Glitch City

While investigating the secrets of 'M and MissingNo, I received an email from Simon Ellis, who wrote of a 'secret city' in Pokemon known as "Glitch City". Here's what he wrote:

"You will never believe this when I tell you it, there is another city on Pokemon Red/Blue, and it is obviously called Glitch City. This strange city is the home to that evil MissingNo and M' came from. To get there go into the Safari Zone and go up to the house then back down out of the Safari Zone and say No to the question. Then go back out again and say No. Then save your game and turn it off. Then turn it back on and go out of the Safari Zone. This time the man won't ask you the question. Keeping going down until he asks you if you want to go in. Say No and go out the door. Next go to Cinnibar City and keep surfing on the coast for a little while then you'll hear Pa say Ding Dong. Then you will be tranported to the Safari Zone. Then go out and you'll be in Glitch City. You can catch high level Tentacools and Tentacruel here, and you can surf of the ground. But be careful, you can get trapped in here, well FOREVER. to get out just Fly out with one of your Pokemon."

Well, ok...

Intrigued by all these new reports (especially by information of a "glitched city", possible 'home' to our buddies MissingNo and 'M) I decided to fire up good old Pokemon Blue once again, this time on my brand-new Game Boy Advance. As much as I wanted to play my new Pokemon Crystal, I decided against it in the interest of research. So I tried this "Glitch City" trick by going to the Safari Zone, saving, and leaving. Feeling 500 Poke-bucks poorer, I headed off to Cinnabar for a bit of time-wasting Surfing.

Trial #1: "Glitch City"

Just as I was told, eventually I heard the "Ding-dong!" and found myself back in the Safari Zone entrance. But when I exited, everything was totally bizarre! First of all, the ground was made of pixels of the various graphics in the game. It was as if a little child had a big box of pixel pieces (which, when constructed properly, would form a normal Pokemon town) and dumped the box out on the floor. There were "parts" of houses everywhere, with the numbers 2 and 9 mixed in. Also appearing in place of normal paths, grass, and houses were the following symbols: a, t, k, the Poke-bucks symbol (like a P with lines through it) and /M. Hmm, M of all things. could this have any connection to the mysterious "glitch" Pokemon? I continued to explore the area as best I could. I found a tree and Cut it. but the tree didn't go away! Fishing with a Super Rod in the water, I battled a level 15 Shellder. Not too spectacular. Then I saw a "cave entrance". Where could it lead? I approached the "cave" but didn't go inside. In fact, once I stepped on the entrance space, I was stuck. I couldn't move anywhere!

Where am I?

Frustrated, I paused the game. and found myself totally surrounded by water! When I un-paused, I found that I could now Surf on the roads and walk on the water! It was tough to maneuver in this weird way, but it was possible. Then I battled a wild Tentacool. When the battled ended, I found myself totally surrounded by all water! Checking my map, I discovered that I was in an area to the right of Seafoam Islands. So I Surfed up and to the left. and found myself back in Glitch Town! When I "jumped down" from my Surfing, I became stuck, unable to move. Checking the map, I was now supposedly to the left of Seafoam Islands.

Confused, I shut the power off. Luckily, I'd saved right before all this, so I was right back in the Safari Zone when I turned the game back on. But now I was curious. I had visited Cinnabar right before being shipped off to Glitchy Town, might this have somehow affected the area I arrived in? What might happen if I explored other areas during my 500-step time limit?

Trial #2: Cycling Road

This time, I went to Cycling Road (don't ask me why, I suppose just because it was right there in Fuchsia). When my limit was up, and I got "Ding-dong!"-ed back to Safari Zone, I found myself in a different messed-up city! The "GYM" building was messed up, repeating the word GYM over and over again, but without a door, or the bottom of the building. When I tried to move, I found myself being pushed down, as if I was on a bicycle on the downhill Cycling Road! I was not on a bicycle, but the game thought I was, and wouldn't let me disembark! I couldn't Surf, but I could fish. hooking a level 15 Magikarp. Luckily, I could Fly out of there.

Trial #3: MissingNo + Glitch City

This time, I was starting to wonder what else I could mess with, so I decided to visit Mr. Coffee in Viridian, watch his demo, then Surf along the coast of Cinnabar (which I'm convinced is the Bermuda Triangle of the Pokemon World). Just as I'd planned, I ran into my old buddies 'M and MissingNo. This time, I had beaten the Elite Four a second time, so I quickly ran inside the PokeCenter to check out my Hall of Fame data. I wasn't surprised to see that the info was scrambled, but there were many new changes. For example, one (a Dragonair) had my character's name. Two other Pokemon (a Butterfree and a Wartortle) had ROCKET in their names. One Pokemon inside was always a Bird/Normal type, which makes me believe that this is "MissingNo" itself. the glitch Pokemon that uses Sky Attack and Water Gun. Also, for all the Pokemon in the registry, one of the pixels in that one's name was a pixel from that specific Pokemon! Ok, so maybe I overanalyzed the Hall of Fame data. But after my 500 steps ran out, I was transported back to Safari Zone, exiting to find myself back in the first "Glitch City" (the one with the cave). So much for that experiment.

Trial #4: Lavender Town Oddities

The next time I tried this trick, I went to Lavender Town. After messing around with the Lavender Tower (where I encountered "MissingNo" look-alikes) for 500 steps I was shipped back. and wound up exiting the house where Cubone is! There was no glitched city at all, just plain old Lavender Town. Hmm, maybe those ghosts in the tower negated any glitchy effects.?

Trial #5: Victory Road

Well, by this time the novelty had worn off and I was just about finished exploring the glitched aspects of Pokemon. For my final experiment, I headed off to Victory Road. 500 steps later, I found myself in a new Glitch City. one where my character was invisible! I couldn't Surf in this place. There were Japanese characters here too, which added to the oddness of the place.

Exact Path to Glitch City, Step-by-Step:

  1. Enter the Safari Zone building. Pay $500 to join the hunt. Walk inside.
  2. Once you are inside the park, turn around and walk back outside. You will be asked if you wish to stop early. Say no, and return to the park.
  3. Once back inside the park, save your game. Turn the power off.
  4. Turn the power back on. Walk back out of the Safari Zone. The man will not ask you if you're leaving early this time. Instead, he gives you the initial speech starting with, "Welcome to the Safari Zone!" Do not pay to return inside - instead, keep walking down past the man, and out the door.
  5. At this point, you have about 500 steps to waste by walking around. Where you choose to waste these steps will determine which Glitch City you visit, if any. For the "Forgotten Cave" GC, use your 500 steps to Surf along Cinnabar's coast (not walking on the island at all), or Surfing between Cinnabar and Seafoam.
  6. When your 500 steps run out, the PA will say, "Ding-dong! Your Safari Game is over!" You will be transported back to the Safari Zone entrance.
  7. When you leave the Safari Zone entrance, you will find yourself in Glitch City. If you used your 500 steps in an area with a major building (such as the land portion of Cinnabar Island, or any of the major cities). It's recommended that you use the 500 steps in one of the routes rather than a city - the Seafoam/Cinnabar coast seems to be the most interesting.

