Fake Pokemon

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The only visitor-created Fake Pokemon displayed here were entries in contests that are long since over.

Created by TR Rose



Myall was created by Professor Eric Stone in a last-ditch attempt to thwart 'M and MissingNo's attempts at world domination.

Originally designed to be a Mew clone (focusing on Mew's physical appearance), Stone later added DNA from Entei, Jeremy's Persian, and Rose's Meowth to complete the creature. She is a very gentle creature, since the very first emotions she experienced after 'birth' were love and affection.

Myall's exact abilities are unknown, but she seems to possess telepathic skills, as well as new moves (Psy Dust and Crystal Wave). She seems to be a very strong Pokemon, as befitting a creature with so much Legendary DNA.


Type: Psychic
Deflect causes the opponent's next move (if it's a direct attack) to be psychically returned back to it at 50% of its original strength. The Pokemon that used Deflect will not take any damage from the initial attack. This move becomes less accurate the more it is used. If the opponent used a status-affecting move (anything that does not deal damage), then Deflect does nothing.

Bubble Shield
Type: Psychic
Bubble Shield creates a shining barrier that raises Myall's Defense and Special Defense for five turns. Any enemy that makes physical contact with Myall in the five turns after Bubble Shield has been used (whether the shield is still intact or not) stands a 30% chance of being burned. All effects vanish within five turns.

Psy Dust
Type: Psychic
Psy Dust throws small particles of a shimmering purple dust into the opponent's eyes to reduce accuracy. Additionally, the opponent stands a 50% chance of being confused when hit by this attack. A Pokemon Power like Keen Eye prevents a Pokemon from suffering any effects from this attack (including confusion).

Crystal Wave
Type: Fire
In a wild Pokemon battle, Crystal Wave has a 40% chance of Crystallizing the opponent. Crystallize completely immobilizes the wild Pokemon and reduces its speed dramatically. This effect doesn't wear off until the wild Pokemon is captured, KO'ed, or Myall flees the battle.

In a trainer Pokemon battle, Crystal Wave has a 30% chance of being a one-hit KO.



An Ice-type Eeveelution, Frosteon was first discovered during an especially cold Kanto winter. Frosteon was delightedly sliding down Cycling Road, coating the hill with ice as he went. Frosteon doesn't want anyone to get hurt, he just loves snow and ice. Frosteon gets extremely angry if his snow-colored neck fur gets splashed with mud. His triple tails symbolize the harsh arctic winds (or the months December, January, and February, if you prefer).

Some illustrations of Santa Claus in colder climates show his sleigh being pulled by a pack of Frosteons instead of reindeer.



Many unusual elemental stones have been discovered in the high peaks of the Zirconia Mountains, including the Mist Stone, the Crystal Stone, and the Air Stone. Trainers brave (or reckless) enough to try scaling these sharp peaks will be rewarded with the sight of many new Pokemon species.

Once thought to be a mutated Altaria, Breezeon evolves from an Eevee exposed to a rare Air Stone. Although Breezeon thrive in the jagged, windswept peaks of the Zirconia Mountains, they dislike lower altitudes. Breezeon will make every attempt to return home if taken from the mountains; therefore, it is advised that trainers do not capture one. However, a hand-raised Eevee who is manually evolved with an Air Stone will always remain close to its trainer.



The Shiver Group, a faction of Team Aqua, is trying to create the next Ice Age through force. By allowing the Aquas to first cover the earth with water, the Shivers plan to use the strength of new, genetically-engineered Ice Pokemon to lock the world in an unmelting block of ice. This would prevent global warming from ever taking hold and also allow now-rare Ice-type Pokemon to populate the world as they did thousands of years ago.

Their most powerful creation, a combination of Suicune and Articuno, was originally designed to begin the freezing process at the equator, the hottest part of the earth. By starting here, they reasoned, the most difficult obstacle could be conquered first. Their plans were put on hiatus when Suicuno, aware of his destructive purpose, froze his creators and their laboratory with a mighty Blizzard attack. He immediately took to the skies and was never seen again.



Determined not to let Suicuno's escape destroy their dream, the Shivers regrouped in a new, underground laboratory, striving to create a small, easily portable Pokemon that could swim easily, turning water into ice as it traveled. Their attempt to combine Jigglypuff's buoyancy with Spheal's thick fat resulted in this playful, silly-looking Pokemon known as JigglySpheal. Disgusted with its apparent weakness, the Shiver leader released all of the created JigglySpheals into the wild.

Little did he realize how popular the Pokemon would be with collectors, who were willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the cute, round Ice-types. Once word of the JigglySpheal's popularity reached the ears of the Shiver leader, he ordered his scientists to make more. However, the second-generation JigglySpheals (identified by their smaller eyes and miniature tusks) weren't nearly as valuable, so the project was again abandoned.



Research Assistant Damien just didn't grasp the point of Pokemon genetics. Instead of trying to maximize strengths and eliminate weaknesses, Damien spliced DNA in a way that "made sense" to him (and no one else).

Sudowooper has no notable strengths, but a remarkable triple-weakness to Grass attacks. When asked why he combined such non-complementary Pokemon, Damien replied, "Isn't it obvious? Sudowoodo plus Wooper... the name just rolls off the tongue - Sudowooper!"

