Ditto Goodies (Pokemon Strangeness)

From HiyaChako:

  • "I used my level 100 Missingno. in Pokemon Stadium 2 and it "transformed" into a level 70 Ditto(with transform)! When I looked at it in my red version, it was back to a level 100 Missingno.! Then, I aranged it in the Pokemon stadium 2 boxes and put it back in my game and it was permanently a Ditto!"

From greg the glitch hunter:

  • "i tryed this cheat and it works how to get the most stupid and lamest attack ever get a ditto then go to cerilion cfity and go in the first two squares of grass and then find a pidgy in the grass then get ditto to transform into it then switch gust with quick attack by using select then use a ppup on transform(after battle)then use a max elixer on transform it should have no attack but look where transform used to be.............trust me it works but if you truly like your ditto dont do it do it at your own risk!"

TR Rose says:

  • "My MissingNo appeared as a Ditto in PKMN Stadium 2 also! Level 100, only knowing Transform. Still named MISSINGNO. All very strange. Now it's permanently a Ditto in Blue... so I used it for the Nugget Bridge Ditto trick. My Ditto learned the type Cooltrainer (female sign) move. (A few no-name moves were in the list too, but these went away after I tried to use them). It always said "There is no PP left for this move" until I used a PPup and Max Elixer on the Cooltrainer move. The move hits about half the time. When it does hit, it does a lot of damage (knocking out weak PKMN)."

From Commander8.0:

  • "strange thing with ditto(a ? means a glitch block in the text):

    I battled the trainer north of cerulean who starts with a L14 rattata (go up the nugget bridge, turn left, find him) and I used Ditto's Transform(my ditto was lvl 100). the rattata knew (in this order) tackle, tail whip, quick attack, hyper fang. I switched quick attack with tackle, used quick attack, and KOed the rattata. then he sent out a L14 Ekans, and I killed it with quick attack as well. I went into the grass and found a L12 abra. ditto had a weird move with the type of COOLTRAINER(female sign). there was 0/13 PP, so I pressed B and pressed A again. the sound faded away, and the attack list didn't come up. the game froze. I turned it on and off, then tried the same thing, but tried to avoid abras (it might have tried to teleport but froze the game) (evil "MissingNo. Abras) a saw him, beat him, ect(and did the switch). I went into the grass (once again), and found an oddish this time. I selected the move, tried to use it (said "no PP left), and I went to a type " " blank move and there was "9Y?9?Q99" on the bottom, and the sound faded away. I pressed B and nothing happened, but the game made a small noise, and I kept on pressing B then I pressed the down on the control pad and I went back to the first menu. the game kept making the little noise, and I switched to moltres. the game froze as moltres came out, and I pushed buttons, and then he came out. then I was really startled the text box said: Enemy ??


    is frozen solid (and it said the oddish had a burn above the HP bar)
    Enemy ??


    hurt by the burn! (little skeleton)

    HOLY COW! the HP bar wrapped over the screen all the way to the oddish's head. it kept going down.... and back up... down.... and back up... down.... and back up... but each time it went down, it went down a little more than up, so, eventually, the oddish fainted

    the text continued:
    Enemy ??

    Fainted(the music was back)
    Ditto Gained 707 EXP points (from a L14 ODDISH!)
    Moltres Gained 707 Exp Points.
    the screen went white, and froze. nice.......... I turned the power off. well that was certintally interesting."

From joel vanevery:

  • "hey this is weird i was doing the cool ditto trick and gave it pp ups at cinnabar and flew to veridean i walked past coffee guy and in too long grass and had to fight a pidgey i switched my pokemon for ditto and started to fight i pressed selecet a lot till it was a glitchy smybol and the played pokeflute it was the pidgeys turn to attack but it was weird its hp was way down and it was burned it attacked and the music stoped i used a pokeball and caught it it said missingno was captured and the game froze weird a pidgey that when caught is a missingno this is weird well just thought i would tell ya."
From Dark Link:
  • "There is another interesting phenomenon in the game. Remember when we heard that glitch pokemon were the result of extra spaces. Well the same seems to go for pokemon attacks.