TR Rose's Image Collection
Exiting the Safari Zone - the trick begins While Surfing on Cinnabar Coast, the PA goes off Welcome to Glitch City - filled with bits of buildings, 9s and 2s, and water Uncutable Trees, freezing Caves, and part of Cycling Road?
A row of half-houses and alternating rocks and water. Glitch City is a very strange place... ...that gets stranger still when you press Start. Look at that symbol - /M as a single block. What does it mean? Does it have to do with the glitch 'M?
I can walk on water? Land-surfing below the mysterious cave entrance. Surfin' through the city! According to the TOWN MAP, I was in Seafoam all along. Huh?

So in conclusion? Another strange Pokemon trick to be sure, but there seem to be no beneficial effects from this glitch. But it is another inexplicable mystery of Pokemon! Nintendo seems to have worried about the Glitch City quirk, however. Did you know that the Safari Zone was originally going to be open in G/S/C? I've heard that if you look through the programming, there are Safari Zone map files. However, after Glitch City came to light, Nintendo removed the option to play the Safari Game - by even removing the door to the entrance!

Then from Ruby/Sapphire onward, the option to save inside the Zone was removed completely. A warden escorts you into the Safari Zone and blocks the way back until your time is up or you choose to retire early. You can't save inside the FR/LG Safari Zone either. Makes you wonder if there are actual game-damaging glitches found by accessing Glitch City. Perhaps just the fact that you can get stuck there forever without a Flying Pokemon.

Information on the original G/S Safari Zone
(excerpted from

"Pokémon G/S Safari Zone

Yes, the Safari Zone was once planned for G/S as well but removed for unknown reasons, maybe because of the nearing development deadline, maybe problems in implementing the Safari system into the game. This one leftover map can still be found in the final ROM of each language version, the offset for all of them being 0DD182h. The map can also still be found in Pokémon Crystal, offset there is 0B1182h. An indication for a late removement of the Safari Zone is the route connection house in Fuchisa City that, while not having a door, still has a warp to it's map. The warps there are working as well and bring you to the Safari Zone easily. But as you can see on the map on the left, the exit is missing. The warps themself are working too, but without a corresponding house or door only in one direction.

Original discoverer of G/S Safari Zone unknown, please let me know if you remember.

There are also several other beta maps in G/S, about 20 in total. This includes beta versions of pretty much every city in the Johto area, a few cavern and tower maps and a different Pokémon center. Sadly, informations and pictures of these aren't available at the moment."

From Jordan Lemin:

"I decided to try Glitch City once. When I got there, I wasn't able too walk too far, so I left. Today I tried again, going to Cinnabar island. I walked around, and when I came out of the Safari Zone, I was in front of the Pokemart in (gosh) Cinnabar island. (Did MissingNO negate Glitch City?) I tried again, surfing right of Cinnabar. I went to the same Glitch City with a cave that you mentioned. I didn't have a pokemon with CUT so i didn't try cutting the trees.

"I explored the Cave Glitch City a long time. (After trying over and over to get there. I kept getting stuck.) The most interesting part was that eventually I was able to surf in water like normal. I surfed for about 2 minutes till i saw a normal wall, like the one on the right side of Cinnabar island. I went up to it, turned, but didn't go anywhere. I tryed to get away, but I couldn't. The music stopped. There was absolutely NO sound.

"Then I freaked out, as the game put me in another glitch worse than the City. Everything was streaked. the whole screen looked like the kind of pixels made of the MissingNO backwards L shape. The game wouldn't respond. I turned it off, then back on. I went IN the safari zone now, and fought an Exeggcute. I decided to leave. The guy asked me if I was leaving early. I said yes. I left, and entered Glitch City again. The one with the cave. I flew to Pallet town. Then I wondered how I went back to Glitch City. I flew to Fusha, thinking it might still be glitched, but it wasn't."

From SupperTails66:

"First of all, I noticed that the glitch cities in the Yellow version are different from the Red/Blue ones. However, in Red/Blue and Yellow, the Cinnabar Glitch Cities (as in, the glitch city is found by surfing alongside Cinnibar) are very similar (the whole map registers as water if you go too far left, there is a "cave entrance" square, etc.).

"Second, in two glitch cities (the "original" Cinnibar one, and one I found in the area south of Cerulean City, I think), you can actually go OFF the playable map area... When you go too far left in the Cinnabar Glitch City, then the game suddenly registers the whole map as water... this is the reason why you can surf on the land once you go too far left. Also, the reason that parts of the land disappear when you go too far left, then surf away and come back is because the map's data is not actively updated. It's only updated when you can't see it. The game works this way because the programmers at Game Freak didn't even know of Glitch City's existence, and there's no other part of the game where you would see the map actively change...), then keep going north... this caused the game to freeze up momentarily, then the screen became blank except for a couple of scattered, glitched blocks and a short, high pitched noise played! At that point, the game freezes completely, and you have to restart. You can accomplish the same thing with a Game Shark code to "walk through walls" or "jump over everything". That's how I did it one other time, in Pewter City. I jumped onto the rock walls surrounding it, I went too far, and the EXACT same thing happened, except the glitched screen had blue lines on it. This might be possible in other glitch cities, too, but I was so freaked out the first time it happened, I didn't want to do it again.

"Oh, and in the Cinnabar Glitch City in Yellow, I found these weird white areas with jumbled text inside them. If I stepped into one, then came out, Pikachu wouldn't follow! He would become "trapped" in the white square. After walking around for a while, Pikachu would "break free" and start running around at twice the normal speed he goes when following you, trying to mimic all the moves I had made while he was in the white square! Eventually, going two times faster than you, he would catch up. I loved doing that little glitch, as it's pretty fun to watch. Another time, I found this area in one of Yellow's glitch cities where there was water that I could walk on (due to it registering as land), but it had grass on it, so it looked like Ash was swimming when I stepped on it! One final thing: it appears that in MOST (not all) areas with a building, if you do the Glitch City code there, you will come out of a building in that area... Actually, this may be the reason Glitch City occurs; the game can't figure out where to make you come out of, so it drops you in a junk location."

