The Glitch Dimension

From Luke Summerhayes:

  • To do the "Glitch Dimension" cheat:

    On either the gold or silver games, head over to Vermillion city and speak to the machoke which is stamping down the land. Then, without moving, press start and look at your Coin Case in your items. Supposedly, your game will be reset (not your file deleted, just as if you'd switched off and on again. And this creates a strange version of the game, where you can see all of Ho-oh/ Lugia at the beginning (rather than just an outline) and the colours are changed.

    I would try this myself, but I recently gave my silver to my brother and he's write at the beginning, and the cheat doesn't work. Switching off your GB gets rid 0f it all (or so they say . . .)

From greendaylover3214:
  • Luke Summerhayes wrote that if you talked to the Machoke and then looked at your coincase without moving the color would change and you could see Ho-oh/Lugia in color. Well,I tried it and only the color messes up. It works better if you have coins. If you dont, the game will freeze. It is almost like Glitch City except you can fly to any city and there are no freaky symbols.The colors change each time you move as well. Oh well. That all that happened."

From Nick Cook:

  • I was on the internet and I found a little trick for Gold and Silver version. The link is
    It is listed there as a "FREEZE YOUR GAME CLOCK" cheat but I have done some experimenting and it does more than that. Whenever you press start or talk to anyone the screen shows weird colours and in battle, well... you'll see what I mean when you try it. IF YOU SAVE while your screen is like this you are taking a risk that your game may stay like this. I have saved ONCE like this and my game went back to normal. I am not sure what would happen if you save multiple times in this state.

    Some neat things about this glitch is that at the title screen you see HO-OH in colour and the mini-movie's colours are reversed. (the mini-movie is that little thing they show at the beginning of the game). This glitch will not always work. Sometimes your screen will go white with some purple in the upper-right corner of the screen. This means the glitch is working and will take you back to the title screen. Everything you experience from here is [glitchy but] normal. Other times the game will freeze and still play the vermillion city music. If this happens, turn off your gameboy and try it again (if you feel like it).


    1. Go to Vermillion City and talk to the MACHOP that is stomping the land flat. He will say MACHOP: Guooh gogogoh! (screen will shake) A MACHOP is growling while stomping the ground flat.

    2. Next select pack, go to Key Items, choose coin case and select use. Your screen will go white with some purple in the upper-right corner of the screen. Or the game will freeze and still play the vermillion city music. If this happens, turn off your gameboy.

    3. If the glitch worked the game should start from the title screen and you should notice differences in the colour.

    4. Walk around and do some exploring. This is kind of like "glitch city of gold and silver" only it is the entire world that is affected. The actual
    buildings aren't really messed up, just the colours.

  • TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT YOU MIGHT SEE! [Note: images retouched by TR Rose - the originals were very dark and blurry]

    The machop in vermillion city

    Ho-oh in colour
    (this screenshot is from the Gold Version title screen)

    Strange cities with strange colour buildings
    (This screenshot is in Lavender Town)

    Purple Blocks & Blue Pokemon
    (this screenshot is from a battle against a wild abra in the patch of grass to the west of
    lavender town which is surrounded by stones and requires cut to get to.)

From Jetsa Catsu:

  • Hello, My name is Jetsa. I am very interested in glitches and visit your site at least once a day. While reading something about this trick you can do when you talk to the machop in Vermilion and use the coin case. Supposedly the colours will mess up and everything will be weird. When I tried this, It worked. But this is what you have to do in order to get to Glitch city in gold.

    -Talk to the machop in Vermilion
    -Use your coin case.
    -Get into 5 battles with wild pokemon.
    -Fly to cinnabar.
    -Press start.
    -Welcome To Glitch City in G/S!

    I have no proof this will work for you, because I have been messing with my gold for a loooong time, so maybe it all just added up.
    Also, I will not take responsibility for corrupt files. Try at your own risk!

From xparasite9:

  • I found a new Glitch Dimension, only accessable through a Cool Ditto. I discovered this while battling an oddish with this ditto traded from Red, originally Lv. 0, captured from an 'M. I traded it in Goldenrod and flew to Cherrygrove, then walked in the grass east of the town, encountered an oddish, sent out Ditto, and moved the cursor down once. (This was after I used an ether.) the game suddenly restarted, and several patches of color were over the title screen.

    When I CONTINUEd the game, all the patterns on the buildings were gone. The buildings were all white, except for the windows, of course. As i walked down, I realized that the street pattern disappeared. The water was green, and the Pokedex was green instead of the maroon edge as it normally is. All the Pokemon were not blue like the normal Glitch Dimension, but regularly colored, with a patch of purple at the bottom. An additional note on all versions of the Glitch Dimension: When your look at your party, the letters "P" and "o" in "Pokegear" change to a japanese symbol and the arrow cursor symbol. 


  • Well, i was deperatly looking for glitches in my game (pkmn gold) when i found your website, when i heard the machop/coin case/color channging trick i tried it, it worked perfectly (like spongebob) HORRAAy!! but it claims it causes no "freaky symbols" (buzzer) when you have your game in this state when you press start and click pokemon, pokegear turns into gear with some freaky symbols. And if you go to pokemon, go to a flying pokemon and press "fly" put ure flying pokemon in violet city (DONT FLY) press b and the flying pokeon (and possibly tainer) will appear at the pokemon party and will change into freaky symblos and then diisapear. One of the best discoveries i made is that YOU CAN ALSO talk to the machop in goldenrod's B1 department store and look in your coin case and THE TRICK WILL STILL WORK! however, if your alredy in the (color glitch) and you do the trick you'll get a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound and you cant move, you cant even reset.
    Ill be happy once i find more glitches for my game

  • i discovered something weird in my gold. I heard about the glitch dimmension and i tried itk, it worked great. But i discovered something strange, if you speack to the dratini in blackthorn city and look in your coin case it will say Coins:
    Which Move?he PP of
    I dont know what heck this means, but hopefully it will lead to something glitchy

  • In my gold i discovered that instead to talking to the machop in kanto and using your coin case to enter the glitch dimmension you can simply lokk that pokemon up in your pokedex then look at you pokedex and that will work!! ive discovered this, if you look at a kabutops or a magikarp in your pokedex (im not sure if it will work for everyone) the screen will go white but the power is still on. The first time i discovered this i turned it off, thinking the screen simply whited-out. Nut when i tried it again i realized that THE GAME RESETED ITSELF and most of what you see is white. The only things you can see clearly are pokemon and people. The game acts the same despite color. I am working to see which pokemon cause these kind of glitches, but ill send a complete table ASAP

  • U see my i loaded my gold game to my friends pokemon stadium 2 game and tried to enter the glitch dimmension, it worked like a charm. But when tried to enter the white dimmension (by hearing the cry of either kabutops or magicarp in your pokedex) ( the white dimmension is what i named the glitch i talked about in the other email where the screen goes blank). Entering the glitch dimmension worked like a charm, but when i tried to enter the white dimmension it took me back to that one lady and she said that my game had CORRUPTED!! GASP!! MY friend was there too so we were both stunned, but i reset the game and my info was all right (i let out a big sigh of relief when it happened) so i wont be messing with that anymore, or at least on pokemon stadium 2. So kids, DONT TRY THAT AT HOME!

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