Pokemon Glitch Sightings!

Have you ever seen something outside of the Pokemon games that reminded you of 'M, MissingNo, or another one of our glitchy friends? If you have, send in a picture and it will be posted here.

From TR Rose:

While compiling entries for Spriter's Challenge #11, this perfectly normal PNG image appeared glitchy in Dreamweaver (but not in Photoshop or IE). Interestingly, the glitchy pattern on the right changed each time I opened the file. This screengrab (at left) was taken upon the second opening of the file (the first had purple dots in the glitch to correspond with the colors in baby Mewtwo). The right image is what the sprite was supposed to look like.

This strange image was found in the "My Pictures" folder when I got a different computer at work, so I'm not sure where it came from. Pulling the image into Photoshop produces no glitchy effects. The image on the right is the same file re-saved as a JPG.

From Concolor22:

This is a real Army patch (not sure which division) that looks like the outline of a soldier standing in front of a black 'M. Spotted at Ft. Bliss, TX.

From Geno:

"I was browsing through My Pictures, and came across the strangest thing, two copies of one of my files. I checked the second one, and the odd MissingNo. shape was in the corner. I kept the file, and took the screenshot."

From Abwayax:

"I've a glitch sighting to report - there's a Frost Bank near our apartment that my dad always goes to, and it seems there's an odd MissingNO.-like structure attached to it."

From luvly_octopus:

"Hello! I was recently on your website when I saw the "Pokemon Glitch Sightings" section and I'd like to make a contribution.

I was on a Beavis and Butthead website when my computer ran into an error. It was right on loading a picture, but when the error came up it quit. So right there in front of my eyes is something quite scary.

MissingNo. is the Great Cornholio!

Haha, lol. I thought it was pretty funny."

From Balak:

"This reminds me of Missingno and Co.

I transfered a PNG picture from one part of my computer to another, an the result is the attachment. The shapes are still there, but man, I think Missingno is stalking me. Because this kind of thing happened to most of the other PNGs I transfered"

From icesparkfire:

"Hi TR Rose, you see, when I was talking on MSN Messenger with someone I went to send an emoticon or icon I made. It's an animation but the background was showed black and there was this glitchy thing on top of it. Then I remembered about the Glitch Findings page on the site so I took a screenshot for it."

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