Needless to say, Sudowooper was the first and last Pokemon Damien created before his supervisors gave him the boot.



"W- What have you done to that poor Jigglypuff?" cried Kris, clutching her own Jigglypuff to her chest protectively.

"Young lady, this is a far better Jigglypuff than you're training," replied the man with spiky green hair. He smiled, smoothly reciting his spiel to the turquoise-haired girl. "What can your Normal-type Jigglypuff really do, hm? Sing, maybe a Pound attack, Double-Edge if you're lucky? This Jigglydily can do all that and more. Wouldn't you like to see its Ancientpower attack? How about Giga Drain? With Rock-solid defense and devious Grass abilities, you'll never lose another battle!"

Kris looked at him warily. I think she's buying it, the man thought excitedly. He continued his spiel, a confident smile on his face. "This wonderful, rare Pokemon can be yours today. All you have to do is trade me that ordinary Jigglypuff and a few dollars and I'll give you this one-of-a-kind Jigglypuff in exchange. This kind of deal doesn't come along every day, you know."

"But there's something wrong with that thing!" insisted Kris, reaching towards at the strange greenish creature. Its pinkish tentacles waved in the breeze as its large yellow eyes blinked curiously. "Jigglypuffs are supposed to be cute and squishy. That one looks gross!"

The green-haired trader gritted his teeth in a tight-lipped smile. "Young lady, looks mean less than nothing in a battle. Do you think the Elite Four are going to care what your Pokemon looks like?"

"Maybe they don't, but I do!" she cried, holding her Jigglypuff close and running off.

Oh well, plenty more Magikarp in the sea, the trader (a disguised Rocket) thought. Some trainer less concerned with looks should snap these things up right away. Giovanni just told me to get rid of them... he never said I couldn't make a profit doing so.



As a pioneer of the technology able to resurrect fossilized creatures, Dr. Ronald Archer was delighted with every specimen he brought back to life. He was enthralled with the living versions of the fossil remains he'd studied for years.

When a young trainer brought him a sample of old amber containing a trapped insect, Dr. Archer was anxious to see the resulting Pokemon. In his haste to bring the fossil to life, Dr. Archer failed to check his fossil machine before placing the amber sample inside. Unknown to the doctor, his assistant had placed a sample of unidentified DNA in the machine and left it there.

When Dr. Archer turned on the fossil machine, the two DNA samples combined to form this unusual combination of a Scyther and an Aerodactyl.



Unknown to many, the Psychic-type Mew is only one member of a diverse family of Mews, all specializing in a different elemental type. Most Mews kept away from humans, preferring to live near sources of their elements. Centuries ago, Psychic Mew made her presence known to a group of gifted telepaths, and her existence was recorded in the temple they dedicated to her. Since Psychic Mew's element was the mind, she needed human contact to fuel her psychic abilities.

Fiera, the Legendary Mew of Fire, had peacefully lived deep inside Cinnabar's Volcano for hundreds of years. Native island Pokemon learned quickly to not incite the wrath of Fiera, who would cause violent volcanic activity when disturbed. Fiera was viewed as something of a diety of the volcano, fiecely protective of the wild fire Pokemon who dwelled on the island.

When humans settled on Cinnabar, they knew nothing of Fiera's existence. Much later, a wealthy family of humans built an extravagant mansion on the island and began to poach the wild fire Pokemon for sport. As a result, Fiera's wrath was again unleashed upon the island. She then turned the burned-out mansion over to the wild Pokemon of the island, who claimed it as their new home.



Frozeli, the Legendary Mew of Ice, makes her home on Ytria's Glacier Island. After bitterly feuding with her sister, Fiera, Frozeli decided to leave the Kanto region altogether. Frozeli is usually hidden in a cloud of sparkling ice crystals, which multiply every time she flaps her small, shining wings. The orbs on her forehead and tail are said to contain the power of the great Ice Dragons of legend.

Tourists visiting the Ytria region claim to have seen a small Pokemon that resembled a Dragonair flying overhead when an especially chill wind blows. Although many people know only scattered rumors and legends about Frozeli, she is sought by serious trainers and collectors alike for her incredible strength and utter lack of weaknesses.



"Come on, Eevee, hang in there!" Amy cried. "You can do this!"
"Looks like your little Eevee is no match for my slick Seviper," sneered Amy's opponent, a boy a few years older than her. "I think we've poisoned it, Seviper. Poison Tail!"
"Quick Attack, Eevee!"

Both Pokemon's attacks hit at the same instant, and it appeared that Eevee simply vanished. But when Amy looked closer, she noticed that her Eevee had completely changed form - it was now patterened like Seviper! Eevee's bushy brown tail was replaced with a huge barb, and its skin was now a slick black color, patterened with purple and yellow markings.

"Eevee, are you okay? Do you still want to battle?" Amy asked. Her Pokemon grinned at her, flashing small red fangs. "Okay, then. Give it your all!" The changed Eevee darted forward and slashed Seviper with its new tail. Seviper tottered, and fell on its side.

"Great job, Eevee... er, whatever you are! You did it!"