From shinylugia:

"Well, I have been doing the glitch city trick a long time to figure out its secrets and I did, a bit of it. Do the normal one with Cinnabar. If you surf to the square of water, then inside it surf left, then turn right quickly, then all it is, is sea. Remember you have to go exactly 1 step. I tried surfing down, and found pillars, I paused and it showed trees. Now, I know my Gameboy Color is a bit nuts, but it keeps going wacko if I go too far down. For a second, literally, there is a screen with pixels all over the place and then it shuts down. Is Missingno. protecting the city?"

From White_Lightning/Neko Kit Su:

"I'm gonna state what I think glitch city is about...

"This 'Glitch City' happens after you run out of time in some spots, I.E. Cinnabar and Bike Road, right? Well, my thoughts on it is that what happens is that it still has the data for Cinnabar/other area loaded, but tries and loads up the Safari Zone Entrance/Fushcia City, and utterly fails. Thus, creating that glitch world...

"O, I'd also like to share something else in this email. I found this a couple years back, but using a GameShark code(I'll get it to you later if you're interested) that gave me an item that allowed me to 'Walk through walls', and I did this in several spots. The first one I did was outside of Pewter City, going to Mt. Moon. I used said item, and walked up above the first female trainer for a while, then turned left for a step, then kept walking up... I ended up in a weird version of the Mt. Moon Entrance Area right outside the cave. There were no NPCs, I couldn't enter the Pokemon Center OR Mt. Moon, and it looked like a ghost town. I checked my stats for some reason, and my time went to 255:55...

"Next, I tried something similar(thought I forgot how) on the route going FROM Mt. Moon to Cerulean. I came into a similar situation, where the layout and everything was there, but you couldn't enter Mt. Moon and such. And you couldn't read the sign, either. The jumps didn't work, and, again, my time maxed out. I also don't remember if their was grass there, but I thought this might interest you..."

From Phantomness:

cheat- Trial 1 Cinnabar Island

"I caught Nidorina, Rhyhorn, Nidorino on Cinnabar's coast.. I surfed on Cinnabar's coast and in the ocean until my time ran out. Then, I exited the Safari zone. But I couldn't move! It was like my character was trapped in an invisible little box or something like that. Bizzare, no? There were pieces of Celadon(?) all around, mixed with sixes, eights, nines, and sevens.

"Also twos, double trees, bits of piping, hedges, and houses! I didn't have a town map, so I couldn't see where I was. I tried to Surf but it said "No surfing on (pokemon's name) here!" Then I tried Strength but nothing happened. There wasn't anything to Cut! When I tried to Fly out, it said I was in Pallet Town! How bizarre is that?

Trial 2 Lavender Town

"Walked 32 steps in Safari zone. Saved. Turned it back on. Flew to Lavender. Walked around on the first floor of Lavender's pokemon tower. I wound up walking out of a house in Lavender town! The Cubone one. No glitchy effects here either."

From Nightmare Kong:

"I just had this weird Glitch City thing. I did the Cinnibar island/safari zone thing and ended up in Glitch City. There was numbers above me and parts of doors/windows. I went right a found some plants. i cut them but they were still there. Then I went left and found this bridge thing I had to surf on and saw the cave underneath. I was still surrfing and I tried to go in but I went over it. I went to the right of the cave and it was all water. I surfed for quite a while, still not seeing anything and then I could surf no-further then the game froze and the picture glitched so I turned it off."

From Al:

"I found a weird version of glitch city a LONG time ago be4 i lost my data. Here is how:

1. get a gameshark
2. use the hover code
3. Hover to the ever- tantalizing grass beside pallet town.
4. the screen goes "BEEEEEEEPPPPPP!" and fills up with strange pixels, as if you were looking @ a giant missingno, and you can see nothing else.
5. thev game freezes and the screen goes blank."

From Joanne Fenton:

"I talked to the old man and went to safari zone with a missingno. the man who let's you in said:143rfy55t! %! my mouth droped to the floor! So I wen to gich city and immedeatly fought myself! I was a wild pokemon and attacked withx4 solarbeams. I then won and flew out. Crazy huh?"

From CS:

"I did the Glitch City cheat on my Yellow version, and since I am not far enough in the game to do the Cinnibar Island version of the cheat, I went to Cycling Road (the Bike Path) instead. I did everything and when I walked out of the Safari Zone I couldn't move in any direction. I tried to get on the bicycle to see if I could move that way, but when I clicked on it it said something like "Cycyling is fun!" (the normal thing it says when you try to get off the bike on cycling road) indicating that I was still on the bike. Since I couldn't move I switched off and then switched on my gameboy.

"I tried the cheat again, this time I went to Pallet town instead. When I came out of the safari zone building I (again) couldn't move. This time the screen looked different (when I paused the game the little symbols changed into k,l, and 9s) This time I saw the cave you were talking about. I really wanted to get to the cave so I tried to do everything possible to get to it. I tried using surf, strength, and cut, but none of these let me move.

"I tried the trick a third time and this time I went to Lavender town. I walked around in Lavender Tower until the PA went "Ding-Dong". This time when I walked out of the Safari Zone I walked out of the Name Rater's house. Maybe the Name Rater has a link to Missingno."

From Darkwolf0414:

"You know how when you go to Glitch City, the layout of it differs depending on where you were when the PA came on? Well, I got ambitious and decided to go to Glitch City from Glitch City. I did everything normal (surfing beside Cinnabar until the PA came on), but when I was inside the building you leave to get into Glitch City, I turned around and went back into the Safari Zone. After I got back out by doing the trick, I spent the rest of my steps in Glitch City! I was hoping I might be sent to some very strange city, but, sadly, after the PA came on and I was brought back to the small building, outside was just regular Glitch City (the one with the cave). From this little "experiment" it turns out there is no strange Glitch City inside of Glitch City."

From Supershenron:

"I did the required steps to get to Glitch City, however, after I exited the Safari Zone after I was returned there, I walked out of the Cinnabar Island Pokemart, with no effects on my game!"

From fakhoori:

"Oh, I've GOT to tell you this! After you do the Safari Zone trick for Glitch City and Glitch Road, if you surf in Pallett Town or Silence Bridge it'll take you to Glitch Spot (Pallett) or Glitch Bridge (Silence Bridge). In Glitch Spot you can't move and Glitch Bridge you can only go alittle far! This has all come from MissingGLitCH Diaries: True stories, true glitCheS, Erick Romero's Red Version: YUGI. I played it while it happend."

