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Contest 5 Entries - Create a body for an existing Glitch Pokemon
Glitch Picture(s) Description


  • The little glowing mark on its forehead is for special attacks, like Transform, Cooltrainer, Pay Day, Reflect, and the TM moves.
  • The plant-like wings with sharp thorns can be used for crushing the opponent with the move Guillotine, and it can whip them around for Razor Wind, Whirlwind and Gust. They can also be used for charging forward for Tackle.
  • It's claws can be used for Fury Attack and the hard outer covering is used for Mega Punch. The outer covering is coated in poison for the move Poison Sting.
  • It has a long, pointed mouth for Peck and it has a water chamber in its belly for Hydro Pump.

And by the way, I gave it the name "Clawmyth". Maybe the "A" in Clawmyth is how it got it's name!

By GlitchBuster (Bethany)

A This is glitch pokemon A. I made it Water/Flying type.
  • The scythes on its wings help with Guillotine and its many Razor Winds.
  • The coin-thing on its chest helps it use Pay Day.
  • It uses its beak for Poison Sting, Peck, and Fury Attack.
  • The hands on its wings are for Mega Punch.
  • I changed the five TM moves into Water Gun, Rain Dance, Wing Attack, Drill Peck, and Ice Punch.
  • The other moves don't need any physical traits to make them work.

History: The only trainer A ever had was the scientist who made him. He grew very close to his trainer, only to be yanked away when his trainer died in a car accident. But the memory of his trainer has never left his mind, and that is how he's able to use the move, Cooltrainer!

Pokedex info: Not much is known about this pokemon, but it is said that it spends most of it's time creating hurricanes.

By Darychu

h Poké
  • Tongue for Lick
  • Eyes for Night Shade and Confuse Ray
  • Wings for HM02

By TommyKoopa


Z4.'s body was created in a labratory on top of the Zirconia Mountains. Professor Zasic and his assistant, Lase, thought about Z4's moves:

  • Fury Attack (used by claws)
  • Horn Drill (used by horn)
  • TM43,Which is stomp (used by feet),
  • Blank Glitch Move, which is Poison Fang (used by teeth)
  • Blank Glitch Move, which is Leaf Blade (used by leaves)
  • Body Slam (used by body)
  • Pound (used by tail)
  • Horn Attack (used by horn)

They made the pokemon use their attacks not by transforming a part of their bady, but by using the body itself. Z4. Is a powerful pokemon, and is like a Grovile.
Z4. Height: 3'7"
Z4. Weight: 152 lb
Z4. Number: #404 (get it?)
Z4 Ability: Grasslash=Makes finding rare pokemon easier.
Z4.Type: Grass/Normal
Z4. Pokedex entry: A speedy and tough pokemon that is known to corrupt games.
Z4. Gender: 75% Male 25% Female
Z4. Egg Group: Ground

By quanyails

'M Name: Waticuno
  • The wings are for sky atack.
  • The head going in neck is for water gun and water gun

Base glitch: 'M
Info: His height is 900 feet long and 350 feet wide.
His weight is 4 tons.
His stats are all perfect.
He is extremly hard to find.
His number is ??? .

By Lauri Moore


Name: Glitchy Symbols or just Symbols
Name Meaning/Origin: Unknown
Plural Name: (Glitchy) Symbols

Type 1/Normal Type 2/Dragon
Weight: 455 lbs Height: (From head to tail) 4.72 meters

Pokedex Data:
SYMBOLS is known as the elemental Pokemon. Many who have seen it thought it was RAYQUAZA because of how it looks. It is believed that SYMBOLS and RAYQUAZA were once one, but they got separated and SYMBOLS got most of RAYQUAZA's evil.

SYMBOLS was said to be the result of a dying RAYQUAZA that has no hope of survival. When a SYMBOLS is born this way, it seeks all its former friends and/or trainer(s), for revenge. RAYQUAZA seems to be the one that always stops a SYMBOLS from attacking them.


Symbols is one of the Pokemon that has a move-pool of many type attacks. However being half Normal type seems odd to some, researchers won't have Symbols as an only Dragon type. Fighting attacks don't get a damage bonus even if scientists agreed Symbols is half Normal, which annoys some trainers who have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to battle Symbols to keep using Fighting attacks because of looking him up with their Pokedex and seeing Type 1/Normal. Symbols will usually pretend to be Rayquaza if anyone spots it. Then it use Rayquazas' obtainable moves that itself knows and continue attacking the trainer and Pokemon, probably to frame Rayquaza. If Symbols knows it is hunted, it will usually Fly away or if captured with a net, give the hunter a battle he will NOT forget! Symbols will sometimes lose a bone on its back, which is rare and if anyone finds it, they may sell it for 1,000,000 or more dollars, yen, whatever, because is found that a Symbols catches the fallen bone and hides it. If not hide it then place it in a dangerous area where even the toughest Pokemon and humans will have a very hard time to find it. If the bone is undisturbed, then in 1 year, a new Symbols is born. Because of many new technology, many Symbols are finding it harder and harder to find a spot to hide it. Some may even take a chance and drop it in the water or use Elemental Quake and hide it in the earth.

