Welcome to the Team Rocket's Rockin Download Center, home of *exclusive* images you can upload your own website! There are also some special goodies available here that are difficult to find anywhere else. This page is always being updated, so check back often for new plushies/chibis, wallpapers, and more. You will need to upload anything from here to your own web server or image account (like Photobucket) because I don't allow direct-linking - you'll get a broken image if you try to direct-link.

These images are not to be modified in any way. If you take anything from this website (the Downloads, Art Page, or anything else) for your own site or to post on a forum, you must give credit to TR Rose or TR's Rockin!


  • For Plushies, right-click the image and select "Save Image As...". Then, upload it as a picture to your own website, post the appropriate code, and there's the image! The first image in each set is for use on white or very light-colored backgrounds. The second image has a thicker black outline, so it's better suited to a black or dark-colored background. If you try one and don't like the appearance, just come back and take the other.

  • For .zip files, click the link and choose "Save". Then, open the files using a decompressing program (such as WinZip). The ReadMe files inside will explain where the files should go.

  • For Wallpapers, click the link to open the full-size image in a new window. Right-click the full-size image and select "Set as Background".

  • For .gbc files, you will need a Game Boy Color emulator to play these. DO NOT email me asking for one of these - there are plenty of sites out there you can download one from - just do a Google search. When you save these files by clicking and choosing "Save", you will drag the file on your computer onto the executable file for your emulator.

A NOTE ON THE ROMS: I am only posting ROM files of Pokemon bootleg games. When you download any of these, the creators of Pokemon do not lose one red cent. The only people who lose money are those who are illegally making fake Pokemon games. Don't ask for me to post copies of anything legitimate.

The Sims TR Skins

(.PNG Format)


Video Games & Characters

Movies, Etc.

Fun Images

Animated 'M or MissingNo.

Glitch/TSOM Valentine's Day Cards

Red/Blue Hoaxes

I want to believe... fake screenshots

Postcard from Glitch City

Tasty Glitches

Wallpapers for your Desktop

Kevin Gold
1024x768 - no text
1024x768 - text
Glitch Pokemon - w/ Screenshots
1024x768 - Secret of MissingNo
1024x768 - Conspiracy?
Glitch Pokemon - Pixel BG
1024x768 - Secret of MissingNo
1024x768 - Conspiracy?
1024x768 - Jeremy Vs. MissingNo.
1024x768 - Secret of MissingNo/Star Wars
800x600 - Secret of MissingNo/Star Wars

Original Secret of MissingNo Action Figures (.jpg format, black BG)

Jeremy "Mint-in-Box"
Rose "Mint-in-Box"

Giovanni For President

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