From Lucypancakeeater:

"a loooong time ago i tried the glich city thing in yellow. as soon as i stepped into the city pikachu started running round realy fast away from me. i managed to stop it and see how it was feeling. it looked furious. after that randomly in glich city pikachu mood boxes kept flashing up. not a happy pikachu. after a while i lost track and stopped folowing them. i have been in the city three times. the first time i got on the huge stretch of water i entered one square and got stuck. the second i travelled up on the water. the came blacked out after 10 minuets of going up. the third time i went into a battle on the water and got teleported to a small stretch of land (?) where i had to surf and with a couple of pools of walking water. there were half buildings and stuff there, and a gym! half a gym actually. yhe bottom half. i went in it! it was full of people graphics. half people graphics. i could not exit the building, but i could fly away,so i did."

From Jordan Meshew:

"I tried Glitch City on my Blue, flying to Pewter City and QUICKLY going to mount moon. Ding-dong! When I entered Glitch City, this one was different. It had cave entrances everywhere, I mean DOUBLE or TRIPLE entrances in a row and some randomly placed. I had to surf over the cave entrances and every time I went onto one, I battled a level 19 Rhyhorn like in the Safari Zone. His attacks were more than 4, and some were:Rare Candy, cut01, Dragonair, garyweezing, new, HYDROP&MP. Also, I tried to catch him with a Pokeball, but it showed a Great Ball's sprite and as soon as I caught him he evolved into Rhydon! I entered a Gym, and found myself in the middle of Lavender Town, to the right of the Name Rater's house. Weird..."

From Professor Henry the Green Engine:

"Here are the findings of Glitch City:

1. NEVER save when you're in there. Why, you ask. 1. Saving there will delete every single Pokemon you have forever...! 2.IF YOU SAVE THERE YOU WILL BE STUCK IN THERE FOREVER AND EVER WITH NO WAY OUT, EVER!

2. Did you know there are actually SIX different Glitch Cities for you to explore? Here they are: 1. Cinnabar Island - This is the one with a cave. Note: Surfing too far will cause your game to FREEZE and you will see a GIANT MISSINGNO. You will have to shut the game off 2. Route 16 - This one is the one where you are on your bicycle when you aren't and the gym building says GYM over and over 3. Victory Road - This is the one where you are invisible 4. Cerulean City - You can jump on anything here I think. I'm not sure. 5. Pallet Town - This one is very messy and you can't move 6. Route 15 - This is the most interesting. There are numbers everywhere and when you pause they become female trainers with green hair. Also if you go back to the Safari Zone the man GIVES you $500 instead of you paying him. Strange.

From sky:

"i just did the glitch city trick and the pa ding donged in celadon next [to] the guy with the ?poliwrath? and after i got out i ended up in celadon just coming out of the back of the mansion! thought youd like to know."

From dark_skitty:

"Well, I saw the code for Glitch City on your site, and decided to try it. I figured out why Glitch City wouldn't work in Lavender Tower with a little expirament. I had gotten bored, and began playing my Red version. I was trying out some of the cities, and had decided to see what would happen if I went into Viridian. I got quite bored just walking in circles, and went into the gym, and re-explored the maze I had conquered long ago. I was still in the gym when the PA sounded, and when I exited, I found myself going out of the school in Viridian. This pretty much proves that walking around in a building during Glitch City negated the glitchy effects. I would test it agian, but I erased my Red version to get Mew, and now I'm not glitching it unless I can trade all my pokémon of value to another version. "

From Seph:

"hi, a couple years back, i saw my best friends brother playing pokemon blue on N64. he put the GS in the little GB slot area, then blue in after it. i forgot alot about it, but he got into another mystery city. it seemed like a normal city, except for the double door gyms and houses. and when he walked up to a door, it sayd "Locked". i have no clue how it happened, i wish i know more."

From surfingpichu226:

"I'd been fooling around in my game with glitch city, trying to get to new areas on it.I saved RIGHT insde the Safari zone.I suddenly didn't feel like going to glitch city so I "joined the hunt" then I walked aroround more and "Left early" then I flew to cinabar island and surfed on the coast. I started incountering pokemon like I had done the safari zone trick (the one where you find safari zone pokemon on the coast of cinabar). I caught a pincer and turned off the game.Then(thinkingI was rid ofanything related to glitch city) I went and did the Missingno glitch and started surfing. After catching a lvl137 abra I heard dingdong you're safari zone game is over. "huh?"I thought. I exited the safarizone house as always and found myself in a NEW glitch city.I could cut down trees but they would instantly grow back. I jumped down to a different area with a cave. WhenI tryed to get In nothing happened. Then I couldn't move.i knew something was going on so I checked my surroundings by popping up the start menu(poping up the start menu shows what you'e real surroundings are) there was nothing but water so I hopped on my gyrados and surfed.then I incountered a tentacool andI was in the middle of the ocean. I surfed around awhile and then my game froze. I turned my game off and everything was normal afterwards. I have to try that again. "

From theravendevon:

"I found out that if you press start when you get stuck by where you try to enter the cave, everything turns to water and if you surf you are not stuck anymore. Also if you keep surfing up then you will eventually come acrosssome pillars. Touch the pillars and the game freezes.

When my friend tried it, she said her game completely went crazy and wouldn't work after that. And After I tried it there was a hypno in the hall of fame called TOWNMAPTOWNMAPTOWNMAP and then whenever I used my town map my game froze. Do you think the effects of glitch city vary with each game?"

From moosaysthellama:

Hi Team Rocket Rose, my name is moosaysthellama I recently decided to
do a full analysis of Glitch City. Did you know other towns, cities and
routes can activate Glitch City? I do, so I decided to test every
single city, town, cave, route and tunnel for Glitch Cities. Here are my

Pallet Town: Glitch City: Yes.
I’m standing on the roof of part of a house with half a house above me.
Test: I cannot move in any direction. The city is scattered with
numbers. There are a few bits of water around and houses overlapping other
houses. There is a Cut Tree overlapping another Cut Tree. When I press
start some stuff changes. I can see bits of the word GYM.

Route 1: Glitch City: Yes.
Nice! I can move! I am standing on some pipeline things. There is a
miniature pokeball, lots of bits of houses and lot of numbers. No water. I
walk a bit and jump over a ledge thing. I am now invisible under some
glitchy junk... awww... now I can’t walk. Now I see about 1/2 of a
Pokemon Center under me. I also now see a tiny bit of water.

Viridian City: Glitch City: No.
It’s normal besides the fact I walk out of the locked gym.

Route 2: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the building where the guy gives me Flash.

Viridian Forest: Glitch City: No.
It’s the same as Route 2.

Pewter City: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Pewter City mart.

Route 3: Glitch City: Yes.
I have some water around me and there are bits of houses. I surf over
some water. There is a house with a door. I can walk on top of the door
but not in it. I walk a bit. I see a cave entrance. I can walk on top
of the cave entrance but not in it.

Mount Moon: Glitch City: Yes.
It says I’m on Route 4 on the map. I can’t move. There are bits of
houses and numbers.

