. One uses Sky attack and Watergun. Another is ground, since Electric attacks don't work. Besides all the weirdness, the battle is pretty normal, and you get money at the end."
From Amha:
  • ...and the exact same thing would happen to me to! Along with some other weird stuff.

    1.) The channler didn't say anything before giving me money.
    2.) I read the explanation about the connection between the trainer name and the pokemon that appear. I don't recall having any symbols in my name.
    3.) Right when the first enemy should have made its pokemon sound, the music would change to the final battle music at exactly half speed.
    4.) After I defeated it I got a bunch of items in the 6th slot, just like the missingno trick. But weirdest of all...
    5.) I could run into it on the way from to Seafoam Island, usually when surfing right next to that rock wall! So maybe the Cinnabar and Seafoam coasts aren't the only place...?

From Lilane:
  • Each time I do the missingno and mew tricks I end up fighting a glitched Rocket! It's so wierd! his pokemon are all on level 63(I think) and his pokemon are
    MisingNo(ghost sprite)
    [glitched block] A[glitched block]
    [glicted block](random letters) rocket(random letters)with sprite of a backwords niderino
    (random symbols)with kabutops fossil sprite

    he was very hard and when I beat him you get loads of money and he says ... but you hear the "MissingNo" cry ...
    but my name was LiLaNe so I thought that was really wierd

From flatulant:

  • I used the name Zowayix exactly as I wrote it because I was told that I would get 'M, Ghost Missingno, Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno, and Kabutops Skeleton Missingno. I got the first three and a glitched Gentleman. What was wrong with my name?" (You used the times sign instead of the letter x)

From sky:

  • while doing trick found COOLTRAINER(male) - sent out (#=messed up square)#(U)##8 - looks like a square 'm - level 32 - knows tackle, screech

    sent out # # ! - looks like nidorino - knows tackle, TM42 (worked like self destruct) - after use game got pinsrtipe pattern and some thing like type/level 32

    sent out missingno. - level 32 - looks like pixel L thing - knows watergun

    sent out (pk)(mn)####(pokeballmenu corner)# n - sound like sing attack - trainer used xattack - weak against flying type - n part of name stayed after k.o. - nnnnnnnnnnnn at top of enemy pokemon place

    sent out flareon - looks like flareon - stil one n at top of screen - used x attack

    sent out # # ! - looks like nidorino - enemy ## made a whirlwind

From Daisy-chan*Mistress of Evil:

  • Missingno, Glitch City, the Glitch Key, M; all familiar names. But what's the connection? Glitches. They are all glitches. Powerful ones. So many un-answered questions about them. And it seems that whenever a question is answered, a whole new one arises. So,where's the answer? How were these glitches created? How do you get rid of them?

    No one has yet asked... What happens when to are merged?

    Today, my sister decided she wanted to go to Glitch City. She did, walked around abit, and came out and imediatly flew to Cinnibar Island. Then, she wanted to see Missingno, so she did the cheat. Tidal was just swiming through the water near Cinibar Island and ran into a glitched pokemon. To her surprise, a VERY slowed-down version of the " I'm defeting Gary in the PKMN League" BGM played and a Channeler appeared! Channeler had six pokemon. They were a glitch, and other glitch, something called "1" that was actually a Nidorino, Missingno, an other glitch, a perfectly normal Flareon, and an other Nidorino; all at level 32.

    I'm not actually FULLY sure if this is EXACTLY what my sis did, but it's pretty close... We have yet to find out about this phenomonon. Venture, if you dare!

From Donut:

  • My son and I are playing the Pokemon Aqua hack on PC using the bgb emulator. Aqua is a hack of Blue.

    In the Lavender Pokemon Tower, I encountered an unseen trainer named Blackbelt. He had 6 Pokemon with insane stats, like level 141. 3 of his Pokemon were glitches and eventually one of them crashed my game. This happened BEFORE I did any Missingno tricks.

    I didn't think much of it. I assumed the hacker had tried to introduce a "ghost" trainer to the ghost house that would attack at random.

    However, when I did the Missingno trick later on, I began to encounter this trainer again while surfing up and down the edge of Cinnibar. His Pokemon were totally random. Once, he had level 5 Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Pidegy, and some of his others were glitches. Usually though, his Pokemon are the same levels as as those Missingno shows up with. His glitch Pokemon also have the strange ability to use TMs as attacks in battle.

    Oddly, I have never encountered the "M" Pokemon in this game.

From kingkuyo:
  • i was downloading games off of LimeWire and came across "Pokemon Aqua." here it is. if u use gameshark cheats on it, sometimes a blackbelt will fight you w/ loads of weird pokemon.

    Pokemon Aqua V2.4 (zip file) - 370KB

    PS: your site rocks
From Aaron:
  • I remember, in 3rd, or possibly 4th grade, I and a friend of mine were playing some pokemon after school on the bus home. Now that I think about it, it was 3rd. Let you know, we were already Pokemon veterans by now, having finished the game, and knowin the Cinnibar Island missingno. cheats by heart (I believe I had two strange pokemon I remember one was the top evolution of that hypnotising guy, over level 100). Anyways, I had my friends game and gameboy in hand (red version) and entered in the missingno glitch process. Good old red version didn't present me with a missingno, m, or a strange pokemon though. I found myself fighting the man who brought me into pokemon-dom, PROFESSOR OAK! It was probably the strangest glitch I had ever faced in my life. I told my friend "Dude, look at this" or something like that. He looked, and we started battling Prof. Oak's strange arsenal of Pokemon. I believe he had the flame-evee evolution, two m's (or missingnos, i'm not quite clear on it, that was 7 years ago) and i believe a regular evee as well, though I'm not exactly clear on it. Well, we ended up beating him! Wasn't too hard, though we were a little freaked out afterwards.

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