    This means that aside from the legimate attacks, there are several others.
    You can give your pokemon these attacks by using a gameshark trick, which is usually used for giving your pokemon certain attacks. I do not own a gameshark, so I cannot investigate this further. You just eneter a number other than the ones for the legimate attacks.

    However you can still see these without a gameshark. All you need is a ditto.

    In cerulean city, go beyond nugget bridge to that little area of grass west of it. When you find a pidgey, transform into it. Then use SELECT to switch the places of the sand attack and gust moves.Run away or kill it. Afterwards, look a dittos stats. Transform has been replaced by a glitch attack. You have to use max elixer to give it pp, as it starts with 0 and cannot be replenished by a pokecenter.

    WARNING: Using this attack is unpredicable. It may do a huge amount of damage, very little damage, or make the game freeze. #3 happens to myself."

From JadeTigers216:

  • " I found this ditto glitch thing VERY interesting, so I decided to try it out. My level 26 Ditto faced off with a level 12 Pidgey who knew the attacks "Gust", "Sand attack", and "quick attack". I switched Gust and Sand attack and then ran.

    My ditto's attack stats were as follows:

    ((Blank space, no attack)) PP ((blank space, no PP stats))

    ...Repeated four times. So it was just four PP symbols floating inside a box. Okay, let's try to use it!

    I go in the grass and fight the first thing I find, a Bellsprout. I hit "Fight", and then I see an attack called - which apparently has 0/13 PP and type Cooltrainer (female sign). I hit the down button twice to see if there are any more attacks down there, and then hit the up button once. And SUDDENLY... My game flips out. The music was cut short, and the picture changed to:

    Vertical lines: A thick green stripe, then a thick white one, then a thin green one, then a thick white one, then a thick green one again, lather rinse repeat. It kinda looks like plaid without the intersecting horizontal lines. This pattern repeats over twenty times that I counted...

    There was a little pokeball sign in the middle, with horizontal thick white lines here and there. Down by the bottom there were two thick black lines, different lengths, by each other (at the very bottom) and then two other black lines of different lengths above those two. And that's enough description of a glitched screen. This cheat didn't do anything to my game that I can tell, after turning the gameboy off and back on... EXCEPT... My hall of fame data.

    Every single entry was a level 57 Bird/Normal type with a horrible, nails on a chalkboard type cry. Every single freaking one. Has Missingno taken over my PC? O_o"

From dave321:

  • If you go to the grassy area above Cerulean City with a Ditto and encounter a Pidgey, then switch the top move and bottom move using 'Select', then after winning/losing the battle your Ditto will be left with a mysterious move called nothing, but with the type "Cooltrainer F". The move has zero PP all the time, but when you use a PP up it is a working move. I do have the glitched Ditto myself, so I know up till the PP UP point all is true, but bear with me since the next part is only what I've heard from the internet/friends. The move has an INCREDIBLY low hit ratio (5% I think) and when it does hit (one of the following, not sure which is true):

    a) Game freezes and beeps, causing a reset.
    b) You kill opponent automatically using a move resembling Solar Beam
    c) Much like Metronome, a random attack, but does little damage

    I will send updates on this, as I am still trying to get a PP Up (I know using one works, my friend used it, but is unable to make a hit on an enemy before it dies, leaving me baffled) and once I do, I'll try to get a hit with the mystery "Cooltrainer" attack, and send updates.

From samuel88882001:

  •  On my blue version, i made my Ditto fight a low-level Pidgey. I used Transform, and i became it. I switched peck with sand-attack, and then attacked with peck. I beat it, of course, and i got the exp. and all, then i checked my team, looked at Ditto. Everything was normal except for his moves. He had no moves! I used him in battle, he appeared to have no moves, but the first - was a move. It's Type was COOLTRAINER(female symbol) i used it, and Pokeballs and border pieces filled the screen. The game could not do anything. Then, a few days later, on my friends red version i did it with his Ditto and fought the elite four. Everything went (ab)normal against the actual elite four, but against gary, he was using alakazam, i checked Dittos stats, when it was out also, and the sound shut off. I went back to the battle, but garys onix looked...freaky. It had tons of different tiles over it, and i think it said it was burned. I checked Dittos stats again, went back and i could barely make out an Onix under all of the tiles. I can't remember the rest. Try it!

