An Extra Peachy Dress

The concept and ideas behind this particular costume came from several sources. I first had the idea to do a fancier dress for Princess Peach after I visited Disneyland for the first time in November, 2005. I loved the dresses that the Disney princesses wore in the parade - the dresses varied somewhat from the original animated versions, but you could instantly tell who the characters were. The dresses were very ornate with lots of sparkly fabric and eye-catching details. I started mentally planning out what a fancier Princess Peach dress might look like. I decided to use the newer style of ballgown for this Peach (the kind of dress she wears in the later Mario Party games, as well as in Super Princess Peach), since I had already made a version of her "classic" dress.

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A note on the necklace/brooch:

The original necklace I made had begun to fall apart shortly before I made this dress. The Sculpey border around the jewel had developed cracks and it was becoming structurally weak. After my ferrets got a hold of it, the Sculpey was damaged beyond repair. I decided to remake the necklace using a very different technique since the original one was so heavy.

I found these "make an ornament" things at Michael's crafts near the paint. They were iridescent half-spheres with a hanging loop at the top. I used aqua glass paint on the inside so the outside would have a nice smooth surface. Then I masked off the outside edge and used gold spray paint for the border. I put a piece of FunFoam on the inside so it wouldn't be see-through. Not completely perfect, but much lighter weight and more dimensional than the original necklace. You can see this new necklace in the pictures below.

Reference Pictures & Concepts

Original concept SSBB Peach - first look SSBB Peach - working sketch SSBB Peach - final artwork

In-progress Pictures

Skirt started Skirt finished, puffs added Bodice started Bodice remade, sleeves added Skirt puffs remade Bodice modified White panel Bodice designs
Skirt pinned Skirt overlayer cut out Lace trim added Lace added to overskirt Gathering added to skirt Trims Bodice sewn to skirt Ruffles at hemline
Bodice details White trim added Dress Gold designs Gold designs Gold designs on skirt Dress finished  

Full Costume

Princess Peach
Photo courtesy of Kuragiman

Princess Peach
Photo courtesy of Kuragiman

Smash Bros.
Smash fighters: Ness, Link, Peach, Luigi, and Zelda
Picture courtesy of Kuragiman

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