Sometimes, when an Eevee is struck with a serious poison condition, the cells of its body will mutate to nullify the poison. As a result, Eevee will take on some of the characteristics of the Pokemon that poisoned it. It is rare for Eevees to evolve in this way, and only those most prone to mutation are able to become Toxeon.

Toxeon have different appearances based on the type of poison that it was attacked with - not all look like Seviper.



"More heads, more... more!" cried Kent wildly as he jumped around the laboratory. The genetic scientists tried to ignore the trainer who capered about their lab giggling maniacally. The man may be insane, but he was wealthy beyond belief. Instead of training his own Pokemon, Kent commissioned the scientists to genetically improve the ones he caught.

"They laughed at my Doduo... that snotty Lt. Surge threw me out of his gym... Erika laughed in my face... but we'll see who's laughing now! More heads!"

Dohydra can be a formidable opponent when it unleashes a seven-headed Peck attack, but getting all the heads to follow a command can prove frustrating for even the most patient trainer. This Pokemon is easily confused, and the slightest provocation can cause the heads to fight among themselves.

Original Form

Evolved Form



Are you tired of getting a rare new Pokemon, only to have someone else show up at a party with the same Pokemon as you? PokeLove guarantees that your Pokemon is a one-of-a-kind original creation. If you find anyone with the same exact Pokemon as we create for you, we'll refund your money in full. Don't wait... order your unique new Poke-companion today from PokeLove!

"Stuck-up society folks are such suckers," chuckled Cassidy as the Southern redheaded girl delightedly collected her winged Vileplume from the front counter.
"Ah do declare, it's the most precious Pokemon Ah ever did see!" Jessebelle squealed, handing a wad of money to Butch.
"Pleasure doing business with you," replied Butch with a fake smile.

"That was easy," said Cassidy after the customer left the shop. "These snobby rich kids are willing to pay through the nose for a one-of-a-kind Pokemon. We're getting richer by the minute!"
"The next order is for the Skitty-Vulpix," said Butch, consulting a clipboard. "I think Fuji sent it over this morning."

Cassidy walked into the back room of the shop and suddenly began screaming at something. Butch ran to the back and cursed when he saw the Pokemon on the table. Their newest order had let itself out of its ball and was batting several colorful stones around the table playfully.

"Stop it, you..." shouted Butch. Suddenly, the Pokemon knocked together an orange stone and a black stone. There was a brilliant flash of light, and suddenly the Skitty-Vulpix began to change and grow. Within moments, it had transformed into a Delcatty-Ninetales.

Cassidy groaned. "We can't sell this thing now!" she wailed. "Who's bright idea was it to leave evolution stones out on the table?" She glared accusingly at Butch.
"Whaddya lookin' at me for?" he shot back. "You were the one workin' with Leaf Stones for that Vileplume!"

As the two Rockets argued, the new Pokemon gracefully leapt off the table and out an open window. She was soon found by a poor but loving trainer who named her "Kittysune". Kittysune didn't have a life of luxury, but her trainer made sure she was always taken care of.



Master... where are you? The frightened Togetic looked around himself at the fenced-in garden anxiously as the first stars of the evening twinkled in the aquamarine sky.

During the day, the garden of the Pokemon Day Care had been bright and cheerful, but at night it became filled with creepy shadows and noises. "Don't worry, I'll be back for you soon," Master had said. But why did Master leave? Would Master ever come back?

A single tear slid down Togetic's pale face as he hugged his body with his small white wings. I miss you, Master...

Suddenly, a glowing pink ball appeared in the sky overhead. Togetic watched, fascinated, as the pink ball of light floated closer and closer to the ground until it finally landed in front of him. The creature inside the ball of pink light looked like a small, thin cat. She smiled at him warmly, and Togetic's worry dissipated.

Several days later, Togetic's master returned as promised. The Day Care man presented the trainer with a strange egg that had been found in the Day Care garden. The egg later hatched into this adorable new creature that the trainer called Mewkapi. Other trainers have tried to get a Mewkapi of their own by leaving their own Togetics in the Day Care, but all they ever got were regular Togepis.

Rocket's Ho-Oh


"I must say, I'm very impressed," Giovanni's digitally-altered voice said through the video phone. "You are the second team this week to bring me a legendary Ho-oh. Deliver it to my headquarters at once and receive your next assignment."

Shadow and Nightshade, the two Rocket executives, looked at each other grimly. Shadow brushed a strand of long bluish-black hair from her eyes. "We are second best to no team," she said flatly.

Her partner Nightshade nodded ever so slightly. "We need to improve our prize," he replied in the same monotone. "Apparently a normal Ho-oh is unacceptable at this time."

Ho-oh screeched in pain as genetic scientists infused its body with Steel-type DNA. Its once-bright green feathers faded to a dull gray before transforming into knife-like blades. Its eyes blazed with anger as they worked, changing the already-impressive fire Pokemon into something even more fearsome.

Suddenly, as if Ho-oh could take no more, flames erupted from its head and tail. As the scientists watched in fear, Ho-oh burst from its restraints and tore through the lab, destroying everything it could. One of the Rocket minions grabbed a fire extinguisher, and attempted to quench the flames on the altered legendary Pokemon. Ho-oh seemed to smile before its now razor-sharp talons ripped the grunt's limbs from his body. It then burst through a window with its steel wings and took flight. The Rockets have never seen it since.