Route 4: Glitch City: Yes.
It’s the same as Mount Moon... I thought it would be.

Cerulean City: Glitch City: No.
I just walked out of the bike shop.

Route 24: Glitch City: Yes.
I can’t walk. It’s a bit boring. It’s pretty normal for a Glitch City.
Meh... oh well.

Route 25: Glitch City: Yes.
Wow, I’m standing on water! I can’t walk any further on it. I fish
while I’m standing on the water- just a Krabby. I can’t surf onto the land.
Oh well.

Sea Cottage: Glitch City: Yes.
It’s the same as Route 25.

Route 5: Glitch City: No.
I just walk out of the daycare center.

Route 6: Glitch City: Yes.
I come out on a rock. When I walk off the rock I can’t get back on. You
can cut the trees but they stay there. There is HEAPS of water. Lots of
bits of house with doors. I surf down. After a while my game freezes
and the music stops. I turn it off. I try again but this time I surf up.
My game freezes again. Turns off GBA. Game still okay. Yay!

Vermillion City: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Pidgey guy’s house.

Route 9: Glitch City: Yes.
Wow! It’s like a huge dump! This is the craziest I’ve seen yet. I can’t
move though...

Rock Tunnel: Glitch City: Yes.
When the PA goes ‘ding dong’ and I get sent back to the Safari Zone
everything is dark like in the Rock Tunnel. I walk out and I can see
again. My map says that I’m in Route 10. I’m covered in glitchy junk so I
can’t see myself.

Route 10: Glitch City: Yes.
It’s the same as the Rock Tunnel except I can see when the PA goes
‘ding dong’.

Lavender Town: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Cubone girl’s house.

Pokemon Tower: Glitch City: No.
It’s the same as Lavender Town.

Route 8: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Route7- 8 underground tunnel.

Route 7: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Route7- 8 underground tunnel.

Celadon City: Glitch City: No.
I come out the back of the Celadon Mansion.

Saffron City: Glitch City: No.
I come out of the Saffron City mart.

Route 11: Glitch City: No.
I come out of Diglett Cave.

Route 12: Glitch City: Yes.
I come in on the side of a roof. I can’t walk very far. Some water. I
fish... just a Goldeen.

Route 13: Glitch City: Yes.
Oooo... unlucky 13. It’s reallyyy glitched but I can’t move.

Route 14: Glitch City: Yes
Cool. There’s heaps of numbers. I can’t walk that far. I can see the
‘poke’ part of a Pokemon center.

Route 15: Glitch City: Yes
Oooo! I come out on a rock. I can walk. There is some of a mart, there
is a sign I can’t get to… it’s pretty weird. I can’t walk that far.

Route 16: Glitch City: No
I just come out of the not very secret house thing. You know. The one
you go through to get to the person who gives you fly.

Route 17 (AKA Cycling Road): Glitch City: Yes
It’s making me walk down like I’m on a bike! Although there is not
bike! I can’t Surf because you usually can’t Surf on Cycling Road and
apparently I’m still there. There’s a HUGE bit of Gym at the top and a HUGE
bit of gym at the bottom. Besides all this it looks pretty inhabitable,

Route 18: Glitch City: Yes
I can’t move. Damn. There are lots of bits of houses though...

Fuchsia City: Glitch City: No
I just come out of the Safari Zone like normal... lol.