  • Ditto has more secret moves, doing all kinds of far out things. To see the codes and all about them, go to www.members.tripod.com/nemesistx_1

  • With my now-dead (i started a new game to fight Professor Oak and fight the fossils) glitch Ditto, when i was using the PP UP for the ability to use - . It said no name for the move. it just said 's PP increased. Then, i was able to to the second one. I used the PP UP and it said TRANSFORM's PP increased. Then, i shut off the game and did it aggain, and they were both called (glitch box)(glitch box), where (glitch box) means a tile that's not available for naming, and not looking like any letter that's available for naming. Then, i did it again. It said NIDORINA's PP increased. It also said other words. One i think was PP UP's PP increased. So, ... what could that reveal?

From icesparkfire:

  •  I have found a glitch in my game, and its very weird.

    1. must have a ditto with the cooltraner female attack

    2. cooltrainer attack must have 0 PP

    3. Ditto must not be the 1st pkmn in your party

    First, go to Celadon City, deposit your bike and get out, enter cycling road by using the "entrt cycling road without bike" glitch, enter a battle with a trainer... When you send your pkmn switch to ditto, press A on the wasted attack, it will say "no PP left for this move" do it few times and the attack type wil change into numbers (make sure that the music fades) for a second and come back to cool trainer, press B a few times to get out to the main battle menu, half of you will be gone and your opponent will be burned and with little HP. Now, waste the turn by changing ditto with another pkmn (press A a few times to scroll trough text) then in my example of my game it says:


    TM (changing into) Trainer Kangash

    an (glitches below)

    is frozen solid


    TM (changing into) Trainer Kangash

    an (glitches below)

    is hurt by the burn.

    The enemy's hp will get huge and drop- recover-drop-rec.... until it faints

    Text: Enemy

    Tm (change into) fainted

    You pkmn gain EXP points and the trainer will send out the fainted pkmn but cured. go thorugh the battle, win, when the battle ends the screen will turn white and freeze.

From missingno, misty:

  •  I've discovered a really cool trick to do with a cool ditto!

    I used pokemon red, okay first get a normal ditto then go to the grass above nugget bridge and east then, run into a weedle, use transform then switch poison sting with string shot then defeat the weedle. Okay this is where your game will glitch up and crash/freeze, so save immeditly! now give it max ether or just ether, not any elixer! now if your lucky you will run into any pokemon without crashing/freezing. Now use the weird no name cool trainer type move and if it hits and doesn't k.o. it will crash or turn into a glitch battle! With strage cries and all! but if it crashes, keep trying! also the battle is some times a cycle! --results may vary--

From Okk:
  • I've been checking out that "cooltrainer" move. It seems to be Move Zero. Normally, Move Zero can't be selected or used; you can't even point the cursor at it. But normally, it can't appear in your first move slot. The game wasn't programmed to handle that.

    It looks like ditto's moves, when the battle ends and it reverts to normal, are replaced by Move Zero, all except for the move that was in its first move slot at the beginning of the battle, which is replaced with Transform. So that psycho ditto still knows transform, it's just in a different move slot. I tried using a PP up on the last blank moveslot, and got the message that Transform's PP went up.

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

  • Hmmm.... I'v GOT to try this ditto cooltrainer (female sign) thingy with a level 10 Mew!

    I'm just thinking it will do the same as ditto, or something will stop me in the middle of the game ( like freezing, or not being able to switch moves)

    I got my level 7 mew! Now to give it rare candies! Level ten... just learned transform. Let's test this. I found a Spearow...good enough. Go! Mew! Transformation in progress. I switched growl and peck. RUN!!! Let's look at Mew's status...Darn. It didn't work... I think it's because it knows pound as well. Ir maby a Pidgey is needed.I'll try that...Belllsprout...Metapod...PIDGEY. I switched moves...

    Okay! Bad news: It did not work. Strange news ( you were expecting good!) It's POUND and TRANSFORM are switched...I just exited, but my finger slipped, and hit the stat option. Huh? Mew has a THREE moves now! One is that glitchey cooltrainer sign! But what I don't understand is: It's MALE cooltrainer. Strange. Like the female cooltrainer, it has no moves... I tried a PP up, but that hasn't worked. I have also tried this with my other Mew's, but it has never worked... well, that was fun! I'm on the look out for more freaky glitches.