Contest Entries

= 1st Place
= 2nd Place
= 3rd Place
= Madam Boss's Choice

Contest 3 Entries

Name & Creator
Abilities and Description


by Gina


Night Shade
Shadow Ball

Abreall was created not too long ago in a lab deep in the Zirconia Mountains. Team Rocket scientists were experimenting with Dark pokemon, trying to create the most sinister combination they could.

Rocket members brought the strongest dark types they could find (er, steal) to be tested and used for research. During this research, many experimental lesser creatures were created, to see how well different pokemon did combined with each other, and to have a better prediction of what the final result would be. Of course, these creations were caged, studied, and then..eliminated.

But one such pokemon, a combination of the frightening Umbreon & the intimidating Absol, was intelligent enough to escape their traps, and free it's Abreall brethren. They escaped into the wilderness, bred, and now are rare, but not one of a kind wild pokemon. They are blessed with great speed, intelligence, and strength, and their defense isn't too bad either. In fact, the Rockets still hunt it, wanting back their own creation.

Of course, the Abreall have come up with their own methods of avoiding the evil-doers over time. ;)

Absol DNA
Umbreon DNA


Discovered by Gcn

  • ElectroBurn (Combination Electric/Fire. Summons a bolt of lightning and a stream of fire at the same time.)
  • Thunder Arrow (Combination Fire/ Electric. summons 3 orbs of fire around the opponent, trapping it. Then, many bolts of lightning come and strike it, dealing massive damage.)
  • Fire Explosion (Fire. summons a gigantic dart of fire that falls down from the sky, hitting the opponent for massive damage.)
  • Indignation.(Electric. Summons a big orb of lightning above the opponent's head. pretty sparkling lights come out of it. All of a sudden, a gigantic lightning bolt strikes, dealing massive damage.)

Special ability: Static Burn. (may burn or paralyze the opponent on contact.)

If Chaizu is in critical health, and it uses Indignation, It instead uses an attack called Indignation Judgment, which is much more powerful. It can k.o. pokémon that are over twice the level in one hit. It creates a magic circle type thing underneath the opponent. Then, multiple bolts of lightning strike the opponent. Then, a gigantic sword of lightning come crashing down and strike the target.

This pokémon is extremely hard to control, but if you can manage to tame it, you will have a force to be reckoned with on your side.

Raichu DNA
Charizard DNA

Christmas Mew

Discovered by Spideyjvc

  • Holiday spirit (a new attack that looks like glitter sprinkling, it seemes to stop the opponent in its tracks and lose the will to fight) <PP:20> <type:Holiday>
  • Psychic
  • Snowy day (a new attack that makes it snow. If the oppenent is not an ice type, its PP will wither down each turn) <PP:15> <type:Holiday>
  • Fly

This rare Pokemon only comes out from hiding around Christmas time. This Pokemon is seen often in Christmas pictures helping Santa with presents. It is belived that it can be a new type of Pokemon, type 1. Psychic, type 2. Holiday because it often uses moves that seem to make people get into a holiday spirit.

The "Holiday" type might be a result of Pokemon growing up in the North Pole, since there have been other discoveries of similar Pokemon around the North Pole (see next 2 Pokemon).

Found at the North Pole.

Chrismas Rayquaza

Discovered by Spideyjvc

  • Fly
  • Winter blast
  • Tornado strike (An extremely powerful move that deals more damage depending on the users level) <PP:20> <type:Flying> <Power:100+> <accuracy:80>
  • Gift (an attack that is simular to Metronome, it chooses any move at random, increases the power of the attack, then for the duration of the battle replaces gift with that move) <PP:30> <type:Holiday>

This Pokemon is often seen in pictures clearing the snow out of Santa's way. It soars through the air leaving a trail of presents on Cristmas day.

Found at the North Pole.

Christmas Treeko

Discovered by Spideyjvc

  • Leaf blade
  • Winter blast (a move that shots out a red and green beam that is as powerful as Hyper Beam (without the side effects) <PP:5> <type:holiday> <power:150>
  • snow leaf (an attack that looks simular to Razor Leaf, it withers away opponents PP) <PP:10> <type:holiday> <power:50>
  • Growth

Yet another Pokemon found at the North Pole,
this Pokemon, even though its a grass type, seems to like snow a lot. This Pokemon has acute vision with its big green eyes. It is said if you stare in its eyes long enough, it will bring happiness.

Found at the North Pole.


Discovered by Emily



Species: Fire Drake Pokémon
Height: 66cm
Weight: 23kg

Pokedex info: A rare doglike Dragon Pokémon, the Doggon lives only in the hills and mountain forests of Ytria. Its eerie howl is often mistaken for that of a coyote.

Hills and Mountain Forests of Ytria


Discovered by Casey


Dragon Rage
Hydro Pump

In an attempt to make a hefty profit for my company, I have designed a pokemon that would sell for a high price at fairs or other locations. This rare pokemon is the cross between the rare Dratini and a Horsea.

Although these creatues were meant to be sold at public gatherings, many of them have escaped into the region of Ytria. This means that it is possible to catch a wild one.

