Strange Evolutions (Pokemon Strangeness)

From Tigerspirit:

  • "This really scared me. My former Pikachu is a freak of nature.

    A few days back, I decided to completely start over on Pokemon Red because, well, I just didn't like the way I had done things before. I hadn't picked up Red in quite a while, so I didn't realize what a novice I was until I decided to start over and actually looked at the game. I never even finished it. But that's not important.

    Anyway, I was busy trying to level up my Pikachu (nicknamed Zemai) so it would be at the same level as all my other Pokemon (and also to have it learn some new moves before evolving it into a Raichu). Zemai and I were battling some Team Rocket member when it grew to level 29. I couldn't believe what happened after the battle.

    "What!? Zemai is evolving!"
    *evolution sequence*
    "Zemai evolved into Raichu!"

    Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!????? How... how is that even POSSIBLE!? Everyone who knows Pokemon knows that a Pikachu can only evolve into a Raichu by means of a Thunderstone. But mine just hit level 29 and BOOM! I've got a Raichu! I had bought a Thunderstone previously, but I stored it in my PC so I would have it when I wanted Zemai to evolve. So I didn't even have the Thunderstone with me! Did I unknowingly set off some strange chain of events that led up to this mysterious evolution? Or was it my game? Or was it Zemai!? One thing's for sure--I certainly won't be able to put my finger on this one for a very long time!"

From TRLgirl:

    "THATS THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO MY JOLTEON!!!!! I wanted a Vaporeon..... Lv: 29? Yup same level....."

From RarehunterX90:

    "This unknowingly happened to my Vulpix I was training. I was going to use the Fire Stone at level 45, but at Level 29, just like you guys it turned into its evolved form, Ninetales. I was so shocked at this. I couldn't belive how this had happened either. I mean Ninetales is an awesome Pokemon, its just i wish i could have trained Vulpix more."

From OrigamiGirlMun:

    "I can also attest to the strange evolutions. Again, it is with a pikachu I was raising to a high enough level to evolve into Raichu in my Red version. I have had no other problems with my Red, and this was even before I got to Cinnabar to see the MissingNo glitch. As you may have guessed, pikachu evolved into raichu upon reaching level 24."

From A. Moogle:

    "My sister's pikachu, Sparky, on pokemon blue tried to evolve at level 23!!! We both hadn't played through blue before (this was awhile ago), so we thought it was supposed to do that. But when I got my pikachu on blue, Rai, to level 23, it didn't try to evolve. So I figured it was a glitch. Until now, I hadn't heard of anyone else having the same thing happen to their game."

From LegendaryDragon:

  • "my growlithe evolved into Arcanine at lv28 instead of with the firestone. AHHHHHHHHHH! "

From Umbrielle:

  • "I was playing my old Pokemon Red at my computer, when I wanted [to] teach Pay Day to one of my Pokemon. As you know, I couldn't get a Meowth at my computer Red. I [realized] that only Meowth and Pikachu can learn Pay Day. Well, I had a 70 level Pikachu, but I did not want it to forget any of its moves. So, I went to Viridian Forest and got a new Pikachu. I nicknamed it Elekid, so I could [recognize] it. And Elekid is one of my favourite electric Pokemon...

    "Well I trained it, (After teaching it Pay Day) because I needed money for something... And you know how you get more money if your Pay Day knowing pokemon is strong...

    "Well, when Elekid=Pikachu reached the level 30, it said:
    "What?! Elekid is evolving!"
    I had read the thing about evolving without the thunderstone, but I was a bit confused. I thought that it was level 29 and not 30... But it didn't evolve to Raichu. Belive or not the screen said:
    "Your Elekid has evolved into ELECTABUZZ!"
    It even LOOKED like an Electabuzz! It had not even its nickname Elekid, when I looked at its stats. The screen said:
    I tried to use it in a battle, and it was like an ordinary Electabuzz. It was a normal Electabuzz in every way! I even stored it, if it would be a glitch, but it was still like a normal Electabuzz!

    "I know that on G/S/C Elekid evolves into Electabuzz at level 30, but I did not know that Pokemon RED knows that!!!!!!

    "Well, I didn't save, and I hadn't even got the Elekid=Pikachu. I tried the trick again. (I even got a same level Pikachu) But nothing happened! The wrong was maybe on THAT Pikachu... Maybe it had evolved into a Electabuzz even if it would had got the name Magby! Or then it would had evolved into a Magmar.

    "Has this happened to anyone else???"

From Dr. Knuckles:

  • "Anyway, I have heard about this code. I have never tried it before, because I hate the Pokémon you get when you trade with the in-game trainers. In order to do this, you need to have an Electrode. Go to the trainer who wants to trade their Pokémon for your Electrode (in Cinnabar Island-how ironic! ^_^). Sometimes, if you do the Glitch City, `M or Missingno. trick, when you visit the trainer again, he/she will say something like, "How`s my (insert Pokémon name here)? Your Electrode evolved into a Raichu!" Obviously, Electrode cannot evolve into a Raichu, or any other Pokémon for that matter. Perhaps because he/she is located in Cinnabar Island, this triggers a change? Who knows?"

From Meowlie:

  • "One strange thing was happen with my friend. He has a lv. 28 Persian nicknamed Giovanni in his Pokemon blue. His brother with a Pokemon Silver wants a Persian in his game and he traded Giovanni for a lv. 30 Magnemite. But Pokemon silver says:
    What? Giovanni is evolving!
    (Evolution music)
    "Congratulations! Giovanni evolve into a Lugia! In this moment, Pokemon silver frozens and my friend and his brother turns off the Game Boy Color. In Pokemon Blue my friend is at Pokemon Center with Giovanni (Persian) and the Magnemite. But in Pokemon silver only the option "New game" is in the menu. Wow!
    If Persian evolve to Lugia, Meowth and Lugia are cousins! Nintendo not know HOW Persian can evolve to Lugia and not know what happens into Pokemon silver. That's very strange..."
From Al Gillikin:
  • " I was reading something on a site I go to which had a number of cheats, rules, and more than a few jokes. As I looked through it I saw a
    section on how to evolve stone evolvers without stones. Apparently, all of the stones (possibly all the items) have the same hex value of a pokemon. Say you had a vulpix in the first slot in the team list and the "fire stone pokemon" in the second slot (it has to be just under the pokemon you wan't to evolve), once the vulpix gains a level it will evolve.