Sea Route 19: Glitch City: Yes
Yes! There’s water here, grass, a cave entrance. I can surf down. Lets
see what’s in the grass… 5 minutes later… nope! Nothing! Oh well I just
might as well try and Cut a tree… ~~~ BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!
~~~ Black screen…still beeping (honestly, that is the most horrible
beeping sound I have ever heard) I look at it for a while, pressing buttons
along the way. Finally I give up, shrug, and just reset my GBA. My
game’s still okay. Interesting!

Seafoam Islands: Glitch City: Yes
Funky! There’s trees, numbers, bits of houses… LOTS OF ROOM TO WALK!
Walks left. When I’ve walked far I get stuck. I press start… everything
totally changes! Wow! I suggest this glitch city! My map says I’m on Sea
Route 20 so I’ll guess it’s the same. Lets try again! I press start at
one point when I’m here and I’m surrounded by water! I surf and then I
can surf all over the land! Yay! Oh great, now I’m stuck again! I try
again (sorry but this is by far my favorite) I cut a tree but it doesn’t
go away. I surf on land again. I go right. I’m totally surrounded by
water. I keep surfing right. According to my map I now am on Sea Route
19. I surf right some more... it freezes. Lol. Okay that’s enough of this
one, next!

Sea Route 20: Glitch City: Yes
Yep, I was right. It’s the same as Seafoam… (The east coast of Cinnabar
Island is part of Sea Route 20 so I presume this is the one everyone
knows about, yes?

Cinnabar Island: Glitch City: No
It’s normal... you just come out of the mart.

Sea Route 21: Glitch City: Yes
I can’t move. It’s pretty crazy though… I mean… there are bits of
people in the corner.

Route 22: Glitch City: Yes
Oooo. Can’t move. Lots of 9’s. Meh.

Route 23: Glitch City: Yes
Oooo! I can’t move but it looks really cool! There are bits of water
and a funky statue and a weird bit of house! Yay yay yay! I can’t see
myself though.

Victory Road: Glitch City: Yes
As you can imagine I’m getting pretty bored by now. Anyway, there’s
some water and it’s pretty freaky and yeah.

Pokemon League: Glitch City: Yes
This is a bit funny because I escaped while I was fighting the Pokemon
League and now I don’t have to verse them no longer. I can’t move but
it’s pretty crazy here I think it might be the same as somewhere else
I’ve been. I fly out tralala I escaped the Pokemon League.

Indigo Plateau: Glitch City: Yes
It’s the same as Pokemon League.

Power Plant: Glitch City: Yes
It’s the same as Route 10.

From Missingno Hater:

"I found missingno in my yellow version!!! Please read!!! I was playing in glitch city(ON N64) when the screen flashed a picture of the pixely 'M
Missingno and then red. It started to save. I yanked the catrige out of my n64 controller pack thing. I turned on my GBA with yellow in it. I was
in the same place i saved before, but my Dugrito was level 19 or 14 instead of a 38, his picture was replaced with a RHYDON THE X EVOLOUTION OF MISSINGNO!, his hp bar stretched across the screen and his screech was played in slow motion or something. My heart was pounding 100 mph then because i saw all the signs of missingno: Messed up graphics, hard to come by wild pkmn, and strange sound. I THINK i repeat I THINK i fixed my game by releasing dugrito/rhydon/dugrito possesed by rhydon/ missingno/ what ever the heck it
is , but wild ones are less common now. I want you to make a page about this and send it all across the web. DO NOT EVER GO TO GLITCH CITY IN ANY VERSION AND IF YOU HAVE YELLOW DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR THE MISSINGNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REPEAT TIME A MILLION TIMES DO NOT LOOK FOR MISSINGNO NOT EVER. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER GO LOOKING FOR MISSINGNO OR GLITCH CITY IN YELLOW!!!! You probably think i am some kid just trting to get attention, i mean it. If you don't believe me please still post this warning on the net."

TR Rose says: "Your game probably messed up because you pulled the cartridge from your Transfer Pak while the game was saving. There's a reason why you're told not to touch the power or the controller pack. During saves, data is being transferred to your game's memory. Interrupting this can cause all sorts of problems. It is unlikely that Glitch City made your game mess up, as I've heard NO other reports of Glitch City screwing with game data."

From Grouquaza, the Glitch Hunter:

"In my Yellow version of Pokemon, I did the Glitch City thing. After I flew out of the messed-up city, I talked to Pikachu. It turned away from me and wasn't happy. I hadn't saved except in the Safari Zone. So I restarted and left. When he asked me if I wanted to join the hunt, I said YES. I left, and he asked, Leaving early? I answered YES. I walked a lot and the Ding-dong! never came up. In conclusion, Glitch City will make your Pikachu dislike you in Yellow."

From Mouse Tourmaline:

"While messing about with various Glitch Cities in Yellow, I discovered something strange.

Apart from the Glitch Investigators, there is someone else that knows about Glitch City. This someone has actually moved into the place.

The someone is... Sabrina!

Yes, you heard me right, the gym leader from Saffron City- and all her followers into the bargain. Here's how I found her.

On Yellow Version, perform usual Glitch City manoeuvre in Safari Zone.
When he says "OK, come again," exit the Safari Zone. Leave Fuchsia City by the eastern exit. Follow the route, make your way through the maze.
Now kill some time riding up and down (and up... and down...) the very first bit of the blue path, where a young couple are standing.
When you're taken to Glitch City, take in the surroundings for a minute then take one step in any direction.
You will be in Sabby's gym. Find the exit. You're back in Glitch City.

Here's another weird one, but it'll upset your Pikachu. Go to the route to the east of Fuchsia again. Find an area of grass before the maze, one you have to use Cut to enter. Walk in it.
Unusually for Glitch Cities, you can actually walk on numbers in this one. It's a small enclosed space with a few ledges. Thing is, though, your Pikachu can't follow you into it. When you fly/teleport out he will be truly furious with you for leaving him."

From Kittsie the Glitch Girl:

"I restarted my Yellow a couple of days ago. I went to Glitch City *i hadn't been there for soo long, i loved it their*. It's the one you get from going east of Fuschia, just before the maze. Same as normal. I walked around a bit, while jumping over ledges and making the nines and sixes look like a wierd black arrow. Normal same old area. I must have been in there about ten minutes. Finally Pikachu disappeared under the same old glitch block. I walk for another five minutes. I hop on my bike, and the bottom part of the screen creates a wierd glitchy bar. I go down, it multiplies to two glitchy bars. Hmm. I go down another time. It disappears. I ride along to the bottom, and when I ride back up...I get smushed by a glitch bar. I go around in circles. I get of my bike. Press start. Normal stuff, again. *flies away to viridian*. Pikachu has a skull above his/her head. My time is now 255:55. Let me just say one thing: If you want a normal time, I would suggest you do not go to Glitch City, or at least that one. If you want a happy Pikachu, stay away from that Glitch City."

From Utzhome:

"One time on blue I was doing the glitch city trick at Route One and it went really weird I off a ledge jumped when weird numbers appeared under me and when I was at the safari zone building and I fell and when I went outside I instead went through the door and my game froze and turn blue with weird symbols all over and there was no sound it was freaky!!!!!!!! Then I did it again and I went in the Safari zone and I had 0 steps and 0 pokeballs but I could catch as many pokemon as I want.

From Polynesia:

"Well here's what I did. I did the Safari-zone steps (saying no, saving your game, turn it off, turning it on again, then say no again) and flew to Cinnibar Island. I surfed 500-steps on the right of Cinnibar Town, fought a bunch of 'Ms (my game 'says' my name is not 'allowed' to see MissingNo...), and was teleported back to the safari-zone building. I walked out into MissingNo's house, (new name for glitch town ;) ) and went a step out and went to my left, until I realized I couldn't, so I went to my right, but I couldn't. So I paused the game to fly away, but suddenly the setting was water! Interested, I surfed right, and found parts the box words. I went in. Suddenly my game froze forever. I was stuck in the water, and amazingly, I couldn't even access the 'GAMEBOY' start without any minor damage to it. Heh, not very nice for that game to do to me... "

