Fake Pokemon Cards

Pokemon card blanks and symbols come from Pokemon Zeo, a neat site with instructions on making fake cards. All artists noted on the card itself.

Call for Fan Artists! Want to see your original Pokemon artwork on this page? I'm looking for supplemental artists for my first series of Fake Pokemon Cards. If you'd like to be included, email me one piece of your best artwork for one of the uncompleted Fake Pokemon Cards - anything without a card or "TAKEN" is up for grabs. I'll take the very best artwork and incorporate it into the card series with you as the illustrator! The artwork can be done on the computer or hand-drawn and scanned. Artwork must be in full-color with background, and shading is highly recommended. One picture will be accepted per person, email subject must be "Fake Pokemon Card", and your email needs to include your nickname/handle. I'm looking for the ten best pictures, but there may be more if I get a lot of really good artwork. Let's see what you can come up with! Note that I just want the pictures, as I'll put the cards together myself. Image size should be minimum 200 pixels high, 300 pixels wide. Anything larger than this is fine, as it will be resized. You don't need to add the holographic effect for the *holo cards, but you can if you like.

No deadline on this, but once a card appears on this page (or is marked "TAKEN"), it's no longer available to be entered. This isn't a contest as such, just a chance to have your artwork displayed on an official-looking TCG card.

The Secret of MissingNo and TRsRockin.com original character TCG cards (2006)
Card Layouts, trainer sprites, and text by TR Rose. Card Artists listed on individual cards.

*holo = holographic
* = rare
^ = uncommon
@ = common

Set 1
MissingNo. 2 Eric Stone's Alakazam *holo 3 Jeremy's Venusaur *holo

4 Jeremy's Arcanine *holo

TAKEN by Concolor

5 Rose's Articuno *holo 6 Rose's Blastoise *holo 7 Kevin Gold's Zapdos *holo

Desiree's Eevee

9 Kris's Ninetales *holo

10 Frozeli *holo

TAKEN by Tannakitten

11 Entei *holo



13 Myall *holo

TAKEN by Golden_Kirbichu


Team Rocket's Ambush

16 MissingNo *

17 Drasea *


18 Eric Stone's Gardevoir * 19 Eric Stone's Alakazam * 20 Jeremy's Golem * 21 Jeremy's Pidgeot * 22 Jeremy's Venusaur * 23 Rose's Victreebel * 24 Rose's Raichu *
25 Rose's Blastoise * 26 Entei * 27 'M * 28 Kevin Gold's Pidgeot * 29 Jeremy (Trainer) * 30 Rose (Trainer) * 31 Eric Stone (Trainer) * 32 Desiree (Trainer) *
33 Kevin Gold (Trainer) *


35 Eric Stone's Kadabra ^ 36 Eric Stone's Azumarill ^ 37 Eric Stone's Kirlia ^ 38 Eric Stone's Sneasel ^ 39 Jeremy's Pidgeotto ^ 40 Jeremy's Graveler ^
41 Jeremy's Hypno ^

42 Jeremy's Ivysaur ^

TAKEN by QFred

43 Jeremy's Persian ^ 44 Rose's Weepinbell ^ 45 Rose's Wartortle ^

Rose's Misdreavus

47 Rose's Espeon ^ 48 Kevin Gold's Pidgeotto ^
Kevin Gold's Furret 50 Kevin Gold's Raticate ^

51 Kris's Flareon ^

TAKEN by FlareonJupiter

52 Kris's Quagsire ^ Vineon


55 Cinnabar Laboratory (Trainer) ^ 56 Johto Teammates - Kevin and Kris (Trainer) ^
57 Jeremy's Pidgey @ 58 Jeremy's Drowzee @ 59 Jeremy's Geodude @ 60 Jeremy's Meowth @ Jeremy's Bulbasaur 62 Jeremy's Growlithe @ 63 Eric Stone's Abra @

64 Eric Stone's Marril @

TAKEN by Zules

65 Eric Stone's Ralts @


Rose's Meowth

67 Rose's Bellsprout @ Rose's Squirtle 69 Rose's Pikachu @ 70 Rose's Eevee @ Rose's Skitty 72 Kevin Gold's Pidgey @
73 Kevin Gold's Sentret @

74 Kevin Gold's Rattata @

TAKEN by Meganstaek

75 Kris's Eevee @ 76 Kris's Vulpix @ 77 Kris's Jigglypuff @ 78 Kris's Wooper @

79 Sudowooper @

80 Eric Stone's Coffee (Trainer) @

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