From melanie:

  • "Hi I have a story for your ditto goodies section on your site. I was on my pokemon blue rom with ditto in my first slot on my belt. He was lvl 80. I went in the grass and ran into a rattata. I decided to use the rattata instead of the pidgey so I transformed into it. I swith hyper fang with quick attack and ran. Then I looked at his stats I saw a COOLTRAINER(MALE sign) It said 0/13 pp. I couldnt find an elixer or pp though. I went to the pkmn center and healed up. After amny healings and many battles, I stilll couldnt get it to work. I decided I would face a trainer for money. I didnt realize ditto was in my first slot. I ran into a trainer with a lvl 14 rattata. I used the COOLTRAINER(MALE sign) move and this is what happened

    Ditty (my Ditto) used *glitchy block* *glichy block*
    (Ditto now looks like rattata health bar over his head.

    Now Something was fishy....Yikes! My ditto went to lvl 54 instead of 80.
    Then my jaw dropped. The rattata was lvl 59 instead of 14!
    Not only that he took out my lvl 90 teams in like 1 minuet! He didnt use hyper fang or quick attack.. all he would use was ICE BEAM!! He froze my whole team then took them out in like 2 more shots!

    After all that I tried it again and it was the same results:
    Ditty use *glitchy block* *glitchy block*
    health bar was huge and so on!

    Then I tried it with a different trainer with a rattata
    I used it and it said no pp left! but it worked anyway strangely.
    The screen went wierd with lines everywere and little glitchy blocks looking like m
    it said foe (bunch of glitchy blocks) is fast asleep
    Then i thought it would freze but what happened was, the battle ended and i ended up infront of the person like i beat him.. I talked to him and suddenly me and him dissapeared from the screen but the backround was still there....." 

From Drokonoken:

  • "Have you ever tried combining glitches? I did the other day, and got some interesting results. The game just can't cope with it.

    First off, I tried combining 3 separate glitches: Glitch city, the Mew Trick and the Cool Ditto thing. It didn't really do much. Half way to glitch city, I walked up to the Super Nerd and flew away. Beforehand, I put a PP-less Cool Ditto in front of my party. I walked around in the grass and found a pidgey, and the game crashed.

    I then tried to combine just the Mew Trick and Glitch City, attacking the 1st Fisherman South of Lavender. I don't know whether it was a result of the tricks I was doing, but even though I had no 'M' or Missingno in my party, the battle sprites were backwards and glitched. The most exciting result of my experiments recently, came about yesterday after school, and my younger cousin tried some glitches on my Blue. I taught him the Mew Trick and stuck a Cool Ditto at the head of my party. He was walking in the grass east of Fuschia City after putting both glitches into effect, and he encountered a Bellsprout. He pressed A a couple of times, and suddenly, the screen goes absolutely insane! It's far too wierd to compare to Glitch City:

    Both of the pokemon's HP bars were twice across the screen, there were strange glitch blocks everywhere, the enemy was apparently poisoned - according to the status thing that goes on top of the level, but it said that the enemy was fast asleep with the little zzz bobbing up and down. The Menu was enlarged with gaps in it and printed over the right side of the battle screen, both our sprites were completly hidden under the junk, there were glitches in the text, and about half way through the battle, the thing crashed and turned into a white screen. We actually managed to do this twice, but I'm still not entirely sure how.

    I recently gave my Cool Ditto some PP ups and ethers, so I could see what happens. I don't think that it has been mentioned on your site yet, or whether it's just my game, but when the Ditto uses its Cooltrainer type move, it either says that it uses a blank space, or the name of some recently caught pokemon (in my case, MISSINGNO. , ELECTRODE and MEWTWO). When the move actually does hit, the animation is not one of a move I recognise. It flashes and shakes once, then does it again, then shakes either a little, or a lot, depending in the move's effectiveness. Perhaps you would recognise it? I tried using the thing on a wild meowth, and it didn't kill it the first time. The second time I used it, the game crashed."

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