Dratini DNA
Horsea DNA

Water/Flying Water Gun
Sky Attack

Special Ability: Glitch Search (finds glitch pokemon)

Foundno was created by Professor Shadow, in an attempt to clone the glitch Pokemon ??????
(a glitch)


Discovered by Ari-Kun


Pay Day
Hyper Beam

Evolution of Eevee using all three stones at once.

Glareon was originally created in the Team Rocket Lab on Cinnabar Island. It managed to escape when a fire broke out in the mansion, where it was being held. If a Pokemon were to look it in the eye, the Pokemon would become stiff solid. Giovanni has sent grunts and executives to look for it.

Eevee (using all 3 evolution stones)
Hocus Pokus
Psychic Presto
Magic energy
Psychic wave

Special Ability: Psychic Purge - Can freeze pokemon

A discovery I found training with my Alakazam when it evolved.

Found in the Cobalt Caves.
Evolution of Alakazam


Discovered by TR Troy

  • ElecHydro Cannon (Mechtoise's right Mecha arm becomes a cannon like the 2 on his back. His hand goes into his arm and then the mass of his arm doubles. With his left hand he holds his arm to aim (just like MegaMan would when he shoots from his cannon arm). He takes a few seconds to charge up the electricity in his body (if this were the game this move would take 2 turns) and the few lights on his arm flash to show that he's charging. Then after he's done charging, he shoots out a tremendous blast of electrically charged water. Not only is this a water type attack but an electric one as well. It may cause paralysis if it doesn't KO its opponent. It's a super pumped up HydroCannon.)
  • SawZaw (Mechtoise gets on all fours, and the spikes on his back begin to spin like a saw blade. With a mighty roar he detaches the now visible saw blade which spins towards his opponent. He uses the mecha part of his brain to calculate the distance between he and his opponent. Whether the saw blade hits the opponent or not, it comes back to him like a boomerang and reattaches itself to his shell/back. This is a Steel Type attack)
  • Iron Arm (This attack is just like iron tail but using the arm. While he starts to run at his opponent his right mecha arm begins to glow. He uses it like a bat and swings at the opponent hoping not to miss. This is a Steel type attack)
  • Mech Repair (When Mechtoise is heavily damaged he will spew thousands of Nano Bots out of his Mech areas, which will go and repair/heal where ever his body is damaged. (If this were in the game it would take a few turns before the move is over) This is an Electronic Type attack.)

Mechtoise was found on a remote island just off the coast of Ytria. The island has tons of electronic garbage dump sites. Mostly water, electric, and flying types live there. Upgrade was only made to evolve a Porygon, and thus not tested on any other monsters. When a Blastoise stumbled across a malfuctioning Upgrade, it merged with the device and evolved into a Pokemon known as Mechtoise.

Blastoise evolved with an Upgrade


Discovered by Sew2


Moves Unknown

The ones with golden stripes on its ears and tails are males, the ones with maroon stripes on its ears are females.

There are more males than females in Zyron Falls. If you want to find a female faster, just go buy 30 repels, go to Zyron Falls, step in the grass, and step right, then down, then left, then up, and use all of the repels, then one should appear, because the repel smells bad to them and then they attack.

Found in Zyron Falls


Discovered by MegaManV2


Tail Whip

Torchic DNA
Pichu DNA


Discovered by Orion



Pikatwo escaped from the scientists who created it, and it now lives deep in the Tohjo Jungle.

60% Mew DNA
40% Pikachu DNA


Porygon 3.11

Discovered by Concolor22


File Transfer (Matches level with enemy for 2-5 turns)
VirusScan (Negates corruption for 2-5 turns)

Special Ability: Static Volume (enemy cannot change type)

Reverse engineered from Porygon 2 by Professor Stone and a 'unique' Entei, to combat the new threat of Team Cyber, a band of computer hackers who have just come into posession of some powerful, unknown virus. Although Porygon 3.11 can exist in the real world (like its previous Versions), it is most effective when plugged in via the network cable on its tail.

Reverse engineered Porygon2


Discovered by Mewthree


Species: Facet Pokemon

Uses reflective-based attacks

Evolves from Unown
(Happiness during the day)


Discovered by Liss


Moves Unknown

Pokedex entry: "Extremely tempermental. If angered, it will lash out with its vine-like forked tail."

Discovered: When trainers got together and tested stones on different Pokemon.

Natural Habitat: Lush forests of Ytria, although it is rare to spot one, for most Eevees don't come in contact with Leaf Stones.

Evolves from Eevee (Using a Leaf Stone).

Contest 4 Entries

Name Picture(s) Category Description
Evil Experiments


By Dragonslayerboy

Evil Experiment

It was created when Prof. Stone accidentally added psychic powers in to a Munchlax. It
seemed good at first, but broke out in distress when Prof. Stone tried to feed it Munchlax food. The grey gas around it is a sign that someone close by is angered. It is a psychic/dark Pokemon and will evolve into a Pokemon called Growlzor, which is a version of Snorlax that is never tired, always ready to fight, a dark Pokemon, and has never slept once.

Darkzeye's attacks are: Blackfire, Hidden Talent, Dark Power, and Destiny Destroy.

It is also rumored to be wild around the Ytria falls. Once a decade, many of Darkzeyes form together to bring back the power of Deoxys. Fortunately, Deoxys only stays for 2 days, and its powers can only be used against other Pokemon.