    It had a list of all the stones and the coresponding pokemon (by the way, according to the list the moon stone pokemon is missingno.)
    although I only remember the thunder stone(growlithe) and moonstone(missingno.).

    I tried to test it on yellow but pikachu didn't evolve, but maybe that was because you're not supposed to evolve it.
    If this is true, it might explain the evolving pikachus that keep being reported on your site."

  • "Actually it's the pokemoncrater message board,
    Forum: pokemon video games
    Subject: 25 things everyone should know.

    PS: Sorry, Missingno. is the Fire stone pokemon. (which means that you can't evolve the growlithe that you used to evolve pikachu)"

From K00016073000:

  • I have recently seen a Slopoke, and Onix, both at level 123, in GSC and I traded it to RBY and I saw my Slowpoke, EVOLVE(Thats right EVOLVE) it said it evolved into a Slwoking, but it looked like a Rhydon, and it had "learned" Mimic, Hyper 615w, MissingnO, and Earthquake. My onix had evoleved into Steelix, when I traded it from RBY and it EVOLVED into a Steelix, with THUNDER, Iron BeAm(yes Iron BEAM!), Sandsurf(Yes SANDSURF!), and it had pixels around it, and when I took it out to battle, it said, Steelix, fell asleep, and completely healed(Notice it does not have Rest, and it has THUNDER! Also note, that it was really a Snorlax when I traded it back)It was holding HM12, and HM 11111111.I was freaked out, so I saved it and turned it off.I tried trading it back to RBY and it said I COULD, it said my Steelix(Snorlax) had evolved into a Mewtwo, as well as my Slowking(Rhydon).My Slowking evolved into Dragonite(Thats right A DRAGONITE!!!) It still had the same attacks, and I have figureed that this happens because I traded my Glitch Mew to GSC at it had Transformed into a MissingNo and had permantly copoied, Water Gun, Water Gun, AND Sky Attack, however when I tried erasing Water Gun, it said HM moves can not be erased.Which to me strikes me as odd. I really freaked out and I just gave it to RBY. It had left into the MissingNo dimension...literally! I was trading it when I noticed, that I was trading by accident, it had traded. I was happy. RBY had a funky looking pokémon next to it.A SHINY STAT! I just panicked and shuit it off. I left my two games alone for a while, until I turned it on, to see that it said Pokémon Green......I just clicked on it, or pushed A as nothing has freaked me out than that I just, gave it my two wierd freaks...I well, was in Cinnibar of course, until I encountered a MissingNo. It had the attacks my Mew had, and Transformed, into my "shiny Steelix", so it was a Snorlax, with THUNDER, Iron Beam, Sandurf, and some other atack I didn't reconize. It had Hyper Beam, and it used it, and instead it had used Sky Attack...I sold my game afterwards.I have never expected see that.

From UltimatWhiteDragon:

  • Something happened to my Bulbasaur on yellow version. Well, it was on level ten. I gave it one little rare candy, and it started to evolve. It evolved in to Ivyasaur at level eleven, but that's not all. I just kinda shrugged, having read all the pokemon strangeness. But, I fed it another rare candy, and it started to evolve agian. I was thinking Venasaur but it didn't!!! It evolved back into Bulbasaur...and as if it wasn't enough, it was slightly glitched! Huh... I continued to feed it rare candies, and it continued to evolve in to Ivysaur, back in to Bulbasaur... And when it hit level 32, it evolved in to Venasuar, then Ivyasaur. It still does this, and is still slightly glitched...

  • My friend Davis had an action replay ( I don't know were he got it, but I think his cousin let him borrow it) and it did something really strange (like action replays always do), involving a rattatta, a moonstone, and a leaf green version. Now, I have had a long history with action replays, but I have never seen something quiet like this. Davis had a rattatta, and was planing to evolve it in to a raticate on his leaf green. He found a moonstone in Mt.Moon, he was going to use it on a clefairy that he caught. He accidently picked rattatta, and it evolved. By that time, Davis did'nt quit understand the evolutions of pokemon. So at school one day, we were disscussing about the certain stones, and we were thinking of all the pokemon that evolved with them. When we hit moonstone, we said a few things like skitty, and jigglypuff, then Davis said " Don't forget rattatta!" I told him rattatta could'nt evolve with a moonstone, and he freaked. He told me that he was using an action replay at the time so it could have been a glitch. I told him that I would inform you.

From TR Rose:

  • I just figured out most of these odd evolutions. Comparing my Hex List for R/B with a set of Gameshark codes for R/B, I have figured out the Pokemon that cause strange evolutions to occur. You may wish to try placing these Pokemon right after the one you'd like to evolve and see what happens (see Al Gillikin's post above for details). Here's what I found (let me know if this turns out to be wrong):

  • Fire Stone = HEX 20 = Special 32 = MissingNo. (no other MissingNo will work, only the HEX 20 version)
  • Thunder Stone = HEX 21 = Special 33 = Growlithe
  • Water Stone = HEX 22 = Special 34 = Onix
  • Leaf Stone = HEX 2F = Special 47 = Psyduck
  • Moon Stone = HEX 0A = Special 10 = Exeggutor

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