Team Rocket Executives

The Team Rocket Executives made their first appearance in the GS series of GB games, which take place approximately three years after Ash ("Red") first started his Pokemon journey. According to the GB storyline, Red's defeat of Giovanni in Viridian City caused the Team Rocket organization to disband.

But Team Rocket wasn't about to give up. Even though they had officially been defeated, the former Team Rocket members decided to start the organization up again. Lacking an official leader (all members still remained loyal to Giovanni, despite his defeat), the group was headed by several Team Rocket Executives.

These Executives wear a black/dark purple uniform with a small red R on the top corner of the shirt. There are both male and female Executives (Team Rocket is an equal-opportunity employer!)

The Executives' main schemes include:

  • In Azalea Town, Rockets were cutting off the tails of the town's revered Slowpoke, selling them for a great deal of money. According to the Rockets, Slowpoketail is considered a great delicacy, and the Slowpoke do grow their tails back eventually.

  • At the Lake of Rage, the Rockets engineered an Electrode-powered device that turned useless Magikarps into valuable Gyarados.

  • Then, at the Goldenrod City Radio Tower, Team Rocket took total control of all broadcasts (which meant, whenever a trainer turned on their radio, all they'd hear is Team Rocket's broadcast!). The radio transmission was directed out to Giovanni, wherever he might be, asking him to come back and lead the Rockets once again.

After the Radio Tower scheme was foiled, Team Rocket supposedly disbanded once again, but you can bet the Rockets will return again with a vengeance!!!

Desiree, Rose's mother - a high-ranking TR Executive

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