Evil Mime

By Mewthree29

Evil Experiment Type: Psychic/Dark
Faint Attack
Smilex Wave (Psychic) attack=0, accuracy=100%, power points=25: Incapacitates the opponent in laughter for 2 to 3 turns; 30% chance of poisoning.

Information: Developed by Dr. Joy Tenecha (seen in picture) through genetically engineering a normal Mr. Mime to this current state. However, there are rumors that it actually became this way from being possessed by another Pokémon that Dr. Tenecha is familiar with.


By Pichumagic

Evil Experiment The name of this Pokemon is Negga.
It’s an evil genetic experiment type.
Its ability is meanness (in battle this Pokemon’s hate doubles).

Anger (an attack that increases special attack greatly and lowers special defense)
Cruelty (75 attack, 100 accuracy, and 10 power points)

It was created when scientists tried to create a Pokemon that they tried to control that was small enough to get into very small spaces and ended up with Negga.


By Casey

Evil Experiment Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel
Moves: Crunch, Iron Claw, Mega Kick, Metal Sound
Combination of : Sneasel and Scizor
Pokedex entry: Sneazor is a rare Pokemon created by Team Rocket. It was created by combining Sneasel and Scizor DNA. However, when the subjects escaped, they ran off to Ytria to escape from Team Rocket and any other humans. Use extreme caution when approaching these creatures as they are very powerful and are easily offended.
Unconventional Evolutions


By popbluegrl

Unconventional Evolution After an Absol was exposed to a trace of an Air Stone, it evolved into an Abcuno!
Its attacks are: Sky Attack, Faint Attack, Slash,and Weather Change. Weather Change is an attack only an Abcuno knows. It allows it to change the weather to what it desires. Its type is Flying/Dark. They hang out on the Zirconia Mountains. Only a few people have seen them. When a trainer gets close to catching it, Abcuno uses Weather Change to escape. They are very elusive and none of them have been caught.



Unconventional Evolution Name: Clopper
Ability: Shimmer (keeps all Pokemon from attacking)
Moves: Stomp, Scary Face, Psycho Boost, Death (kills all Pokemon that touch it)
Evolution: evolution of Tauros (evolves when dead)
Info: Found only in Ytria, these demon Pokemon roam the land, haunting all that is left. They are said to be ghosts of all dead Pokemon. A legend states that all Pokemon that die evil become these creatures.


By Pryson


Name: Kimuasty (Kin-Mutant-Dynasty)
Type: Grass/Dragon
Moves: Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Poison Fang, Crunch
Ability: Intimidate
Relationship: The evolved form of Treecko

Pokedex Entry: Kimuasty is one of the few Pokemon that won't listen to one human even if the trainer saved it or acquired all the badges. The only thing that does is to have the Kimuasty not frown and look at you in an angered way as much. And it perfectly enjoys the company of a wild Pokemon. However, this grass type believes Pokemon belonging to trainers are cursed, and will live through unhappiness. Therefore, it tries to take the Pokeballs and release the Pokemon.

February 21st, 2004, Ytria- Story of Kimuasty:

In the biggest forest area of Emerald Valley in Ytria, a Treecko was wandering along, looking for food. In the bushes, was a single trainer, planning to battle and capture it. Sending out a Poliwag, the trainer captured it. He sent Treecko out of his ball, and led it to the way home. Victory and excitement led the unlucky trainer lost by the Cobalt Caves. There, a group of rockets were just about to turn on the radio having the sound waves which forced Pokemon to evolve, the same ones they used by the Lake of Rage in Johto. They were doing this for they had captured many new Pokemon, and wanted to evolve them for rarer Pokemon, for money purposes. Only a minute after had the rockets noticed the two's presence. "No matter." A rocket said. "We will capture the Treecko too and evolve it."

But before the rockets could launch a net, the trainer noticed a strange thing. His a force in Treecko was trying to evolve, but a Treecko himself was resisting it. There, the Pokemon struggled between the forms. "No matter!" the same rocket said angrily. "Turn the sounds waves stronger! And someone throw a rock at that Pokemon so it can stop struggling!" The rockets did as they were told, but it was was unexpected that two rockets threw something. The first rocket had knocked Treecko unconscious, but the second didn't throw a rock, he threw a Dragon Fang! And that fang landed with a plop inside Treeckos' mouth! "No!" The trainer exclaimed! "Poliwag go! Use watergun, aim it at Treecko's mouth and hope he spits out that thing!"

But his plan was a failure, for the size of Treecko, or what was Treecko, was growing bigger and bigger! "YES!" the boy shouted. "He's evolving into a Grovyle! Now you Team Rocket scum, feel the wrath of my... m-m-my..." The boy, the Poliwag, and the Rockets were all speechless of what emerged from Treecko. It wasn't a Grovyle, but looked very much like one. It was almost the exact same colours as one and it was just a little taller. Except it had extra leaves on it's arms, and REALLY sharp and spiky leaves on the legs and back! There were yellow markings near the face and neck, and black surrounded the eyes, but the thing that stunned them the most were the fangs! No Grovyle or Sceptile has ever had fangs! Even though they could learn Crunch, all their teeth were INSIDE the mouth!