  • It has a horn for Horn Attack and Horn Drill, same with Poison Sting, think someone from the Nido family.
  • At the end of its tail, is a mysterious metal, hard enough not to break, while soft enough to bend. Symbols uses this to use Swords Dance and creates gusts of wind to use Razor Wind.
  • Its left wing is made of fire, while the right is made of water, allowing Symbols to flap them causing droplets of water and sparks of flame for Water Gun and Ember. Obviously it uses Wing Attack with them.
  • Like Raikou, it carries a cloud around, and this cloud won't rain, it Thunders!
  • Claws are for Scratch, a body for Tackle.
  • Glaring, the face is coloured in a way to look scary.
  • Growl and Leer, it makes growling and leering sounds with its voice...
  • Symbols may lose its bone on its back. When it does, archaeologists would try to get them and sell it for LOTS of money, allowing Pay Day, or something like that...
  • TM05 is Drill Peck for Symbols, while TM36 is Tri Attack.
  • The Nameless Glitch Move however, is not confirmed on what it does. Because it is nameless, trainers won't know how to call out that attack. Nor have scientists ever seen a Symbols use an unknown attack, but many have agreed that it must be Fly.
  • When TM04 is used, Symbols flies up and dives down on the enemy. Launching its horn to the opponent, somehow, TM04 completely heals the enemy, but poisons them in a turn, which would make a good early battle attack.
  • TM55 is what researchers named the Elemental Quake. Similar to Tri Attack, it can use the elements of Fire, Water and Thunder, but with Symbols move-pool, that means there is Flying and Poison mixed with it? That would be rigged! Instead, when Symbols uses Elemental Quake, it thumps the ground forcing a quake towards the foe. When it reaches the enemy, a random blast of energy flies up and hits him. This energy, thankfully is only one type, and is either Fire, Water, Electric, Flying or Poison, but does give Symbols an advantage or disadvantage in some cases. *Note, I am aware Tri Attack is a Normal type and there are no type advantages. The point of Elemental Quake is the status effects and type dis/advantages.

By Pryson

I always picture Missingno as half steel, quarter bird and quarter water.
  • the trunk is there for watergun
  • the wings are for sky attack

By Baby Charizard

  • Wings for Sky Attack
  • Electric waves to mess up Hall of Fames and living creatures
  • Water cannon arms for Water Gun

By Pokémaniac


Type: Water/Flying?

Attacks: Water Gun, Sky Attack

  • I gave this Pokemon 4 wings so it can use Sky Attack.
  • I gave it nostrilish things so it can use Water Gun.

By Mitchell Humphries


here's my body for Z4 its attacks are Fury Attack, Horn Drill, TM43, Blank Glitch Move, Blank Glitch Move 2, Body Slam, Pound, Horn Attack

  • his long arms are used for pound and fury attack
  • his horn is for horn drill and horn attack
  • his heavy body is used for body slam
  • fire on his leaf is used for TM43
  • his leaves and tail are used for blank glitch move 1 and 2

By Eleanor Palfrey

Q block

Pokedex data----------
This pokemon is belived to be a mutated form
of Starmie. It likes to eat Teru-Samas, which
causes strange things to happen to trainers
around it.
Height: 110cm, including fire
Weight: -1kg, so it tends to float up to the roof a lot. :)
Pokedex No: 641
Type: Waffle Pokemon (I just had to put that there... :p)

  • The spikes on its body fire glitch attacks
  • The fire around it allows it to use Confusion (because the opponent doesn't know why it's there)
  • To use Ice Beam, it morphs back into a Starmie shape, and shoots it out of the core.

By Zowayix

X-x Height: 3'9
Weight: 20.8 Lbs
Type: Normal/Water
Species: Lazy
Pokedex: X-x are lazy Pokemon, they swim in the water and and play in waterfalls when not asleep.

History: People have been curious about this Glitch-Pokemon for years, one day a trainer decided to look for a Mew, only his Alakazam as with him. Once he hered strange cries in a grass he thought he finally found a Mew. To his surprise instead he founs a squishy lazy Pokemon that loved water. He was so fastanated with it he looked for more. He talked to an old gambler and a young kid about them, they wanted to battle but he ran away from them. When he looked in the finced grassed fieled he found tons of them. Soon they escaped and scientest started studying them. Nothing new have been found about them.
  • I gave a lazy face and personality becuase of it's Worthless glitch move.
  • The tenacles are used for Constrict and Mega Punch.
  • The tail is for Flash and Tail Whip.
  • He can also swim with the tentacles so they can go up waterfalls.
By Treechu1

Presenting, The new, improved, pPkMnp!

Height: 30'
Weight: 440 lbs.

I genetically engineered this body for my favourite glitch for the following reasons.

  • pPkMnp has scary eyes for Leer,
  • extra-powerful wings equipped with clawed hands, if you will, for Doubleslap and Comet Punch.
  • pPkMnp can generate invincible Thunder attacks from its horns, wings, and mouth.
  • It also has psychic powers to control the foe.
  • It learns payday to its trainer gets twice the earnings!
  • Sometimes, pPkMnp will substitute its TM moves for other electric attacks.

By HorizonGirl

'M by ZeroGirl

MissingNo by ZeroGirl

"Joey and the Cool Pokemon" by Kyle G

"Forms of MissingNo" by DevMon328

By Shadow Scythe
MissingNo., the corruption pokemon.
Type 1: Ghost. Type 2: Flying.
Height: 2' 10". Weight: 47.3 Lbs.
This pokemon is strictly nocturnal, and is never seen in the daytime. Misfortune and anger are seen wherever MissingNo. treads.

"Apocalypse" by Seto Kaiba Of Team Rocket

"MissingNo" by Waru/KDC

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