From Geno:

"I have recently discovered a new Glitch City! Fly to Cinnabar after performing the trick, and surf to Seafoam. Don't battle any trainers. Go on Seafoam and Go up to the entrance of the cave, don't go it. Keep going left to the wall, then go right to the wall. Repaet this process until time runs out. You arrive in the original Cinnabar Glitch City, but get stuuck immediately. Pause and Surf. You can walk through walls, but don't go offscreen because the land turns to water. If you go left, you stop surfing, but you can see a mysterious island. I'm doing more research on this..."

From ArticunoIce:

"I decided to try Glitch City, it looked cool, but plain wierd....

"So here I am...Monday, 20 minutes before I went to school. I tried Glitch city on Cycling Road A.K.A. Bike Path. The P.A. Went Ding-Dong, and I was sent to Glitch City.....The only problem was.....The game made me go down, like on Cycling Road. To stop going down, I pressed either A, or B. It was plain wierd, and I had to go to school, so I left.

"I went to my Dad's to try Route 6 out. The P.A. went Ding-Dong, and I was sent to Glitch City (again). There were trees, and I tried to cut them, but they wouldn't disapear. I was jumping ledges (I was bored) in Glitch City, and there were these two jumpable ledges sitting together. I was acting really stupid, and tried to jump, but that's kind of impossible to do. When I pressed right, a big blue MissingNo.(I was playing on blue, hence the color) that went across the whole screen, and there was a red circle in the center (me). The game sound was off, so I didn't hear any buzzing, but the game DID freeze, so I shut it off. I was sort of freaked. I turned it on again, nothing messed up that I noticed, but, maybe something.....

"I do have a conclusion to this; Don't EVER try to jump a jumpable ledge that's on both sides (that are together), or...The game will freeze.

"I was at the Safari Zone the other day, and I went in the Rest House(or something like that), and had no steps left. I took my last step, and something very wierd had happened. You know the girl, Sara, who asks where her boyfriend is? Well, she was moved into the black strip in the game where there's suppose to be a wall of some sort. The text box disapeared, and she was back in the chair. Either it was from Glitch City from Route 6 (made my game freeze), or a Glitch from the owner of Blue before me.... Yet I'm not sure.

"Mini Quirk: If your lucky enough, and spend your last step on a jumpable ledge, you will be hovering in mid-air. There will also be four dots below you. When you get back to the Safari Zone, you will still be in mid-air. When you walk to leave, you will jump the rest of the way off. It's wierd, yet funny....I was in Viridian City when that happened."

From Mewninetytwopointfive:

"I have a hack of Pokemon Red called Pokemon Brown. Brown features new cities and acess to Johto via the new region's Cycling Road. My
emulator has a gameshark built in to it. I typed in the Walk Through Walls Code and used in on Brown. So I go to Cycling Road in the new region (Rijon) and then I left through the gate and walked to a building that leads to Ilex Forest. I've been through the path before, so I knew how to get there.

Brown's Ilex forest has grass patches instead of Pokemon everywhere, so I didn't run into Pokemon that much. Then, I left the gate aand I was in Azalea Town. The gym was taken from Saffron's Fighting Gym, and I beat the leader LONG ago. Well, there were rocks scattered about and it blocked my access to Kurt's house, the Pokemon Center, the Mart, and Charcoal-boy's house. I also couldn't get to Union Cave, and Slowpoke Well only gives you access to the 1st floor.

So, I did a little experimenting by typing in the Red/Blue Walk-Through-Walls (WTW) code. I decided to explore the rest of the town. Kurt's door was locked, the Pokemon center's door was locked, but I could shop. If you leave a building while the code was on, the game will crash, so I turned off the code and left, and I found myself in a strange Glitch City. It was like a shuffle of Azalea Town. I couldn't move, so I turned the code back on. After walking around, I shut off the game without saving. When I turned it back on, my file was erased. Guess that even hacks can have glitches too. A word to other Pokemon Brown players, don't enter the Azalea Town Mart if you get access."

From Neeyo:

"The /M single block which can be found in Glitch City is actually a part of the GYM sign. Look carefully... it's just another half of the gym sign. So, luckily (or not?) it doesn't correspond to /M."

From richshel:

"I used the glitch to get to the famous "Glitched city" to find I was walking on a big picture of missingno (Freaky) I decided to fly out so I pressed start and all it said was ?.'#, M ;'#?./ error 999999. I was getting freaked so I started pressing buttons and eventually a text box came up and said "Missingo error 909090.;;;;'' and then P.A (for some odd reason) went off when I walked out it was normal but I turned it off incase."

From hyperpeppy880:

"If you have seen the /M in Glitch City, look at it carefully. You will see that it is the word GYM cut in half. Nothing to do with the 'M. Also, by using a float code from a gameshark, using it and going to the right, you will find signs that either say a gibberish message or no message, grass (no pokemon in there...) and normal houses! Houses that have doors! It is rare that you will be able to go inside, but (according to rumors) you might be challenged by a glitched trainer that sends out glitch pokemon! Keep on going to the right, and you will end up in the main area in that glitched city! Keep going right. You will eventually get to the normal Glitch City again! Glitch City is just like the "Minus One" world in Super Mario Bros., a repeating level full of glitches. Eventually all the land will disappear, leaving you to the death pillars surrounding Glitch City."

From a kid:

"I began studying Glitch City when I found out about it. Yellow Version seems to be the weirdest. Pikachu sprites keep flying over the screen. Anyway, I was trying that little bit of land down the bottom of Fuschia. When I got Ding Donged back to the Safari Zone, I came out under a glitch thing. I used Surf, surfed out from under the glitch thing. I surfed onto a bit of grass. Tried to get a pokemon to appear for a while, nothing comes out. I fish, I find a Horsea. A weird thing is, whenever I try to cut trees or grass (yes you can cut grass) the game goes all weird on me. I'm doing some more research on this."

From rplarisan69:

"I have a thorough explenation of the glitch city, the reason that when you cut a tree, it comes back, is because, look around you, there are peices of cities from all over the map,when you are in glitch city, you are rotating through all of the places on the map, all of the marts and centers too. So fast you can't see it, so that is the reason when you press the pause button, the frame stops on one environment, also on the 9s and 2s. The tree thing is because, when you leave an area, the tree grows back, and since you are rotating, it grows back instantly. The places you can't walk, even though the pixels are suitable for walking, bike riding etc. are "Solidified air" The rotation sometimes is slower on some areas and tiles, so sometimes, you walk into a slow rotation, such as the cave. Also the "Bermuda triangle of kanto" Cinnabar coast. The reasons it has a fixed environment, is because of the slow rotation in the area. You find Missingno. an 'M, the enigmas of the game, is because you are rotating through Cinnabar. Surfing through ground isn't caused by the rotation, it is caused by the game mistaking the ground tiled for water tiles, some tiles don't rotate at all, and some environments don't even move! You may think i am some bored guy who has nothing to do, so i research glitches, but i get paid for stuff like this! The reason you can find missingno, is also because he/she is part of the game! The game wouldn't work right if missingno wasn't there, missingno. and 'M are progams used to test the games. Missingno has to be in all pokemon RPGs or else they won't function.
If you have any unanswered questions, just ask me."

From Kazooeh:

"I had recently restarted my Pokemon Blue game, so I could not explore and enjoy this ever tempting "Glitch City" with it. I decided to steal my little sister's Red.

At first, I had forgotten the steps to getting there, until I read how to on So I sat in confusion for a full hour in the car.
My sister sat beside me, watching as I stupidly walked around in the Safari Zone. Luckily, we got to my Grandmother's house in time to check it out before dinner. I then followed the steps, and flew to Cinnabar Island.