Obviously the Rockets wanted to capture it, but with a Dragon Claw, it was over for them! Then the thing turned to the trainer. He retreated the Poliwag, and ran for his life. Luckily, he went to a Pokemon Laboratory. They immediately started studying it, finding out that it was a mutated Grovyle, which had to thank a Dragon Fang it swallowed for it's look and new abilities. Giving it a name, finding it's ability and type, attacks and being #562, they decided to set it free, wondering what it could do in a world like this, but they soon found out it was a mistake. It started attacking every human it saw, and making peace with the Pokemon. But when it saw a Pokemon come out of a ball, something went through its' mind. From that day forward, it stole a trainer's balls and wanted to release the Pokemon. Soon, it was known all over the world. Some tried to capture him and succeeded, but a day or two, it would have escaped, with the trainers' balls. Scientists believe this Pokemon only remembers parts of how it became like this. It remembers the Rockets forcing him to evolve, chucking rocks at him, a Poliwag attacking him, and a trainer leading him to the Rockets. Nothing where the trainer wanted to save him. This is why it has the thought of humans being evil, and some even believe there is no way to mend it's heart to think of humans differently.

Years have passed since they last saw Kimuasty, or heard anyone reporting about stolen Pokeballs from a mutated Grovyle. Then a few months have passed and something happened! The Kimuasty reproduced! The original must have found a female Grovyle! The female must have liked the Kimuasty's fierce look, and thought he could make an excellent father! But when the egg hatched, out came a Treecko, but when it evolved, out emerged a Kimuasty! And this time, no Dragon Fang was needed. Some say this family ignored the laws Science some how. But eventually, there were hundreds of Kumuaty's everywhere! Male and female! But it seems none has ever evolved into a mutated Sceptile. In the end, the female Grovyle must have seen how a true Treecko family looked, thought why her family looked like this, and ran away.

Now, nothing else is known about the mysterious Kimuasty.

Written in the words of Artrix P, founder of Kimuasty exactly 1 year
ago from today, February 21st, 2005


By Bunny (Katie)

Unconventional Evolution Type: Legendary / Psychic
Height: 3 Feet
Weight: 69 Pounds

Long Poké Dex Entry:
As if the Legendary Pokémon Mew was not rare enough, its evolved form is even rarer. Mebee is the evolve form of Mew by using the “Earth Stone.” However, even when you use the Earth Stone, it could choose not to evolve, depending on how pure hearted you are or how nice you’ve treated it. When Mew does evolve it trusts you enough to call you a friend. Mebee will bring you good luck, health, and happiness. If you treat Mebee wrong, it will disappear, leaving you with a serious case of sorrow and depression. (Temporary of course)

Short Poké Dex Entry:
Mebee, the Legendary Pokémon. Even though Mebee’s wings are not attached to her body she manages to fly just fine. Only female Mews can go through the evolution to become Mebee.

Psychic Magic. 5/5. (One hit KO. Also turns Dark Pokémon Pure. Temporary only if the Dark Pokémon chooses to be Dark again.)

Flute Voice. 10/10 (Makes other Pokémon fall asleep or awakes it.)

Sympathy Heal. 5/5. (Heals other Pokémon.)

Metronome. 10/10.


By Kyle

Unconventional Evolution Scythett
Scythett lives in swampy forests and is a timid creature. It has the body and personality of Furret, however, it also has Scyther's blades. Its ears have been modified to pick up agressive waves from any mind, except that of a strong psychic pokemon such as Mew or Mewtwo. It is created when a Furret comes in contact with the blood of a Scyther. It learns the moves Slash, Bite, Bind, and Safety. In the wild, Safety calms agressive Pokemon that Scythett picked up, in a battle it wll switch the trainer's Pokemon to the happiest one.


By Nellie Sweetberry

Unconventional Evolution

Sunnarill - evolution of Azumarill with a Crystal Stone
Type: water/sun
Moves: Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon

Unconventional Evolutions - Ice Types


By Kyled440

  Name: Frozesian
Type: Ice
Hypothermia (Frozesian lowers its body temp down a bit to power up ice attacks).
Snow Storm (creates a massive snow storm that lowers its opponents accuracy and may cause freezing).
Frozen Water Blast (shoots water blast out of its mouth but the water contains ice shards in it). Ice Clone (creates a perfect ice clone of its self to distract the opponent).

Ability - Scaredy Cat (when its opponent sees it from a front view it looks like a cute kitty cat {2nd pic on bottom} and the opponents attack lowers a bit. Then when it attacks the opponent sees its true size/shape{first pic on top} and gets scared)

Evolution of Persian

When a pack of Persians leave the forest region of Ytria for more food and larger territory they wander up to the snow-capped mountain region of the island. There they accidentally walk into a natural patch of Ice Stones and they all evolve into the ice type Frozesian. They hate warm weather and get progressively weaker ifthey are not in the cold.


By Griffin

Unconventional Evolution/Ice Type Ice/Rock
Ability: Sturdy; Icelom cannot be hit with one hit KO attacks.
Evolves from Graveler if climate is cold enough.

Moves: Blizzard, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Strength

Icelom is found in any cold climate, especially the Glacier Islands. It evolved into a snow version of Golem for adaptation to the icy climate.


By Mark

Unconventional Evolution/Ice Type Squarmie the Pointy Pokemon
Evolves from Starmie using the Star Stone.
Squarmie was found on Mountain Peak in the Ytria region.
The circle on its body is its eye & is used for shooting laser beams.
Squarmie's eye is divided into seven sections used for shooting multiple laser beams at once. Instead of blood, Squarmie has nutritious salt water used for communicating with others. If one of its tips break off, it will immediately grow a new one.

Its types are: Ice, Pointy, Psychic
Its moves are:
Point flame: Surprises the foe with sharp points 2 - 5 times. May inflict burn.
Brainwash: Lets you control the opponent's Pokemon for one turn.
Hydro cannon

Ability: Point Guard: Allows Squarmie to not be inflicted by status conditions for 5 turns beginning at the first turn of the battle.

Pronunciation: Squar: as in the word square, mie: same Pronunciation as the word me

Tentacold and

By Blueeyess202

Unconventional Evolution/Ice Type Tentacold
Type: Water/Ice
Moves: Bubble, Ice Beam, Crabhammer, Wrap
Evolved from Tentacool in Icy waters.
Evolves into Tentafreeze at lv. 45
When Tentacool adapt to the icy waters of the Glacier Islands they turn into Tentacold. Their blood is icy cold.

Type: Water/Ice
Moves: Bubblebeam, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Guillotine
Evolved from Tentacold at lv. 45
Tentafreeze always have one abnormally large claw. These claws are good for crushing food because they have no teeth.
Ice Types


By Emma

Ice Type Name: Snauthor
Moves: Slash, Bite, Powder Snow, Leer
Type: Ice

Snauthor is a carnivorous Pokemon that lives on the snowy plains of Glacier Island. It has its nests under the snow and is evolved to keep its warmth. Snauthor's color and the pattern of its fur make it blend in perfectly in the snow.


By Sneasel Fan


Pre-evolution of Marill
Type: Dark/Water
Faint Attack
Water Gun
Raining Shadows (A darker version of Rain Dance. Any Pokemon that is not at least part-Dark has a 60% chance of flinching)
Rocket's Water (A black version of Water Gun. Its victim cowers in fear)


By Alan

Pre-Evolution Name: Triforo
Ht: 1 ft
Wt: 10 lbs.

The baby form of Vulpix. In order to obtain a Triforo, hatch an egg laid by two Vulpix in a warm region. Once you tame a Triforo, you can use a fire stone to evolve it to a Vulpix. This baby Pokemon is said to bring good fortune to any trainer that it befriends.

Pre-Evolutions - Electronic Types


By Liss

Name: Ribo, the pre-evolution of Deoxys
Type: Psychic/Electric
Attacks: Psycho Boost, Thundershock, Cosmic Power, Teleport
Special Ability: Regenerate (Heals the body from status ailments by regenerating)
PokeDex Entries: Created when a shadow clone of Deoxys' DNA mutated. There is only one known member of its species, and its exact whereabouts are unknown. It is quite smaller than Deoxys in size comparison, and its many tentacles are used to grasp its opponents tightly to restrain their movement. The yellow stone in its chest is said to be its electricity-powered brain.
Ht: 5'4"
Wt: 140 lbs.

Ribo was formed when a shadow clone of Deoxys' DNA mutated to form a new species of Pokemon. Instead of being considered an evolution it was classified as a pre-evolution, because Deoxys didn't evolve to form it, but instead produced it like an offspring. The newly-created Pokemon instantly fled to the Ytria Region, mainly because it was once unpopulated by humans. It resided on the Island of Storms, where it remained illusively hidden. Like Deoxys, it is able to regenerate, and after many regenerations in the Island of Storms' harsh climate, its DNA learned to adapt to the environment, and the psychic-type became a combination psychic/electronic-type Pokemon and also learned how to use Thundershock. The first created Ribo is the only known member of its species, and it is unknown if Deoxys is capable of creating more of its shadow clone offspring, as Deoxys usually spends its time in outer space away from humans.

Ribo has only one form, its attack form, unlike Deoxys, who can change its DNA to a normal, attack, defense, or speed form. Because of this it does poorly in battle... if it does battle. Most of the time the Pokemon rests and hides in piles of discarded upgrades amongst the Island of Storms' many beaches. When it sleeps, the electricity-powered stone that is said to be its brain dims down in brightness, but when it is awake it glows brightly. Ribo is coveted by the many evil organizations residing in Ytria for testing experiments, getting closer to Deoxys, and other purposes.
Electronic Types


By spideyjvc

Electronic Name of pokemon: Enkousuchi
Type: Electronic/Fire
Ability: Power Serge (Ups Fire, Electric, and Electronic moves)
No found evolutions or pre-evolutions
Pokedex entry:
This pokemon was found on The Island of Storms, the pattern on its stomach seems to change different shaped depending on it's mood.

1.Fire Blast

2.Flame bolt <type:Fire, power:100, PP:10, This is a attack that shoots out a ball of fire that acts like a magnet and clings on to the opponent then shocks them, may burn foe, it never misses>

3.Jet boost <type:Electronic, power:80+, PP:4, The user slams into the foe with incredible force caused by a rocket, jet pack, ext., this attack is unavoidable>


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