I encountered 3 annoying male Nidoran and a Scyther. I didn't bother with them, despite my sister's nagging for a new friend. She had better things to see than me catching a Pokemon.

"Ding dong!" Cried the gameboy, and I was taken back to yours truly, the Safari Zone. At first I had no intentions of expecting what was beyond the door, but knew it would freak Morganne out.

I stepped out, looking around. My eyes were popping with amazement. I did it! I accomplished my long-awaited mission! It only took me 3 worthless hours!

I ran through the strange place, surfing on the 9's and 2's, and getting stuck on strange house islands while doing what I always wanted, walked on water. It was a miracle! This place was awesome. I wish my dog could see it.

Morganne began to freak out as I told her there was a chance that she can be trapped here for good, not to Surf too far out, and she had better have her Pidgey with her. Fortunetly, Meme was there for me to escape...but not yet! I had a little more fun to make use of!

I saw that mysterious cave...and walked into it. I cried in joy as I was stuck inside.I surfed out of it and began running wild all over the water.
But then I was stuck on a house, and safely rejoyced in Pewter City."

From knighmare:

"I was reading the glitch city thing and I tried it then I got curious and connected my game to pokemon stadium 1 and 2 it was different. The strangest thing was discovering that it messed my game up. For example, I chose pikachu and got ditto, I chose zapdos and got an articuno with thunder psychic fire spin and fly."

From sea-turtle:

"If you go to the Cinnabar Glitch City and go into the cave and surf northward after a while you'll come to some rocks (it'll crash if you bump into them) going left or right. Go left and eventually there will be more rock jutting upwards (if you keep going left the rocks will curve and will eventually crash) From there surf down and then there will be a much larger glitch city. The landscape changes as you move or access the menu screen. Apparently this Glitch City is Cinnabar Island."

From 0dd1:

In my Yellow I noticed a few things:


Trial 1: Went to Fuschia. I had no money (I WAS BROKE!). After 3rd try I was let in for free with 1 Safari Ball. After saving, leaving, blah blah blah-ing, I went to cinnibar. 500 steps later I find myself in a diff 1 than in R/B.

Trials 2 & 3: Cycling Road & Seafoam Island: Seafoan: same as Cinnibar. Cycling Road: same as in R/B.

Conclusions: Yellow has a different MissingNo. glitch cities.
You can get in the Zone (Safari Zone) when you're broke, but you have 1 ball and a guy who hates you.

Hope this helps!

From Remi:

I tried the trick of the glitch city but I hadn't yet reached cinnabar so I did it with cycling rode. I rode up and down and even fought a trainer. Suddenly the ding dong appeared. I exited and I was in glich city. I couldn't move more than 3 or four steps, so I turned it off and on again. When it was on, I was on saffari zone (after all I had saved there). I went and got strenght + the gold teeth, which then I took to the warden to get surf. So, everithing was normal up to here.

But then I turned it off and went to rest about an hour. When i woke, i turned the gameboy and I had to take the cartridge 30 times to make sure
it was the same one: My game was errased

From Cold Mistress:

I was in Viridian forest. In red version. This happened about a year ago, so the details are fuzzy. I remember I got into a battle and a Charmander appeared. Although I could've been the one with the charmander... But after the battle, it looked like I wasn't in Viridian forest anymore. XD There were invisible walls everywhere, and it looked like glitch city. I didn't try to do anything to make it happen. Eventually my game froze.

From Saydipup:

A little while ago, I made a small, but important discovery on Glitch city.

Now personally, I'm not really a person to mess around with dangerous glitches. I'd do the Mew Glitch, duplicate items, and the occassional trip to Glitch city, but that was it. Now, as I was saying. I was on the bus, coming home from camp. I had been telling this guy about Glitch city and the Mew glitch for the whole week, and I had brought my brother's Blue Version that day. I let him use it to go explore glitch city before he went home to try it on his game. I made sure I watched over his shoulder.

Some days later, I turned on the Blue Version again. I was next to the entrance of the Safari Zone, where the guy had saved for the Glitch City trick. Figures. I had left through the entrance to get out of the Safari Zone quickly, but as usual, no one asked if I was leaving early. I didn't want to go to Glitch City, I had other things to do. So I shut off my game. I turned it back on, and my jaw dropped.

I had discovered how Glitch City deletes your file, the hard way. The file was gone. All of it. I had saved all the pokemon on Pokemon Stadium 2, reset the game to get Mew, and put them all back, just to get it all deleted. My very first pokemon were on that!!! (A bunch of pixels with sentimental value)

Now, this may not seem like a very big discovery, but it's vital to those who don't want their file deleted. I noticed that no one mentioned exactly HOW Glitch City can delete your file, so I though you should know. I don't want anyone making the same mistake I did. I won't be able to do anything with Blue Version for a while, (my brother is VERY angry, and says that he won't let me play it ever again. I'll just wait 'till he forgets) but in the meantime, I'm going to spread the word of my small discovery. I hope I've been of help to you.

From wesman5270:

I have just found a way to get to glitch city Without going to the safari zone!!!!!
But you will need a gameshark. for all I know, it only works for yellow. I havent tried it on R/B.But heres how to do it.

1. enable the "walk through walls", and "hover", codes.
2. fly to viridan.
3. go to the pokemon leauge.
4. instead of going into that first building, walk up the wall.
5. keep going up, and you'll be in glitch city!

I think this works on silence bridge but I am not sure. Im still doing research to see what other places this works with. I also have a little bit more info about the cycling road glitch city. Enable those same codes. do the cycling road glitch city (going to the safari zone). when youre there keep going up and left. soon you'll be on the actual cycling road!

From Cyst:

I used to do the Glitch City trick too, and this happened the first night I learned of it, on my Yellow. I got to your average Glitch City (from Cinnabar Island) and was exploring for a bit, when eventually I got to a place with no ground - just sea everywhere. So I decided to surf out to the unknown (really I'd hoped I'd've surfed out my Game Boy so I could have a pet Pikachu). I'd been traveling for about five minutes in a north-west direction when my character froze and the music started blipping. Then of all Pokémon, guess whose cry I heard? Mew. I was really excited (hey, I was only about 10!) - I was in a secret place and I'd heard the cry of the rarest Pokémon of all! Makes you think there's something more to the game, but the whole MissingNo thing is just a glitch and people's imaginations run away on a cool story they want to believe. Sorry to say it, glitch hunters! Oh, and my game cut out after the Mew cry and I had to reset.

From Shadow Scythe:

I have come with some information about the seafoam island glitch city.

First off, if you turn on one of the "walk through walls" gameshark codes, and go far enough to the right, there is actually a full, intact house! You cannot enter it, but that is probably expected of any glitch. Secondly, if you look around, you will find a lot of repetition used, such as the alternating water and rock (I think they're rocks...) tiles, and identical partial buildings. Also, I have put together a map of this particular glitch city, made with a pokemon red emulator. (I have bought the game for GBC, but emulators are far better for screenshots.)

From donovan12345678901234567890123:

"I was doing the Glitch City trick also and flew to Viridian City for it. I went into the gym there and spun around on the things that make you spin. My safari time ran out when I was spinning and I came spinning out of the Viridian City Gym. Well, if you do this, then you will be spinning forever, won't be able to catch NORMAL(I say n

ormal because of the glitch pokemon you can get in the Mew gitch) pokemon. You also won't be able to do the MissingNo. Glitch anymore also, since 'M or MissingNo. won't appear."

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